Becoming Her Wife Ch. 03-3

When we got back to Josie’s house she had me change back into Nikki. So before I knew it I was once more wearing stockings a bustier, my Nikki panties and a pair of heels. She took the time to put make up on me, do my hair and my nails. When I was done we started to kiss while she sat on my lap. After we kissed for about fifteen minutes she pulled back look at me and said

“Definitely better then the other lipstick I used.” I asked her what she meant, “The other one smeared so easily. The one I used this time hardly smeared at all.”

“Is it new?” I asked

“No I’ve used it for a few years now.” She told me then she giggled

“Then why don’t you use it all the time?”

“Because silly if I used it the other night it wouldn’t have smeared off on to you then I couldn’t talk you into letting me put it on you.” She told me. Then it hit me what she was saying.

“When exactly did you decide I was a prime candidate for you?”

“I’m not really sure. I knew you were submissive enough when you let me drive and order the meal. I was positive when I threw you out of my car and you weren’t mad when I called you later. Your not mad at me now are you?”

“No if you hadn’t I wouldn’t be here with you now. Why did Misty have on the same lipstick?”

“I asked her too, In case you took her up on her offer and decided to lie about it. That’s why she left a little on your lips so I could see. If she sucked you, you would have had a big ring of lipstick at the base of your cock. I didn’t do it to trick you or to spy on you. You have a tendency to deign you true feelings, till you are confronted with them. Like when you put on your panties and nightgown last night you said you did it for me because you knew I would get excited by it. And I do, but you didn’t admit till today that you like wearing them too.”

“As you have seen I don’t have a lipstick ring around my cock.” I told her proudly

“No you don’t and Misty wouldn’t let you fuck her with out sucking your cock first. So I know you didn’t go that far with her. Now since you saved it for me I think it’s only fare that I take it.” She said as she slip off my lap and down to her knees.

She pulled the panties down till she cleared my balls and took my cock in her hand “Ooh you’re so hard and your ball feel so full.” She said just before she took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I watched as she took half my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard as she drew her mouth back to the tip. Her eyes never left mine as she did this. She bobbed her head up and down taking in more of me on each down stroke. When I felt the tip of my cock touch her throat she still had three inches left outside her mouth. She then pulled her mouth off my cock and started to lick the shaft. When she had the shaft nice and wet she said

“I hope you don’t mind if I take my time with this I really like sucking cock. And yours is especially nice. It’s just the right size it fit’s well in my mouth. Now let me know when you going to cum if I’m not ready to stop sucking I’ll back off and let you cool down.”

She took my cock back in her mouth and sunk down till I touched her throat again. I had my doubts that she could deep throat me. A few had tried but no one was able to do it. That was ok so far she was giving me the best blowjob I ever had and she had only just started. Her lips clamped down on my cock as she sucked up to the top. Between the suction and the grip her lips had, I was close in short order, but I held on trying not to tell her I was close. I loved what her mouth was doing and I didn’t want her to stop.

Then she did what I didn’t think she could. Josie’s mouth slid down my cock till I hit her throat then she slid down some more. I felt the ring of her throat open as the head of my cock slid past. I sat totally amazed as I watched her lips descend down my cock till she reached the base. I almost blew my load right there. I groaned loud and told her to stop. Josie pulled her mouth clear off my cock and said

“Easy Nikki I just got started.”

“God I never felt anything like that. No one’s ever been able to take me all in like that.”

“You obviously haven’t been with the right person before. Now relax and let me enjoy this.”

She started licking the shaft again and then my balls. When I had calm down she took me back in her mouth again. That’s when I felt it; I felt that old familiar tingling sensation again. It almost felt like a vibrator on my cock. Once it started I knew it wouldn’t be long till I had her remove her mouth again. I was wrong, it had an almost numbing affect on my cock. I could still feel what she was doing and it still felt wonderful, but the tingle made it so I could last a lot longer. Now it was Josie who decide when to take my cock out of her mouth because her jaw started to get tired. After Josie took three more breaks even the numbing of the tingle couldn’t stop the enviable.

“Josie stop I going to cum.” I told her. She didn’t remove her mouth she just shook her head. I tried to hold back but it was useless.

