Becoming Her Wife Ch. 03-1

I woke up Friday morning around eleven. Josie lay next to me peacefully sleeping. The more I looked at her the more I thought of her as an angel. With the urgent need to pee and to get something to drink I reluctantly left the bed. After taking care of my morning pee hard on I went to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I sat at the counter and drank my coffee while I contemplated what my life had become in the last week since I arrived in San Francisco. When I came to the bay area I was a normal straight man that never deviated from the straight path. Since coming here I had a lap dance from a transsexual. I meet a gorgeous beauty with a strange kinky sexual appetite. I was now waiting for a test result that I was sure would come out negative for any disease. So this beauty and I could have wonderful sex while I was dressed like a girl at her request.

I felt a tap on my shoulder I jumped and turned to find another black haired beatify standing next to me. She had the same coloring as Josie and her sister Cathy with the same long black curly hair as Josie. She was shorter then Cathy but taller then Josie by a few inches. She was older then the both of them, but her age didn’t diminish her beauty in the least. Somehow I knew this was Jolene, the oldest of Josie’s sisters.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, but you didn’t hear me come in.” She said in an angelic voice.

“I’m sorry I was contemplating the meaning of life.” I said in jest

“Pretty deep thinking for so early in the day. I usually wait till after three and a good strong drink before I get that deep in thought.” We both laughed then she said “Hi I’m Jolene Josephine’s oldest sister. You must be Nick or should I call you Nikki.”

She held out her hand and I took it before realizing what she had said. I realized that I was still wearing the pink nightgown from last night and I’m sure my face turned a matching color.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed you’re not the first man I’ve seen in a night gown and you could bet you wouldn’t be the last. In fact you look very fetching in it. Would you mind if I take a cup of that coffee? I’m dying for a cup.”

I told her I didn’t mind then I got up to get her a cup. She didn’t make a move to stop me as if she expected me to get it for her. After I got her a cup and refilled my own I asked if she wanted me to wake up Josie.

“No I came to see you. I wanted to see for myself what Cathy was gushing about. She couldn’t stop talking about the new man Josie had found. Now come over here and tell me all about yourself before my sister gets her lazy ass out of bed.”

We talked for about an hour before Josie had finally woken up. Jolene had a personality that you warmed up to almost immediately. I found myself telling her things I didn’t tell Cathy yesterday. When Josie did wake up she came over to me and wrapped her arms around me from behind and said

“He’s mine you can’t have him.”

“That’s shame too, but I think Robert would be greatly displeased with me if I brought him home. He might not like the thought that you’re taking up with him. You know how Bobbie can be when she has to share. Now come here and give me a kiss.” She told Josie.

Josie went to her and they took each other in their arms and kissed. The same deep soul kiss that Josie shared with Cathy yesterday. Again I was shock by the intimacy the sisters seem to share. And what did she mean about Bobbie not wanting to share Josie. As their kiss seem to last longer then I thought was appropriate for lovers I stood to leave them. Josie saw my movement and took my hand in hers as she continued to kiss her sister. When their mouths finally separated Josie said to me

“You don’t need to leave. We’re not going to get too intimate are we Jo.” The last was toward her sister.

“No I have to be going soon. I have to get over to one of the sets and put a collar on my director. He’s spending way too much on a low budget blue movie. You’d think he was making a feature film.” Jolene told us as she got up to leave. “You two will be coming to Cathy’s tonight won’t you.”

“No we were planning on just staying here till we go to your house tomorrow.” Josie told her

“I’m sorry did that sound like a question.” Jolene said with a laugh. Then she said, “Mother wants the two of you there tonight. She doesn’t want to ruin the football by discussing the two of you and your arrangement.”

“Well in that case I guess we’ll be there.” Josie told her with resignation in her voice.

“Good I’ll tell Cathy to expect you. Besides if you didn’t come you know Susie would be here before night fall.”

