Becoming Her Wife Ch. 05-4

“Yes ma’am I have.” I told her

“Has she excepted?”

“No ma’am she told me she couldn’t till I asked you for permission.” I told her

“Has she let you know if she would except if I gave you permission?”

“Yes ma’am she has.” I told her then she seem to relax even more before she said.

“Has she told you what is expected of you as her husband. I know you know about the hostess duties but are you also aware that you must be submissive to her in all things. Also you have to sign a pre-nuptial agreement that states you have no right to any moneys or property you wife possess regardless of how long you are married.” I told her I did

For the next twenty minutes Anita went over the pre-nup so that I would know what I was signing. She told me that the agreement stated that if she saw that I wasn’t submissive enough that she could have the marriage annulled with out my consent. Also I agreed that Josie and I would give birth to one child with in the first five years of marriage. Unless there was a good reason and she felt that we were trying, then the marriage could also be annulled. I agreed to all that she told me. I signed the pre-nup and Ted signed as witness then she said.

“If you would please wait out side and tell Josie to come in. And if you would, please look worried when you leave and tell her you can’t talk about what was said in here. Oh by the way you do have a ring don’t you.”

“Yes ma’am. Do you want to see it? I asked trying to get it out of my pocket

“No I’m sure Josie’s already seen it.” She told me before I was excused.

When I walked out of the study Josie was there to greet me. I must have looked really worried because her smile left her face and she asked. “It didn’t go well I gather?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you, she wants to see you now.” Now Josie looked really worried. She handed me a royal blue velvet bag and told me not to look in it then she straighten her skirt and looked in the mirror before going into the study.

Just after Josie went into the study Ted came out. He looked at what I held in my hand and said. “Good she already has it. If you don’t mind I’ll take that.” I handed him the bag and I asked

“How did I do in there?” Ted laughed then said

“Nick you did just fine, don’t’ worry if she wasn’t going to give you permission you would already know it. The only thing you have to worry about is what you say when you beg her to take you as her husband. Let me give you a little advice there, say only what’s in your heart and don’t say anything that’s not true.”

Twenty minutes later the door to the study open and Josie wave us in. When I looked at Josie I could see she had been crying again, her eyes were all red and swollen. Anita’s eyes looked much the same, she tried to put a stern look on her face but she couldn’t hide the smile. Once I was in the room and the door was closed she said.

“Nick Ward you have my permission to beg my daughter to take you as her husband.” I didn’t know what to do I felt like jumping for joy and at the same time I felt like grabbing Josie and hugging her tight. Then Anita said “Nick I mean now.” I dropped to my knees looked up at Josie and said

“Josie the luckiest day of my life was the day I met you. You showed me my true self; you gave my life joy and a purpose. That purpose is to make you happy. The day I asked you to become my wife and you ran off on me I die inside. I lost my purpose for living, nothing else matter in my life. Please Josie I beg you please take me as you husband and give my life meaning.”

I stopped there I didn’t know what else to say. I felt if I continued I would start saying thing I didn’t mean. Josie looked to her mother and then back to me. I didn’t turn my gaze from my Josie, if her mother approved or not I didn’t know or care. Josie took the blue bag from her father and open it. She pulled out a white leather collar trimmed in white lace with tiny red hearts. Then she asked

“Nick will you always be submissive to me and do as I tell you when I tell you?” I told her I would. She secured the collar around my neck and attached a gold leash to it before saying “Nick my love I accept your proposal I would love to have you as my husband.” She held out her left hand. I took it and held it.

“Nick the ring put it on her finger.” Ted said like a whisper but everyone heard him.

Josie giggled as I searched my pockets for the ring. When I found it I slip it on her finger and she started to cry, she then dropped to her knees and hugged me. When we kissed it was one of the best kisses we ever shared. I remember seeing movies were a couple kissed and fireworks go off behind them I felt like they were going off in my head.

When we ended the kiss Josie stood and pulled me up with her. Anita came and gave us both a hug and a kiss. Ted shook my hand and kissed his daughter. Anita turned to Ted and said.

