Becoming Her Wife Ch. 06-3

I nestled myself between her legs and took the tip into my mouth. As I did this I made eye contact with Josie. It never failed to amaze me how excited she gets while she watches me suck cock. Even though this one isn’t real she still gets excited like it was. Her eyes get real big and her breathing gets short. When she’s naked like this I can see her nipples harden up. Normally she just watches, sometimes she’ll even pinch her nipples. Mostly she’ll watch and tell me what a good cocksucker I am.

Today was different. Today she seemed to be enjoying it a lot more. After I was sucking the dildo for a few minutes Josie grabbed my head and held it in place as her hips rose and fell off the bed. Before I knew it Josie was pounding her cock in and out of my mouth like a jackhammer. Luckily for me I’ve had a lot of practice deep throating so I relaxed and let her do as she wished.

Josie fucked my face for about five minutes before, surprisingly, She came in an earth shattering orgasm. By this time tears were rolling down my face, not from pain but from the strain of having to hold my throat open for her assault. Josie collapsed as she orgasm hit but she held my head down on her with the cock embedded deep in my throat.

I tried to hold my breath till she let me go but she didn’t seem to notice I was even there. Once I started seeing stars flash before my eyes I knew I had to breath or die. I pushed my head up which startled Jose out of her dream like state. She released my head and I dislodged myself, rolling over onto my back coughing and gasped for air. Josie was instantly at my side holding me saying

“Oh baby I’m so, so, so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Did I hurt you are you ok?” I couldn’t say anything I was still trying to get my breathing under control. I just nodded my head as she smothered me with kisses. When I could breath again she started to apologize again till I stopped her saying.

“It’s ok I enjoyed it, I like you using me like that. It’s how I know you were enjoying yourself and you weren’t just doing it for my benefit. The next time, we do this, just remember to let go after you cum. I can’t hold my breath that long.”

“Ok I will and if I don’t get my attention. Slap me if you have to. I don’t ever want to hurt you. Well not unless I have you in my play room and even then I don’t want to hurt you too much.” We both laughed about this.

“Speaking of which, how come we haven’t been back there since the first time.” I asked

“Oh baby I’ve just been too busy. I’ll take you back there soon, besides I think that room needs some serious cleaning by now. We’ll take care of that when we get back. Now are you sure your okay, do you want to stop for the night?” I looked at the clock and it almost two in the morning.

“It’s getting late and you said we have an early flight. If you want to stop it’ll be okay with me, but I really want you to take me tonight. I really want to see what it feels like with you inside me.” I told her

“You really are a cock hungry slut aren’t you? Okay I’ll take your cherry because I promised you I would, but I think we’ll be too tired do me as well, So how about if we wait to do me till we get to Tahiti. I don’t want to rush it and I want to remember it when I let you take me in the submissive female role. Besides if I let you do me then you’ll have to become Nick and I want you to stay as Nikki for me.” I told her that was a good plan.

We kissed for a few minutes while Josie caressed my bottom. Once she had me moaning she had me turn over on to my stomach. I really wanted to do it with me on my back so I could see her, but she thought it would be better the first time taking me from behind.

I was now lying flat on my tummy with my cock pinned between the mattress and myself. Up till this point I had forgotten about my cock and so had Josie. This wasn’t that unusual, Josie seem to treat my cock as an after thought unless she want to suck it. She sucked me off quite often, several times a week. Even while she was going though her cycle she still gives me blow jobs and would want nothing in return. She just loved sucking my cock.

Josie sat on my legs and caressed my bottom with both hands. As she did this she said, “I just love the way your bottom looks with your thong coming out of the split between you cheeks and the way the garters frame it. It’s so sexy.”

She leaned over and gave both cheeks a kiss before she started to lick the split between them. She licked my split for a minute or two, then I felt her pull the thong to the side so her tongue could lick my hole.

At first I want to hold my anus closed, but with the way Josie’s tongue licked me I was soon relaxed and moaning for her not to stop. When her tongue pierced my hole it was like I was hit with a live wire. I moaned deeply and pushed my ass back into her face. Josie giggled and said

“You must like this as much as I did when you did me. Good because I like licking you back here it almost reminds me of licking pussy. I think when you’re dressed as Nikki we’ll refer to this as you pussy. Do you like when I like your pussy Nikki?” She asked this as she sent her tongue back up inside me.

“God yes I love it, please lick me some more.” I said between gasps

“Where do you want me to lick you sweetie?” She asked teasingly

“In my pussy, Please lick my pussy.” I told her excitedly.

Josie giggled but stuck her tongue right up my hole. God it felt so good. She licked my hole for quite a while till I was moaning almost constantly. When she stopped she had me kneel up so my bottom was even with her cock. When I was in the position she wanted me in I felt something cool on my asshole.

“You may not like the taste of this fake seminal fluid, but it should make a great lubricate. And the best thing is I don’t have to looking for it. Now relax while I get your pussy nice and wet.” Josie told me

I felt Josie smear the lubricant around my hole before she slid her fingers inside of me. This was something I was use to by now with all the enemas she had given me over the last five months. No matter how busy she was, she always found time to give me two enemas a day and sometimes three.

Josie started with one then two finger. I really like feeling them saw in and out of me. When she added the third it was more then I ever had in me before, but still it was very enjoyable. I felt the bed move and the head of Josie’s cock moved between my cheeks. When I felt her fingers pull out of me I tensed up automatically knowing what was coming next.

