Becoming Her Wife Ch. 05-3

I didn’t notice it at first but once I started to suck on Cathy’s clit I found that hers was bigger then Josie’s and more juice flowed out of her pussy. I did my best to give her the best oral service I could. When she came she smothered my face with her pussy just like Josie did. She eased off my face I took one or two gulps of air and went right back for more. My biggest problem was the fact I was still wearing the corset and trying to breathe in it was difficult at best. I never relented on her pussy for the first twenty minutes or so. I tried my best to live up to Josie’s bragging.

During one of our breaks I notice to the side of me that Josie had Mike in much the same position that Cathy now had me. I assumed that all the girls in this family must have the same technique when they dominate their men. Though this may seem strange to some I found it reassuring knowing what I could expect from the sisters. I also knew that I was going to be in the same position with each and everyone of them.

When Cathy was done with my mouth she had me turn around on the bed so that my face was now level with Mike’s cock. Cathy slid down onto my cock and went to town on me. Though I couldn’t feel the tingle I felt with Josie I was able to last a long time seeing Mike had empty my balls earlier. And the way Cathy’s cunt was grabbing at my cock I was thankful he had.

After Cathy had cum the third time on my cock she stopped. Josie moved down onto Mike’s cock and started a nice rhythm. All I wanted to do was turn over and kiss her thigh but I knew I couldn’t. Once Josie got her rhythm going Cathy started up again. As both sisters fucked the man they were with they would reach over and grab one of the others tits. I watched as Josie would squeeze and pinch Cathy’s nipple causing her to cum violently. When they stopped they would kiss each other till they recovered and were off again.

How long this lasted I couldn’t say I was doing every trick I knew to keep myself from cuming till I was told I could. By this time I knew when Cathy was going to cum, her eyes would close and her face would get really red, her breathing would get real short and her moaning which by this point was almost constant would get extremely loud. When this all happen I knew my balls were going to be drenched once more with her cum.

The final time Cathy looked at Josie and they both smiled then Jose nodded her head. The next time they came it was at the same time and each shouted for Mike and I to cum as well. By this time I was ready I had been ready for quite a while now and only shear will power kept me from cuming. When I heard the command I relaxed and flooded her pussy with cum.

Cathy collapsed onto me while Josie did the same to Mike. We relaxed for a few minutes as we recovered our breathing for the next part, where Cathy would turn around and sit on my face for me to clean her out and Josie would do the same to Mike. At least that’s what I thought would happen.

Cathy climbed off my cock and shifted over to Mike and sat on his face. Josie in turn sat on my face. Though this was unexpected I automatically clamped my mouth to Josie’s pussy and sucked out all of Michael’s cum. As soon as my mouth sealed itself to Josie’s pussy she squealed. The mixture of Josie and Mike’s cum filled my mouth to over flowing. I had to swallow several times before I could get it all down.

As I continued to search out her pussy for any remaining cum I expected Josie to start licking me clean. Again I was wrong in my assumption. When Josie was completely cleaned out she rolled off me and lay on the side. Cathy was also finished with Mike though I could still see his cock was covered with cum and Josie’s sweet pussy cream.

“Since you got to see my sister and I play with each other you two have to clean each other.” Josie told me

Mike wasted little time rolling on to his side and started to lick me clean. I only hesitated slightly, not knowing what was expected of me. I followed Mike’s lead and turned and started to lick his pubic area clean then I took his flaccid cock in my mouth and licked it clean. When it was clean I sucked on it to clean out any remaining cum.

Mike next moved to my balls and started to clean them. I once more followed his lead and for the first time ran my tongue over another man’s balls. When I took one of his balls in my mouth I heard him moan. When his balls were as clean as I could get them I followed Mikes lead and went back between Mike’s legs. After cleaning between his legs I continued on back till I started to lick his ass cheeks, then I licked the crack before licking his hole.

As I licked Mike’s ass hole I felt the bed shift then I heard Josie whisper in my ear “You can tongue fuck his ass if you want. He’s not a virgin like you and I are.”

