Becoming Her Wife Ch. 01-4

A few minutes later I heard someone shouting Josie’s name. I looked up and saw Tanya running across the floor in a pair of high heels and a short satin robe. She flopped down next to Josie and they hugged and kissed then Tanya noticed me sitting next to Josie and said

“Hello there, who’s your friend Josie?”

“Tanya meet Nick, Nick Tanya. Nick’s a new friend of mine that’s new in town. He’s going to be here a few weeks so I told him I’d show him the sights.”

“I’d like to show him a few sites. So are you two a couple or can I play with him.” She asked Josie.

“Well that’s what bring us here. You know how I am about new lovers and Nicks agreed to be faithful to me. We’re just waiting for the test to come back. In the mean time I’ve been teasing him unmercifully all day so I thought I treat him to one of you lap dances, if you don’t mind and if Nick would like one.”

“I don’t mind you know I’d do anything for you. Would you like one Nick?” Tanya asked.

What does a guy say to this kind of offer? Here was my new girlfriend willing to get me a lap dance from this gorgeous blond with really big tits. If this was a test I should say no but if Josie was serious about getting me a lap dance I should take it. I took the honorable way out and said

“I’d love one Tanya, but I just swore to Josie I’d remain faithful to her. I’m a man of my word so I’ll pass nothing against you, but I should pass.”

“Isn’t he the sweetest thing?” Josie asked Tanya, and then to me she said “Nick sweetie this isn’t cheating I getting this for you. You two won’t be exchanging body fluid so there’s no chance of catching anything. Tanya’s the best in San Francisco ask any one here. Please for me so I don’t feel guilty about teasing you all day.”

“Josie I don’t want to fail you before I even get a chance to start.” I told her

“You won’t, this is not a test. I want you to have this.”

I gave in and told Tanya I would like one. She came over and sat n my lap and said “This song is almost over we’ll start on the next one. You do know you’re not allowed to touch me unless I take you hands in mine and guide them. That’s one of our rules.”

“Like you can’t take for your G-string?” I asked

“Were a full liquor bar so we have to leave the G-string on. So where are you from Nick?” She asked while we were waiting for the next song.

“Born and raised in Wisconsin, but my company’s based out of Chicago.”

“Are you one of those die hard Packer fans we get in here when ever the teams in town to play a game?” She asked with her hands on her hips

“Yes I sure am and proud to be one.” I told her as proud as I can be

“They have a pretty loyal fan base. And they don’t mind spending money and having fun.” She told Josie.

“I know and it doesn’t matter how bad the team is. All fans should be like that.” Josie told her back.

The next song started and Tanya went into action. She took off her robe and pressed her double D breast into my faces till I could see nothing but flesh. While I was still being smothering by her tits she stood up and straddled my legs with hers and started to rub her crotch against my extremely hard cock.

“MMM a nice one, Josie you’re going to love riding this one.” She said then she backed off my face and took Josie’s hand and guided it over her left tit. “Josie loves my tits don’t you baby?”

“You know it baby. Your tits are so big and firm.” Josie said as I watched these two beauties play with each other. I almost lost it right there but held on to see how this would play out. Then Tanya slid Josie’s hand down her tummy and let it slide into her G-string.

“She love’s putting her hand in my panties too.” Tanya said then I looked over to Josie and she had a glazed look in her eyes. What stopped me from cuming right then was shear will power. And the desire to show Josie I could last. But it was getting harder by the minute and I don’t mean my cock, though that was too. I could feel it start to throb.

Tanya then stood up and knelt down in front of me. She ran her hand all over my legs and her face rubbed on my thighs. I know by this time I was moaning just from the pleasure I was getting. Tanya face then reached my crotch and she rubbed her cheeks all over the bulge of my cock. It was like getting a blowjob with out her using her mouth.

Next Tanya stood and turned around and sat with my cock between her ass cheeks. When she was comfortable she leaned back and started moving her ass at the same time she clenched and unclenched her cheeks. I knew I wouldn’t last long now, what her was doing was too much for me. She then pick up my hands and brought it to her firm breasts. She guided my hands all over her tits and she let the palms of my hands graze past her hard nipples.

