Becoming Her Wife Ch. 07-2

“I’m really glad we had that talk this morning. Making love to you the way we just did is so much better then the way we use to do it. I’m glad you said something.”

“So you’re not upset with me?” I asked

“No my love I’m not. Having you touch me was what I’ve been missing I just didn’t know it. If you have any other problems don’t be afraid to tell me about it.” Josie and I kissed then held each other until we were on the ground.

Jill and Jim did their checks of the plane and started the refueling process, while Josie and I went to take a shower in the back of the plane. There was a small bedroom and bathroom in the back. When I say small I really mean tiny. The bed was smaller then a double put bigger then a single. The bathroom was a toilet and a shower and that was about it. The shower was too small for two though we did try to squeeze in.

When we were done in the shower we brushed each other’s hair. Josie put mine in a ponytail and I braided hers. Josie wore shorts and a tee while I wore khakis and a pull over. This time I only had to wear panties, which was nice though I didn’t feel quite dressed.

After the refueling was done Jill and Jim change cloths. We went to a restaurant that Josie knew about for lunch. Josie ordered the meal for the two of us while Jill and Jim ordered separately.

I found out that Jill spent two years in the Air force as a fighter pilot till she was found in bed with another woman and was asked to resign. Jim flew for the Navy for six years then resigned his commission in ninety-two. He flew for TWA for three years before meeting and falling in love with Jill. I also found out he was thirty- two years old though he looked twenty-five.

Jill was twenty-six and she was absolutely stunning. She had long blond hair bright blue eyes. Her tan skin was with out blemish. She was what every man thought of when thinking of California girls. Her breasts compared to Josie were very large. Thirty-eight double D’s if I had my guess and her nipples poked out the silk fabric of her blouse.

When Jill sat she was as tall as Josie was, but when she stood she was taller then Jim or I are. So you knew she had very long lean legs. She stood two to three inches taller then I, which would have made her five ten.

Jim was an inch or so taller then I. He also had that California look as well. His blond hair came down to just below his shoulders. He’s vibrant blue eyes were almost hypnotizing in a way. I felt myself being drawn to him by those eyes. From what I could see he was very thin almost gaunt, but not to thin as I would find out later. His fingernails were long for a man even longer then some women I’ve seen. I later found out that he could wear nail polish with out having to use press on nails.

When lunch was over and the bill came, Josie pushed the bill over to me so I could pay. This was the first time that she didn’t try to pay first. Even though I was paying with the credit card that she had given me I felt more comfortable being the one who paid.

After leaving the restaurant the four of us did some shopping for what the girls called Island cloths. The girls did the shopping while Jim and I just waited and told them if we like what they were showing us. Little did I know that most of what Josie was showing me was meant for me.

While Jim and I waited for the girls to try on outfits the subject of Jill’s dominance over Jim came up. He told me about it so I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that may happen. I also told him I was submissive to Josie he said he thought I was but wasn’t sure.

Not knowing anything about fight rules I asked why he was the pilot and she was the copilot if he was submissive to her.

“It just easier if I’m the pilot. Then we don’t get any strange looks from the other pilots or the ground crews. Make no mistake about it she is always in charge whether on the ground or in the air.” He told me a bit offensively.

“I didn’t mean to imply anything. I was just wondering if there was a reason why she couldn’t be the pilot?” I told him

“No she can be the pilot, she can fly a plane better then I can and I’m pretty good. I wouldn’t mind if she was the pilot, as long and I’m the one who flies along side her. She just likes it that way and what she wants she gets.”

I told him I understood where he was coming from. He looked me over for a second and nodded his head. Nothing more needed to be said. When the girls were done with their shopping we returned to the airport and boarded the plane. Once we were back in the air and leveled off Josie and I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. It was a tight fit, but one both of us enjoyed seeing we were both wearing only our panties.

We slept for what felt like only a few minutes when I felt Josie move off of me so I open my eyes and said. “Can’t you sleep?”

“Not anymore. We’ve been asleep for hours. I need something to drink and I have to go to the bathroom.” She told me as she got off the bed grab her makeup case and went into the bathroom.

