Becoming Her Wife Ch. 06-2

“There that should do it unless you want something more.” Tanya asked

“No that should do as long as you think the chain will show up against the dress.” Josie said

“It will show up fine and so will the collar I made sure of that.” Tanya told her as she started packing up her equipment.

“Thank you, you’ve been so much help to me.” Josie told her

“Don’t mention it, it’s the least I can do.” She said.

The phone rang and Josie went to answer it dragging me along behind her. It was room service and she told them to bring it up. Then she handed the leash to Tanya while she went out to the front room. Tanya stood there holding my leash and said

“I bet you never thought you would be standing here in a wedding dress six months ago?”

“No I didn’t it’s strange how life turned out.” I told her

“I don’t think you’ll regret it she’s a very special person. Josie can be pretty kinky but she’s also a lot of fun.” She told me

“Were you and Josie ever intimate?” I asked

“Lord no I like women as friends, but when it comes to sex. He better have a good stiff cock that can stay hard all night and none of that rubber stuff for me. Josie a great friend, but that’s about it.” She told me.

We heard the elevator open and then we hear Josie talking to the porter. A minute or two later we hear him leaving. Josie came back to the bedroom with an envelope and said, “This is for all your trouble and thanks again.”

“I don’t want your money we’ll call it a wedding present and leave it at that.” Tanya told her as she refused the envelope.

“It’s not money go ahead and open it.” Josie told her. Tanya opened the envelope and read the sheet of paper that was inside before saying.

“Thanks this means a lot but I don’t think I want a complete sex change.” She told us. Seeing the confusion on Josie face she said, “Look right now I’m special. The guys that come to the club come because of what I am. If I go all the way then I’ll be just another girl with an ugly pussy. I like what I am so thanks but no thanks. I love you for thinking of me and arranging this but I’ll pass.”

“If that’s what you want then it’s okay with us. Just remember that if you ever change your mind the offer still good.” They kissed and then Tanya kissed me and said

“You better be nice to her or I take you down to the club and have you giving blow jobs for a nickel a piece.” We all laughed and then Tanya left.

“Now lets take off that dress and the corset. I know it has to be killing you. When we have you dressed for a night of lovemaking then we’ll have something to eat. By the way you did look lovely in my father’s dress.”

“You father’s, you don’t mean he got married in it?”

“No. He started the tradition of having his picture taken in a wedding dress at my mother’s feet. Just like you did. All my sister’s husbands have done the same thing. Now all my daughter’s husbands will do the same thing. The only difference between the other husbands and you is the collar and leash. You like the engagement one so much and I liked having you wear it, that I decided to get a wedding collar for you and this one I’ll make you wear when I want. This may start a new tradition. Will you wear the collar when I want you too?”

“When ever you want I am yours to command. As long as you hold the end of my leash,” I told her

“I won’t hold it a hundred percent of the time but at lease seventy five percent. I do have to go to the bathroom some time.” She told me. I accepted that knowing I was lucky she agree at all.

Twenty minutes later we were sitting eating dinner. We were both wearing matching baby doll nighties. Josie was naked on the bottom while I wore a garter belt my white stockings and the white heels and silk panties. Josie was sitting on my lap feeding me boiled shrimp. She would make sure to smear some of the sauce on my lips so she would have to lick it off. I would feed her and “accidentally” do the same thing.

Through out the meal Josie kept me arouse. She would rub her breast on to mine and even though the nipple rings were fresh and they still hurt a little when she would grind her harden nipples into mine, I never complained. She would grind her pussy on to my silk cover cock. When she did she would moan sweetly as her new clit ring gave her pleasure.

When we had our fill of food and champagne Josie stood and tugged on my leash saying, “Come my sweet girl it’s time for bed.”

She lead me in to the bedroom were we would make love for the first time as man and wife, or as Josie recalls it as wife and wife. She led me to the dresser where she picked up a box and said.