She kept this up for a minute or two, and then she left one hand on her left breast and guided my right hand down to her tight stomach. When it traveled further down I knew it was going to go down to her G-string. I felt the G-string pass over the top of my hand on it’s way down to her heavenly slit.

What I found there shocked me, it shocked me so much I lost all control of myself and came. My cock pumped glob after glob of hot thick cum into the latex sheath that surrounded my throbbing cock. The humiliation I felt as cum poured from me as I held this, this thing between my fingers was unbearable.

I pushed Tanya off my lap almost cause her to fall to the floor. Then I stood on wobbly knees and made a beeline for the men’s room. Once inside the bathroom that was thankfully empty. I took a hand full of paper towels and went into one of the stalls. I lock the door to the stall and dropped my pants to the floor and sat down and hung my head in shame.

I thought back on all the things I said to Josie about me being a straight man and now here I was in a gay strip club with a condom full of cum on my shrunken cock. Why didn’t my cock go soft when I felt that thing? Why did I have to cum? Tanya I’m sure knows I came and she or he will tell Josie. I was sure they’re both laughing their heads off about me right now.

After sitting on the commode for fifteen or twenty minutes letting my humiliation wash over me I figured there was nothing I could do in here and I would have to leave the men’s room sooner or later. I removed the filled condom from my cock and dropped it into the toilet. Then I cleaned my self off as well as I could. After getting my pants back on I went to wash my hands. I washed them three times before I figured that no matter how many times I washed them I couldn’t erase the memory of what I had done. As I was wiping my hands the Bouncer came in and asked

“Hey buddy, are you okay?” I nodded my head too discussed with myself to speak. “Josie sent me in to see if you where okay she looks pretty worried.”

I told him I was ok and I’d be right out. The bouncer turned and left the room. I heard him tell Josie I was okay and would be out in minute before the door closed. So she was right outside the bathroom. Probable so I couldn’t get out of the club before she could laugh in my face. There were no windows in the bathroom so I couldn’t get out that way. I had to face the music. I’ll walk out of the bathroom and straight out the front door even if Josie laughed at me all the way.

I walked out of the bathroom and found Josie standing there. I braced myself for her laughter but none came. I saw she was holding my jacket but I also saw that she looked sad. She smiled up at me hopefully and when I didn’t return her smile her eyes dropped to the floor. She asked if I wanted to leave and I told her I did.

All the way to the hotel neither of us had anything to say. She drove at or near the speed limit, which for her was slow. I wish she had drove her normal speed so I could get out of the car quicker. When we got back to the hotel she parked in the lot and got out of the car with me.

“Maybe you should go home now. It’s late and I need to sleep.” I told her even though I knew sleep wouldn’t come easy tonight.

“I need to get my things. I won’t stay long if you don’t want me to.” She said sadly.

Once in the room I made myself double bourbon on the rocks and offered her something. She refused saying she had to drive. I went to the window and looked out while she got her things together. Within minutes I heard her softly crying. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, first she humiliated me now she was crying. No mater what was going on, hearing her cry was too much for me. I went to her and took her in my arms I asked her what was the matter.

“You are, you’re so cold to me ever since you came out of the bathroom. You haven’t said more then a dozen word to me. What did I do?” She asked thought her tears. How could she ask such a thing? Didn’t she realize how humiliating it was to know that she knows I had an orgasm through another man’s manipulation? Granted Tanya didn’t look like a man, no far from it, but he was still a man.

“If I stay mad at you, you may not laugh at me.” I said humbly

“Laugh at you, why would I laugh at you. Because you touched another dick for the first time got sick and threw up? I know it was a shock I just didn’t think it would shock you that much.”

“Didn’t Tanya tell you?” I asked shocked that she didn’t know.

“Tell me what? She said you felt her penis and threw her off your lap. She was a little up set that you did that, you could have hurt her.”

Dam she didn’t know, what do I do now. I could lie and say I did throw up and let that be the end of it. Or should I tell her the truth and take her scorn. I always knew the truth was better because in the end a lie is always found out.

“I didn’t get sick I was discussed with myself and humiliated on top of it. I thought you were going to laugh at me because I came when I touched his cock.” I said with my eyes on the floor

“Whose cock did you touch? Was it in the bathroom.” She asked

“No it was Tanya’s,” I told her

“Why did you say his cock? Tanya’s not a man she’s no more a man then I am.”

