Becoming Her Wife Ch. 08-3

When she did stop I knew that the butt plug was the next thing to go up my ass. Josie slid it in as gently as she could but it was quite a bit larger then anything I had up me so far. When it finally settled into place it felt like she had shoved a grapefruit up my ass.

“Please stand up and lift your skirt.” She told me

When I did as I was told I saw that my cock was sticking straight out hard and ready. Josie slid a leather devise that looked like a Chinese finger puzzle over my cock. She slid it in placed behind the head of my dick then pulled on the straps. The devise became smaller and gripped my cock tightly. She then put the g-string around my waist before pulling my cock down and between my legs by the straps attached to the devise on my cock. She some how attached it to the g-string I was now wearing, holding it securely in place.

She had me bend over once more and started pulling on the butt plug. I thought she was trying to remove it till I felt it flatten out inside of me locking it in place. Then she threaded the crotch panel of the g-string between my legs up though an eyelet in the butt plug, then up to the waist straps of the g-string. Using a small pad lock she secured everything in place.

“There now no one will be able to use your sexy pussy or your yummy clit.” She told me with a playful slap on my bottom.

“Why is this all necessary? I told you I didn’t want to have sex withany one.” I asked in a whinny feminine voice.

“I trust you not to have sex with anyone. I just don’t want someone thinking they can take you and do what they want with you because you’re a submissive and believe me, some one just might. There’s no such thing as rape of a submissive at this club. If you’re a submissive and your Mistress leaves you available then your open game for anyone. The rest we’ll take care of when we get to the club.”

I didn’t know what she meant by the rest and once again I was afraid to ask. Josie did take a leather dog collar out of the case and strapped it around my neck. Then she attached a leather lead to the collar and gave it a tug so I had to bend down to kiss her. She picked up the black case pulled on the leash and led me out of the bedroom.

At first it was hard walking with the heels and the butt plug but I got use to it quickly. I became quite aroused when I saw Jill wearing a red leather jumpsuit. The neckline of the jump suit plunged down to just below her waist. In fact I could see tiny blond pubic hairs just where her neckline stopped. How she kept her tits from falling out was beyond me.

Jim now Jamie was wearing a dress similar to my own and I could see she was also wearing an extremely tight corset. The heels she was wearing had small locks on the buckles to keep her from removing them. On her wrists she was wearing wrist cuffs and around her neck she was wearing a collar that was twice as thick as my own. I couldn’t see how she could lower her head with the collar on. I didn’t notice if she was wearing a butt plug like I was, but I didn’t think so.

Jamie handed every one a glass of champagne that was quite good. It dawned on me that if I had to go to the bathroom there was no way I’d be able to. When I asked Josie about this she said

“We don’t have to worry about you having an accident, but if it gets too unbearable tell me and I’ll take you to the bathroom and unlock you.” She said with as giggle. Jill and Josie left the room for a few moments giving me a chance to talk to Jamie.

“Do you like going to these kind of clubs?”

“I love going, I like being used by others as a sexual play thing. I love being forced to give head and having my ass fucked. Jill loves watching me being used.” Jamie told me

“Don’t you worry about getting a disease?” I asked.

“There are lots of condoms around the place and no one would try to use you with out one if you want it. The only thing is the sub must put the condom on with his or her mouth.”

“Do you cum while your being used like this?” I asked knowing how excited I get when I giving head.

“No I’m not allowed to get a hard on or to cum for that matter. That’s the price Jill requires of me for the pleasure of being used.”

When I asked him how he stopped from getting a hard on, he raised his skirt and lowered his panties. On his cock were several rings that were attached to a post going up the length of his cock to the tip. It looked like there was also something going down into his urethra. The rings were small and his soft cock bulged around each ring.

