Becoming Her Wife Ch. 08-1

When I woke up the next day it was one in the afternoon local time and Josie was gone. I got up and went to the bathroom for my morning ritual of a shave, pee, enema and a shower. Usually Josie does the enema but since she was gone I took care of it myself. When I came out of the bathroom I saw that someone had stripped and remade the bed and my robe and boxers from the night before were now gone.

I went to the closet to find something to wear. Not knowing who Josie wanted me to be today, I found it hard to decide what to wear. When I was just about ready to give up and wait for Josie to come and get me she stuck her head in the door and said.

“Back in bed please.” I jumped back into bed as Josie rolled a cart into the bedroom. “I want to bring my husband breakfast in bed this morning.” She told me as she placed a breakfast tray over my lap.

“What did I do to deserve this treatment?” I asked

“Mostly its because I love so very much, but really its because you were wonderful last night.” She told me as she started to put food on the tray.

I felt relieved that she thought I was wonderful. When she wasn’t there when I woke up I worried that I had over did it last night. When I told her this she said, “Worry not my love. You were perfect in every way. You took me as a man would take his bride on their wedding night, but you always made sure to treat me with respect. And you made sure I enjoyed it too, and I did immensely. I hope you like it too because I think I’m going to let you make love to me a lot. I know I never enjoyed myself more with a man or a woman then I did last night.”

Then she became almost shy and a slight blush came to her face before she said, “Did you like doing that to my feet?” “Of cause I did. Did you like it? You never had me do it before I thought I would give you something different.” I told her “I loved it I never had anyone do that before, it was fantastic. I felt like I could almost cum right through my toes.” She told me as another blush filled her face.

“I could do it again right now if you would like.”

“Oh I’d love it, but Jill and Jim are on their way. They’ll be living here until we fly some where else. They have their own room down the hall for when they fly some one down here. I hope you don’t mind. We tend to treat them like family.”

I told her I didn’t which seem to delight her. When I had eaten my breakfast She said, “We need to get you dressed. I’m really in the mood for Nikki today. Do you mind or would it be to embarrassing with Jim here?”

“As long as I can get a kiss first then you can dress me any way you wish.” I told her. The smile that lit up her face was especially rewarding.

I got my kiss then she said, “I noticed that you haven’t mentioned the house hold staff yet. Aren’t you worried about them seeing you?”

“No I’m sure I will not be the first man dressed as a girl they’ve seen and you told me that you would never do anything to embarrass me. I trust you.” I told her. This statement earned me a very passionate kiss

“Just so you know the house hold staff are gone for today. And you are correct you would not be the first or the last cross dresser they have seen. Also the maid is a transsexual the cook and the housekeeper are straight normal people that would never say anything. My mother pays them extremely well, they are paid three times the normal rate and if you factor in that they only have people here a few months out of the year the pay is very generous. Mother says paying them well for the whole year is a lot better then have to hire someone every time we come down.”

Josie got off the bed and put the breakfast tray on the cart before turning to the closet. “Let’s see I think we should work on our tans today. I know I’m starting to fade and you are ghostly white. Now where did they put your new swimsuit?”

“I guess were not tanning in the nude this time?” I said

“I am, but your not. There is nothing I can do to you to make you look like a girl when you’re naked and I really want Nikki here today. So today you’ll wear a swimsuit.” She told me as she found what she was looking for.

She came over to the bed carrying a gift-wrapped box. Before giving me the box she said, “I had this made just for you, it should go well with a wrap around skirt I bought yesterday.”

I open the box, inside on top was a pair of four-inch heeled sandals. Under that was a bikini top that had silicon breast forms sewn into the cups. The bottom was a thong with an extra wide panel that would go between my legs. The suit was bright pink, I would say hot pink, with white orchids.

Josie took off the robe she was wearing and put on a see through flowered robe that left nothing to the imagination. When I slid on the bottom of my bikini I saw that it held my package securely between my legs with the head of my cock almost between my ass cheeks. When I put on the top and looked in the mirror. With the exception of my face that had no make up on and my hair needing work the rest of me look female.

