Becoming Her Wife Ch. 05-5

“I’m so sorry teased you so much today, but I wanted you as aroused as you could be when Bobbie offered you her services. I wanted you to know what you had to do when you serviced the other men. If you couldn’t do that then I would have to break off the engagement. I knew you enjoyed last night and from what I saw this morning you enjoyed having you ass played with and filled. But I had to know if you would like offering yourself to my brother’s in law and anyone else I have over.

“Wait a minute who are you going to have over, not other boyfriends? I asked

“Boyfriends no, you are the only man I will ever have as a husband or boyfriend. I mean like my cousins and their husbands.” She told me

“And they do this sort of thing too?” I asked

“Yes when you go to their homes, their maid will offer you their services as well. Honey I would never put you into a position where you would be humiliated. I told you when we are around people that don’t think like my sisters and I do I will be the devoted wife that hangs on to your every word. You do believe me don’t you?”

At first I had my doubts then I remembered that Josie had never forced me into any thing. She may have manipulated me in things I thought I didn’t want to do, but in the end I loved everything we did.

“Of cause I believe you I just need reassurances once in a while.”

“Be assured that I love you with all my heart and soul. And I would never do anything to cause you to be humiliated in front of anyone else. Now my love lets go watch the rest of the game so I can win and you will owe me another day.”

“You never know my team can come back.” I told her not know what the score is.

“The score is thirty eight to three, what do you think the chances are of a come back.”

“Owing another day to you can only mean something special will happen.” I told her

“That’s sweet, we can take the collar off now if you want.”

“If I leave it on then you’ll have to hold the leash right.” I asked.

“That’s the rules, why?”

“Then I’d like to keep it on so you have to stay close to me.”

“Good I like you this way too. Come let’s get something to eat then we can go back and watch your team lose.”

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