I lay on the bed thinking what a lucky guy I was. Sure I had to do things Josie’s way but that wasn’t so bad. She truly loved me and said she would never do anything to hurt me or cause me to be embarrassed. So far she had lived up to her word. I was so content that I was about to dose back off when I heard the door to the main cabin open. Jill stuck her head in the door and said

“Oh good your both awake, now I can finally go to the bathroom. Jim will be happy to hear you’re up too. I told him if you two weren’t up yet I was going to have to use his mouth as a toilet.”

The shock of what she had just said must have shown on my face because she started to laugh and said, “I was just kidding I would never do something like that to my sweet Jamie.” Jill sat on the edge the bed and said, “I see your ready to go again, or are those pretty panties just to much for you.”

As I looked down to where she was looking I saw my erection pushing out the front of my red satin panties. “Mostly I have to go to the bathroom.” I told her as my face turned red with embarrassment.

She took my hard on in her hand and said “Mmm not bad, not as big as Jamie’s clit but nothing to be I embarrassed about.” She next leaned over and kissed me on the mouth.

I wasn’t sure what to do with Josie in the next room so I tried to pull my mouth away only to find myself pressed down on the bed with Jill half covering me. Her tongue slid into my mouth as her silk covered breasts rubbed against my bare chest while her hand worked on my cock.

“What’s going on in here?” I heard Josie say from the doorway to the bathroom.

“I’m trying to seduce your husband but he’s playing hard to get.” Jill told her after she took her mouth from mine.

“Don’t let me stop you. Make sure you ride his mouth he has a very talented tongue and he really knows how to use it.” Josie told her with a giggle.

“You have a nice tongue too sweetie.” Jill told her as she stood next to her, “Maybe I’ll see which one of you eats pussy better?” She said as she took Josie’s naked body in her arms and kissed her.

Josie pushed Jill away and said, “Don’t try that dominate shit on me remember who signs your pay check now.”

“So that’s how it’s going to be. I have to grovel to you now.” Jill dropped to her knees and said, “I’m sorry Missy I don’t mean to make you mad Missy. I promise to never do that again Missy.” Josie burst out laughing before saying.

“Now that’s more like it. While you’re at it you can kiss my ass. Just so I know you know your proper place.” Josie told her as she turned and presented her bottom to Jill’s face. Jill gave me a smile before sticking out her tongue and with a wink she slid her tongue between the cheeks of my wife.

“Mmm yes I going to like being your boss. You can keep that up till I tell you to stop.” Josie told her as she pushed her bottom into Jill’s face. Jill pushed Josie bottom away and said

“If I keep this up for too long I going to pee on the floor. That’s why I came in here in the first place.”

“If you do your going to clean it up, not Jim.” Josie told her.

Jill stood and said, “I may lick my bosses ass to keep my job but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to scrub carpets too.” With that Jill ducked into the bathroom. I’m sure she heard Josie’s giggles while she was peeing.

Josie sat down next to me grabbed my still hard cock and asked, “Did Jill get you all excited or do you have to pee too?”

“I had a hard on because I have too pee, but what just happen in here sure didn’t help matters much. I just didn’t know how you would feel about what we were doing.”

“I could see that Jill was forcing herself on to you and you resisted. That’s okay with me I know she can be very pushy when she’s horny. But for now on I think you should ask before you give yourself to someone. I’d like to keep you all to myself but I know I have to share you with others. After all every women I have ever been intimate with has share her husband with me. It’s only fare I share you with them, but I’ve become possessive of you especially after last night. So if you don’t mind I would like it if you would ask me first. I’ll make sure I say something to you before I go off with some one else.”

“I told you before I only need you, but I also know you like to watch me with men so I’ll gladly perform for you and be with who ever you want me too. Just so long as I know that in the end you’ll still want me.”

“You do like doing other people don’t you? If I asked you to lick Jill’s pussy you would enjoy it as much as you like licking mine don’t you.”

“Of cause I like doing it, but I don’t think I would enjoy licking her as much as I enjoy licking you. I will enjoy it just not as much.” I told her

“As long as you don’t feel it’s chore.”

“I could never feel giving pleasure to anyone as a chore.” I told her.

“Good because I think Jill’s just about ready to have sex with someone and I pretty sure she’s thinking both of us.”