“I’m surprised she hasn’t been here yet.” Josie told her

“That’s because she’s been told to stay away. Any longer then that and I doubt we could restrain her. I’ll see you two tonight. The festivities start at eight, as I’m sure you know. Mother will be waiting. Good-bye you two, Nikki it’s been a pleasure meeting you and I hope I see you again. Josie until tonight.” She said before kissing us both. Her lips touched mine and lingered for longer then I thought was proper. Her lips felt just like Josie’s but there was no tingle to them. After Jolene left Josie came over to me and took me in her arms and said

“Dam I really wanted to be alone with you tonight. Now we have so little time left before we have to get dressed leave for the party. Dam why did she need to do this today.” She said close to tears.

“Who Cathy or Jolene?” I asked

“No my mother. If it were one of those two I’d tell them to go to hell. After all I am the head of the family after my mother. Jolene doesn’t like that fact but she knows it’s true. No we have to go because my mother wants us there. And I’m sure we’ll be expected to come tomorrow to watch football with them. Dam why does it have to be tonight.”

Josie then released me and ran for her purse. After taking the card from the clinic she called the number on the phone. Then she punched in the case number and listen. She then slammed the phone down and said.

“Dam the results still aren’t in. Today is not my day. Let’s go get something to eat.” She said in frustration. I took her in my arms and said.

“Calm down I’ll make us something to eat.”

“You better watch it. I may dress you up for something to do.” She said with a smile on her lips but I also saw a hunger in her eyes.

“If that would help relax you then I’d be pleased to let you dress me up.” I told her. Josie studied me for a few minutes and said.

“Your serious. You’ll let me dress you and put make up on you to help me relax?” I nodded my head. “Well okay why don’t you take a shower while I get everything ready.”

“Maybe I should make lunch first. This may take a while.” I told her

“No I’m too excited to eat right now. You can make us something after I get you dressed up or I can call out for pizza. Besides I think I’d like to have you cook after you’re all dressed up. I think it would be so sexy.” She told me

“Okay I’ll go jump in the shower.” I told her.

Ten minutes later I was showered and my face was shaved. Josie handed me a black thong panty with Nikki’s name embroidered on it. When I had it on she tucked my semi-hard member between my legs. She had me put on a matching bustier with the breast forms already in place. I expected the stocking to come next but Josie had other ideas.

“Sit on the bed while I do your toe nails.” I asked her why I need my toenails done. “Because a girl would never wear open toed shoes without her toe nails painted. So sit and don’t argue with me. ” She told me in a forceful tone

I did as I was told and Josie went to work. She was obviously enjoying what she was doing as she was humming to herself as she gave me a full pedicure. After she had on the first coat of polish she then moved up to my hands. Seeing I just had a manicure yesterday I didn’t need much work in the fingernail department except they were too short for Josie. So she glued on some press on nails then shaped them the way she wanted them to look. She applied the same color to my fingernails that she had to my toenails.

When she had one coat on my fingers and two on my toes she moved me over to the make up table. She draped a towel over the mirror so I couldn’t see myself. Then she brushed out my hair before putting it in hot rollers. When my hair was in rollers and another coat of polish was applied she went to work on my make up while sitting on my lap facing me.

She went to work on my eyes first, she used mascara then two or three colors. She applied foundation and something else I wasn’t sure about. She applied a heavy coat of red lipstick. Then she applied another coat of nail polish to my fingers and a clear coat to my toes.

“Are you sure all this will come off before we go to the party tonight?” I asked I was starting to feel a little vulnerable at this point.

“Of cause it will. The press on nails will pop right off. And the make up will wash off fairly easily. We can leave you toes painted seeing you’ll be wearing sox and shoes tonight. Seeing I’m not using anything on your hair to keep it curled once you wash it this curl will come right out. Now please just relax and let me work my magic.”

She then took the rollers out of my hair and went to work on it. It seem to take forever to get it the way she wanted it to look or at the least to get it to look right. Finally in frustration she said that was the best she could do with the way it was cut. If she had known we were going to go this far this quickly she would have had the hairdresser cut it differently.

When she was done with my hair and my toes where dry she rolled a stocking up both my legs. She put on a pair of four-inch open toed heels on my feet and buckled the strap that when around my ankle. She then stood me up and attached the garters to the stockings. A long sleeve red blouse went on next with a short black leather skirt to cover my legs. She then stood back and said.

