Becoming Her Wife Ch. 07-1

The next morning I heard the annoying ringing of the telephone. At first I wasn’t sure where I was till I felt Josie rise up from my chest and I felt her dildo move inside me as she reached for the phone. She thanked who ever was on the other line then hung up the phone. By this time I had open my eyes to see her staring down at me. She still hadn’t move from where she had laid all night. But I could feel the dildo move inside of me as she wiggled her hips slightly.

“Good morning my sweet wife. I love you so much.” She said

“Good morning my love, I love you too. More now then ever before.” I told her. Then I pushed back to her with my bottom before asking. “Can we do it again before we leave?”

“I would like nothing but to make love to my sweet Nikki again, but our fight is scheduled to leave in two hours and breakfast will be here in thirty minutes. We need to get ready.” She told me as she started to pull out of me. I was disappointed but I knew she was right.

Once Josie had pulled out of me, which was not the most pleasant experience I ever felt. She when into the bathroom as I struggled out of bed. As I was getting up I noticed a camcorder attached to the wall opposite the bed. I looked around and saw there were five other camcorders around the room. I studied the cameras and realized they all pointed at the bed. At first I thought we were being spied on, but then I realized that it must have been Josie that put them there.

“Would you like to tell me about the cameras in the bedroom?” I asked once I was in the shower with Josie.

“I told you I wanted to remember last night for the rest of my life. Now we can in every detail. Your not upset are you?”

“No not at all as long as the tape doesn’t end up in some adult video store somewhere.” I told her

“Oh it won’t unless you cheat on me then I just may sell the rights to it to my sister.” She said with a laugh.

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” I told her

We fooled around in the shower some before getting out. While Josie did her make and hair I got dressed. Since I was already dressed I let room service in while Josie finished. When Josie came in from the bedroom wearing a white knee length, leather skirt and a white pull over sweater and white leather jacket. The white of her outfit seemed to make her skin look even darker. She sat down across from me. She seemed happy but I could tell she wasn’t all that happy. I asked her what was the matter she told me nothing was wrong.

“Josie I can read your moods pretty well by now and I could tell your not happy, now please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Do you really want to know you may not like the answer?” She asked. I told her I did, “If you really must know I miss my Nikki. I know you’re really Nikki and I really love you, but I truly miss Nikki when she’s not around.

I thought about this for a few seconds then said, “You love Nikki more then you love me don’t you. You would rather she was around more then I am?”

“It’s not that, I feel more comfortable around Nikki.”

“I know you do.” I told her, “When I’m Nick you seem more on edge like you waiting for me to do something, but when Nikki’s there you seem more relaxed. With Nick you are more in control, or at lease you want to show it more to Nick then to Nikki.” Josie stared at me in shock for a second before she said.

“Nick its not like that I love you I will always love you.”

“It’s ok I except that. I told you I would do what ever makes you happy. If you want me to be Nikki more often I will. Some times I’d rather be Nikki because I have more fun as Nikki then as Nick. Do you even realize that you have never shown me the plans for the new house? You never even told me about the wedding except what to wear and when to be there.”

“Now your being silly you know I’ve showed you the plans and asked you how you like them. And I’m sure I talked to you about the wedding.” Josie told me defensively

“No you haven’t. Everything to think you told me, you told to Nikki.”

“But you’re Nikki. If I tell her I’m also telling Nick.”

“I thought so too until last night.” I told her. You could see she was going to argue with me then she hung her head and said

“What do you mean by that?”

“I feel that last night was the first time you made love to me. I know what your going to say we make love all the time, but after last night I don’t think what we do is making love it’s sex. Now don’t get me wrong I love what we do. What we do is the greatest sex I’ve ever had and I don’t want to change that. You have to admit that what we did last night was very special and I want more of that too, a lot more.”

Josie studied me for a minute then asked, “What do you want? Why did you bring this up if your content with what we are doing?”

“I told you the day I begged you to take me as your husband. I want to make you the happiest I possibly could and if that means you want Nikki around a lot more, then I do it, in fact I’d love to do it. I find we have a lot more fun together when I’m Nikki.”

“How come I feel there’s a big but come right about now?” Josie asked.

