Becoming Her Wife Ch. 03-2

“Please don’t be upset with me. I’m sorry if I said something you didn’t want to hear.” She said. I turned in her arms and took her in mine and said

“I’m the one that should say I’m sorry for making you tell me things you shouldn’t have.”

“You didn’t make me tell you anything. I want you to know why I couldn’t do you like you wanted. I didn’t want you thinking I didn’t want to do you like that, because I really do. I have to live up to the pact with my sisters.” Josie told me before she looked at the clock that was on the wall. “Dam it’s four thirty all ready. Come on we have to get your make up off and get you dress. At least I can go like I am.

She dragged me back to her bedroom and stripped me down to my panties and bustier. She used some cold cream to remove my make-up and finger nail polish remover on my nails. When that was done she stripped the remaining cloths off me and pushed me toward the shower. The shower was more to wash my hair then anything else.

When I came out of the bathroom Josie already had my cloths laid out for me. There was a new button down shirt and a pair of leather pants sox and the ever-present panties. This one was in lavender and the name Nick was embroidered on the front. After getting dressed I sat while Josie brushed out my hair.

“I going to tell you something and I want you to listen to what I’m saying. What I going to tell you may sound weird and even perverted, but I need you to hear it before we go over to my sister’s house. You may hear things said that taken out of content will sound awful.” Josie told me before she started her story.

“I’m not like most women. Most women can go months and months with out sex I can’t, and neither can my sisters. If we don’t have sex for a short period of time we become down right mean and we take it out on who ever is closest to us. When I say a short period of time I mean like a week or less.

“When I told you I didn’t have a lot of experience with boyfriends that was true. I have a lot of trouble with men getting them to commit to me, and they don’t like my bossy attitude. What I’m getting at is, my sisters understand the problems I’ve been going though the past couple of years. So to help me out they let me use there husbands for sexual play things till I find the right man.” Josie stopped talking as if I was suppose to say something. Not knowing what to say to this I said

“Is that why Jolene said that Bobbie may not like you taking up with me?”

“Bobbie’s harmless he thinks the only reason I haven’t found someone yet is because I’m secretly in love with him. I’m not, she’s just a really good fuck. I spread out my favors with all my brothers-in-law equally. Just so there is no mistake I like one more then the other.” Josie finished with my hair and came and sat down on my lap. Then she asked

“Do you think this is wrong? Can you understand why I do it and why my sisters allow it?”

“I can’t say what’sright or wrong that’s up to you. I can understand you need sexual release. I know I need it from time to time. I also understand that you don’t want to take the chance of catching anything that could kill you. If this is what you’ve worked out then so be it. If everyone’s happy with this arrangement then who am I to say it’s wrong.” I told her

“What about you immoral speech you gave me earlier this week?” She asked

“I figured out that my moral compass was broken when I got it so I threw it out. What you and another member of your family do is of no concern to any one else. As long as no one is cheating on their spouse.”

“Boy you sure did a turn around. Speaking about my family maybe I should tell you the rest of the story.” I pulled her close to me and kissed her, once the kiss ended I said

“Let me see if I can guess. You and your sisters all like a nice tasty pussy once in awhile. Since it’s so hard to find a woman that will be faithful to you while you go home to you spouse or lover you all decided that to fulfill this need you would turn to each other. How did I do?”

“How did you know?” She asked

“When I saw the way you kissed Cathy yesterday and Jolene today, I thought it was a little too intimate for sisters. I know my sisters don’t kiss like that. And once you told me about your brothers in law I just put two and two together.”

“And this doesn’t bother you?”

“Why should it, you all have your ways in dealing with the problem. At least you’re not at each other’s throats like some families are. Besides I understand where you all are coming from I like a nice tasty pussy once in a while too.” I told her

“Well sweet heart your going to have one tonight when we get home. I’m going to sit on your face till you pass out then I’m going to revive you and start all over again.” She told me giggling.

“Oh promises, promises. Just like you told me we were going to make mad passionate love all afternoon and what did we do. Dress me up eat lunch that I had to make and then undress me.” I said teasing

“You rotten man I have half a mind to take you over my knee and spank your bare bottom.”