“I’m not thrilled with your hair and you need some earrings. To use any of mine you would need to have pierced ears. So we’ll have to let that go for now. Other wise I think your ready.” Ready for what I asked. “Ready to make me something to eat for right now but I think your ready for just about any thing. I knew when I first met you, you would look good like this but I never thought you would look this good.”

I looked around for a mirror then made my way over to Josie walk-in closet it had two sliding mirrors for doors. As my image came into view I was shocked by what I saw. I expected to look like a man dressed up in women’s cloths, But what I saw was a women staring back at me. I looked so much like a real woman I had to move my hand to make sure it was really I. Josie came and stood next to me and asked.

“Well would you ask her out on a date. Would you think she was really a man under those cloths? Be honest with me doesn’t she look great.”

“I can’t believe that’s me. How did you make me so good looking?” I asked unable to pull my eyes from the image I was looking at.

“That’s all you. All I did was enhance what was already there.” She let me look at myself a minute longer then said. “Okay you stared at yourself enough and you promised to make me something to eat. So let’s get that cute little ass of yours in the kitchen and get you cooking. I’ll shower and get dressed while you’re getting lunch ready.” She told me as she slapped my butt playfully.

Josie followed me into the kitchen to make sure I could walk in the heels. Once in there she had me put on a pink apron that covered me from my neck to my skirt. It had ruffled edges and little red bows all over it. She tied it in the back with a big bow. Of all the things I was wearing this had to be the most feminine. For some reason it didn’t bother me. Josie left me to take her shower while I tried to figure out what to make her for lunch.

I found some smoked salmon in the fridge and the makings of a salad. I also found some pasta in the cupboard and with some cheese I found in the fridge I was able to make pasta with Alfredo sauce to go with the salmon. After I had the salmon in the oven to warm up and while I was waiting of the water to boil I noticed the card for the clinic on the counter top where Josie had left it.

I called the number and at the prompt I punched in my case number. I was told by a recording that my test showed no signs of infectious diseases present in the blood sample. Even though I was almost positive I was clean it was a relief to finally hear it on the recording. Then I redialed the number and punched in Josie’s number. She also tested negative. For some strange reason I felt like I just won the lottery.

My hands shook as I continued to get lunch ready. My feet had started to hurt from being bent and strained in a direction they weren’t use to, but once I had the news about the test they didn’t seem to bother me any more. I started to hum a tune from the radio while I prepared the salad and the sauce.

“Well some one’s in a good mood. Is that because of the way you’re dressed or do you have another reason.” Josie said from behind me.

I turned and looked in her direction. She was now wearing an ultra short mini-skirt with a crop top sweater that left her mid drift exposed to my view. It was the first time I saw her tummy and it was beautiful. It was flat and hard, it didn’t have any muscles showing but you could tell it was as hard as a rock. My eyes went to her belly button that had a naval ring in it. My eyes then traveled up to her face and I saw her smiling. She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me and said

“I want to kiss you desperately but I don’t want to smudge you lip stick just yet. Now tell me why are you so happy.”

“I called about the test results and they’re in.” I told her slightly embarrassed.

“Well that must mean it’s good news. I’d hate to think you were happy that one of us turned up positive.” She asked teasingly

“No both were negative. I hope you don’t mind I called. You can call to verify.” I told her

“No I’m not mad I told you, you could call. That’s why I gave you my number. Also I called from the bedroom you left your card on the nightstand. Let’s eat lunch then we can go into the bedroom and make mad passionate love for as long as we can. Now what have you made me for lunch.”

“First we’ll start with a salad then we’ll have smoked salmon with pasta Alfredo. If you would like wine with your meal I’ll get out what ever you suggest.” I told her

“Well there you go spoiling me again. I can’t believe you found all that in my kitchen. I’ll go get the wine while you set the table.” When she came back with the wine and I had the table set she asked

“How are you managing with the heels and the nails?” I looked down at my nails and realized I had forgotten they were even there.