“Josie I going to cum if you don’t stop.” This time she nodded her head. Telling me I could go ahead and cum I hoped. I felt it surge out of my balls and I screamed

“Here it comes. I going to shoot.” the first shot I fired was when I was in her throat. She slip her mouth up till just the head was in her mouth then she pumped my cock with her hand to coax the rest of my load out of me. I shot off what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth, but I’m sure it wasn’t near that much. Josie didn’t miss a drop. When I was done cuming and she had all I could give her she removed her mouth from my cock and looked me in the eye and swallowed. Then she licked her lips smiled and said

“Mmm yummy. I knew your cum would tasted good. I can’t wait till I tasted yours mixed with mine.”

She pulled my panties back up and came up and straddled my legs with hers and we kissed. I could taste myself on her tongue as she shoved it in my mouth. It didn’t tasted as bad as thought it would. It had a slight bitterness to it, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Though I couldn’t tell for sure seeing she swallowed most of it. She then pulled her mouth from mine look at me smiled and said

“I’m glad you not one of those guys that won’t kiss a girl after he’s cumed in her mouth. I think that’s pretty rude.” She told me then we kissed some more.

We kissed for a few minutes more before Josie stood and pulled off her skirt and blouse. She turned around and asked me to unhook her bra. I did as I was asked. She turned and lowered her bra so I could get my first look at her tits. They were small. I later found out they were a B cup size. They were tan in color, which was her normal skin color. The nipples were pink and the areola was dark, darker then her skin. They stood proud on her chest with no hit of sag. They were beautiful. My mouth watered as I stared at them. I wanted to reach out and touch them to feel their weight, to check their firmness. But I held back afraid the she would hide them once more in her bra. I watched, as her nipples became hard and bumpy. Tearing my eye from her magnificent breast I once again looked at her eyes. She was smiling at me knowing what was in my mind.

“Do you like them, I know there not real big.” She asked as she held them in her hands.

“Their fantastic.” I told her. She moved closer straddling my legs but remained standing. All I had to do was lean forward and I could take one in my mouth.

“Would you like to touch them?”

“Yes I would.” I said dumb founded.

“Then ask sweetie.” She told me with a giggle

“May I please touch your breasts?” I whined. She giggled again and said I could.

My hands reached up and out and they trembled slightly as I reached for those twin globes of flesh. They were warm and oh so soft just like a baby’s bottom, but they were firm like a ripe peach. Josie’s body trembled as I touched them and a small moan escaped her lips. I squeezed them slightly to test their firmness, but not too much. I was afraid they would break they looked so delicate. When one of my fingers grazed past the nipple Josie would whimper so I made sure to do it often. After I played with her breast for a few minutes Josie stepped back and said.

“That’s enough for now I’m not ready to cum just yet. Come on let me show you my play room.”

She pulled me up and guided me to the rear of the house. She walked up to a large oak door that had large black iron bolts though the iron hinges. The handle was also black iron. Josie unlocked the door with a skeleton key, but before opening it she said.

“You are never to come into this room with out my invitation. When you cross the threshold you will always refer to me as Mistress. I will forgive you the first time you forget but after that I will punish you. I’m sure what you find in here may scare you at first but I have a feeling that you will love it as much as I do. Would you like to enter?”

At first I didn’t want to it was to ominous, the door looked to forbidding. Deep down I knew I wanted to enter I want to call her mistress. I also knew that if I didn’t go in tonight I might never get the chance again. So mustering all the courage I had I said.

“Yes Mistress I would be honored to enter.” The smile that lit up her face was well worth anything that could happen it that room.

Josie pushed open the door and pulled me inside. I saw glints of light around the room before she closed the door plunging us in to complete darkness. There was a heavy scent of leather in the air, plus the smell of candle wax. I felt Josie step up behind me and wrap her arms around me. She ran her hand over my satin covered chest and down to my panty covered cock. To my surprise I was hard and I moaned when she touched me.

“You are the first man to ever come in here voluntarily. I must bring my sisters husbands in here when I use them for my pleasure. You are the first to enter of his own free will. Now behold my domain.”