“There you go again making promises you won’t keep.” I said jokingly but one look at Josie told me that this was not a joking matter.

“If I was you sir I would be careful of what I wished for, because you just may get it. You may get it whether you want it or not. If you’re a good boy tonight I may take you into my play room.” She told me with a very serious look on her face. I swallowed hard and she laughed. Then she said, “Come on lets get going before we’re late.”

She took my hand and helped me up before grabbing her purse and leading me out to the car. Once we were on the road she said, “Have you figured out what going to happen tonight?”

“Do you mean at the party or with your mother?”

“My mother will probable ask a few questions but I’m sure she knows all about you by now. So it’s mostly we’re going to get her blessing or her rejection of you. At the party the men mostly sit and play poker while the women go into another room and watch a movie. You can’t come in to the room with the women. Misty is the only one allowed in the women room, so if you need me ask her to come and get me. Have your figure out who Misty is yet.”

“I assume she’s Cathy’s husband acting as the hostess. Does she perform the same duties that the maid did in the movie?”

“Misty is Michel, Cathy’s husband and yes she will be performing the same duties as the maid in the movie. If she offers you her services you can either accept or reject them. If you want to accepted them the go ahead and enjoy yourself. If you reject them please do it in a courteous manner, remember she has feeling too. Oh and do refer to her as a female all the husbands are refer to as female when they are dressed as one.”

“I hope you didn’t think I would be rude to her?” I asked

“I didn’t think you would, I just want you to know in advance what’s going to happen.”

When we arrived at Josie’s sister house we were told that her mother was waiting to see us in Cathy’s study. I later found out that all the women had their studies and the men were not allowed in them except to tend to the needs of the wife. When we walked into the study after Josie had knocked I found it to be very feminine in appearance. There were paintings on the wall that I later found out were original works of Renoir and Degas. The furniture was large and very comfortable looking though I would never find out for sure with the exception of one chair. It was the chair I was given after my introduction to the Matriarch of the Swanson clan.

“Mother I would like you to meet Nicolas Ward. Nick my mother Anita Swanson.” Josie said as an introduction. I heard a slight bit of fear in Josie’s voice but there was also respect there as well.

There was no doubt that Anita was Josie’s mother. She had the same small build and the same color hair and eyes. I knew she had to be between forty-five and fifty years old but she didn’t look a day over thirty-five. I was also sure she had the same figure that she did when she was twenty and she still drove men crazy. Her breasts were a bit larger then Jolene, but not to large. She had the same dark completion as all the girls did.

She checked me out as I did her then she turn to Josie and asked how she was doing before they kissed. And again the kiss was as intimate as it had been between Josie and her sisters. Once the kiss was over she had Josie leave the study and told me to be seated. I remained standing till Anita took her seat then I sat down.

“Mr. Ward as Josie may have told you or you may have figured out on your own. I have done a little background check on you. But first would you like to explain what you see in my daughter.”

“Your daughters an extremely intelligent woman. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever known.” I told.

“You forgot to say she is also extremely rich, or will be. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that as well?” She said with a slight grin on her lips. I saw a trap there.

“I did notice that, although you have no way of knowing it I have no designs on your daughter’s or your money.”

“Really I noticed that looking at my daughters credit card account that she had purchase quite a few things for you yesterday.”

“There was a misunderstanding over that. I gave Josie my credit card to pay for the purchases but she paid for them with her own card. When I found out what she had done I insisted that she take my check to cover them.” My voice was timid up until this point but during the explanation of the check it sounded stronger and self-assured.

“You insisted? You don’t sound like the type my daughter would be interested in. Would you like to explain that?”

“In all other matters I submit to her desires, but in this one area I did insist that she take the check. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m dating your daughter for her money. She has so much more to offer.” After I said this I saw what looked like acceptance in her eyes but I couldn’t be sure.

“Josie informs me that you will be here for only six weeks. What happens after that?”

“I move to my next installation job and Josie continues as she has before.” I told her there was a bit of sadness in my voice.