I put Josie’s hair in a French braid then did the same to my own. While Josie went to start her sunning I painted my nails and did my eyes. The rest of my make up I left off so my face could tan. The wrap around skirt was pink as well and completely see through, you could see the bikini bottoms clearly. Why I even bothered with it I’m not sure, but Josie wanted me to wear it so I wore it. Before leaving the bedroom I made sure to put on Nikki’s engagement and wedding rings as well as my Nikki necklace.

When I caught up with Josie again she was already out on the pool deck. She was lying on her back on a lounger and her naked body glisten in the sunlight. I could see she already had on a generous amount of suntan oil by the way her skin gleamed. Also by the way her nipples pointed straight up, hard and proud I could tell she was excited. I could even see the gold clitoris ring peeking out from between the folds of her vagina.

“She is a lovely creature isn’t she?” I heard someone say from beside me. I jumped with a start then turned to find Jill standing next to me. I was so intent on looking at Josie’s loveliness that I hadn’t noticed that Jill was standing beside me.

“She’s the most gorgeous women I ever met. I can’t believe she married me.” I told Jill truthfully.

“She thinks you’re pretty wonderful too. At least that’s what she tells me.” Jill told me

“Hey don’t start telling her that, she’ll get a big head and expect all kinds of special treatment.” Josie told Jill then said, “Now get your ass over here and stop making trouble for me.”

Jill stripped off her cloths and said “Screw that I’m going for a swim.” With that she jumped into the pool.

“Nikki would you come and put oil on my back please?” I went to her as she flipped over on to her tummy. I started applying the oil to her shoulders when she asked. “Do you really thing I’m the most gorgeous women you ever met?”

“I’ve never seen anyone that comes close to your beauty.” I told her as I worked the oil into her back. I was giving her more of a massage then just applying the oil.

“Do you think I’m prettier then Jill?” She asked in a whisper so Jill could hear her.

“There’s no comparison. Jill is gorgeous but she has that California look that you see all over. Yours is by far more exotic.” I told her as I started working on her legs.

“I know you have to say those kind of things because you’re my husband, but I think I’ll believe you mean them. Now be careful around my bottom it’s a little sore from last night.” She told me with a giggle.

“I could kiss it and make it better.” I told her with a slight giggle.

“Mmm don’t tempt me I could become use to having your mouth down there.” She told me.

I couldn’t help myself as I bent over and planted a kiss on each cheek and ran my tongue up her crack. I felt Josie shiver as a sweet moan escape her lips. Taking her moan as approval I spread her cheeks and pushed my tongue in a little deeper. Josie moaned a little more and pushed her bottom up to meet my tongue. I could see that her anus was red and it looked sore so I lightly licked at it with lots of saliva.

Josie moaned her approval before saying, “Oh that’s nice, just don’t try to enter me. I think I’m too sore for that right now.” I continued to lick her sweet asshole for an another minute when she said, “I think you had better stop now it’s starting to hurt. Besides you need sunscreen on, I don’t want you all sunburn you have diving lessons tomorrow morning.”

Josie helped me apply sunscreen then she had me apply lipstick to my lips so they wouldn’t get burnt, because she thought someone might have need of them later. Then we lay out next to each other soaking up the rays.

Jill came out of the pool a little later, after drying off with a towel she also laid out on the other side of Josie. After an hour Josie asked Jill where Jim was.

“He took the car back to the airport, after dropping me off, to get the rest of our things. He should be back shortly.”

“Did you go anywhere last night?” Josie asked

“No we were both wipe out after the flight. Jim sat on the bed to take off his shoes and fell asleep before he got them off. I barely got my cloths off before I fell asleep. In fact neither one of us has eaten since lunch yesterday in Hawaii.”

Josie turn to me and asked, “Would you mind making Jill something to eat in fact I could use something too?”

“I didn’t mean I wanted someone to make me something. I just realized that I hadn’t eaten is all.” Jill told Josie defensively.

“Its ok I don’t mind beside I’ve been out here long enough for now.” I told her.

I went into the kitchen and found that the cook had left quite a bit of food already prepared. I warmed up some fish to take the chill off it and made four salad plates. After I set the table in the kitchen I open a bottle of wine and had another ready in case the girls decided they wanted more. Just as I was ready to call Jill and Josie Jim showed up.