“Ted have everyone gathered in the formal living room and have Bobbie open the bottles of champagne that I told her to chill earlier.” To Josie she said, “I knew this was going to happen. I bet your father the day I met Nick for the first time that before he left the bay he would propose. Didn’t I Ted?” Ted told us she did before leaving to do his wife’s bidding then Anita asked Josie

“When do you want to get married?”

“June should be good my dress should be done by then.” She told her.

“You have one already pick out do you.”

“Mother I’ve had one pick out since I was fourteen and Nick has been dreaming of me wearing it.” Anita looked at me and said.

“Well your grandmother always said when the right one comes along there will be signs.”

Then mother and daughter got down to start planning the wedding. I had no input at all I was just standing there unable to move very far due to the leash that Josie held tightly in her little hand. After about ten minutes or so Ted came back and told his wife that everything was ready.

We went down stairs to the formal living room. Josie held my hand in one of hers and the other held the leash. I had a strong feeling that she wasn’t going to let me go anytime soon. When we walked into the living room. Jolene swore as did Frank.

“I’m proud to announce that your sister has agreed to take Nick for her husband.” Anita told everyone. Each sister came to us and congratulated us Jolene said

“Thanks a lot Nick. Now I have to be Robert’s slave girl for a week.” Then she smiled to let me know she didn’t hold it against me.

Frank told me he owed Susie a week as well. Bobbie handed out the champagne and everyone toasted to our happiness. After the toast Josie told me that we could go and get something to eat. She lead me by the leash to the dinning room where Bobbie had removed the breakfast buffet and brought out a lunch buffet. Josie made a large plate of food then walked me back to the table. She turned a chair so that it was facing side ways to the table and had me sit down then she sat down on my lap facing me and started to feed me before she said

“Remember the first time I sat on your lap like this?’

“Yea you were putting lipstick on me and driving me crazy with your teasing.” I told her

“Then I was wearing panties now I’m not.” She said as she stuffed something in my mouth.

“And your still driving me crazy with your teasing.” I told her, she giggled and said

“You still love every minute of it don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Tell me how long am I going to have to wear this collar?”

“Till I get tried of it, say two or three years.” The shocked must have showed on my face Josie giggled and said. “Only for a little while longer. Your suppose to wear it all day and any time we get together with my family. I’ve even seen some of my cousins make the future husbands wear theirs to the engagement party, but I won’t make you do that. Speaking of which will your family becoming to our engagement party?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to ask if they can get away from the farm.”

“We can pay for the flight and their rooms at a hotel. I’d offer them a room here, but knowing how you were raised I don’t think they’ll enjoy it very much. Things can get pretty wild around here after a party. You saw what happen last night and there wasn’t even a party.”

Josie started to grind her pussy against my now hard cock though my pants and asked, “Am I getting you excited?” I told her she was. “To bad sweetie because your may not getting any from me tonight, I just going to tease you all day. I’m going to keep you rock hard all day then tie you up tonight and tease you till you pass out from blue balls.”

“Is this another engagement ritual I have to go through?” I asked

“No, I just want you so horny you can’t see straight. I want you to understand how much control I have on you.” Josie reached between us and undid my pants and pulled my cock out of my panties. She stood up and slid down on to my cock. Once she was seated firmly on my cock she said.

“You will tell me when your going to cum.” again this was not a question

“I’ll try.” I told her

“No you will. If you cum with out permission I’ll be extremely displeased with you. I wouldn’t want to have to tie you up and gag you before the game. How would it look to my sisters to see you bound and gagged naked kneeling in front of me while we watched the game on the day we become engaged?” She asked and with the look in her eyes told me she wasn’t kidding.

“I don’t think I’d like that to much.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t so don’t make me do it.” Anita walked into the dinning room just after Josie said this

“Well you two look like you’re having fun?” She said I was sure she couldn’t see that Josie had my cock in side her, but I felt that some how she knew.

“I’m having a ball but I don’t think Nick’s enjoying himself to much. I’ve been teasing him all day and I just told him I may not let him cum today.” Josie told her.

“Oh the poor thing. Maybe he’ll finally give Bobbie what she’s been after all month.” Anita said with a laugh before she grabbed a glass of wine and left the room.