“Give me Nick’s wedding ring.” I pulled off the ring that I swore I would never remove and handed it to her. She opened the box in her hand. Inside were a diamond engagement ring and another wedding ring like the one I had just handed her. This one was thinner then mine, as thin as the one Josie wore on her finger. She took the engagement ring and slid it on my ring finger and said

“My dear sweet Nikki you will be my wife won’t you?” I wasn’t sure if that was a question or a command, but regardless I said I would. Taking the wedding ring she said, “Nikki I promise to love you always, to never ever humiliate you, to honor your love above all things and to respect you for as long as be both live.” Then she slid the ring down my finger. I took her hand in mine and said

“Josie, my sweet wonderful Josie I promise to love you and only you. I promise to respect you as my lover my Mistress my wife. To always honor your commands your wishes and your suggestions as if the came from god. I promise to always obey you never contradict, argue or belittle you for as long as I draw breath.” Josie tugged on the leash to pull me down to her and we kissed.

“You must always remember to wear those rings when you are Nikki. You must never ever forget.” She told me after the kiss had ended.

Josie led me over to the bed sat me down and removed the collar. I instantly felt a pang of regret that it was gone. She walked around the bed, laying down she patting the bed where I was to lay. She took me in her arms and kissed me passionately, almost violently. Her tongue thrust deep in my mouth. I licked and sucked her tongue as she moaned for more.

As we kissed her hand moved down to my newly pierced nipple. As she pulled it a sharp pain in gulf me. The pain turned quickly from agony to pure bliss that filled me. I moaned into her mouth as I was filled with sweet rapture.

“Does my Nikki like her new nipple rings. Did you moan from pleasure or pain when I pulled on it.”

“God yes I love them. At first there was pain but then it turned to sweet pleasure.”

“Good I hate to think I’m the only one that receives pleasure from our piercing. Susie was right when she told me if I had my clit pierced instead of the hood I would never regret it. My pussy’s been on fire since I had it pierced. Maybe I should have your clit pierced too. Then again maybe not I’d hate to get it caught in my throat.” Josie told me.

Josie pulled off my top so that my chest was exposed. She gripped as much chest skin in her hand as she could so that it now looked like I had a tiny breast on my right side. She leaned down and started to suck on my permanently hard nipple. What her mouth was doing to my nipple was wonderful. I never knew my nipples where that sensitive. A slight electrical shock when straight to my cock when Josie either sucked or licked my nipples and when she would pull on my new ring it would cause a moan to escape my lips.

“Do you like me sucking your nipples and your tiny titties?” She asked once she released my flesh.

“Yes that was wonderful. It almost makes me want to have real ones for you to play with.” I told her

“I wish you had real ones for me to suck, but that’s not possible. Come now my sweet girl, suck my titties.” She told me as she pulled off her nightie.

When she was completely naked she moved her breasts up to my mouth for me to worship. I kissed and sucked ever inch of her lovely mounds till finally she pushed the nipple of her left one into my mouth. I sucked on it like a baby starving for some milk. When she had enough of that she moved up slowly till I was once more presented with her dripping pussy.

Her pussy lips were red and slick and her clit was hard and ready. The tiny gold ring hung from her clit like a pendant. With out permission I reached up with my tongue and gave it a lick. Josie groaned out like a wounded animal as her whole body shook and a fresh flow of pussy juice gushed out of her and onto my neck. Instantly Josie sat down onto my mouth and it was fill with her cream.

Josie was moaning and panting as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss sweep over her. My mouth was fill countless times with her cream till finally she sat on my chest panting for breath. When she had recovered her breathing I once more attacked her clit driving her toward another orgasm. We kept this up for an hour or more before she pleaded with me to stop.

I didn’t want to stop. I was right where I wanted to be. Pinned to the mattress under my beloved wife. My face cover in her cum my nose filled with her scent. Looking up at her wonderful pussy. I was sure that life could never get any better then it was right now. I didn’t want to stop I never wanted to stop. Still I had to stop because that was my Josie’s wish and what Josie wants Josie gets.

Josie smiled her sweet wonderful smile and said, “That was wonderful my love, but now I want that tongue somewhere else. Somewhere I have wanted a tongue since I was a teenager. Since I first heard that Robert stuck his tongue up Jolene’s asshole and she loved it. Will you do that for me my love will you stick you tongue up my asshole and fuck me with it? Will you let me finally feel what I’ve waited so long for? What I have been saving for only you.”

