Becoming Her Wife Ch. 02-3

“God I wish we can do that forever, but I just can’t it’s too intense I
feel like I’m going to pass out.” We lay there kissing lightly till I asked

“What movie were you putting it?”

“I thought you might like to see it, but after that dream you told me
about it may not be a good idea.” She told me

“We can watch it if you want, as long as I know your not going to make me
into a transsexual.”

“This movie doesn’t deal with transsexuals it more in the line of. Well
maybe you should watch it then make up your mind whether you like it or not.”
She said as we reversed ourselves on the couch. I was lying on my side with
Josie lying on her back next to me.

It started with a woman checking her French maid over saying that it was
the maid job to make sure the male guest left the party completely satisfied.
The maid told her that she would do everything in her power to make sure they
were. The movie cut to the party there were four guys and five girls including
the first one we saw.

It started out with the maid serving drinks and food from trays she
carried around. Then one guy took her by the hand and walked her into a butler’s
pantry. The next scene the maid was on her knees giving the guy that brought her
there an expert blowjob. You could see she really like giving it by the way she
moved her mouth. When the guy was good and hard she stood up and bent over a
counter as the guy took her from behind.

Through out this scene my hand was rubbing over Josie’s body when my hand
got to her legs she raised her nightgown so I could touch her bare skin. Her
legs were firm like a runner’s and they were as smooth as silk. I continued my
rubbing of her legs not daring to go too high while we watched the movie.

Josie put the movie on pause and ran into the bedroom. She came out a
second later with a new condom and slid it down my cock. Just in case she said.
She laid back down next to me after hiking up her gown before restarting the

After a while I realized that the guy was fucking the maid’s ass. When the
guy came he shot his load right at and into her ass hole. Then the maid wash his
cock and tucked it back in his pants. Most of the movie was about the same thing
every once in a while the movie showed the women that spoke to the maid in the
beginning, giving head to one of her female guest. But the majority of the movie
was about the maid and what she was doing. In the end the maid had serviced
every male guest at least once.

Josie had been working my cock through most of the movie and I was close
to cuming. I continued rubbing her legs till she told me that she would like me
to move up. Taking her cue I slid my hand up her leg till I just about touched
her panties. Then slid my hand down. On my next trip up she grabbed my hand and
placed it on her mound and said

“That’s where I need the attention.” She told me with a smile.

As she was my superior I was only too happy to oblige. I started to finger
her pussy through her panties till she groaned in my ear. “Go inside my
panties.” And of cause I did, I had her rocking to my beat in no time as we
watched the movie.

When the party was over the women went to the maid and asked, “Were all
the men satisfied?”

“I believe so I didn’t hear any complaints,” The maid told her

“Good get ready for your reward.” The women told her.

The next scene was in a bedroom the maid was knelling on the bed with her
knees together and her ass up in the air. Josie was moaning like crazy by this
point and I was doing my best to keep up with her. The women in the movie came
in to view and you could see she was wearing a devise that supported a dildo
between her legs. She knelt behind the maid and shoved the dildo in the maid’s
ass. Then the women asked the maid as she pounded her dildo into the maid’s ass.

“Why did you let those men fuck your ass?”

“Because you wanted me to.”

“But why did you do it?” The women asked

“Because it’s my desire to please you.” The maid said

“You did it because I wanted you to?” The woman asked

“Yes and only because you wanted me to.” The maid cried.

The women pulled out of the maid’s ass took off the dildo and told her to
turn over. When the maid turned over you saw that in fact she was a guy with a
hard fat cock. The women jumped on the cock and rode the maid till the maid came
in the women’s pussy. The women turned around with her cum filled pussy just
above the maid’s face. I watched as in slow motion, the maid’s cum drip out of
the women’s pussy and into the maid’s mouth. When the maid’s cum stopped
dripping out her the women sat on the maid’s face and the movie ended.

