Becoming Her Wife Ch. 09-3

We started dinner with shrimp cocktail, which Josie said, was fitting for the occasion. This had everyone laughing except for Jim, seeing he didn’t know what was going to happen. The main course was sautéed sirloin tips in onions and mushroom with green beans. For desert we had chocolate eclairs filled with custard, this too had Jill and Josie laughing historically.

After dinner Josie said to me, so I was the only one that could hear her. “You can help Jim with the dishes. While you’re doing that I want you to flirt with him. You’re not allowed to touch his cock or his bottom, but you can kiss and touch anywhere else. Also you can’t tell him what’s going to happen tonight. Don’t throw yourself at him, act more like you interested and willing, but not sluty. Mean while I’ll take care of our payment to Jill.”

I told her I understood though I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I started picking up the remaining dishes. When Jim came back out for another load she said. “Jill and I going to my bedroom when you two are done with the dishes you can join us there.” Josie took Jill’s hand and left Jim and I alone.

“I don’t know what those two have cooked up, but somehow it spells trouble for the two of us.” Jim told me once we were alone.

“I don’t think its anything bad, I’m sure we will both like it.” I told him.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t like it I just know those two.” He told me as we walked back to the kitchen.

In the kitchen which was a galley kitchen I volunteered to wash the dishes seeing that there was no dishwasher. At first I didn’t know what I was suppose to do as far as flirting with him was concerned. I finally just started to make sure I touched him as often as possible. Mostly it was just touching his hands when I past a clean dish to him. Before I knew it our hands touched longer till at one point we just held each other’s hand and stared into each other eyes.

I was the first to break that stare, as I looked away embarrassed. Jim cleared his throat and continued to dry the dish. Jim could see my uneasiness with the situation and started to crack jokes. Some were at my expense and others were at his or Josie and Jill’s. When they were at my expense I would flick soap bubbles at him, but I still laughed.

I had taken my robe off before I started washing dishes so as not to get it wet. Jim had done the same and was now standing naked from the waist up. His cute little breasts with their little rings seem to call to me. Whenever I looked at him, my eyes would stray to his nipples. I was caught several times staring at them.

Several times while Jim was putting away a dish in the cabinet that was to the left of me, he would brush his cock along my backside. As I was washing the last of the dishes Jim went behind me to put one away, this time he put his hand on my hip for balance and the next instant I felt his lips on my neck.

At first I went to move away till I realized that this was what I was suppose to do. I held myself still as he continued to nibble at my neck. It felt wonderful as his lips and tongue moved from on spot to another. His hands came around my waist and pulled me close to him. I instantly felt the bulge of his cock in the cleft of my ass it felt enormous.

He kissed my neck for a minute then I felt him try to slide my bikini bottoms off. I knew this was going to far so I said “Maybe we should stop now I don’t know how far I can go with out Josie’s permission.” Jim groaned in frustration before saying

“Maybe you’re right we don’t want to get into trouble.” I turned around and kissed him on the mouth before returning to the pans that needed washing.

When we finally had the galley spotless I turned and Jim took me in his arms. We kissed for a minute as our hands roved over each other’s body. His hands found their way down to my bottom and he took a cheek in each hand. As he played with my ass I could feel my cock come to life between my legs. I could feel Jim’s cock come to life as well. I could feel it harden against my pelvis as we continued to kiss like two lovers.

When the urge to drop to my knees and suck his cock became unbearable I pulled my mouth from his and said. “I think we had better go, before they come looking for us.” Jim agreed that it was time to go so we put on our robes and left the galley.

When we walked into Josie’s stateroom we found both girls lying on the bed kissing. Jill’s legs were spread wide and you could see that her pussy lips were red and swollen. Most likely from the work out that Josie’s mouth had just given her.

“Well it’s about time you two got here, Jill and I were wondering if you two had forgotten about us. I thought you had taken advantage on my sweet Nikki, Jim.”

“I’d never do that Josie.” Jim told her.

“I know you wouldn’t love I was just teasing you. Why don’t you two entertain yourselves while Jill and I go get something to drink.” Josie told us then she pulled me out into the hall and said. “I watched you in the galley you were perfect. Now I want you to do what ever you want with Jim. The only limits I’m going to put on you is he can only cum in you pussy and he can only cum once.”