“It’s called the gates of hell. When I start to get hard my cock expanse in the rings, there is a slight a mount of pain that reminds me not to get hard. The harder I get the more pain I feel. Believe me it can be very painful even when I have half a hard on.” Just then the girls came back and we left for the club. When we pulled into the club parking lot I went to get out of the car till Josie told me not to get out yet. She came over to my side and took a length of chain with two locks and attached it to my heels. Then she put the penis gag in my mouth. There was one strap that went over my nose to a band that went around my head. The headband had two straps that went down the back of my head and were locked to the collar. Then another strap went under my chin and it to was locked to the collar. The penis wasn’t very long or wide, but it did force my mouth to stay open. It was only three inches long, which left plenty of room in my mouth so as not to gag me. There was a hole that when down the middle of the penis so I could breath through it. She helped me out of the car. Once I was standing she attached two chains with a handcuff on each and locked them to my g-string. She then attached the handcuff on my left side to my right hand and the right one to my left hand. This forced my hands to stay in front of me.

Josie pulled my face down to her and after kissing me on the cheek she asked if I was okay. By the look in her eyes and the way her hand shook when she touched me I could tell she was extremely excited. Her excitement caused me to be excited. I was nervous about what would happen in this club but with the way she had me confined I knew nothing could happen to me. I nodded my head that I was ok. The smile that lit up Josie face made anything I could go through worth it. Josie kissed my cheek again and then gave a tug on the lead, and with extremely small steps I followed her into the club.

The outside of the club looked like any normal nightclub with people standing in line and two really huge bouncers at the door. The people in line were mostly dressed like Josie or Jill and some were dressed like I was; though those were kneeling at the feet of their domi.

Josie walked straight up to the bouncers bypassing the line and showed them a card. The bouncers thanked her and open the door for us. As I walked pass the bouncer that was holding the door for us, he grabbed my left ass cheek and gave it a tight squeeze. When I looked back at him he gave a laugh and winked at me.

In side the club Josie presented our ID’s before we were permitted to go in to the club proper. The main room had tables and chairs and a dance floor. There was loud heavy metal music playing and the lights were mostly bright flashing strobes. All around people were siting with their subs kneeling at their sides.

Josie and Jill found a table near the dance floor. The girls sat down at the table, I was unsure of whether to sit next to Josie or kneel at her side as I saw others doing around us. When Josie snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor I instantly fell to my knees next to her. She smiled sweetly at me and I knew I did the right thing. Josie patted my head and left her hand on my shoulder.

Drinks where ordered and when they were delivered Josie asked me if I wanted something to drink. How I was going to drink anything I didn’t know but I nodded my head anyway. Josie took the drink that had a straw in it and she plugged the straw into the hole of the gag. To get some of the drink I had to suck on the latex penis in my mouth. If this was meat to humiliate me it didn’t work. I thought it was kind of cute to be sucking a drink through a latex cock. Josie must have enjoyed this because after she placed the drink back on the table she kissed my head and slid her hand down between my chest and the breast form and gave my nipple a squeeze.

After a while Jill handed the lead to Jamie off to a man that came to the table, then she went with some one else for a dance. Several people that whispered something in her ear had approached Josie. She shook her head no then the person walked away after giving me a scowl.

After the music had switched to slow dancing music a man asked Josie to dance and she left with him after she tie my lead to her chair. She wasn’t quite on the dance floor yet when another man approached her and asked her something. Josie looked back to me and thought a moment then nodded her head. The man came to the table and untied the lead before yanking me to my feet.

“Come on slut your mistress said you can dance with me.” The man told me as he pulled me on to the dance floor by the lead. Once on the dance floor he pulled me close to him. With my hands secured as they were I couldn’t help but touch his cock. I finally just turned the palms of my hand toward me so only the back of my hands touched him.

“That’s okay sissy you can grab a hand full of a real man’s cock. I like it when sissy’s like you play with my cock while I dance with them.” He told me as he grabbed a hand full of my left ass cheek. I didn’t move my hand one way or the other till he said. “Look bitch you either start jerking me off or I’ll take you into one of the private rooms and beat this ass until it’s bloody.” To emphasize his point he gave my ass cheek a very painful squeeze. I tried to scream but it came out as a moan, He could see in my eyes that he hurt me and that caused

him to smile. That smile was not very pleasant.