“The heels started to hurt at first, but after I got use to them they don’t seem so bad and I forgot I even had longer nails.” I told her

“I can’t believe how easily you adapted to this role. You’re gliding around in those heels like you’ve been wearing them all your life. You haven’t displayed one male characteristic since I finished dressing you. I don’t think you even realize it, but your voice is so feminine, it still has huskiness to it but it sounds sexy kind of like a girl that smokes too many cigarettes. You’re sure you never did this before.”

“I can’t explain it either but this feels so natural. I love how everything feels on me. I’m just worried that there is something wrong with me. I mean mentally.” I told her.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. I think it’s you submissiveness that finally has an outlet. And for the first time in your life you feel comfortable. You relinquished your control to me and you can relax.” Josie moved into my arms and held me to her. I wanted to stay like this forever but I needed to get back to my cooking.

“I should check on the pasta I don’t want it to over cook.” I told her. Josie grabbed two hands full of my ass and gave them a squeeze.

“Did I tell you? You have a really cute ass.”

“No you haven’t. Do you want to do to me what that women did to her maid in the movie?” I asked

“Yes I do but I have to ask you a question. Have you ever had some one fuck you with a cock or a dildo? I need you to be honest with me on this.” She asked

“No I never have.”

“Not even a finger or a tongue?”

“No nothing at all. You’ll be getting a virgin in that department.” I couldn’t believe we were even discussing doing that to me, but for some unknown reason I wanted her to do that to me. Her smile turned to a frown when I told her this.

“Then I can’t. I’m sorry I think you really want this but I can’t,” She said sadly.

“Even if I beg you to take me?” I asked now teasing her.

“Even if you’re on your knees begging me I can’t do it. So please don’t beg me I don’t want to say no, I just can’t do it.” She told me before she went into the dinning room. I followed shortly after with our lunch. She was very quite during our meal. When we were just about done with the meal I said

“I’ll respect your wishes about not begging you, I’ll never bring it up again. I’m sorry I even brought it up.”

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. It’s just something I can’t do because you’re a virgin. If someone had been inside you before then you wouldn’t be and I could do you. As it stands I can’t” She thought for a few minutes then said.

“What I’m about to tell you, you must never repeat to any one especially my sisters or their husbands.” I told her I wouldn’t. “Back when Jolene was twenty four and I was fifteen. She was getting married to Robert that year. About a month before the wedding we were sitting around talking one night. And Jolene told us that she was going to make Robert submit to her on their wedding night. He was going to have to allow her to take him in the most submissive way possible. She was going to fuck him anally with a strap on dildo.

“Being as naive as I was back then I asked her if he like doing it that way. She told us that he never done it before but he loved her so much that he wanted to prove it by submitting to her request. Then she told us that once she was done doing him then she was going to submit to him in the same way. Being as domineering as we all were we couldn’t understand why she would summit to him that way.

“She told us that she loved him deeply and to prove it she would submit her ass hole to him and only him whenever he wanted it. Well we all thought that was a good idea. So we made a pact that we would never allow any one to penetrate our bottoms with anything until our wedding night. And we would never take any mans anal virginity except our husband’s, because you never know who you’re going to marry. Besides I want my husband to be a virgin, if he’s not then that’s okay. But if a man I’m having a relationship with is, then I won’t do it. Let the woman he marries do it. Can you understand that?” She asked after she told the stor.

“Sure I understand and since you already said you won’t marry me I have to wait till I find someone like you.” I told her before I thought about what I should say.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t marry you. I said don’t get any ideas about marrying me because I don’t think you could be the husband I need you to be. And I can’t be the wife you want me to be.” She told me.

The silence that followed hung over the table like a dark cloud. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I pick up the empty plates and took them to the kitchen. Josie stayed in the dinning room while I cleaned up the kitchen. I felt terrible for even bring up the subject. Marriage should be the furthest thing from my mind. Did I want to live like this my whole life? I should have said no immediately but I couldn’t. There was something about this woman that intrigued me. There was something between us, some chemistry, something that made me responded to her. Why was I so infatuated with her? These thought kept going round and round in my head till I felt her arms wrap around me then all my worries were gone.

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