“He is still a man he has a cock and he was born a male.” I told

“Tanya may have been born a male but that’s about it, that little penis you felt is only an inch and a half long. She’s taken so many hormones that little thing can’t get hard any more. Is she a woman? I guess not she doesn’t have a vagina either, but she is definitely not a man.”

“So you didn’t do that to humiliate me because of all the things I said.” I asked now total confused.

“Why would I want to humiliate you, what could I possible get from that? I told you, you said the things you did because that was what you were taught to say. I don’t hold you accountable for that. I don’t know why you feel humiliated?”

“Because I had an orgasm while holding another man’s cock.” I said almost shouting.

“I think your reading to much into this. Let me explain what happen and you think about it and see if I’m right. First you were teased all day long, first with watching my ass wiggle in front of you most of the afternoon. Then I was wearing sexy lingerie and was sitting on your lap kissing you and they were some kisses. Then I take you to a strip club and jerk you off while you watch what you thought were girls dancing on stage. Then Tanya gives you a world-class lap dance. An believe me that lap dance was one of the most provocative I have ever seen her give.

“Through that whole lap dance you were doing everything you could to hold you orgasm in check. Am I right so far?” I told her she was. “Then when you did finally touch her penis you were so shock you lost control on what ever you were using to hold back and you came. You didn’t cum because you touched her penis you came because you lost control. I was impressed that you could hold out so long and so was Tanya. That’s all that happen, it had nothing to do with touching her it was because you lost control. You think about it and see if I’m right.”

If you looked at it her way it all made sense. I felt much better so I said jokingly “I guess you right. Does that mean I don’t have to worry about being gay.”

“No you are not gay, you may have some bisexual tendencies but you are not gay.” She told me

“Why do you say that? What tendencies.”

“I don’t mean you exhibit bisexual tendencies. What I mean is, most humans are bisexual to an extent. They tend to stay to one side or the other but given the opportunity they will go toward the middle. If a person can except that part of themselves it would make them a better person.”

“I don’t know, I can’t see me having sex with another guy.” I told her, but I didn’t sound as confident as I would have liked.

“Now don’t get mad or defensive, but I can. I think you would feel very comfortable in the right situation.” She told me, you could see she was ready for a tirade from me, but I really wanted to know what she saw in me to give her that opinion

“I’m not mad, but why do you say that?”

“Because of your submissive nature.” She saw the question in my eyes before it reached my lips. “You have been submissive to me since the beginning. It started with the drink. A dominant man would have tried to force that drink on me. When I rested my hand on yours you didn’t try to move it. A dominant man would never let me drive to the restaurant or order the meal. Maybe the wine if he did know anything about it. When you said you found out what a woman wants and you gave it to them that’s another submissive tendency.” She stopped there because she could see it was bothering me not because she was saying it but because it was true.

“How do you feel toward submissive men?” I asked as I sat down on the couch.

“I love them. I’m a dominant personality and your submissiveness is what attracted you to me. A Dominate man and I would fight constantly. I’m sorry this is not what you want to hear but it is the truth. I will never lie to you; I hope you will never lie to me. I like you a lot because of that submissiveness.” She said as she sat down on the coffee table in front of me

“And you think I could have sex with another man if I felt submissive to him.” I asked

“No you would never be happy being submissive to a man, you’re not gay. If the women you were submissive to wanted you to have sex with a man. You would do it because it takes the responsibility of the act away from you. You’ll do it because you love her and you want to please her.”

She must have saw something in me that I didn’t know was there. She stood up and finished packing her things and then packed a bag for me. When she was done she said, “Come home with me. There’s no sense you staying here by yourself and having me drive back and forth from Oakland when you can stay at my house.”

“Are you sure? I could always meet you in Oakland if you want?” I told her

“Of cause I’m sure. I have a good feeling about this. I have everything you’re going to need for the next couple of days. Tomorrow we can lie around and get to know each other. Then on Friday we’ll get the test back then we can make mad passionate love all day. Now let’s get going before I’m too tired to drive.”

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