“I don’t have any buts, but I think Nikki does.” I told her

“Ok what kind of buts does Nikki have?” Josie asked with a giggle.

“Well for one she doesn’t like dressing up all the time. It’s okay when she has to go out, but around the house does she always have to look like she going on a date or out to a club. Can’t she wear shorts and tee shirts like you do. And instead of wearing heels all the time can’t she have some tennis shoes and anklet sox.” I told her. Josie was having a fit of the giggles about this then she came over and sat on my lap and said

“Ok my love, we’ll adjust her wardrobe some, but no shorts, we’ll get her some skirts that are comfortable to wear around the house. With your bulge it’ll look like she wearing a super-duper maxi pad all the time and it wouldn’t look right. Now is there any thing else she wants?”

“Speaking about going out, we never go anywhere except to one of your sister’s houses. Now don’t get me wrong I really like your sisters and their husbands, but let’s face it they can be pretty boring. All they ever do is watch movies and play poker. Can’t we go to some of the clubs that you told me about when we first met?” I asked her in Nikki’s voice

“Sure my love we can, do you want to go as Nick or Nikki?” Josie asked when she heard Nikki’s voice come out of me.

“I’d like to go as long as we can go with out having to worry about somebody finding out I’m not really what I look like. And you should take Nick out sometime too I don’t want him getting jealous of me.” I told her again in Nikki’s voice. Josie burst out laughing before saying.

“Okay can we eat now so we can get to the plane. You were right about one thing I do love Nikki more then Nick. I think it has to do with the fact I created Nikki. Nikki would never have existed with out me. Just remember I love you both with all my heart. I could never chose one over the other.” She told me before we kissed.

Twenty minutes later we were in a limousine that would take us to the airport. Josie had arranged for Frank and Mike to pick up my new car and all the rest of our belongings at the hotel. All we carried with us was our make-up cases. Josie’s new strap-on was in her make-up case seeing hers was bigger then mine was. I just didn’t know how she was going to get though customs with out them seeing that strap-on. Even though she told me not to worry, I did any way.

Instead of going to the main passenger terminal as I had expected the limo took us to the private aircraft entrance. We were then taken to a two-engine Lear jet that was already running. Once on board Josie introduce me to the pilot and his copilot.

“Nick this is James Morgan our pilot and his co-pilot and wife Jill. Jim, Jill the love of my life and my husband Nick Ward.” James and I shook hand and his wife kissed Josie on the lips and me on the cheek. They both congratulated us on our marriage and then Jim said.

“Once you’re ready we’ll take off. We have to stop in Hawaii for fuel then on to Tahiti. There’s food in the galley along with your choice of beverage. Is there anything you would like before we take off.”

“I’ll take care of my husband you two go fly the plane.” Josie told him before shooing him and his wife into the cockpit.

Seeing we had just eaten breakfast neither of us were hungry so we sat on a couch together and buckled up just as the plain was taxiing. With a quick call from the fight deck to tell us we were about to take off we were air born.

We were cruising at thirty thousand feet for about an hour when Josie crawled into my lap and started kissing me. We made out for a while till Josie started to remove my jacket. Then we kissed some more as she started to open my shirt.

I was starting to get a little nervous seeing I was wearing stockings a garter belt and a camisole under my suit. When Josie had my shirt open she removed her jacket and sweater. Under that she was wearing a white bustier. When she leaned in to kiss me once more I asked.

“What about the flight crew?”

“I thought it would be just the two of us for now, but if you want one of them I’ll see if they’re busy. ” Josie told me as she reached for the phone.

“I mean won’t they see what we’re doing. I mean if they come in here they’ll see what I’m wearing under my suit.” I told her putting my hand over the phone to stop her.

“Sweetheart I told you I would never put you into a situation that would humiliate you. If Jim or Jill came in here they wouldn’t think anything is strange about the way you’re dressed, or what they may see us doing. I’ll bet, right now Jim is wearing panties and stockings too. Now which one of them would you like to join us? Jill has a really sweet pussy, but Jim has a nice long cock.”

“What? You would want them to join us? How do you know what he’s wearing?” I asked unable to tell if she was serious or if she was teasing me.

