Becoming Her Wife Ch. 10-2

“Mistress I am only here for your pleasure.” I told her in answer.

“Then you willing submit to my desire to flog your penis and testicles?” She asked

“If that is what you desire then it is my desire to submit to you in this as in all things.” I told her

“Gag in or out my pet.” She asked

“In my Mistress I wouldn’t want to bother you if I couldn’t control myself.”

Josie forced the gag once more into my mouth then attached the lock for the chinstrap to my collar. She stood between my spread legs and flicked the cat at my groin. The ends of the cat snapped at my cock with stinging pain. It felt like some one had just stabbed me with several needles. The next flick of the cat brought fire to my groin, as did the next three. After that Josie seem to control the cat better and each time she flicked at me the tails would wrap around my cock and ball in almost a lover caress. By the tenth flick it felt like she was jerking my cock off. By the fifteenth I felt like I was going to cum any second. Josie must have seen this as she stopped and placed the cat onto the table.

Josie turned to the judge’s table and said, “As you have seen my slave is willing to do anything for my pleasure. Now I will demonstrate the control I have on his body.”

Josie then walked over to me and pulled out from her cleavage what looked like a condom with a six-inch clear plastic tube attached to the tip. She stretched out the condom and snapped it onto the head of my cock. This alone nearly sent me over the top. Josie then stepped away from me and said with her hand on her hips.

“You love me don’t you my pet?” I nodded me head enthusiastically. “Then cum for me my pet cum for me now.” She told me

The only thing that was holding back my orgasm was my wish not to displease her. Once I had her permission I relaxed my will power and instantly my orgasm ripped through me. I nearly passed out as the pressure in my balls released the pent up cum. It quickly filled the tip of the condom and started to go up the tube before my orgasm subsided.

The look in Josie’s eyes was one I will never forget. She looked like she had just climaxed as well. Her eyes glazed over as she watched cum filling the condom on her command. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other till I had stopped cuming. When we did finally look away we saw everyone on his or her feet applauding.

Josie quickly removed the condom and hooked the tube up to the penis gag and ordered me to suck it clean. Which I did while she reinstalled my chastity belt. She removed the cleaned condom as the applause die down. We were about to leave the stage when one of the judges called the room to order and said.

“Mistress please wait one moment. Jason would you please come up to the stage.” The judge asked

The gentleman that had the first blindfolded slave came up to the stage with his slave in tow. By now she had her ball gag and blindfold removed. Once he was on the stage the judge said. “Jason the committee has unanimously award you the second place prize. I know it’s not what you were hoping for.”

“No it’s not Fred but I wouldn’t be much of a man if I didn’t recognize when I’ve been out done. I have never been able to make my slave cum on command.” Jason told everyone.

“Mistress Josie the committee awards you first place and the title Queen Dommie of the Summer Rendezvous.” He told her before putting a crown on Josie’s head. It wasn’t an expensive crown, I thought Josie looked wonderful with it.

It took us awhile to make our way back to the table where Josie sisters were waiting. Once there the three sisters pulled Josie and I in to a big family hug as Cathy and Susie squealed in our ears. Champagne was brought to the table and every one had a glass. I sipped mine though up a straw and through my penis gag.

“Josie I think you can release Nikki now, at lease take the gag out so she can drink properly.” Jolene told her.

“She going to stay just like that till I can get her back to the house.” Josie told her. I could see Josie was highly excited and was biting at the bit to get me back in our bedroom for some serious fucking. I knew my ass was going to be filled with her strap-on once we got back. To tell the truth I couldn’t wait it’s been a few weeks since she took me like this. Though I like being fucked by men, when Josie does it it’s always seems special. When I’m bound and gagged its even more special.

It took Josie a while till she finally convinced Robert to take us back in the boat. I never felt so vulnerable then I did that night on the way back to the house. I knew if the boat capsized or we hit something I could drown with my hands bound to my sides and my legs locked together. I knew I would have to talk to Josie about this once I was free.

Back at the house Josie took me straight to our bedroom. She had me kneeing on the bed and her strap-on was up my ass before Robert had turned the boat back to the club. Josie rode me for over an hour, as she seemed to have a constant orgasm. I experienced more then my share of them as well thought I didn’t actually cum.

Once again I woke bound and gagged but this time Jose was still firmly inside me. I still love waking up with her strap-on in my ass. We showered and I filled her mouth as she sucked me dry.

By noon we were on our way to Miami. We spent a week in Miami so Josie could find a boat builder that she could trust. Then we flew to Jamaica and had my breast implants put in. We finally got back to Oakland on the first day of the regular season of football.

I spend the next ten-months in school learning every thing a good hostess should know. Josie worked almost non-stop between getting the house built and having her boat built, not to mention her buying and selling stock and business on the Internet.

As far as the football betting goes I still lose more then I win. This doesn’t bother me because Josie always makes losing so much fun. We have spent a lot more time in her playroom thanks to my losing.

Since returning from our honeymoon Josie has not had sex with any other man except me. She still enjoys sex with other women and she allows me to have sex with both men and women when the opportunity arises. She says as far as her having sex with men she can’t find anyone that satisfies her the way I do. On the average she submits to me two or three times a week where I call the shots. Though I’m the one in control I never abuse my power. I will always make sure she is satisfied, my pleasure is secondary.

That brings me back to where I started this story. The new house is done thankfully and tonight is Josie and my first year anniversary. So tonight we have a lot to celebrate. Our house warning is tonight plus the anniversary and to top that off. Josie going to announce that she is three months pregnant with our first baby. Amazingly none of her family has a clue.

So back to my question how I wound up in this predicament. All I can say it was pure luck.

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