I turned my hand around and grabbed his already hard cock and gave it a squeeze. He moaned and pulled my head into the crook of his neck before saying, “that’s more like it now use your other hand and play with my balls”

We danced like that through one song and into another till he stiffened and moaned as he came in my hand. Luckily he was wearing a condom so I didn’t have to feel his cum coming through his pants. He then took me back to the table and tied me to Josie’s chair and left. I was glad he was gone but I realized that he never said thank you.

I looked for Josie, she was still on the dance floor, but now she was with someone different. Surprisingly she was keeping a discreet distance between her and the man she was dancing with. Jill was nowhere to be seen and Jamie still had not come back.

When the song ended Josie came back to the table and offered me something to drink. Once more I was sucking on the penis to get a refreshing drink. When I was finished drinking Josie asked if I needed to use the restroom. I shook my head no, knowing what a bother it would be to undo the locks. Josie then took me by the lead and led me into the back area where all the rooms were.

As we looked into each room Josie explained what each one was for. There were several for public sex where some one would put their slave to service anyone that came in. There were others that you could bring in a slave and have sex with him or her while others watched or joined in. In one of these we found Jamie happily suck one man’s cock while having his ass filled by another.

There was also the punishment room where a Master or a Mistress could leave their slave to be punished by any one that wondered in. Most slaves had signs stating the reason they need to be punished. In one of these we found Jill giving a slave a work over with a paddle. His crime was forgetting to get his mistress a birthday present. We watched Jill paddle the slave for a few minutes then we went into another room.

This room was a lot smaller then the other rooms we had been in. I could see that it was a punishment room as well by the array of whips and paddles on the wall and the crossbeams meant for holding the victim.

Josie turned to me and said, “I know you haven’t done anything wrong, but seeing you like this and knowing I was the one to do this to you, has got me in the mood to paddle your bottom. If you don’t want to be paddled then shake your head no and I’ll take it out on someone else. I really want it to be you.”

What could I say? I could have said no but I didn’t want to disappoint her. And to tell the truth I didn’t want her to have to go to some one else. I wanted her to turn to me whenever she wanted something. Besides the last time we did this I kind of enjoyed it. So I nodded my head yes and Josie actually jumped for joy.

Before I could change my mind Josie unlocked the chains that held the handcuffs to my g-string and locked them to the crossbeam. She then unlocked my feet and strapped them to the beam as well. She kissed my bottom before turning her attention to the display of whips and paddles on the wall. I dearly hoped she would choose a paddle over a whip.

Josie took her time selecting what she was going to use. She picked up several paddles and tested the weight as well as their flexibility. Her eyes fell on one she seemed to like. It was made of leather and was very flexible. There were holes drilled through out it to minimize the wind resistance.

She came over to me and first rubbed my ass cheeks tenderly before saying, “Remember when we did this before? You lied to me about enjoying it didn’t you?” With this the paddle came down for the first time. It stung a lot, but not unbearably. I nodded my head to answer her question.

“Yes you were very bad that day. Your not going to lie today are you?” She asked and punctuated her question with another smack of the paddle. This one was a little harder then the first and I cried out into the gag, as I shook my head no.

“Good because I have a few questions I need the answers to and I want the truth even if you don’t think I want to hear them. Do you understand me?” She asked in a harsh tone as she slapped me again. I nodded my head and moaned into the gag as the pain started to feel good.

“Do you love me even when I do things to you like I did tonight?” I nodded my head yes even before the slap fell on my bottom. “Good because I love you dearly. I wouldn’t do this to you if I thought you hated it, even though I love what we did tonight. Now did you enjoy dancing with that man tonight and did you like beating him off on the dance floor?” This question was followed by two consecutive slaps, one to each cheek.