“What do you think about that?” Josie asked

“It would be a good idea if you would allow me to cum, but since you said I couldn’t she won’t be much help.”

“There you go again, putting words in my mouth. You have a nasty habit of doing that. I never said you couldn’t cum I said I may not let you cum.” Then she slid off my cock and stood saying “Come on the game should be starting soon.” Then she gave the leash a tug.

I had a hell of a time trying to get my pants zip back up while being pull by the leash. When we were in the media room Jose took two glasses of wine from Bobbie and lead me over to a love seat. All the other games I’ve been to, there would be just two couches, one for the boys and one for the girls. Today there was also a love seat for Josie and I.

The game wasn’t that exciting The NFC team was running away with the game and of cause since Josie lost the last game she picked the NFC team to win. Even though we were in a room filled with her family she was still able to keep me aroused through out the game. At one point she some how managed to get her finger inside her pussy and then wiped her cream on my upper lip so I could smell her sex. Just after the second quarter started I had to go to the bathroom. When I told her this she asked quietly

“Do you have to pee or poop?” When I told her pee she seemed disappointed. She turned around and saw Bobbie standing against the wall and said “Bobbie would you be a dear and take Nick to the bathroom?”

Bobbie came over and took the leash and I followed her. When Josie led me around it wasn’t that bad in fact it was kind of fun, but now that Bobbie had the leash it was embarrassing. Of all the things Josie had done to me this was the most humiliating. I followed Bobbie out of the room and once we were out of earshot she said.

“I’m sorry I have to do this, but it’s the way they play their games. I’d let go of the leash, but if Jolene finds out I did, I won’t be able to sit for a week.” Bobbie walked next to me so it didn’t seem like she was leading me.

“It’s okay, you’re just doing what you suppose to do. I’m sorry that you’ve been getting spanked because I haven’t been more receptive to you.” I told her

“The spanking weren’t that bad. It wasn’t like Jolene was trying to hurt me, besides I like it when she spanks me, but if I let your leash go and she finds out it will be a lot more then a spanking. I don’t want to go through that.” I put my arm around her waist and said

“I wouldn’t want you to go though that either. So you just hold on to that leash until you give it back to Josie.”

When we went into the bathroom Bobbie stood behind me as I relieve myself. When I was finished and I washed my hands she asked, “Sir is there any other service I can perform for you?”

I knew what she was asking and I was half tempted to take her up on her offer when I thought of Josie. Then I realized that this was the reason Josie had been teasing me all day today. She wanted me to be really horny in hopes I would give in to Bobbie.

As I looked at Bobbie I realized how pretty she looked. I knew that it was really Robert in that maid uniform and yesterday I found him to be a very handsome man. But today there was very little of the man that I could see. She looked at me with a disappointing look expecting me to reject her once more.

I took my hand and placed it alongside her ear and her head tilted onto it. I leaned in and kissed her. I knew that Misty said that Robert doesn’t like to kiss, but I found no evidence to it in Bobbie. She kissed me back and I even felt her lips part just a bit. With that invitation I sent my tongue into her mouth and she responded to it as any other women would. Her tongue tickled mine then I felt her lips wrap around it and she sucked lightly on it. While we were kissing Bobbies hand were busy getting my pants open and out of the way. She pulled her mouth from mine and sank to her knees and took my cock in her hand. She looked up at me and smiled saying

“Sir may I suck your cock.”

I told her she could then she slid her mouth over the head. She took me in till I felt her throat hit the head, and I felt her tongue swirl around the shaft. When she started moving her mouth up and down my cock she did it slowly as if she was making love to my cock.

Bobbie’s mouth slid up and down on my cock for a few minutes then I felt it hit the opening to her throat. When it slid past the opening and into her throat I almost lost it. Josie had me so aroused from her teasing all day that I almost came too quickly. When I shuttered and a groan passed my lips Bobbie pulled my cock out of her mouth. She stood hugged me and said

“I’m sorry my Mistress doesn’t want any man to cum in my mouth while I’m the maid. I can only have you cum in my bottom or as my Mistress calls it, my maid pussy. Would you like me to bend over so you can cum in me?” I nodded my head, unable to speak.

