Becoming Her Wife Ch. 04-3

She continued this for some time, how long I couldn’t even fathom a guess. All I knew is I wanted her to keep doing it. After a while she pulled her mouth clear off my cock and said while she stroked me

“Nikki my sweet, the next time I take you into my throat I want you to cum for me.”

All I could do was shake my head yes and she took me back in her mouth. She sucked me for a few more minutes then she took me into her throat. When I felt her lips touch the base of my cock I came. I pumped two jets into her throat before she pulled her lips back up my cock and pumped the last three into her mouth with her hand.

She pumped my cock for a few seconds after I had stopped cuming to get out any remaining cum. Then she slid up my body till her mouth was even with mine. Her lips descended to mine for a kiss and as our lips touched her tongue slid between my lips and I could taste the cum on her tongue. When I open my lips, hers open as well and I felt something flow into my mouth. It only took me a second to realize what she had done. She had feed me my own cum. She pulled her mouth from mine and said

“Don’t swallow, try and push it back in my mouth.”

Her mouth went back to mine and we kissed as we swapped cum and saliva from one mouth to the other. After a minute or so she pulled off my mouth and swallowed what was in hers and told me to swallow as well. I saw no way around it and since I already had it in my mouth what difference would it make. So I swallowed, as I did so I felt Josie’s body shutter and a smile lit up her face. A smile that told me she was pleased with what just happen.

“Thank you I always wanted to do that. It has to be the most intimate kiss two lover could share.” Josie told me as she smiled down at me.

“You never did that before?” I asked

“No. I’ve read about it a few times but never had a lover to do it with. My brothers in law are not lovers they are playthings to use for my pleasure. You are my first lover I’ve had in a long time.” When she told me this I felt so special. I wanted her to do it to me all the time.

We kissed again but this time she took my hands that had remain at my side and placed them on her sides. I was given the impression that it was ok to touch her. My hands roamed over her body as we kissed then when she broke our kiss she said

“It’s okay for you to touch me as long as we’re not sucking or fucking. I know it’s strange, but it’s just the way I am.”

When she started to move up giving my mouth something new to kiss or suck she took my hands in hers and pinned them to the bed above my head. Like last night she directed my mouth to different parts of her body till once again she sat with her bottom on my chest and my head between her legs looking up at her wonderful pussy.

I was still amazed at how beautiful it looked. Completely free of any hair, her lips were swollen with need, a need I wanted to fill. She moisture dripped from her slit in anticipation of what was to come. Her breathing was short as she looked down at me and a smile lit up her face.

“You can’t possible know how much I love seeing you like this, knowing I’m going to cover that mouth of yours with my pussy.” She told me.

“You can’t possible know how much I want to be here. I can’t wait for you to cover my mouth with your pussy and have you cum on me. I love the tasted of you sweet cream.” I told her. She put her hands around my head and said

“Then come my sweet and suck my clit and make me cum.”

She pulled my head up and tilted her pelvis so my mouth came into contact with her clit. My tongue flicked out of my mouth and it swiped at her clit causing her to moan. When her pelvis tilted forward a little more I took her hard clit into my mouth and sucked hard on it. She moaned again as a tremble passed over her. I took her clit between my teeth and bit down on it just slightly. It was all she needed as she slid forward and down so my head was forced into the mattress and her pussy covered my mouth and nose.

I knew I was in precarious position. If she didn’t get off me in time I could die in this position, but I really didn’t care. My only thought was to have her cum fill my mouth. My whole world at this time revolved around her taste and her smell. When her cum filled my waiting mouth I wanted to keep it there but I was forced to swallow as it started to overflow my mouth.

When her flow slowed I moved my face just slightly to stimulate her clit with my nose and she came once more. When that flow slowed she pulled off my face to allow me to breathe air once more. I took two deep breaths and went after her clit once more. Josie screamed and sat down once again on my face as she came. When she was done cuming she pulled back so she was resting on my chest and out of the reach of my mouth.