“I don’t want them to join us now, maybe later. I wanted to initiate you myself, you did say you wanted to go to some of my clubs didn’t you.”

“Club what club is this?” I asked now completely confused.

“Surely you’ve heard of the mile high club haven’t you? I’m a regular member, so are Jim and Jill. If you would quit asking so many question you’ll be one too.” She told me. I could see she was starting to get annoyed with me.

“I sorry I was just afraid they would see me. How do you know them?”

“I’ve know Jill for about five years now. She’s been a copilot on my mother’s plane since I was nineteen. We’ve spent quite a few nights together since then. She met Jim two years ago while he was flying for TWA. She found he was just what she was looking for, a submissive man who also was a pilot. Now they have the best jobs in the world, Flying for me and their able to do it together.”

“For you? Do you own this plane?” I asked my surprise must have shown on my face.

“I do now. My mother gave me the plane as a wedding present. She bought a new one after I agreed to marry you and she gave me this one.” She told me as if it was a used car.

“She gave you this. I guess you’re a lot richer then I thought.” I said

“I’m sure you can’t comprehend how wealthy my mother is, let’s just say the Kennedy’s are poor compared to my mother. Now do you want Jill of Jim to join us?”

I knew she was trying to change the subject because she knew I wasn’t comfortable with the subject of her money and she doesn’t like to flaunt it. Money was not a subject we talked about, she knew what she was doing and I just let her manage it.

“I told you all I ever need is you, but if you want one of then to join us then go ahead.” I told her waving toward the phone.

“Good because I want you all to myself for right now. We’ll enjoy Jim and Jill later this week.”

“Then they’re staying in Tahiti too?” I asked

“Of cause, no sense them flying back to the states. Besides we may get bored with Tahiti and decide to go somewhere else. Now where were we?” Josie said as she started to kiss me once more

It took Josie very little time to have us stripped down to my undies and her mouth wrapped around my cock. I was sitting on the couch with Josie kneeling in front of me. Over the last six month Josie’s been in this position several times a week and it still amazes me how good she is at giving head. I can’t help but watch as her full lips slide up and down my cock as she looks up at me with her brown eyes.

When she had me on the very edge of orgasm Josie took my cock out of her mouth and pulled me to the floor. She wasted very little time before she was firmly sitting on my face. Her clit was erect as the small gold ring dangled from it. I flipped the ring with my tongue, which caused Josie to sigh.

I took her clit into her mouth and sucked hard on it. Josie squealed as she dug her nails into my scalp. The next time Josie squealed she shoved her pussy forward covering my mouth with it and then pressed down trapping my head between her and the plane’s floor.

As my mouth was being filled with her cum I watched as her stomach rippled with her orgasm. While I watched I saw her hands come up and grab her breast and give them a tight squeeze. Her next orgasm hit her so hard when she squealed again it seem to bounce off the walls of the plane.

After her second orgasm she moved back enough to keep her pussy out of my reach. When she could breath normally she spun around so that she was now lying on top of me. We kissed for several minutes when we stopped she said.

“I do know I love you very much. I never realized that I when we made love together I was treating you like I treat my Brothers in law. I’m sorry I did that. When we make love, if it’s Nick or Nikki, I want you to know I making love to you. I don’t want you to feel used, like some paid whore.”

“I never felt that way. I love how we make love, I didn’t mean anything by what I said earlier.” I told her

“I know you didn’t, but you were right. I do tend to seek out my own pleasure and I shouldn’t do that with you. So for now on you can touch me whenever you want while we’re making love to each other. Just remember I’m in control.” She told me before we started kissing once more.

While we kissed Josie maneuver so that she took me deep into her without stopping our kiss. We both moaned into each other’s mouth as she slid down my cock. Josie kissed my face as her pussy slid up and down on me. She next moved down to my sensitive nipples and licked and sucked them playing with the rings that were pierced though them.

When she did sit up she took my hands with her and placed them on her firm breasts and allowed me to squeeze them and to pinch her hard nipples. I played with her breast as she continued to ride me.

Through out this she would make sure to look at me, and her hands were always touching me. When she moved into a half prone position she pulled my head up and we kissed while she keep sliding my cock in and out of her.