“We shall see about that.” She told me. Then she spoke to the door. “Josephine I know you out there listening please come in.” There was a second or two pauses before Josie open the door and entered.

“Josie Mr. Ward informs me that he gave you a check to cover the cost of the things you bought him yesterday may I have it.” Josie dug into her purse and pulled out the check and handed it to her mother. She looked at it and said

“It’s for more then I thought it should be. Obviously the women’s cloths and lingerie were for him as well.” If this statement was meant to embarrass me it work. I could feel heat on my ears as my face turned red. A slight smile came to Anita’s lips then she said.

“Mr. Ward would you mind waiting out in the hall while I talk to my daughter.” I excused myself and left the room.

I stood as far from the door as I could but still within sight of it. I didn’t want to be accused of ease dropping. While I wait I saw Jolene and Cathy pass by. They were both dressed in short skirts and tight tops. I realized that these women love to dress up and most like dress up their men to match. After twenty minutes or so, it seemed like a lifetime. Josie open the study door and waved me in. Josie took the seat I had vacated earlier and I stood behind her.

“Josephine, Mr. Ward. Nick if I may. I don’t see any reason to stand in the way of this relationship. I don’t care for your insistence of paying for the cloths my daughter bought for you, but I do understand your reasoning. And for that you have my respect. I do not object to my daughters buying gifts for their friends please remember that. I do have to warn you if you hurt my daughter in any way I will hunt you down and make your life miserable, do you understand me?” I told her I did “now if her heart gets broken when you leave here that I will not hold against you. Josie understands what she is doing and she knows what could happen. Now unless one of you has something to add I think we should join the party.”

Neither of us did so we left the study and joined the rest of the party. Anita introduced me to her daughters and each daughter introduced me to her husband. I found out that Cathy and Susie were twins. Frank was Susie’s husband and he was an orthopedic surgeon. Robert owned several Jaguar dealerships through out the bay area and Michel, or Misty as she was called tonight was a plastic surgeon. Ted, Josie’s father, from what I could tell didn’t do anything at all. Once he gave up the movie business he just seem to help out Anita.

The men all stood behind their wives as they sat and discussed what was important to them. Then each sister had to tell me a story about Josie that would have her face red with embarrassment. It was one of only a few times I saw Josie embarrassed.

Misty went around the room bring drinks and trays of finger food to everyone. As I watched her I found it hard to believe that she was really a guy. She carried herself with poise and grace that any woman would be proud of. Whenever she came to me to offer something to eat or to refill my drink, she had a way of looking at you that would stir something inside me. She would tilt her head so that when she did look at you she looked up at you. Her blue eyes look so enticing that I started to look forward to her come to me. Once or twice I found myself starting to get an erection while she was near me.

I know it sounds strange come from a guy who professes to be straight, but she turned me on. Her blond hair and her blue eyes, her slim build all wrapped up in that French maid’s uniform was almost too much for me. Even though I knew what was in those cute little panties with the four rows of ruffled lace.

Once the girls went to watch their movie and do what ever they do together the men sat down to play cards. Frank handed out the chips, Ted got all the red ones while Robert got all the blue ones Frank took all the yellow ones and he gave me all the black ones. When I asked how much we played for Robert told me

“We don’t play for money, there isn’t much fun in that, we play for favors. If you win someone else’s chips then they owe you a favor. The bigger the favor the more chips it will take. Now we won’t hold you to any favors right now because you’re not one of the husbands.”

We played cards for close to two hours. Misty continued to bring us food and she kept our drinks filled. After about half an hour Robert got up and left the room with Misty hot on his heels. Twenty minutes later Robert came back and Frank left also with Misty right behind him. We played for another half-hour after Frank came back. By this time I was starting to feel the drinks and I need to go to the bathroom. I asked Misty where it was and she showed me. After I peed and wash my hands and face I stepped out into the hallway. Misty was still there waiting, she came to me and asked in a sweet innocent voice

“Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?