We sat down to eat with Josie on my left and Jill on my right. Jim sat across the table from me. We chatted through out the meal Jill and Jim wanted to know what Josie had planed for our time there. Josie told them she didn’t have much planed with the exception of she wanted to do a lot of diving. Jim seemed to really like that idea.

“Is there any plans for tonight? I mean are we going out for dinner or to the club?” Jill asked

“I wasn’t going to go this time but Nikki has complained that I don’t take her out enough. Maybe we should go to the club if you two are game?” Josie asked them. You could see Jim thought it was a good idea.

“You know us where always game for going to the club. Jim has been taking about it for a week now. In fact I think he’s been picking out his outfits for a month now. Haven’t you slut?” Jim’s face turned a bright pink at this, but he nodded his head quickly.

“That settles it we’re going to the club now what about dinner. Do you want to eat here?” Josie asked

“We might as well I don’t want to get dressed for dinner then come back and chanced for the club. You know we’ll never be allowed into any restaurants wearing what we wear to the club.” Jill said to her

“Nikki I know it’s your honeymoon too but would you mind cooking dinner for us.” Josie asked of cause I didn’t mind and was about to tell her so when Jim said

“I’ll take care of dinner, Nikki did lunch so I’ll tend to dinner.”

“That’s good idea you two can share the cooking duties and Josie and I can relax. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m about sunned out for today why don’t we go watch a movie and play with the first thing that pops up.” Jill told us.

“That’s Jill’s way of saying she wants sex.” Jim told me

“You all go and I’ll take care of the dishes.” I told them.

“I’ll help and we’ll be right in.” Josie told them. This surprised me that she wanted to help with the dishes seeing she never did before. When Jill and Jim left the room she started to collect the dishes from the table then said, “You did want to go out as Nikki didn’t you?”

“Yes as long as we’re not going to get in any trouble. What kind of club is this?”

“It’s a Dominatrix club and if we go you’ll have to wear what I tell you to wear. There is a lot of well to do people that comes here and some, like myself, have particular tastes when it comes to sex. The only problem is we can’t be sure about sexually transmitted diseases. So the only thing we can do is use protection or not engage in sex with people we don’t know. Jim and Jill are safe, they have to have a test once a month as is it states in their employment contract.”

“I don’t like using condoms. I don’t like the tasted of them and I don’t like the feel of them. So I don’t bother having sex with anyone I’m unsure about.” She told me this, I was sure, to let me know what to expect and what was expected of me.

“I don’t think I’ll bother either. I don’t know what a condom tastes like and I’m not sure what one would feel like in side me. I just don’t see the sense if you can’t get the full affect.” I told her. This seemed to cheer her up then I asked. “If we’re not going for the sex what else is there to do?”

“There is dancing and we can watch what other people are doing. The only thing if you go as Nikki you’ll have to let the man lead.

After we had the dishes in the dishwasher she came to me put her arms around me and said, “I really do love you and I’m glad you don’t want to have sex at the club, because that leaves more for me. When we go to the swing club with my sisters we can have sex there. Those people are tested, its part of the clubs rules. That’s why we both have been tested over the past several months, so we have proof we’re clean.” We kissed then she said, “Come on lets go shower off this tanning oil and join Jill and Jim in the media room.”

Josie and I went to the bedroom and stripped off what little cloths we had on. I followed Josie into the spacious shower that could fit six people easily and there would still be room for more. We washed each other off making sure every nook and cranny was as clean as could be.

Once we had all the tanning oil off our bodies Josie went to her knees and sucked my cock. This time she didn’t play the demure virgin bride that she did the night before. This time she was a wanton sex goddess that wanted to prove she could suck cock like a hooker.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to shoot off in her mouth, but Josie sensed that and quickly stopped. When I grunted my frustration she said, “Lets save that for Jim. I’m sure he’s been looking forward to sucking you off.” I couldn’t say I was happy about not being able to cum but what a submissive to do.

After we dried each other off I followed Josie into the bedroom when she gave me a knee length red satin nightgown and a matching robe. She wore a baby blue nightgown and robe. After we both put on make up we went to the media room.