When she sat up next I went up with her and took one of her ripe nipples into my mouth. Josie groaned when I did this and started to kiss my face. Meanwhile my hand slid down her back, past her bottom and between her legs.

I could feel where we were joined, where my cock penetrated her hot wet cunt. I could feel her cream pouting out of her and it fell on my hand. With in seconds my fingers were drenched with it. Josie purred in my ear as my hand rubbed where we were joined.

Why I did it I don’t know, but I felt the urge to slide my hand up to her firm round bottom. My fingers slid easily between her cheeks till they touched her puckered ass hole. Josie moaned when my slick finger made contact with her hole. I felt her body tremble as my finger massage her tight anal opening. She looked me in the eye as her hips picked up speed and I could see she was waiting for what I was going to do next. As gently as I could I slid my middle finger into her tight hot anus. Josie squealed instantly and I was afraid I had hurt her till she said.

“Oh god yes fuck my ass, fuck me Nick. Fuck me in the ass with your finger.”

I slide my finger in as far as it would go. Josie’s hips sped up to an unbelievable rate as she pounded herself on to my cock, as my finger thrust in to her at the same speed. Josie was moaning and squealing like never before as her body was racked by one orgasm after another. Her cum was pouring out of her like a river as it soaked my thighs and balls. Her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard I was worried that I couldn’t wait for her command. She must have seen my discomfort.

“Now baby cum with me, cum deep inside my fucking cunt.” Josie screamed as her body was seized by another tremendous orgasm.

With finally getting her permission to cum my cock flared out and I felt cum race out of my balls, up the shaft of my cock and squirt out the head. Over and over I came deep in my wife. On each and every squirt Josie chirped a squeal as her body trembled in my arms. Unable to sit upright Josie fell on to me and pushed me to the floor.

We lay there panting for breath when we heard; “Now that’s what I call fucking. Dam you two should make movies.”

Josie and I were both startled by the sound of the female voice. We both looked behind Josie and found Jill sitting in a chair with her shorts and panties down around her ankles and her right hand resting between her legs. Her shirt was off and her right breast was out of her bra. The nipple on it looked red and sore as if she had been squeezing it.

“What a pervert you are sitting there playing with yourself while my husband and I make love to each other.” Josie told her still unable to move off of me.

“That’s what you get when you fuck on my plane. You two better clean up we’ll be landing soon.” Jill told us as she reached for her shorts and panties.

“Ready to clean me up?” Josie asked me with a giggle.

“Always my love.” I told her

Josie eased off my softening cock and turned around. When she was in position I quickly licked up all our combine cum I could find, while I did this I felt Josie pull my legs apart. Just as Josie sat up so more cum would flow out of her I felt a tongue start to lick up cum from around my cock. I knew it wasn’t Josie, her body was bent in a way that wouldn’t allow her to do it. I felt a pair of lips surround my cock and then I felt someone suck on my cock. When I felt the lips pull off my cock I her Jill say.

“Dam you two tasted great together. What’s your secret?”

I felt Josie sit up straighter on me just before I felt another pair of thighs between my legs. When I heard Josie and Jill moaning I knew they must be kissing. All I could do was lick my lovely wife. This lasted for a few minutes till I heard the phone ring and Jill say.

“Dam we must be getting close I have to go. I hope we can continue this again later?”

“I’m sure we can. How long before we’re on final.” Josie said as she eased off my face. I watched as Jill went to the phone and asked Jim.

“You have twenty minutes before you have to be back in your seat. I suggest you get busy.”

“Thanks we’ll talk over dinner or should I say lunch.” Josie told her

“I guess that means you’ll be leaving the plane during refueling?”

“I was hoping to, is there a problem?” Josie asked her

“No problem I just need to know so Jim can file a flight plan. Are we all going to lunch together?”

“I was hoping so.”

“That’s good for me I can use some food. You only have ten minutes left. Why don’t you put on a robe and you can shower after we land and while we’re refueling. Jill told her, then to me she said, “Are you going to lay there all day?”

I stood up with Josie and Jill’s help. Jill excused herself and left Josie and I alone. Josie went to the back of the plane and brought back two silk robes. After putting on the robes and buckling up Josie said.

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