I wasn’t sure about that, licking the outside of someone’s clean ass is one thing put putting my tongue up someone’s ass knowing what came out of it was something totally different. I also knew that when Josie made a suggestion like this; she really wanted me to do it.

So gathering all my courage I pushed my tongue at Mike’s hole. I expected to get some resistance from him but surprisingly my tongue slid right in. What was more surprising was that there was no smell or taste. Mike moaned deeply as my tongue moved in and out of his hole. I felt him push his ass against my face as I pushed my tongue into his asshole and each time I pulled my tongue out I would hear a whimper come from between my ass cheeks.

What Mike was doing to me was wonderful. No one had ever licked my ass and the feelings I was getting were beyond belief. When I felt him try to push at my hole I clamped it shut to keep him out, knowing that Josie didn’t want me penetrated back there. But I really wanted him to shove his tongue up my ass as I was doing to him. This lasted for a few minutes till we heard Cathy say.

“Okay you two I think you both clean enough.” We separated and Cathy said to Mike “Come on honey you got to fuck Josie so now I get to fuck you.”

Mike gave me a smile before getting off the bed, and then he put on a pink silk robe and gave Cathy a matching one. Cathy kissed Josie and I goodnight while Mike gathered up their cloths. After they left Josie pushed me down onto the bed and started kissing me. I was surprised that she pushed her tongue into my mouth considering where my tongue had just been. When she pulled back from my mouth she asked

“You did enjoy what we just did didn’t you? Are you okay with what we just did?”

“I’m okay with it and I loved every minute of it. Are you okay with it, I mean I just sucked a man’s cock and had my tongue up his ass? If that doesn’t make me queer then nothing will.”

“Honey I told you before you’re not gay. Did you enjoy what you did with Cathy and you wouldn’t give up what we have together for another man would you?” I shook my head no “Then you are not gay, you are definitely bisexual though and I love you for it. Now I know we can be married and you’ll enjoy fulfilling your hostess duties.” Then she hugged me so tight I couldn’t breathe.

“How come you put you tongue in my mouth knowing where my tongue had just been?” I asked when I could breath again

“Because I know that every man and women in my family is always clean inside their bottoms. They have to be. They never know when their wife might get the urge to sit on their husband’s face and have them lick them. Also the guys never knows when their wives might get to urge to strap on a dildo and fuck them so they must always be as clean as possible. After we get married I expect you to be clean so I can fuck you when ever I want and for the first few months I’m sure it will be quite often.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” I asked feeling extremely stupid

“It’s very simple, when ever you go to the bathroom you give yourself an enema just like I always do. I hate going to the bathroom when I’m not at home. I always feel so dirty after it, till I can get home and clean my self out.”

“You want me to do this every time I take a dump?” I asked, I guess my concern showed on my face.

“Oh don’t get upset over it once you get use to it, it’ll be just like taking a shower. Now aren’t you going to ask me about the rings.” She asked. At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, then I remember the nipple rings that Mike was wearing and the ring though Cathy’s clit hood.

“I didn’t think those had special meanings.” I told her

“They do. Though we all wear wedding rings, we are also pierced when were married. The reason for that is you can always remove your wedding ring and no one will know but the only way to remove your nipple rings is to cut the rings. My mother’s oldest sister started that after her first husband cheated on her. At the time not very many men had nipple rings and it was an embarrassment for the men when they took off their shirts. In today’s world a man having his nipples pierced isn’t that big of a deal. That’s why we dress our husbands in sexy lingerie.”

“Is there a problem with husband cheating on their wives in your family?” I asked

“No. It only happened twice that anybody knows about, but you have to realize that the women in my family are very possessive of their husbands. We don’t want anyone to have what we have, unless we know about it and approve of it. That’s also why my sisters belong to several swing groups, then there is no reason for our husbands to cheat on us. I know this sounds weird but it works for us.” After she let me think this over and no matter how much I though it over I could not understand the logic. We showered and went to bed

Just before I awoke Sunday morning I felt a warm feeling take over my mind and body. It was like the feeling I get when I’m very close to cuming. When I open my eyes I found Josie sitting along side me as she slowly stroked my cock.