“Relax my love I don’t want to hurt you anymore tonight. I want you to remember this as a loving experience. I want you to look back on this night and remember how much I love you.” She told me

I tried to relax, it was hard, but I wanted this. I felt the head at my entrance and I let out all my air as she eased it into me. When the head spread my hole open there was a fair amount of pain not unbearable, but there was pain. I tried to relax some more and the head popped into me. I knew that the worse part was over or at lease I thought it was. I felt like I had a baseball bat in side of me, but there wasn’t much pain and it even felt good.

Josie eased in a little more before she started to rock her hips with an in and out motion. She would pull out till I could feel the head of the dildo start to leave me then she would push into me. On each inward stroke she would push in a little more. All the while she would lightly rub my bottom and back in a soothing sort of way.

Even though I had thought about this for sometime I didn’t know what to expect. At first it felt like an enema, the way it seem to fill me. After I was sure I was getting half of the dildo in me the feeling changed from fullness to something else. It was nothing I ever felt before. It was like my whole body started to become warm, as if I was being submerged into a tub of warm water. At first it was strange as if there was something wrong, but it felt so good. It seemed to surround me like a blanket. Before I knew it I was moaning every time Josie would push into me. Josie was also moaning along with me. When I felt her hips touch my bottom she said.

“That’s it my love I’m all the way in you. Does it hurt too much? Do you want me to pull it out.”

“No please don’t, you feel so good in me. I can’t believe how fantastic this feels. Please fuck me some more.” I told her looking back at Josie’s face as a wide smile came to her lips.

“I’m so glad you like me fucking you sweet pussy. I was afraid you wouldn’t like it or it would hurt you too much. Now that your use to having my cock in you I would really like it if you would turn over so I can make love to you like you were a real woman.” Josie said as she pulled out of me.

When her cock pulled completely out of my bottom I was left with an empty feeling in me. Even after expelling my cleansing fluid from my bottom I didn’t feel this empty. Once she was out of me I quickly turned over on to my back. Josie never moved from her kneeling position between my legs. Now she smiled down at me with a look that I could only describe as love on her face.

She caressed my legs thought the silk stocking I was wearing for a moment or two before saying. “This is how I always pictured you on our wedding night. You lying on your back looking so beautiful in you’re nightgown waiting for me to make love to you. You are my wife aren’t you? You want me to make love to you as a man makes love to his wife on her wedding night?”

I wasn’t sure if that was a statement or a question, but I answered her anyway. “Yes my love I want you to feel you in me. I want you to make love to me as a man does his wife. Please my love take me let me feel you in me.”

Josie lay on top of me and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes as our hands roamed over each other’s body giving pleasure to each other. Josie touched me every where with the exception of my cock. When my hands made their way down to Josie’s cock I took it in my hands and made sure to thrust it in and out of her pussy trying to give her as much stimulation as I could. In very short order Josie was moaning in my mouth. With in a minute she pulled her mouth from mine and moaned as her body shook with another orgasm.

When she had recovered and with out saying a word Josie knelt back up between my legs. She lifted my legs till I was bent over double and had me hold them so she could use both her hands. One to spread my cheeks and one to guide her cock back into me.

Josie squirted some more of the fake seminal fluid onto my hole just before she entered me. Once more there was pain when my hole was wedged open by the head of her cock. After the head of her cock was inside of me Josie looked down into my eyes, again I saw love it her eyes. She watched my face as she pushed her cock into me. When the pressure became too much I would wince, Josie would ease off slightly. She continued this until she was all the way in me. This time it felt like she was even in deeper then when she took me from behind and I loved every bit of it.

`Josie leaned over and kissed me as she started to move in and out of me. At first it was only an inch or two, but on each outward thrust she would pull out a little more. While she was doing this she would tell me she loved me, her hands would stroke my legs and tummy as well as my chest.

Of all the times Josie and I had made love this was the first time I felt that she was making love to me and not just using me for her pleasure. Don’t get me wrong I love what we do together, but this was the first time I fell I was being made love to.

Josie was now thrusting at lease half of the dildo in and out of me. I saw beads of sweat covering her face and her chest was soaked with sweat. Her eyes never left mine as she continued to tenderly thrust in and out. When I couldn’t hold my legs any long she let them rest on her chest with my feet up over her head. I thought how sexy it looked to see my high-heeled feet up in the air like that.

After a good ten minutes of this Josie started to pick up speed and depth. I could feel the head of her cock come almost all the way out then she would shove it back in all the way. At first it was almost scary as she shove her cock in quickly. When I realized how good it felt I started to push back to meet her inward thrusts. At this point I felt I was truly being fucked for the first time. You have no idea what’s it like to be fucked until you get fucked in the ass by some one that really loves you and you love them.

Josie was almost frantic in her thrusting now. She plowed into me with unbelievable speed. I on the other hand was still meeting her every inward thrust, but I was also starting to feel a tingling sensation all over as if I was surrounded by a static charge. Even my vision was starting to cloud over. The only thing I could see clearly was my sweet, sweet Josie and a red blinking light above her head. Before I could even think about what the red light was about Josie squealed that she was cuming.

“Nikki I’m cuming baby I’m cuming. Cum with me cum with me honey.”

Again as always I came on command. This time my whole body seemed to cum not just my cock and balls. I felt the tingle enveloped me entirely, my vision fogged so much I couldn’t even see my sweet Josie. A girlish squeal passed my lips as cum pumped out of my cock in buckets. This was my most intense orgasm every. Josie slammed deep into me before she fell onto me. Then next thing I remembered was the telephone ringing.

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