“It would be an honor to be the first to worship your lovely asshole. Come me love and sit on my face and let me fulfill you dreams.” I told her

Josie giggled at the way I had said this, but she wasted little time in moving forward on the bed and presenting me with her firm round butt. She spread her cheeks so I could watch as her hole lowered to my waiting mouth.

I had dreamed and fanaticized about this moment ever since she told me that she was saving herself for her husband. When she agreed to take me as her husband I knew that on my wedding night I would be the first to penetrate this wonderful dark hole.

Once she was firmly seated on my face I licked just the outside of it. Whenever I did this before she would pinch her hole shut tight till she was sure I wouldn’t penetrate her then she would relax and enjoy my tongue. This time she made no move to close it, this time it seemed to open to me as if to welcomed my tongue inside.

I decided to tease her a little first. I bath her anus with my tongue getting it nice and wet. Each time I poked at her hole with my tongue, she would moan and press her butt down on to my face. I did this four or five times and each time Josie would give me the same reaction. Finally she had had enough.

“Please baby don’t make me wait any longer. I’ve wanted this for so long. Don’t make me beg. Let me feel you tongue inside of me.” She told me in a whiny voice.

Part of me wanted to tease her even more, but I knew I just couldn’t refuse her pleasure any longer. I poked at her sweet asshole once more and this time my tongue slid passed her sphincter and into her nether region. Josie squealed with delight as she pressed her bottom onto my face even harder.

“Oh baby that’s it, that’s what I been waiting for. Now my pet fuck me with that wonderful tongue of yours!” Josie squealed between pants and moans.

I pushed my tongue in as far as I could before pulling it all the way out. Her insides tasted sweet like honey, which caused me to thrust my tongue into her again. My tongue drilled in and out of her as she groaned and moaned telling me how wonderful it felt. In very short order Josie cried out that she was cuming again. I felt her anus spasm around my tongue before it clamped shut trapping my tongue inside of her. A gush of cum came out of her soaking my forehead as her body went completely stiff. A deep throaty moan escaped her lips as she rode out her orgasm.

With the pressure she was exerting onto my face I was unable to breathe. I tried to wait out her orgasm but it seem to last a very long time. Just as I felt I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen Josie rolled off my face and laid along side of me in the fetal position with her head at my knees.

She lay there panting and whimpering as if she was in pain. Her body trembled constantly and every few second her body would jerk as if she was being shocked. When I tried to rest my hand on her thigh she shook violently. I removed my hand from her and laid gasping for breath.

After a few minutes Jose turned around and laid her head on my shoulder and half covered me with her hard supple body. I could still feel her tremble now and then. We lay together for a few more minutes while Josie lightly kissed my chest and I her head.

“That was the most amazing thing I ever felt. Did you enjoy it too?” Josie asked once she could speak again.

“I loved doing that to you. You taste like honey. If had know you tasted that good I wouldn’t have been unable to control my self all these months.” I told her. Josie giggled and said

“I put some honey in my enema, that’s what you were tasting. I thought you would enjoy it.”

“I did very much I hope you do it all the time?” I told her

“I’ll try, my pet. If you’ve recovered would you get me some wine before you go and redo your make up and fix your hair. I want you to look really pretty for what’s going to come next.”

“Is they’re anything special you would like me to do or wear?” I asked knowing what was coming next. She handed me my night gown and said

“Put this back on then you’ll be perfect. I’ll take care of everything else.”

I went to the living room to get her a glass of wine. She kissed me once more after I handed it to her then she playfully slapped my bottom before sending me on my way. I looked back at her just before leaving the bedroom and Josie blew me a kiss and smiled her wonderful smile at me.

I went to the other bedroom where my make up was. I looked in the mirror and I saw why she wanted me to fix my hair and face. I looked like a whore on dollar special night. My face was a mess and so was my hair. I stripped out of my cloths and took a quick shower.

After the shower I did my makeup. Over the last six month I have gotten quite good at doing my makeup. Tonight though I wanted to look extra pretty for my Josie. I took my time and when I was done I thought I looked perfect. Once my make up was done I blew dried my hair and put it in a French braid because Josie seemed to like it that way.