I shook my head no and Josie asked if I was sure and slapped me twice more. When I shook my head no this time it seem to surprise her. “You did it even though you didn’t want to, did he threaten you?” She asked with out hitting me this time. I nodded my head and this seem to piss Josie off

“That scumbag, I trusted him with you and he took advantage of you by threatening you. I’ll teach him to threaten my girl. When I get done with him he won’t have a dime left to his name.” After she said this she seemed to calm down then she asked. “Was it okay that I danced with those other men,” Once more she slapped my bottom. I nodded my head, It was okay though I wanted to be the one dancing with her.

“Even though I enjoyed it I was wishing it was you. You are a very good dancer and I think we should do more of it. Now one last question before I really start paddling your bottom. Would you let me do this to you again? I mean everything I did to you tonight.” There was no slapped this time but I nodded my head with out a second thought.

With my answer and I was sure the one she wanted Josie laid in to me. How many times I was hit I don’t know I lost count some where around twenty. I thought I was going to cum twice during this but each time a warm blissful feeling fill me and the urge subsided. When Josie had her fill she released my feet and chain them back together. Then she released my hands, this time she chained them behind my back. She left the skirt of my dress up in the back so anyone that cared could see the redness of my freshly paddled rear end. The way my hands were secured I could feel the heat radiation off my bottom.

“Come my love it’s time to go home.” She told then pulled on my lead. At first it was hard to walk. It wasn’t the fact that my feet were chained together it had more to do with the beating I just received and those two times I almost came, they seem to drain out a lot of my energy.

We found Jill and Jamie at the bar sharing a drink. When Josie told them she wanted to leave they agreed it was time to go. Josie let Jill drive and sat in the back with me. Seeing my ass was very sore she let me lay down with my head on her lap. As soon as my head hit her lap I could smell Josie’s arousal coming through her panties. All the way home Josie stroked my head lovingly as my nostrils took in her heavenly aroma.

When we arrived home I expected Josie to undo my restraints, but she had other plans for me. We went into the house where Jill and Jamie left for their own room. Josie asked if I needed anything to drink to which I nodded my head. Within seconds I was sucking ice water thought the penis once more. Why she didn’t remove the gag I wasn’t sure so I played along knowing her motives would soon reveal themselves.

I could tell Josie wasn’t thinking about sleep, by the way her eyes danced in their sockets. Once I had drank my fill Josie pulled me into the bedroom as fast as my bound feet would move. In the bedroom she had me kneel on the bed then lowered my head to the mattress. Josie then went into the closet and I could hear her rummaging around. I knew what she was looking for and I welcomed it, I had thought about it many times since our wedding night.

“I’m almost ready sweetheart please be patient” She called from the closet as if I had a choice. I must of started to dose off till I felt the bed shift from Josie added weight.

“Let me unlock this Chastity belt then I’ll take out your plug.” Josie told me.

I didn’t realize that what I thought was a g-string was really a chastity belt. It was aptly name, if I continued to wear it there was no way I couldn’t be chaste. I felt Josie remove the lock then I felt the butt plug expand back to it’s original size and shape. When she slid out the plug she said

“Oh my you’re so open maybe I should put something in it till it closes up. Would you like that?”

I looked back over my shoulder and nodded my head the best I could. She smiled down at me and instantly I felt the head of her strap on slid into me. I felt no resistance as Josie continued to slide into me. If she had used some lubricate, I couldn’t tell, but god it felt so good. My cock was still being held between my legs by the restraining device that was still attached to the chastity belt. When Josie had all ten-inched of her strap on dildo in me I could feel her balls with the head of my dick. When her hips touched my inflamed cheeks the pain shot though me like a bullet and I moaned into the gag, but the pain turn instantly to that blissful feeling I felt when I was so close to cuming before. It was just like having an orgasm with out my cock shooting cum, but this was so much better. This was like it was all over; my entire body was involved with it.

Josie saw that there was no resistance and started to fuck me with a fervor. Her hips flew back and forth with speed and determination. Each time her hips hit my ass pain and pleasure would engulf me. My own hips started to move back and forth to meet her thrusts, even though I couldn’t move much in my hobbled state.

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