“Good you awake. I woke up early and I wanted to be here when you woke. I was getting bored waiting for you so I started to play with your cock. I hope you don’t mind?” She said with a devilish grin

“No I don’t mind, but I better get in the bathroom before I pee all over you.” I told her and she quickly let go of my cock

“I may be into a lot of kinky things, but that is one thing I am not into.” She told me with a look of disgust on her face. As I was going into the bathroom she said, “I left the enema bag out for you.”

I walked into the bathroom and saw what I assumed was the enema bag hanging from the shower door. It was clear plastic with a ten-foot clear plastic tube coming out of the bottom of the bag. About half way down the tube was a clamp like device and at the end of the tube was what I could only call a probe. I was sure I knew what I had to do with the probe but what do I put in the bag and how much do I use. I knew no matter how embarrassing it might be I was going to have to get Josie to show me what to do. When I was done going to the bathroom I walked back into the bedroom. Josie was still sitting on the bed still as naked as she was when I first woke up. I swallowed what little pride I had left and said

“I never had an enema before, can you show me what to do with it.” Josie’s smile lit up her face and she came to me

“Of cause I’ll show you. It’s really pretty easy.”

Josie took me back into the bathroom and showed me how to fill the bag and what soap to use. Then she told me how I needed to lubricate the nozzle for easy entry. When every thing was ready she told me to bend over the counter so she could put the nozzle in me.

“I think I can figure out the rest of the procedure on my own.” I told her. When I got no answer from her I knew she was going to be the one to put it in. I bent over the counter top, as she wanted then she said

“First I’m going to use my finger to lube you up. Now this isn’t sexual so don’t think I’m popping your cherry you’ll still be a virgin after this.”

I felt Josie hand tremble when she touched my left cheek to spread it. Then I felt her finger at my hole. I wasn’t absolutely sure but I thought I hear her gasp as her finger pierced my hole, I know I did. At first it felt so weird to be in this situation, but then as she thrust her finger in and out of me it started to feel really good. It was definitely turning me on as I felt my cock swell between my legs. When she pulled her finger from me a moan escaped my lips.

“Yes baby I know how good that feels.” She told me. Then she picked up the nozzle from the enema bag and said; “Now I want you to relax as much as you can this will probable hurt some, but if you tense up it’s going to hurt a lot. I’ll go as slow as I can.”

I did try to relax, but it still hurt somewhat. Once the nozzle was in me I heard a click and felt the water start to flow in me. For the first few minutes it felt rather nice then I felt bloated and started to cramp. When I told Josie this she said I only had half the fluid in me and I need to get all of it in me. To take my mind off what we were doing and to give Josie something to do she started to stroke me again. This time she used the same lubricant that she used on my asshole. Josie worked my cock till I was very close to cuming before she stopped. Once I had all the fluid in me she waited about five minutes before she help me over to the commode. When I was sitting she said

“I’m going to leave the room. After I do you can pull the nozzle out and let the enema out. When you’re all drained out call me and well start again.”

“Again, how many times do I have to do this?” I asked I know I sounded whiny but this was extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable

“Since you never done it before probable three or four times, it all depends on the color of the fluid after it comes out of you. Now when you all drained out call me.” She told me as she started to walk the door.

“I can probable handle it from here I watched what you did.” Josie smiled that wonderful smile before she said

“You will call me won’t you?” It may have been phrased as a question, but she left no doubt that it was a command.

When I pulled out the nozzle it hurt a lot more then it did going in. I’ll have to remember not to pull it out so fast next time. The fluid drain out of me in a rush at first then it slowed till finally stopping completely. I wipe my bottom and stood and looked in the bowl. The dark brown liquid told me that I was going to need at least two more. After I flushed the toilet I waited a minute for the smell to clear before I called to Josie

Josie came back in so quickly, I knew she had been right outside the door. When I saw her flush face and her hard little nipples I knew she was sexually excited about doing this.

“Your enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” I asked

“Yes I am, I think I should do this to you all the time. You know I want to fuck you and this is as close as I can get till we get married.” She told me

“I thought you said this wasn’t sexual?” I said teasingly

“You know I can always get a gag from my mother if I don’t like what you’re saying. Besides your enjoying it too, aren’t you?”