The movie had me so mesmerized I didn’t realized what I had been doing.
Josie was shaken and moaning due to what my hand had been doing in her pussy. As
I started to pay more attention to what my hand was doing I realized that Josie
pussy was soaking wet. My finger slid in and out of her slick wet pussy with
ease as I massaged her hard little clit with my thumb. Her moans got louder as
her trembling body shook even harder. I was sure she was close to an orgasm. My
thrusting fingers picked up the pace and Josie started to squeal

“Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh god Nikki I’m going to cum again.” Then only squeals
of delight escaped her clinched teeth as her orgasm shook her to the core.

Josie’s body shook as if she was having a seizure as more of her juices
flowed out of her pussy. Her smell was so intoxicating it took every ounce of my
will power not to rip off the panties she was wearing and dive headfirst in to
that gushing hole.

When her orgasm subsided she grabbed my hand to stop its movements. After
a few moments she opened her eyes and smiled up at me and said, “That’s enough
for now. Four times in a row is about all I can handle.

She closed her eyes again and sighed in contentment still holding my hand
to her mound. My only wish at this point was to see my Josie’s pussy as it
leaked out her juices, but her panties were still in the way. I tried to keep my
hand as still as possible because every time one of my fingers twitched the
slightest Josie’s body would jump as if she was being shocked.

When Josie had settled down she pulled my fingers from her panties and
pulled them to her mouth. First she licked her cream from my hand then she
plunged the two fingers I had been using inside her into her mouth and sucked
them clean as well. When she was satisfied that my hand was clean she released
my hand and pulled my head down to hers. As our lips touched I could smell her
essences on her mouth. Her cream smelt so good I knew I would do anything to
have the chance to lick her pussy just once. She slipped her tongue into my
mouth so I could taste her cum. I sucked on her tongue trying to remove the
flavor from it. She released her hold on me and smiled and said

“I just love how my pussy tastes. Do you think I tasted good?”

“God yes I can’t wait to be able to lick your pussy.” I told her almost in
a whine.

“I can’t wait to have you lick me and I want to suck your cock too.” She
told me then she stood up and said “I have to change my panties and I think you
need to remove your condom before you start to leak. After cuming two times I’m
sure it’s pretty full.”

I didn’t remember cuming at all, never mind twice. I was going to ask her
when I did but I was afraid of the implications of what it would look like not
remembering when. I was sure it was during the movie but what parts. I had a
feeling I knew but I was afraid what it might mean if I was right.

I followed Josie into the bedroom then I went into the bathroom to clean
off. Josie stayed in the bedroom to remove her soiled panties before going in to
the bathroom to clean up while I waited in the bedroom for her. I sat at her
make up table while I waited. I was amazed that one women would need so many
bottles and jars of make up seeing she never looked like she was wearing very
much at all. Josie came back into the bedroom and sat on my lap facing me with
her legs straddling mine and asked

“So how did you like the movie? I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares.”

“It was very different. I didn’t even know the maid was a man. I was so
surprised when she turned over and I saw she had a thing between her legs.”
Josie laughed and said

“Nikki my dear sweet thing sometimes you are so funny. Is it that hard to
call a cock a cock? You always call it a thing. It’s a cock a dick a penis. Is
it so hard to say that?

“No it just seems vulgar to talk that way. I don’t want to offend you.” I
told her

“You won’t. Do I offend you when I call it a cock?”

“No but I’m a guy.”

“That has nothing to do with it. I won’t be offended if you call it a cock
so don’t worry about it.” Then she thought a moment and said. “You know what was
really curious, after you came when you saw her cock you stayed hard and then
you came again when the maid drank her cum from the women’s pussy. Did you enjoy
that?” She asked

“No it was gross. I guess I was shocked that he would do something like
that.” I lied.