When we drew near to the media room we could hear sounds of someone having sex inside, but it didn’t sound like Jill or Jim was making the noises. When we walked in I could see that the noises were coming from the large screen TV and the sound of a women being fucked on the screen was coming from the five channel surround sound system. Jill and Jim were sitting on large black leather beanbag chairs. Jill was still naked and Jim had his pants undone. Jill was slowly stroking his cock.

At first I didn’t think what Jill had in her hand was real, it seemed too large to be a real cock. Jill’s hand only went two thirds the way around the shaft and the head was half again larger then the shaft. What finally convinced me that the cock was real was by the look on Jim’s face. His eyes were little slits that tried to focus on what was happening on the screen. Jill was lying on her side and was whispering something in his ear.

When she realized that Josie and I were in the room she said, “Well it’s about time you two showed up. What did you two do have a quickie before coming in here.”

“When Nikki and I make love it’s never quick. But no we didn’t we just wanted to shower the tanning oil off before we came in here. I see you didn’t waist much time.” Josie said as we sat on another beanbag chair close to Jim and Jill.

“I’m just priming the pump for one of you two.” Jill leaned over and licked off the pre-cum that covered the head of Jim’s cock. Jim moaned and his hips moved up trying to get more of his cock into Jill’ mouth. Jill smiled at this and said, “Poor thing is beside himself, He’s been ready to cum for a half hour now but I won’t let him. I love teasing him and he loves it when I tease him. Don’t you love?”

“Yes Mistress I do.” Jim moaned

“I don’t know why he loves it so much but I can do this for hours.” She told me. The movie ended and Jill released her grip on Jim’s cock and they both sat up. Then Jill asked, “Josie is Nikki all girl when she’s dressed like this or is she just a playing at it?”

“What do you mean?” Josie asked

“I mean how far can we go? I mean does Nikki have sex with men as well as women?” Jill asked her. This was the first time I felt like I wasn’t there, which was something Josie never did to me.

“If you’re asking me if Nikki’s bisexual maybe you should ask her she sitting right here.” Josie told her I could hear the irritation in Josie’s voice and I’m sure so could Jill.

“I didn’t mean to upset you I’m just not sure how you treat Nikki. Your sisters treat their husbands like slaves when they’re dressed.”

“Your right my sister do treat their husband that way but I don’t. Nikki is my wife and girl friend. I don’t treat her any differently then you treat Jim and Jamie. I always thought you had the perfect relationship. You love Jim and Jamie equally and I love Nick and Nikki equally.”

“I didn’t know you could see that. I always tried to treat them the same even though Jim says I treat Jamie better.” With that Josie burst out laughing then said

“Nick says the same thing, though I never let Nikki fuck me in the ass. And she never will, that hole’s for my husband Nick and no one else.” Josie told her though I felt she was saying it more to me.

“So Nikki are you a lesbian or are you bisexual?” Jill asked “Definitely bisexual, though I don’t know what I can do with that.” I told Jill pointing at Jim huge cock.

“I know what you mean I can barely get the head in my mouth. Poor Jim has never had a satisfactory blowjob, but when he fucks you, you know you’ve been fucked.” Jill told me and I could see by the dreamy look in Jill and Josie’s eyes that they both were thinking the same thing. They both knew what it was like to be fucked by that monster. I didn’t know and seeing I’ve only had Josie in me once I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t take my eyes off Jim’s cock. I was mesmerized by it. Even though I have become quite good at giving head and I enjoy doing it. I never felt the urge to suck cock when I wasn’t around one. Even when I was around one I still didn’t feel anything for them.

Don’t get me wrong I love giving head. I love the feel of a cock going in and out of my mouth and when the person I’m sucking is long enough I love the feel of it going down my throat. I think I love knowing that I’m giving some one else pleasure and I know Josie loves to watch me suck off some one.

“It is beautiful isn’t it?” Jill asked as she grabbed Jim’s cock and gave it a few pumps. “I just love feeling it in my hand like it was a wand of power.” Then to Josie she asked “Don’t you love how it feels in your hand.”

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