Becoming Her Wife Ch. 07-4

Once she started to meet me on each thrust I started to feed more of my cock into her. Josie seem to be enjoying this as she moaned each time I pushed my cock into her and she would whimper each time I pulled out. It didn’t take long before I was in as deep as I could go, as my hips met her ass cheeks. Still Josie offered no words of encouragement.

Once I was all the way in her I pulled back until just the head of my cock was in her then I coated my shaft with more lube and slid back in. I slowly started to fuck her ass going all the way in and all the way out. Josie was meeting me thrust for thrust with groans of what I hope was pleasure, on each in stroke.

When I picked up speed Josie’s moan became more squeaks then groans. When I reached around her and started playing with her clit those squeak came out as oh shits. When her body started vibrating and she started to lose the rhythm I knew she was on the edge of a big orgasm.

I was close too, so close I could almost feel my cum starting to boil inside of me. When Josie started to cum her ass clamp down on my cock so hard I found it hard to move. I could also feel her ass trying to suck the cum right out of me.

“I’m going to cum Josie. I’m going to fill your bottom.” I shouted to let her know, so her could stop me or have me pull out.

“Me too love, me too.” She said.

Taking this as sign that it was ok to cum I released my hold on my orgasm. Instantly I felt my balls pull up as cum race up the shaft and fired out the tip. Josie must have felt it splash into her, for as soon as my first load shot out of me she came as well.

Her orgasm was much more violent then mine was. Her whole body shook and the noise that came out of her mouth sounded more like a lion then a person. Her head thrashed about before she collapsed on to the bed. I followed her down trying to keep myself in her and also because I was exhausted too. I turned at the last second so as not to fall on her. When I turned I took her with me so that I lay on my side with Josie in my arms.

We lay there panting for breath, as sweat pouring off our bodies. I held on to Josie for dear life. I wanted so badly to ask her if she enjoyed what we just did and if I had done a good job, but I knew that was one thing a woman hated the most. So I keep my silence and just told her I loved her.

Josie said nothing at first I thought I had done something wrong till I realized that she had fallen asleep. I couldn’t believe it at first till I realized what we had been through in the last few days. The last thing I remembered was my soften cock being expelled from her bottom just as I dosed off.

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