I remembered the part very well. I couldn’t believe that he would do it
but I wasn’t shocked or discussed. I wasn’t sure what I was. I just knew it was
very erotic watching that cum drip out of the women into the maid’s mouth.
Looking at Josie I knew she didn’t buy a word of what I had said. Her shoulders
slummed and her smile left her face. She looked so sad and disappointed it made
me feel depressed.

Josie some how had removed my ponytail with out me realizing it. She then
picked up a brush and started to brush out my hair. When she got up to brush the
back I figured she had forgotten about what we were talking about. She brushed
out my hair for a minute or so before asking.

“Nikki what have I done to give you the impression you can’t confide in
me? Have I ever said anything to make you think I would make fun of you or
ridicule you over some feelings you may have or of things you find erotic.” I
told her no

“So why do you feel the need to lie to me. I know you were turned on
watching the maid lick up her cum. If you weren’t you would have gone soft.
Remember you just came only a few minutes before that. So it wasn’t like you
were that over stimulated that you just lost control of yourself from shock.”

I knew she was disappointed in me and it made me feel awful because I
disappointed her. I knew I had to tell her the truth and hope she understood
what had happen. I told her that I didn’t remember anything that happen between
the two of us while the movie was playing. She then asked me if I remembered
cuming and I told her no, which didn’t seem to bother her at all. She then sat
down on my lap and kissed me. This time the kiss was even more passionate then
ever before. When we separated I asked

“Don’t you think it weird that I would cum from watching some guy drink
his own cum?” Josie smile at me and said

“No sweetie I don’t, I came then too. I think that was the best part of
the movie. When I make love to someone I always clean his cock with my mouth
when we’re done. I love the taste of our combined juices. Have you ever tasted
your own cum?” I told her no “You’re not even curious about what it would tasted

“Sure I wondered what it would tasted like but I never tasted it.” I
stopped there before I said something stupid.

“Well I can tell you speaking from experience I like it. I like eating cum
from a woman and a man. I prefer men’s but I do like a nice tasty pussy once in
a while. If you wanted to lick your cum from my pussy I wouldn’t think you
were perverted or sick or any other label your up bringing could put on it. So
if you ever feel like you want to try it just to see what it would taste like
then you go ahead and clean me out. I’ll only thank you for it in the end.”

“Why would you thank me?” I asked

“Mostly because if you clean me out I won’t have to get up and do it. I
hate it when it drips down my legs as I walk to the bathroom, also because you
trusted me that much not to ridicule you for doing it. I would never do anything
to make you feel humiliated or ridicule you for anything you may want to do.”
She told me

“So if I wanted to reenact that scene from the movie you would be okay
with it?” I asked

“Hmmm that sounds like fun. Can I dress you up in a French maid’s uniform
too?” She said as she snuggled up to me and kissed my neck. I was in shock she
didn’t find the idea offensive.

“You mean you would do it. I mean the whole thing?”

“Sure if you wanted to do it. I wouldn’t make you do it, but if you wanted
to do it I’d be all for it.”

“I can’t believe you could find turning me into a French maid that
attractive an idea that you would do it.”

“Why wouldn’t I? I get excited when you dressed up in this nightgown and
just the thought that you were wearing pink panties while we were out shopping
that really got my juices flowing. Maybe someday you’ll figure out what I really
want is for you to be dressed up completely like a girl and you’ll let me make
love with you as the submissive female partner.”

Josie was quite after that. She had put all her cards on the table and was
waiting to see if I was on board with it. I wasn’t sure how far I could go with
it. I liked being submissive to her, and if I had to answer I liked wearing the
nightgown and the panties because she wanted me to, but to let her fuck me in
the ass and then to drink my own cum from her pussy. Well that was asking a bit
much. I told her as much then she said

“That’s okay if you don’t think you can do it then I won’t force you.
Maybe some day you’ll feel like you want to at least try it. Until then we’ll
only go as far as you want to go. You’re okay with me dressing you up as a

“Sure as long as we don’t go out like that.” I told her

“Does that mean I can put make up on you and style your hair to look like
a girls?”