I could see tiny points of light though out the room. Then they grew in intensity illuminating all that lay before me. The walls of the room were covered in what I could only assume was padded leather. In the center of the room was a sort of table that you would find in a doctor’s office. Though this one looked a lot different. Josie handed me a lit taper and instructed me to light all the candles through out the room.

I lit each candle as I looked around. There were cables and wires hanging from pulleys around the room. I now knew that the smell of leather was coming from the padded walls. The smell was rich and intoxicating. When I was done lighting the candles I made my way over to where Josie was standing in front of a large armoire. She had changed her shoes to high heel boots and she also changed to a leather bustier and panties. When I approached her she closed the door of the armoire, but in her hand she held several leather bands. She pointed to a chair that held several articles of cloths and told me to change.

On the chair I found what I thought was a leather bustier, but I later found out was a leather corset. There was also a leather thong panty and the high heel boots that I had tried on in the S&M leather store.

I removed the cloths I was wearing and, as instructed, I put on the corset first. Josie helped me with this seeing it was either too small or just too tight. She said it was the right size she just needed to get me in it. She pulled and tugged till she finally was satisfied then she hook up my stockings to the eight garter straps that hung from it. Seeing I couldn’t bend over she then pulled on the thong and the boots. The boots made me stand taller and more on my toes then the heels had. When I asked her about it she told me that was because I was now wearing six-inch heels. She then buckled a leather collar around my neck. It looked just like one someone would use on his or her dog.

When I was dressed she had me walk over to the table that was in the middle of the room. Walking in these heels wasn’t easy. I thought the other ones were hard at first these were almost impossible.

When I reached the table with Josie’s help She pressed a button on the side of it and the top of the table elevated to a vertical position in front of me. The table wasn’t a flat plain, as one would expect. There was a flat piece in the center that was about eight inches square. There were four extensions about three inches wide that extended from the center section. There were four holes, one at the end of each extension.

Josie attached a wrist cuff to each of my wrists then she threaded a cable thought the holes and attached it to the cuffs. She attached another cable around my ankles. She pressed a button on the control panel and my feet were forced close to the table extensions. She pressed another button and my hands were forced to the other extension. I was too short so I was forced onto my toes before the cable stopped.

“Once I get your corset done up properly we’ll be all set to begin.” Josie told me. I wanted to ask her, begin what, but she was gone. I then felt her pulling on the laces on the back of the corset. Before I knew it she had pulled them so tight I was having trouble breathing. Then I felt her hands slid up my legs and grab my cock though the thong.

“Oh baby you must really like this your cock is so hard. Are you ready to start? She asked

“Start what?”

“Start to play. I am going to play with you.” She told me

She was standing next to me with a small box the looked like a remote control. She pressed a button on the box and my arms moved out to a forty-five degree angle from my body. Next she pressed another button and the tabletop lowered forcing me into a semi-laying position, but my legs didn’t follow. This caused my arms to pull tight on the cable keeping my arms locked in place. Now I was face to face with her after she had moved in front of me.

“There all nice and comfy?” I told her no. “Do you want me to let you free.” She asked with a sad frown on her face. I regrettable said no. Her smile came back and she kissed me, then she said, “Now don’t go away I’ll be right back.”

She walked back behind me out of my line of sight, but she never left the room. By the sounds she was making I could tell she was back at the armoire. She was gone a few minutes and then she was back in front of me. She kissed me some more then she said

“Now remember before we went to Cathy’s house you said I make promises I don’t intend to keep. Well I didn’t promise you I would paddle your bottom but you did insinuated I wouldn’t do it.” She raises her arm and showed me a paddle. I look like a Ping-Pong paddle except it was covered in leather.

“Now I’m going to paddle your bottom. Not a lot maybe only ten times. Just to show you I will do it if I have too. Oh and so you know, I really do love spanking someone. Now I going to put a gag in your mouth so I don’t have to hear you cry. ” She then pushed a large ball in my mouth that had two straps that when around my head to hold it in place.