The way she asked and the way she looked at me left no doubt in my mind what she was suggesting. To tell the truth I was tempted to see her lips wrapped around my cock, And to watch her cute little ass as my cock thrust in and out of her. I felt myself start to rise just thinking about it. But at the same time I saw Josie’s face flash before my eyes and I knew that I wanted to save it for her. I wanted to be able to give her everything I could. So I told Misty

“Honey any other time I would be honored by such an offer, especially from someone as pretty as you. But Josie and I haven’t done anything together yet and tonight we are suppose to make love for the first time and I want to save it all for her.” Misty giggled and said

“That might be a good idea she can be pretty demanding when she hasn’t had any in a while.” Even though she seemed to except my refusal I could see disappointment in her eyes. I leaned over and kissed her. Her body melted into mine as my tongue found it’s way into her mouth. We kissed for a few moments then we parted. She pulled a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her lipstick off my lips. She reapplied another coat to her lips.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to mess up your make up.” I told her

“Don’t be, I enjoyed your kiss. Robert doesn’t care to kiss me and Frank only does it sometimes. But you can do it whenever you want. You’re really a good kisser. I’m jealous of Josie now.” She told me before she turned and walked way. I could help watching her ass as it swung from side to side.

I found my way back to the game room and found Josie waiting for me. She came to me and wrapped her arms around my waist then she reached up and wiped my lips off with her thumb. She asked if I was ready to go. Of cause I told her I was. Once we were in the car she asked.

“Did Misty offer you her services?” I could see the grin on her face so she knew she had.

“Yes, but I turned her down as gently as I could.”

“Really, wasn’t that her lipstick I wiped off you lips earlier?” She asked and her grin became bigger.

“When I told her I was saving myself for you since tonight will be our first time together she seemed disappointed so I kissed her. She seemed better after that.”

“So you kissed her. You mister I’m straight sexually speaking.” She said before she giggled. I could feel the heat of embarrassment on my face as my own words came back to haunt me. She then became serious and said. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. You didn’t do anything wrong. Can you tell me did you find her attractive.”

“As a straight man sexually speaking. Yes I did find her attractive, very attractive. And if I hadn’t thought of you I may have taken her up on her offer.” I told her.

“Nick you sure have change. A few day’s ago you would never have admitted you were attracted to her, even if you were.”

“I know but I’ve find I can trust you, you won’t throw anything back in my face. Well not unless you can get a laugh out of me or embarrasses me, but I know you not doing it to be mean. When I do lie or omit the truth you seem so disappointed in me I hate myself for it. I figure it’s best to just not do it.”

“That’s a good philosophy to live by. I only embarrass you because you’re so cute when you are. Even my mother thinks so and so does Jolene.”

“So that’s what you did tonight in you women’s only room. Talk about how cute I look when I’m embarrassed.” I said trying to sound shock but failing

“Some but mostly we watched one of Jolene’s new porn movies and ate each other pussy.” She told me I’m sure to shock me. A few days ago I would have been, but not anymore.

“So while I was saving my self for you. You were indulging in the pleasures of the flesh.”

“Hey I told you if you wanted to accept Misty’s services then you could go ahead and enjoy yourself it was your choice to refuse her. I’m glad you did because that leaves more for me but it was your choice.”

“Well why would I choose Misty when I’m going to go home with you. Don’t get me wrong she was pretty even when I remember what she really was. She was very pretty. But she’s not you.” I told her. Josie laughed and said I was sweet to say that. Then I asked

“Seriously why would any one of your brothers in law chose each other when they go home with one of the most gorgeous creatures I ever met. Don’t get me wrong I have no desire to be with anyone but you, but why would say Robert do it with Misty when he has Jolene to go home with?”

“Well as far as Robert is concerned he’s not a true submissive like Michel is. He’s submissive to Jolene because of his love for her. Jolene knows this that’s why she’ll only make love to him as a dominant. So when he has a chance to act out his dominant side he does. Michel is very submissive but even he acts out his dominant side. Most people are both dominate and submissive they need to act out both sides to feel whole. I act out my submissive side when I perform oral sex on some one. When I have intercourse I’m always on top. You don’t know about being submissive yet but someday you’ll take one of the hostess and act out your dominant side then you’ll know why the husbands do what they do.”

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