“I don’t enjoy the bloated feeling and the cramps but everything else feels really good. If you’re having fun then I’m happy.” I told her

“Well be happy because I having a ball. You have no idea what feeling bloated and having cramps are until you have a period, at least this only last a few minutes, try it for a week.”

Josie filled me up two more times before she pronounced me clean. Then we showered together where she gave me one of her wonderful blowjobs, but she still wouldn’t let me cum. She was keeping me excited for a reason, what it was I didn’t know. If I asked she wouldn’t tell me if she hadn’t already.

After the shower I found that she had already picked out my clothes for today. On the bed I found stockings, a pair of Nick panties, a garter belt, pants and a polo shirt. As I was getting dressed I watched Josie put on a pair of tennis shoes and a short skirt that looked like a tennis skirt and a tight tank top. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, which for Josie was unusual. Some times she would go with out her bra, but she always wore panties. I don’t remember a time she hadn’t. And the thing is she made sure I knew she wasn’t wearing them.

After Josie had put on her make up she had me braid her hair. I’m not sure if she liked her hair braided or she like the fact that I was doing it for her. She never showed the least interested in learning how to do it, but she always had me do it when I was around. It didn’t matter one-way or the other to me. I loved running my hands through her hair, it was the softest thing I knew. The way it shined in the light held my eyes like a spell. I was happy doing this small task for her.

While I was brushing out Josie hair I asked her if I should ask her mother about talking to her or should Josie. She told me that I could ask but the proper way was for her to ask for me. She told me she’d take care of it when the time was right.

Once Josie’s hair was done I took the ring box from the purse I was using yesterday and we went down to the dinning room for breakfast. Though out the morning I didn’t realized how hungry I was. I had very little to eat yesterday for dinner and nothing for breakfast or lunch. When we reached the dinning room the smells of the food hit me like a ton of bricks. I could almost hear my stomach grumble.

Jolene and June as well as the two children were sitting at the table as were Anita and Ted. Josie and I filled our plates from the buffet then sat next to Anita. Josie sat next to her mother and I sat next to Josie. As soon as we sat down Jolene left to check on something in the kitchen and June took the two girls to wash up. Seeing her chance Josie said

“Mother Nick would like to talk to you when it’s convenient.” Anita took me in her gaze then Josie and said.

“It’s convenient now.” She let that hang for a second or two before she said “If he would like to talk in private then he can come to my office in twenty minutes.” With that she stood and left the room with Ted right behind her.

Josie waited a full minute after her mother left the room before she said. “She knows I don’t know how but she knows.” I could see panic in Josie face

I was pretty sure I knew how she knew, but for some reason I didn’t say anything to Josie. I was almost positive that was Anita I saw last night out on the veranda, but what had she heard I couldn’t say.

Neither Josie nor I felt like eating after that so we got up and slowly walked in the direction of Anita’s study. Josie tried to point out different works of art that were around the house but after a few minutes she fell silent.

With five minutes of the twenty minutes left to go, we were standing outside of Anita’s study waiting for the time to run out. Josie was a nervous wreck; she looked like a deer caught in someone’s headlights. I was just trying to come up with what I was going to say. When time ran out I knocked on the door and was told to enter.

When I walked into the den I felt a very somber mood in the room. Ted was sitting on a couch next to Anita desk and Anita was sitting behind her desk. Anita looked at me with a steely gaze and asked

“Well Nick what can I do for you?” I cleared my throat and said

“Mrs. Swanson I come to ask your permission to beg Josie to take me as her husband.” Anita gave me a slight smile that I took for a smirk and then turned to Ted and said

“I told you. You owe me big for this one.” I felt the mood ease considerably, then she said. “Nick please sit down I can’t stand it when someone stands in front of me.” I took the chair in front of me then she asked.

“Have you proposed to Josie yet, does she know what this is all about.” I knew I was supposed to ask permission first, but I didn’t want to lie to her. I knew she would see right through it

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