Becoming Hers Ch. 01

“Hey, uh, so, do you have a minute to talk?” Alex stammered, sitting in bed and fidgeting a little bit.

“Sure… what’s up?” Karen responded, looking worried.

“I, uh, well, I’ve been thinking” he stammered, at a loss for words. He’d been planning this conversation for a while, but right now he just couldn’t get the words out. The thoughts were there, but his tongue felt like lead. He blushed a little, “you know I look at porn a lot, right?”

“Sure, sure, but who doesn’t? You know I’m cool with it. Is everything alright?” Karen was obviously confused. They had talked about this any number of times before, and Alex was generally able to handle any embarrassment he got from it. It certainly hadn’t stopped him from looking at porn and jerking off.

“Well, here’s the thing. Our sex life hasn’t been great lately, and I’m a little worried it’s, uh, draining my reserves, you know?”

“Ohhh kay… so stop?” Karen responded, still confused.

“It’s not that easy for me. You know I’m on the computer all the time, and it’s something I’ve done for a long time. So, I’ve been thinking maybe we could try something.” He shifted on the bed, the words coming a bit more easily. “Remember last year how you bought that novelty chastity cage and teased me for a night? It seemed like something you really liked.”

“Yeah, you want to do that again? I did really like it. If it helps, sure,” she shrugged.

“Uh, well, along those lines, I’ve been looking at some porn like that, but lasting a bit longer. That cage won’t work long term because it’s way too bulky to wear, but we don’t need a cage for you to control when I cum… if you’re okay with that. You can say no!” He retreated a bit, afraid of her response. She’d always been game to try new things in the past, but he always got incredibly embarrassed revealing the more kinky things he was into. It was another long-held habit, holding on to that last bit of shame.

“Okay, sure. Sounds easy for me!” She said, laughing. “You just want me to tell you that you can’t cum? I can do that. Let’s start right now, cause it’s late and I need to get to sleep.” Karen smiled at him and rolled over to go to sleep. To Alex, it felt like victory, assuming she was still interested tomorrow.

A couple days went by with no real response from Karen. She didn’t mention anything, and Alex was too worried to bring it up. They had been married a few years, and he knew he didn’t have anything to fear from her. It was always his own fear of rejection which held him back from more directly saying what he wanted in the bedroom.

True to his request, Alex refrained from jerking off for the next three nights. It wasn’t unusual for him to not masturbate, but by the fourth night the urge to look at porn was itching in the back of his mind.

“Hey love,” he started, “want to spend some quality time together tonight?” He raised his eyebrows cheekily and she laughed.

“Sure, you been a good boy?” She said as she gave him a kiss, lingering just a moment to chew on his lower lip. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your idea.”

“Heh, of course. I had thought you’d forgotten.”

“Not a chance.” She grabbed his semi-hard cock and gave him another kiss.

A few hours later, as they were settling into bed, Karen grabbed Alex and kissed him deeply. She didn’t wait for his response but started running her hands all over his body. All he could get out was a muffled “mmm” as she ran her fingers on the outside of his boxers, teasing his cock.

“Well then, let’s see how your ‘reserves’ are now.” Karen said as she leaned back on the bed, bringing Alex with her. They kept kissing as they worked their clothes off, wasting no time with formalities. They were both naked and Alex could feel how wet her pussy was as his cock rubbed up against Karen’s opening. He felt her hands on his shoulders, pushing him down.

He didn’t need any more encouragement and worked his way down her body, kissing the whole way. He stopped briefly to caress her tits and suck on her nipples, but he knew he destination and didn’t linger long. Soon, his head was between her legs, and her freshly shaven pussy was right in front of him. He began slowly, kissing all around her pussy, never quite touching it, but spending time kissing the tops of her thighs and all around her pelvis.

Before long, she was squirming in anticipation and Alex could see the glistening of her juices. He bent his head forward and gave her sex a deep, deep kiss. He was sure to lick all over, but eventually his mouth came to rest over her clit. He gently covered it with his mouth, and began to play with it using his tongue. Soon, Karen was bucking her hips as she rans her fingers through his hair, moaning.

Karen kept moaning as Alex worked his magic, taking his time and building her up. Eventually, her breathing quickened as she approached her climax. Then, she held her breath for 30 seconds as her orgasm came crashing down and she let out a scream. She held Alex’s head in place as she rode it out. For his part, Alex knew to let off licking her clit because of how sensitive it could get. He kept his actions to a minimum so that she could get as much as possible out of it.

Once Karen was finished, Alex moved back up her body and kissed her deeply. His cock was again at the entrance to her pussy, but this time he didn’t hesitate. He entered her as they kissed. He could feel how wet she was, her juices and his saliva lubricating his cock. When Karen started bucking her hips so he would fuck her harder, Alex knew his orgasm wasn’t far behind. It hadn’t been as long as he’d like, but he hadn’t cum in four days and his balls were protesting.

Alex started fucking Karen harder now, knowing his orgasm was close. With another deep kiss and a slight grunt, Alex came deep inside Karen as she moaned into his mouth. He stayed pressed against her as he emptied his balls in a few thrusts and Karen could feel him go deeper than he had been before, filling her up completely. When he was done, they both rolled on their backs to catch their breath.

“Well, I’d say that’s a success,” Karen laughed. “Let’s do that again sometime.”

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