I wanted to ask her how she saw us but she didn’t give me a chance. She kissed me hard and then said, “I left you something to wear in the bathroom and you should make sure you’re clean. Oh one more thing you can’t cum, at least the way you normally do. I want you to save that for me. Now go, your man is waiting for you.”

Josie turned and walked away. I wanted to ask her how she saw us but I knew she would tell me eventually. So I turned to go back in to the bedroom at the same time as Jill was walking out. She took my shoulders in her hands and said.

“You be good to my husband, but not too good. Save a little for me.” She then kissed my cheek and ran after Josie.

After I entered the bedroom Jim took me in his arms and kissed me hard on the mouth. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth as his hand moved over me. At the same time I felt his cock harden and push into my tummy just above my pelvis. I subconsciously pushed my pelvis back, which caused him to moan.

He pulled his mouth from mine and said, “I told you they had something up their sleeves.”

“You don’t mind do you?” I asked

“No I was hoping we could do this at least once. I wasn’t sure how Josie felt about sharing you with me.” He said, then he kissed me again.

When I felt him trying to push me back toward the bed I pulled my lips from him and said. “Let me go freshen up first. I promise it won’t take me very long.” “Okay I’ll wait right here.” He told me, and then we kissed once more before I ducked into the bathroom.

I quickly found the enema bag and filled it with warm soapy water. I knew I had not gone to the bathroom since my last cleansing, but I wanted to make doubly sure I was as clean and fresh as could be. So I gave myself a second enema for good measure. When I fill the bag the second time I found the honey scent that Josie used and added that to the water.

Once I was properly cleaned inside I jumped into the shower and took a very quick shower. After I was dried off I made up my face and sprayed on some perfume. I found the cloths that Josie had left for me. There was a red bustier and matching red thong. Silk stockings with wide lace tops that were held up by the garters on the Bustier. Then five-inch fuck me pumps and a red silk robe.

Once I was dressed and my cock was safely tucked between my legs I walked out of the bathroom. I tried to enter the bedroom as seductively as possible. It must have worked Jim’s face lit up like the Las Vegas strip. He was lying on the bed half cover with the top sheet. His top half was exposed for me to see and even though I could see his tiny breast it still didn’t take away from his masculinity.

“Wow you look absolutely beautiful. ” He told me.

His words and the way his eyes seem to devour me had my cock filling with blood. I thanked him and took off my robe then bent over to remove my shoes. “No leave them on, they look too good on you to take them off.” He told me,

I slid into bed and Jim took me in his arms. We kissed and caressed each other for a long time. My hand eventually moved down and took possession of his hard cock. For some reason it felt thicker and longer then it did a few days ago.

After a few minutes of me stroking his hard shaft I pulled the top sheet back and slid down the bed. Remembering how much pleasure my mouth gave his cock I slowly started to lick the head. His precum was flowing freely from his pee slit and it had coated the head of his cock. I licked his shaft working my way to his heavy balls. When I had his sack completely wet with my saliva I took one of his egg shaped balls into my mouth.

“Oh baby you give such wonderful head I really like it the way you mouth my balls.” He told me. What’s a girl to do, I took the other ball in my mouth and did the same thing to it. “That’s really good Nikki now let me feel your mouth on my cock.”

I let his ball slip out of my mouth and ran my tongue up his shaft. When I reached the head I flicked at the cleft of the head with my tongue, Jim moaned at this. Then I slid my tongue down the side and up the other side. I did this twice more then I took the head of his dick into my mouth and sucked hard.

“Oh yea that’s it Nikki suck my cock.” He moaned

My mouth slid down his cock taking in as much man meat as I could till it hit my throat. I slid my mouth up and down those five inches till I got use to his size again then I took him into my throat. Once more I felt that sudden panic when my body realizes that I can’t breath, but it past quickly as I took in more of his hard fat cock.

“Oh fuck Nikki you are one fantastic cock sucker.” He told me as I pulled my mouth back up his cock.