She sat there breathing hard and I was doing the same below her. When she could speak again she said. “You really must love this as much as I do.”

“I do I really love the way you tasted and the way you smell. I can’t think of any where I would rather be then right here under you as you cum.” I told her

“If we continue this relationship you’re going to find yourself right there, almost daily, but that’s enough for today. Well one more time but that will be after I ride your cock. Then you can taste what we taste like together.” She told me with that special smile of hers.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like that, but I knew I was going to try it whether I wanted to or not. I knew my cum didn’t taste that bad and it was mine after all. I loved the taste of hers the two combined should be ok too.

While I was thinking this over Josie had moved down my body. I was disappointed that she didn’t give me the chance to lick her bottom, but I wasn’t complaining seeing where she was headed. She straddled my waist pinning my cock between our bodies then she laid down on me and kissed me before saying

“You do know not to cum until I say you can, don’t you?”

“Yes my Mistress I wait your command.” I told her in jest.

She didn’t take it that way as a smile came to her lips and a shiver shook her body as if she caught a chill. She wasted little time after that as she sat up and then knelt up taking my cock in her hand and lining it up with her hole. I looked down and watched as the head of my cock spread her wet pussy lips open before she sank down taking me all into her in one motion.

Josie sighed as she hit bottom then she started her up and down motion. The tingle started instantly and I knew I was going to last a long time. I closed my eyes and imagined what my cock was doing inside her

I felt her insides squeeze me tight with wet heat. I felt her muscles grab at me as she moved up and release their grip as she moved down. When I looked at her face it looked like she was in another world only concentrating on what she was doing. If she was some one else I would have felt used but with Josie it was the way she made love. The way she liked to take control.

After she rode me upright for a time she then leaned forward on her hands and rode me like that for a while as her tits bounced up and down in front of my face. I wanted nothing more then to take one of those nipples in my mouth and suck on it, but I knew I was not allowed too.

She switched from upright to a half-prone position several times, then she collapsed on top of me breathing very hard. Her sweat soaked body felt oh so good on top of me as she caught her breath. I couldn’t help myself as I kissed her forehead. She looked up at me smiled and said

“I can’t believe you can last this long. Give me a minute and I’ll start again.”

I know I wasn’t suppose to touch her while we were fucking, but I took a chance seeing we weren’t actually fucking at this moment. I reached around her and hugged her to me. As I waited for her to tell me to stop I hear her almost purr then I felt her kiss my neck with little nibbling kisses.

We lay like that for a few minutes till she got her breathing under control then she pushed herself up causing my arms to relinquish their hold of her. She sat up and started again. This time she let out all the stops, as she seemed hell bent on making me cum. If that was her wish she got it because after a few minutes of her sweet pounding I was moaning a long with her. The tingle had no affect as she rode me to the enviable. I grasped at the sheets as I held my orgasm at bay, but I knew I wouldn’t last long. She then leaned over while still riding me and said

“Now Nikki cum inside me. Let me feel you fill me with your hot cum.”

I needed nothing more then those words as I started to cum. I grunted as each jet of cum seared up my cock and shot out of the tip. Josie grunted a long with me as each burst of cum was fired. She collapsed on to me while I continued to fill her.

She lay on top of me panting for a minute or two. Then in a flash she was gone. When I came I had closed my eyes and relished the feeling. When I realized that she was no longer lying on top of me I open my eyes.

The first and only thing I saw was her very red wet slit inches away from my mouth. Her knees had straddled my head and her head was down by my cock. I watched as a dollop of cum leaked out of her. Then I heard her say

“If you want to clean me then show me.”

I reached out with my tongue and licked at the glob of peril white cum that had just escaped from her slit. It had cooled slightly and it was thick, thicker then what she had deposited in my mouth after she sucked me off. Though it was thicker in texture and I’m sure was mostly mine it still had her flavor to it. For some reason it tasted even better then it had last night

My mouth covered her slit as my tongue shot up her hole. Josie seeing I wanted this immediately settled down and forced my head to the mattress and started to clean up around my cock. When she did this my mouth was instantly filled with our combined cum. I swallowed down the first load and then my tongue went in search of more. I licked at the walls of her pussy trying to clean her out as much as possible. When I couldn’t find any more Josie sat up and more poured out of her.