“You got that right sister I’m past ready.” Jill told us from the bathroom doorway.

I could see that Jill was fresh from the shower by the water drops that glisten on her skin. With cloths on she was gorgeous but naked she was breathtaking. Her two huge breasts stood high on her chest, not the slightest bit of sag. Her left nipple was pierced with a gold ring as well as her navel. As I said before her legs were long and very lean and they seem to stretch on forever. This girl would have made a fortune on the modeling circuit. I felt someone touched my hand then Josie whispered in my ear as I continued to stare at Jill.

“I know she’s gorgeous sweetie but please close your mouth. You look like a school boy who just seen his first naked women.” I quickly closed my mouth and swallowed the saliva that had formed in it.

“I guess I still have it?” Jill said with a laugh.

“As if there was ever a doubt in your mind.” Josie said with a sight irritation in her voice.

“It’s always nice to have a second opinion.” Jill told her

“Nick you better go to the bathroom now. It may be a while before you have another chance.” Josie told me

I knew I had better leave the room because I screwed up by staring at Jill for too long. When I got in to the bathroom I realized that I had to take a dump and I knew that Josie would want to be the one to put the enema in me she always wanted to do whenever she was around. So after I finished voiding myself I called for Josie. She came in with a smile on her face.

“Do you need to be cleansed, my love.” She asked when she saw me sitting.

I nodded my head before saying. “I’m sorry I stared to long at Jill.”

“Oh don’t be she’s gorgeous. I’d start to think there was something wrong with you if you didn’t stare at her. I was upset at the way Jill flaunts her body. Believe me she knows exactly what she was doing. She is quite the show off.” Josie told me this as she prepared the enema bag.

After two cleansings Josie went back to the bedroom while I took a shower. After my shower I shaved as close as I could seeing that was the way Josie liked it then I put on the purple satin panties I found on the sink.

When I walked into the bedroom I found a sight that would cause any man to get a raging hard on. Jill was laying on her back with my beloved wife’s knees on each side of her head. Josie was in a prone position with her face between Jill legs. You could almost hear the sounds of tongue on wet pussy over the moans of both women. I stopped dead in my tracks not wishing to disturb such a beautiful sight.

I saw Jill look at me as she continued to run her tongue around my wife’s wet pussy. If Josie had any idea that I was in the room she gave no sign of it as she concentrated on what she was doing.

As I stood watching these two beauties giving each other oral pleasure I couldn’t stop myself from giving my cock a few quick strokes through the satin panties I was wearing. Not enough to make me cum. Though it wouldn’t take much to have me squirting in my panties. I knew that was not an option without my love’s approval.

I have never been forbidden to masturbate though I have been told not to cum with out Josie’s permission. Over the six months I have known Josie I never felt the need to take matters in hand with all that she offered in the way of sexual release. Even when she had her period she always made sure I came once a day and more likely several times in one day.

I could see that both girls were close to cuming as their bodies started to shake. Josie was grinding her pussy onto Jill face with a passion. Jill, not to be out done, was pushing her mound up to Josie’s face with equal zeal. Josie was squealing now, which was a sure sign that she was close to cuming. Jill on the other hand was groaning, though all you could hear was a muffle noise from between Josie’s legs.

Both women collapsed as Josie rolled off of Jill. They both lay there panting for air as I watched their ample chests rise and fall. I also had a perfect view of Jill pussy from where I was standing. Her legs were still spread lewdly and her pussy was spread before me. It was red from the attention that my wife had just given it and I could see cream that dripped out from between her lips that spreads open like the pedals of a flower surrounded by a light dusting of very fine blond hair.

“Instead of just staring at it why don’t you put that cock inside of me. I could really use a good fucking right about now.” Jill told me when she saw me staring at her pussy.

I looked over to Josie and saw her nodded her head. I was so use to being the one on the bottom by this time I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do seeing the was no room left on the bed for me.

“Just climb on and fuck me, I know Josie always likes you on the bottom but I’m to exhausted to move right now.” Jill said to answer my dilemma.