The pride I felt when he said this spurred me on to try harder. My mouth flew up and down his cock and I took it all in every time I went down on it. Jim was moaning constantly as I kept the pressure on his shaft with my lips. My mind was in a fog as I though of nothing except that cock and how it felt having him tell how good I was.

I felt his cock twitch in my mouth and he said. “I’m going to cum Nikki. I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

That got my attention quickly. As I would love nothing more then to taste his sweet creamy cum once more. I knew that Josie told me I could only let him cum in my pussy. No matter how much I wanted Jim to cum in my mouth I would not disobey Josie. I pulled my mouth off his slick shaft sucking as I went. When I pulled my mouth clear of his cock Jim groaned in frustration.

I crawled up his body kissed his lips and said. “I want you to cum inside me, but I was hopping you would put it some where different this time.”

Jim groaned deeply as his arms wrapped around me. He pulled me to him in a tight embrace. An instant later I was on my back with Jim lying on top of me. His mouth touched every inch of exposed skin he could find as if he wanted to devour me. He even nibbled at my satin covered skin as he moved on down to settle between my legs.

When he was between my legs he raised my legs doubling me over in two. My knees were pressed against my chest and my red five-inch heels were just above my head. Jim went after my ass like a man possessed. He attacked my ass like his life depended on it.

His tongue shot up my crack, only to be stopped from entering me by the thong of my panties. When he pull the thong out of the way he did it with such force I thought he was going to ripe my panties right off me. But the silk material held together as he moved it out of the way.

In a flash his tongue was up inside me wiggling around, God that felt wonderful. Where Josie does it soft and tenderly, Jim’s tongue drilled into me like he was searching for oil. I would never want to make a choice on which I would prefer.

When his tongue grew tired he would lick and suck on the tip of my cock that stuck out from between my tightly closed leg, as if it was a clit. Jim switched from my cock to my asshole so often I was wondering if he would every put his meat in me.

Having had enough I cried out, “Please Jim honey, Please fuck me. Come on honey put that big fat cock in me!

“All you had to do is ask baby,” He said as he got into a kneeling position.

I watched him grab a bottle off the nightstand then I felt liquid being dribbled on to my backside. When he slid his finger into me I thought it was his cock till I realized that it was too small.

Jim finger fucked me first with one then two fingers for a minute or two then he slid in a third followed by a forth. He finger fucked me for a few minutes to loosen me up then I felt his cock at my hole. It felt impossibly large, but I was determined to have him in me.

“Come on baby stop teasing me and give me your cock. Let me feel you inside of me.” I told him to let him know I was ready and willing.

“Let’s take it slow, the last thing I want to do is hurt you.” He told me as I felt the head of his cock start to open my hole.

Jim slid his cock into me slowly, almost too slowly. Once he had four or so inches in me he started fucking me with it. He would slide out till just the head was left in me. Then he would slide back in giving me all he took out plus an inch more.

How foreign this felt only a few days ago when Josie first put that butt plug into me just after we had been married. Now, not only did I think it wasn’t strange instead I thought being filled like this was very satisfying.

Jim’s thrust started to pick speed and depth as he saw that I was quite comfortable with him in me. He pulled my legs down on to his shoulders and used my hips for some where to gripe as he started into pound his cock into me.

“Are you okay Nikki I’m not hurting you am I?” He asked with concern on his face, but he still did not slow his thrusts.

“God no honey I love your cock, fuck me harder please.” I squealed.

Jim picked up the speed and was now fucking me with everything he had. I felt his hips crash into my ass on each stroke. I was even pushing back to meet his thrust to try and get more cock into me.

I did noticed when I tilled my bottom a certain way I would feel sparks of pleasure all over me. I tried to maintain that position but it was difficult as he pushed on my hips when he pulled out. When he pushed into me I would tilt my ass and Jim’s cock would rub me just right till he was all the way in. Each time that spot was rubbed I felt like I was being hit with a jolt of electricity.

The more I tried to tilt my bottom to feel that wonderful feeling the stronger it seem to hit me. Each time Jim would push in I would moan or squeal with delight. Each time he pulled out, my hole would clamp down on his cock to hold him in me.