Through out this my chin had been stimulating her clit and when she felt our thick cum drain out of her she came once more. This caused another large flow of mostly her cum to drain into my mouth, but I could still taste my own mixed in with it. When all the cum had drain out of her, she eased up and shifted forward and presented me with her bottom. I didn’t need any instructions on what was expected of me.

My mouth went straight to her ass and my tongue started to lick her crack as Josie once more sat apron my face. Every time my tongue brushed by her tight little hole she would squeal with delight. When I did lick her hole in earnest, I did so with the flat of my tongue so she didn’t think I was trying to penetrate her.

When she had enough she rose up and shifted around to lie down next to me once more. Her body lay half on top of me and half on my side and she rested her head on my shoulder. When I had my breathing under control she kissed me and her tongue explored my mouth. When we stopped kissing she said

“I just want you to know I have never been as sexually satisfied as I am right now. You were a perfect lover.”

“You were perfect too, I wish this would never end.” I told her. She kissed me again then rested her head once more on my shoulder. We both must have fell a sleep

When I awoke Sunday morning I felt sticky. The dried cum on my face had harden and felt stiff. Josie was still lying on my shoulder; in fact I don’t think she had moved all night. My movements must have waked her as well. She stretched and kissed me and said

“My love you definitely need a shower. You stink like a unwashed pussy.”

“Well you smell pretty ripe yourself.” I told her

“That maybe but my asshole is very clean.” She said with a giggle “Come on we have to be going, let’s get in the shower.”

We took a shower together that lasted longer then it should have seeing we played more then we washed. Once we were done and dried off I told Josie that she should do her makeup first seeing she was faster then I was. While she did her make up I went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I returned to the bedroom and stripped off the bed linen and with Josie’s help we remade the bed. Then I sat and put on my make up when I was finished I asked Josie what she thought.

“Pretty good, just the right amount of mascara and the colors are blended perfectly. Are you sure you never done this before?” She asked as she giggled watching my face blush up. Then she added, “Come on you slut you still have to get dress and do your hair.”

I wanted to do it the way Beth did my hair yesterday with the curling brush but I didn’t have one and neither did Josie. So I French braided it. As I started getting dressed Josie came back in to the bedroom with two cups of coffee and said.

“You did that French braid pretty well. I wish I could do that with mine.” I asked her why she couldn’t “Well for one thing my hair is curly where yours is straight and mine is a lot longer.” I though about this and said

“The length shouldn’t have anything to do with it. You just keep braiding till you run out of hair. And the curls shouldn’t have any effect either. Would you like me to try it on you?”

“If you would like to try. I just don’t think it would work.” She told me as she sat down at the make up table.

She was right it was harder with longer hair, but once I got the braid going it wasn’t to bad as long as I remember to pull her hair tight to keep it from curling. When I was done I realized I was right the first time I saw her. Her hair was long enough to reach her bottom and a little more. When I was done I asked what she thought.

“I think it’s wonderful. I didn’t think you could do it, but it came out great.” She kissed me and thanked me then told me to hurry and get dressed or we’ll miss breakfast.

I dressed as quickly as I could, but I still wasn’t as fast as Josie is. While I sat to put on my boots Josie came to me and put a gold necklace around my neck with Nikki’s name on it. The name was written in small letters maybe a quarter-inch wide. Then she removed the clear post from my ears and put in posts with diamonds.

“I didn’t think I would ever get to give you these. I didn’t think you would get your ears pierced for me.” She told me after she had both earrings in, then she said “I know how you feel about presents, but I hope you won’t try to give them back. I really want you to have them to remember me by when you leave.” Her last she said and she quickly left the bedroom. I was sure she had tears in her eyes.