Being it had been awhile since I was in this position I felt kind of out of place as I took my place between her legs. Josie turned over on to her side and pulled down my panties and took my cock in her hand. She gave it a quick lick with her tongue and then pushed it into the slit between Jill’s legs.

Jill gave off a deep moan as I slid into her. She wasn’t near as tight as Josie was, which worked to my benefit seeing how excited I was by this time. Once I sank into Jill my instincts took over as my hips started to rock back and forth on their own.

Jill was moaning softly as I thrust my hard cock into her. Josie turned around and took one of Jill’s hard nipples into her mouth and sucked on it like a baby looking for food. Her right hand moved down and started to caress Jill’s pubic hair lightly. Between what my cock was doing and what Josie’s mouth was doing, we had Jill on the edge of another orgasm very quickly.

I knew I was close as I started to pound my cock into Jill with all the strength I could muster. Josie saw that I was close and started to finger Jill’s clit rapidly. Jill started to squeal as wave after wave of orgasm racked her sweet body. I keep jamming my cock in and out of her trying to drive her toward another orgasm when I felt that familiar tingle deep in my balls that signaled my approaching orgasm.

“Josie I can’t go much longer I need to stop or cum soon.” I told Josie.

“Don’t let him cum in me Josie you know how Jim likes it.” Jill cried

“Pull out Nick.” Josie told me I pulled out instantly as Josie grabbed my slick cock and started stroking me while pointing the head of my cock at Jill’s pubic hair. “Cum now sweetie. Cum on Jill.”

Her command was all I needed, a deep groan roared out of my mouth as the first of so many squirts of thick white cum jumped out of my cock and onto Jill’s pubic hair. Josie continued to pump my cock till I was completely empty then she smeared the cum with the head of my dick so that Jill’s pubic hair was completely matted with cum.

Josie took my now softening cock in her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue. Once I was clean she sat up and kissed me with cum still in her mouth mixed with the flavor of Jill’s pussy. While we kissed Jill staggered to the door leading from the bedroom to the main cabin. When I asked Josie where she was going she said

“She’s bringing Jim the present you left him. I’m sure he’ll like it.” She told me with a giggle.

We took separate showers and we were almost dressed when Jill came back for another shower and to collect her clothes. “Jim really liked what you left him he said he can’t wait to get it while it’s still warm and straight from the tap. Unless that’s off limits?” The last sentence was to Josie more then me.

“No there isn’t much off limits as far as the four of us is concerned. Though tonight Nick and I will be in bed together alone. There is something I promised him and I can wait to give him.” Josie told her as she wrapped her arms around my waist and I did the same to her.

“So he’s going to pop your cherry tonight. I hope you enjoy it I love it when Jim does me. And I know Cathy and Sue loved it when their husbands did them the first time.” Jill told her.

“I know they couldn’t stop talking about it and they still wouldn’t let me do it till I was married the bitches.” Josie told her

“Just think how special it will be when your husband does it to you first. I know Jim felt honored that I saved myself for him. To tell the truth I was too scared to let anyone else do it, but I knew he would be gentle and I was right. He was perfect.” You could see the love in Jill’s eyes as she said this.

Jill took her leave after this saying that she was going to have to take over the controls so Jim could use the bathroom before we were in Tahiti air space. Josie and I went into the main cabin to wait before we landed.

An hour and a half later we were on the ground following a small truck with a custom’s flag fling from it. The truck guided our plane to an area where all the other smaller planes where parked. When we were stopped I heard the engines wined down just before Jill came out from the cockpit to open the door.

When the door was open a rather large gentleman came on to the plane. You could see he was of Polynesian decent, Where I thought of Polynesian people as short, compact people this man was huge. He stood six foot six and had to weigh close to three hundred pounds. He had very broad shoulders and a rather small waist. I guess his age to be around forty by the slight graying of his temples but I couldn’t be sure.

With out a word to Jill he went straight to Josie. Josie and I were standing, her left arm held on to my right. The customs agent came to us and took Josie hand in his and said before kissing Josie hand “It’s so good to have you back Miss Swanson.”

“Thank you it’s good to be back, only now I’m Mrs. Ward. Nicholas may I introduce Chief customs agent for Tahiti, Frances Nitto. Frances, my husband Nicholas Ward.”

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