“If it will make you happy and when I go to work no one will know what
we’ve been doing.” I told her as she squealed with delight and threw her arms
around me and hugged me so tight. I knew she was pleased beyond compare with me
and it pleased me to know I pleased her.

When she got herself under control she said. “I want to dress you up right
now but I know if I do I going to want make love to you right away so I’ll wait
till tomorrow. I do want you to try on a few things. I think I have the right
sizes but if I don’t then we can go out tomorrow and get the right ones.”

We went into another bedroom and Josie had me put on a bustier much like
the one that I saw her in last night. Then she filled the bra cups with two
silicone breast forms. They looked like the real thing they had hard nipples and
areolas just like real ones do. Josie rolled a pair of thigh high stockings up
my legs and attached them to the garter straps from the bustier. Then she slid a
pair of four-inch sling back heels on my feet. I was amazed they fit so well. I
told Josie

“Wow its lucky Misty wear’s the same size I do.”

“Oh these aren’t Misty’s.”

“Who do they belong to?” I asked

“I guess there yours. I bought them today while you were getting your hair

“What all did you spend my money on.” I asked. I gave her my credit card
while we had been shopping to pay for every thing.

“I didn’t spend any of your money I paid for everything.” She could see by
my face that I wasn’t too happy about this. “It’s okay I have plenty of money.”
She told me

“No it’s not okay. I don’t want anyone saying I’m dating you for your
money now how much do I owe you?” Josie walked over to me and started to rub up
against me and said in her sweet childish voice

“It doesn’t matter who paid for it. Consider it a gift from me.” I pushed
her away and said

“I may be submissive to you in everything else, but this I must insist on.
I want you to tally up everything we bought today and I’ll write you a check to
cover it.” I could see Josie was debating on how serious I was so I added. “If
you don’t then we stop here.”

Josie took a defiant stand with her arms folded under her breast till I
started to remove the first of the six garters attached to the stockings. She
must have saw that I was serious and said.

“Okay if it’s that important to you then we’ll tally up the receipts.” She
then motioned for me to leave the bedroom first. I took one step and nearly fell
over face first. Josie grabbed my arm to catch me and said. “Not so easy to walk
in, are they. Come on I’ll help you and remember to take small steps.”

Josie walked me out the bedroom and down the hall. I went into her room to
pick up my checkbook. Then we went into the kitchen where we figured out what I
owed her. I wrote out a check for five thousand two hundred and fifty three
dollars and gave it to her. She took the check and said

“You know I don’t have to cash this if I don’t want to.” The look I gave
her must have said something because she immediately said “I will if it will
make you happy.” I told her it would.

“Okay then can we now go back and see it they fit you since you now own
them. And since you own them you will be taking them with you when you leave
here.” Josie told me

“What am I going to do with them once I leave here?”

“I don’t know but they are yours and you will be taking them with you. I
know you can wear them in your hotel room and remember what a great time we had
together. Because when you leave here you will always remember what a great time
you had.” She told me as we got back into the bedroom where she had stored
all my girl cloths.

“So you think I’m going to remember you for a long time?” I asked as she
wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Oh I do. I think when your old and all shriveled up your going to look
back on this trip and get an instant hard on. Just like you have now. If I
didn’t know better I swear you like dressing up as much as I like dressing you
up. You sure you haven’t done this before?”

“No I haven’t but I really like the way it feels. I can’t believe I’m
letting you do this.” I told her

“I think somewhere deep down inside you wanted this for a long time. But
enough talk lets try on these cloths before we get carried away.” She told me as
she took out the first dress that she wanted me to try on.

We spent the next two hours changing from one thing to another till I had
tried on all the cloths she had bought. In every combination she could think of.
By the end I was back in my nightgown and we were sitting on her bed talking. We
then lay down and went to sleep.

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