“Now remember I’m only doing this because you said I wouldn’t. And I told you to watch out what you wish for because you just might get it.” She told me as my top half was lowered into a prone position but my leg still didn’t move. The strain the cables were taking on my limbs was painful but only slightly. Josie was now behind me and she was lightly rubbing my ass.

“You know you really have a nice ass. I really wish you weren’t a virgin so I could really fuck you in this position.” She told me as the first slap from the paddle landed on my right cheek. I screamed into the gag, more in shock then in pain, as it didn’t seem to hurt that badly.

“This is the way I fuck my sisters husbands after I take my pleasure from them. First I strap them down to the table facing up then I sit on their face till I cum two or three times.” The next blow from the paddle landed and I cried out again.

“Then I ride their cock until she cums. If she cums too fast I sit on her face so she can clean me out.” I was hit again this time I didn’t cry out, for some reason it felt strangely good.

“I just love it when a man cleans out his cum from my pussy.” She hit me again and again it didn’t seem to hurt that badly. I felt her grab my cock and she said

“Well you seem to like this too. Your cock is as hard as I ever felt it. Do you like having your ass spanked?” I shook my head no and she hit me again.

“I think you hiding your true feelings again Nikki. If you didn’t like it and it hurt I doubt your cock would be this hard.” Slap went the paddle again as she still held my cock

“Where was I, oh yea? While he cleans me out I lick his cock clean and use my mouth to get him hard again. Then I ride him some more. They usually last a long time, the second time.” She hit me again and I could feel she hit me harder. This time I did cry out, but it was more of a groan then a scream.

When he finally does cum again he has to clean that out too because that’s what his wife wants. Their not allowed to leave any of his cum behind when they leave here.” Once again I was hit even harder.

“Then I turn them over, just like you are now and I paddle them fifteen or twenty times depending on what their wife wants. Then I fuck them up the ass with my strap on dildo till I cum one last time. Then I send them home.” She hit me again this time it was like she hit my cock. I felt my cock grow bigger in her hand and throbbed.

“You know Nikki, my sweet girl, if I hadn’t sucked you off in the bedroom before we came in here I think you would have cum from this.”

Once more the paddle landed on my now tender ass this time I did cry real tears. Not because it hurt, which it did, but because I knew she was right. I would have blown my load if she hadn’t sucked me off. I almost did again right then. I still might the next time she hit me. Then she was standing in front of me kissing my tears way with her sweet lips. She released the ball gag and said

“There, there that wasn’t so bad was it? You really did enjoy it didn’t you? You would have cum if I hadn’t already made you cum earlier wouldn’t you have?”

God I didn’t want to admit I almost had cum. There has to be something wrong with a guy that can cum from being spanked by a woman. I looked in her eyes and I could see she was waiting for an answer. My brain was telling me to lie and deign it, but my heart was telling me to tell her yes. I listen to my brain and said no. The look of disappointment on her face broke my heart. Then she said

“Fine if you want to stick to that then I’ll make you a bet. Give me two minutes and just my hands and I’ll make you cum. If that paddling had no affect on you then you should be able to out last two minutes. Is it a bet?” My brain told me to go ahead and bet, my heart told me to fess up and admit I did enjoy it. I asked what was the bet

“If I win you have to dress as Nikki all day tomorrow and do what I tell you without question. If I lose, I’ll be you little slave girl all day tomorrow. Now put up or confess you liked it.” I’m sure my brain would have made the right decision this time but my dick over powered it. To think I would have this beauty as my slave for a whole day was too much for my brain to overcome. I told her it was a bet

Josie got a timer and set it for two minutes and then walked behind me. She pulled down my thong and took my cock in her hand. She gripped it tight and started a slow up and down motion. I figured if she kept up that pace I would last two minutes easy. After about a minute of this slow stroking I starting to feel my sperm rise, but I still thought I could make it.

Her other hand started to run over my ass and down into the crack. Then she touched my asshole. She just rubbed the outside of it, but it felt so good. My concentration slip for just a second as I moaned in response. With fifteen seconds left her hand move from my ass hole and came down hard on my bruised cheek. I moaned loud and I came. Cum squirted out of me and on to god knows where, but I kept cuming as I heard Josie giggle with joy.

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