When I was dressed and ready to return to my love I started getting nervous. Over the last six months I thought quite often about this night. I had gotten quite a few hard-on’s fantasying about when I would finally submit myself to Josie. I would become excited when I thought about it, but now that I was only a few steps from the moment it would happen I as nervous as cat in a room full of dogs. I knew I wanted this, I’ve wanted this for a long time. I took a couple of deep breaths to steady myself and walked back to the women I loved.

Josie was right where I left her. Still lying on the bed covered below her waist with the bed sheet. She had turned off the lights and had lit several candles through out the room. Her rich brown skin seemed to glow in the candlelight. She held out her hand to me and said

“Come my love lie down here beside me. My you look absolutely lovely and I’m so glad you did your hair that way.”

I had to force myself to walk the ten steps from the door to bed. Once there I lay down as lady-like as I could. Josie took me in her arms and we kissed. This kiss wasn’t like one we shared earlier. This one was sweet and tender, full of love. When Josie pulled me to her I felt something poke me in my stomach. I knew instantly that she had put on her strap on dildo. I reached between us and took the dildo in my hand and gave a couple of strokes as Josie moaned into my mouth.

Josie had me perform orally on her strap on several times a week over the last six months. I had grown quite a custom to it in my mouth and I knew every inch of it. This one felt different, it felt longer in my hand and thicker too. Whenever I stroked it before Josie never seemed to become arouse like she was now. I had to put my fingers under the strap and stroke her clit for her to get some pleasure out of it. Now she seemed to be getting pleasure from me stroking it.

“Did you notice I have a new cock? This one I bought especially for tonight, you will be the first and only one to feel this cock. I’ll never use it on anyone else.” She said when we finished kissing.

“I did notice it felt longer and thicker then the other one does. I also notice you seem to enjoy it when I stroke it.”

“That’s because it’s a double dildo. I have part of it in me so every time you push or pull on it, it rubs my clit.” She told me, “When I make love to you with it I’ll get as much pleasure from it as I hope you do.”

“I’m glad you found a way to enjoy this too. I was worried that you wouldn’t like it if you didn’t get any pleasure out of it, because I know how much you have looked forward to doing me for the first time.” I told her

“I have looked forward to this as I hope you have. When I did the other guys I got more out of the sense of power I felt then the actual act. With you I wanted more, I want us both to enjoy it and remember it for the rest of our lives. I hope this will do it. So far I like what I’m feeling. Would you like to suck on it for a while and see if you like how it feels? I know it’s bigger then the other one, but I think you can handle it. Besides you know how much I love to watch you suck cock.”

A deep blush came to my face when she said this, she knows me to well. She knew I love sucking her strap on because it made me feel so submissive to her. I also know how much she enjoys watching me suck a cock even if it isn’t real.

I pulled back the sheet that hid the lower half of my Josie from me. I saw my wife’s new cock for the first time. I was amazed it looked so real. The color of the cock matched my Josie’s skin almost perfectly and the straps that held it in place were almost undetectable. There was even a scrotum with two realistic testicles hanging below it. If I didn’t know better, I would have swore it was real.

“Do you like it? I had it specially made just for me, it’s a one of a kind. I think they matched my skin color perfectly.” She asked.

“It’s perfect if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was real. I could almost see some pre-cum leaking out of the tip.” I told her. Josie took one of the testicles between her fingers and squeezed it slightly and a clear drop appeared on the tip.

“It’s an eatable vaginal moisturizer. It doesn’t have much favor but it looks real.” She told me when she saw my surprise.

“It sure does, if it could cum it would be perfect.” Josie squeezed the other testicle and a thick white glob squirted out of the tip.”

“It’s the same stuff only made thicker. Taste it to see how you like it. If you don’t I won’t use it any more. ” I tentatively licked up a small portion of it and rolled it around on my tongue. It had very little taste and it felt oily on my tongue it wasn’t bad but it didn’t taste anything like the real stuff.

“It not that bad but it’s cold.” I told her

“Maybe we can find something else, for now why don’t you see how it fit’s in your mouth.” Josie told me. I knew she really want to watch me suck it.

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