By this time poor Jim was soaked in sweat and he was gasping for breath. His face looked like he was in pain as he tried to concentrate on holding his orgasm at bay.

I was worried that I wouldn’t or couldn’t hold my orgasm as Josie wanted. I had been so close so often, but each time that wonderful feeling would once more engulf me, my normal orgasm would subside. If these really were internal orgasm I hoped I would never stop having them.

“That’s it Nikki I going to cum I sorry I can’t stop it any longer. Jim shouted to me.

“Do it, cum in me let me feel you cock flood my insides.” I told him.

“Here I go baby arrgh fuck.” He shouted and instantly I felt his cock swell larger and then a burning feeling filled my whole rectum.

This triggered my own orgasm as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss engulfed me. It was such an amazing feeling that I squealed like a girl and my whole body seem to convulse in almost a seizure.

Jim was still trying to drive his spurting cock in and out of me, but you could see that his orgasm had sapped his energy. I dropped my legs to his side and reached up and pulled him down on to me. We lay there panting for breath as our hearts returned to normal.

I lay under Jim, his cock still in my ass thinking that I had just experienced something wonderful when it hit me. I had done the one thing that Josie said I couldn’t do, I had cum against her wishes. My eyes were instantly filled with tears, Not because I fear her scorn but because I feared she would be displeased with me.

Jim noticed my tears and asked. “What’s wrong did I hurt you?”

“No you were wonderful it’s what I did.” I told him and the tears came harder.”

“What did you do? You were great. You were the best she-male I ever fucked.” His word filled me with pride but it didn’t stop the tears.

“Josie told me I couldn’t cum, I had to save it for her. Now she going to be displeased with me because I couldn’t control myself.”

“She told you, you couldn’t cum at all?” He asked

“She said I couldn’t cum the way I normally would do it, You know, though my clit.” Jim knelt up and looked between us and said

“Sweetheart you didn’t cum that way.”

“Are you sure I felt like I did.” I asked

“Your clit has been cover by you panties the whole time. If you came that way you panties would be soaked. They’re not exactly dry but there is no cum in them.” The relief I felt was unbelievable I almost jumped for joy. Jim took me in his arms and turned over so I was now lying on top of him. We lay there and cuddled for a few minutes. Jim’s cock was still in me, but he was slowly coming out. I tried my best to keep him in me but it was a losing battle.

“Why don’t you turn around so I can clean you.” He told me

“Can’t I just leave it in there, It feels so good.” I asked with a pout

“I don’t think so. I think Jill will want it back.” He said with a laugh.

I knew he was right so I sat up and his cock slipped out of me. I could feel a glob of cum trying to slip out so I held my hole as tight as I could and quickly turned around and lowered my ass onto Jim face. I felt his mouth seal itself to my hole and his tongue shot up in side me. This caused me to relax my sphincter and allow his cum to drain from me. At that point I think I knew why Josie like to have me clean her out. It’s amazing how much power you can feel by that simple act.

While Jim was cleaning me I leaned over and started to clean his cum covered cock. First I cleaned around his cock then sucked his flaccid member into my mouth and sucked off all the yummy cum I could find. His cum tasted as good as it did two days ago with the exception of the slight taste of the lubricant he had used.

I was amazed and delighted as his cock started to swell in my mouth. The more I sucked the harder his cock became. The harder he became the harder he worked at cleaning my hole. It wasn’t long till his cock was as hard as it had been before he fucked me. I was soon deep throating him and he was moaning into my ass. I knew I couldn’t bring him off again but I didn’t want to stop just yet. Till I heard Jill say.

“I think he’s as clean as he’s going to get. Would you please leave some for me.” I pulled my mouth off his cock and smiled. I knew I should have, but I could help myself

“I was just getting him primed for you.” I told her to cover myself.

“You’re not a very good liar. I’ll take over from here.” She told me she tried to act mad, but there was no malice in her voice.

Jill was stranding in the door way with Josie right next to her. The look on Josie’s face was unreadable. There was no smile or even a grin. There was no indication if she was pleased with me or upset. Her eyes seem not to focus on anything in particular.

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