A smile came to her lips and she turned around and bent over the counter top. Bobbie was wearing a pair of satin panties with four rows of ruffled lace. I grab a hold of the waistband and pulled them down exposing her sweet ass. I spread her cheeks and looked for her hole; to my surprise there was something already in her hole.

“Please Sir take out the plug that my Mistress makes me wear and put your cock in me.” She told me

I grasped the plug and pulled it slowly, remembering the pain I felt when I pulled the nozzle out of myself this morning. Once it was out I placed it on the counter and then stepped closer to Bobbie. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her bottom and gave it a slight push. I expected to feel resistance to my invasion but the head of my cock slid right in. Bobbie moaned when I penetrated her and I asked

“I didn’t hurt you did I, shouldn’t I use some sort of lubricant?

“No Sir you didn’t hurt me. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cock in me and it feels so good. I lubed myself up before my Mistress put in the plug, so I would be ready when someone needed servicing. Now Sir please fuck me Sir I want to feel you fuck me.”

I slid a couple of inches in her then pulled it out. I went slowly at first so as not to hurt her. I kept up that pace for a minute or two till she begged for more. It wasn’t long before she was pushing back to meet my inward thrust. The inside of her ass was amazingly warm and tight once I was all the way in. I could even feel her sphincter muscle gripping my cock as I pulled back out. I was already moaning as I tried to hold my orgasm at bay. I didn’t want to stop fucking this wonderful ass. I could kick myself for all the times she offered herself to me and I rejected her.

Bobbie was doing a good bit of moaning along with me. Then she started to beg me to fuck her harder and deeper. I gave her everything I could as I pounded her ass with my hard cock. With the feel of that wonderful ass and all the teasing Josie had done to me I was soon too close to stop. I felt my cock start to expand and I said

“Bobbie I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in me sir you must cum in my ass.” She said between gasps

I plunged once more deep in her ass and came. I pumped load after load of hot cum deep in Bobbie’s ass and all my energy went with it. I braced myself using Bobbie’s back and allowed my self to drain into her. I stood there panting for breath as I felt my cock start to shrink. Once Bobbie and I could breath normally again she said

“Please Sir when you pull out would you put my plug back in so I don’t stain my panties. My Mistress wouldn’t like that.”

Once I could move I pulled my now depleted cock from her ass and pushed her plug back in. With that done Bobbie stood up right and quickly took a washcloth from below the counter and after getting it wet washed my cock. She pulled my panties up and my pants.

“Sir are you happy with my services,” She asked as she smiled at me

“Yes I’m very happy you were wonderful.” I told her

“May I tell my Mistress that you are satisfied with my services?” She asked

“Yes you may, you did your Mistress proud today.” I told her

“Thank you Sir I’m sure my Mistress will be pleased. May I ask for one more things? May I have one more of your kisses.” How could I say no? We kissed for a minute or so before she reapplied her lipstick and she said

“We should be going. Half time will start soon and I will be needed. Thank you for a wonderful time and I really mean that.” She blushed when she said this.

I thanked her as well as we left the bathroom. Through all this she never once released my leash. As we walked back to the media room I wrapped my arm around her waist. When we got close to the room we saw that Josie was waiting in the hall. I dropped my arm and we walked up to her, Bobbie handed her the leash and said.

“I’m sorry to have kept him so long Ma’am.”

“It’s okay Bobbie I guess he really had to go. It’s almost half time I believe you have other duties to see to.”

“Yes ma’am I do thank you.” Bobbie said before she scurried away. Then Josie turned to me and said

“You don’t look so edgy anymore. I guess you really had to go.” I know I blushed as I could feel the heat on my face. Josie giggled and said. “You fucked her didn’t you?” I nodded my head and she asked, “Well what did you think would you do it again? Could you be on the receiving end?”

I thought it over for a second or two. I enjoyed what I just did there’s no doubt about that and I’d do it again that’s for sure, but could I be the one that provides the service. Yes I could be, not only could I do it but I could also enjoy it. While I was fucking Bobbie I wanted to know what it was like to be bent over the counter and having my ass reamed

“Yes I would do it again. And I’m looking forward to providing services to your guests.” I told her. Josie squealed and jumped in my arms

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