Sunday was much of a replay of Saturday with the exception I picked the right team for the first game, but Josie picked the winning team for the second game. So in essence we broke even, which was a slight disappointment to both of us. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to win or lose.

Though out the day Bobbie asked me three times if I wanted her services, but I still didn’t feel that attracted to her. By the end of the day she was getting short with me and even had to be reprimanded by Jolene.

When we got back to Josie’s house I started to get my things together to take back to the hotel because I knew the next week or so were going to be hell as I would be working none stop getting the system installed and programmed. I had two weeks to get this done before I started to do training classes on the third week.

Josie insisted that I pack my Nick panties so I could wear them to work. She also had me pack some of my Nikki under things to wear when we made love in the hotel. We made love again that night before going to sleep. This time Josie seemed distracted as if she had some thing on her mind.

Josie drove me to my hotel Monday morning so I could pick up my car. She helped me carry my bags to the hotel room. Once inside she took me in her arms and kissed me. She kissed me so hard, harder the she ever had, I had this feeling that it was for the last time.

“I am going to see you again aren’t I?” I asked after we stopped kissing

“Of cause you are why do you ask?”

“I just had this strange feeling that you just kissed me for the last time.” I told her

“No I’ll come over when you want me to. I know it’s going to be hard to get time for us to be together with all the work you’re going to be doing. I know I’m going to miss you terribly until I see you again.” She told me and I saw her eyes start to water up then she turned away from me and said

“I have to be going, call me when you get the chance.” She said this as she walked out the door.

What that was all about I didn’t know. I wanted to run after her to stop her and ask what was the matter, but I didn’t. For some reason I held back I didn’t want her to feel I was crowding her. Once she was gone I quickly changed back to my boxers so I could start to feel like my old self again.

I counted this trip to be one of my luckiest in finding Josie. And today that luck continued as the director of information system told me I was going to have three of his Tec’s to help me on the installation and programming. I knew he wanted his people with me so they knew what I did and how I did it. I had a lot of respect for him after this; he knew it was up to him to keep this place running after I left. He knew by doing this his people would know what they needed to know if anything happen.

I started out but showing the Tec’s how to set up each system to each of the old systems. All three Tec’s were fast learner and by noon every one was working on his or her own. I went back to check each installation for the first hour till I felt comfortable with them. By three in the afternoon we had half the work I had planed to take all week on done and I figured that we would be completed by noon on Wednesday.

Each day went much the same I’d showed up at the job site at eight in the morning and worked straight though until five. At seven Josie showed up at my hotel and we went to dinner. After dinner we went back to my hotel and made love for a few hours before see left for home. She didn’t like staying over night because it made her feel cheap because of the way men looked at her when she left in the morning.

This was the way our lives went for the next three weeks. I would stay at my hotel during the week and on the weekends I would stay with Josie. During the week she would meet me for dinner then we would go back to my hotel and make love till she went home.

By the end of the third week I didn’t want her to leave. I wanted her to stay with me always. I knew I was in love with her; I couldn’t deign it any longer. I also knew that I only had one week left in San Francisco before I moved on to my next assignment or back to Chicago.

On the Thursday before the super bowl I went to a jewelry store and bought a four-caret diamond engagement ring. On Friday we were suppose to go out to dinner then back to her house for the night. Then drive to her mother’s villa in Napa for the weekend. They always had a big party for super bowl Sunday. We would return on Monday. I figured that I could ask her on Friday during dinner.

Josie had been crabby all week, she seem to be getting upset over the littlest thing. She blamed it on the fact that her period was coming and she said she always get emotional during that. I also knew there would be no sex during her cycle.

Friday I left the job site at noon and made my way back to my hotel. Fridays were the days I would use the hair remover on my body as per Josie instructions. On the way to the hotel I stopped at a florist and had a dozen long stem roses sent to her house. I was promised that they would be there in an hour. At five o’clock I got a call from Josie

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