Becoming Her Wife Ch. 01-2

“I don’t want anyone thinking I was some swishy butt faggot.” I told her. Josie drove for the curb and jammed on the brakes; she came to a stop just before hitting another car. She turned to me pointed a finger in my face and said.

“Look I don’t ever want to hear you say anything bad about gays or bisexuals again. If you don’t go that way that’s fine, if you do then that’s fine to. But you have no right to knock other people because of how they view the world. Now get out of my car asshole.” I could see she meant it too. As I was getting out of the car I asked.

“Do you mind telling how to get back to my hotel?”

“You walk across the street and walk in the front door.” She said, I looked up and sure enough there it was. This girl had me so turned around I didn’t know which way was up.

I closed the car door and stepped back. She backed up and sped away, most likely out of my life. All I could think about was how pretty she was and how smart she was, but mostly how pretty. God what an idiot I was, here was a girl I was looking for smart sensible all wrapped up in a gorgeous package. And I blew it by saying something stupid. Talk about being stupid I stood there getting soaked staring at my hotel.

When I got to my room I was shivering from the cold. After laying out my wet suit so it could dry properly before I sent it out to get dry-cleaned I took a hot shower. In the shower I kept having images of her past though my mind. Before I new it I had a raging hard on that was demanding my attention

I gave myself a few strokes then lost interest in continuing. I really wanted her to be the one to stroke me. When I realized that wasn’t going to happen I turned off the shower and got out. While I was combing out my hair I realized she was right. My hair did look like a girl’s hair. No wonder she thought I was a cross dresser. That settled it tomorrow I was getting a hair cut. But she did ask me not to cut it.

After running this question though my brain for a few minutes I decided not to make a decision till Friday. If she calls it will be by then, I told myself even though I was positive I’d never see or hear from her again. After putting on some clean boxers I crawled into bed. I flipped through the channels on the TV several times then turned it off. I went to turn off the light to go to sleep when the phone rang. I answered it with a simple hello.

“Hi I’m sorry I called you asshole and for throwing you out of my car.” She said in a timid voice. “Please don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you. I more mad at myself I acted like an insensitive jerk who was worried about the way others perceived me. You were right to call me what you did.”

“Let’s forget it ever happen. I don’t want to get into a contest to see who was more wrong. I hope you didn’t get too wet standing out in the rain like that.”

“How do you know I was standing in the rain?” I asked

“I went around the block three times on the third one you were gone. Don’t catch a cold on me. I still have to take you out for dinner tomorrow night. If you still want to go?”

“Of cause I still want to go. Do you know how bad I felt when I thought I’d never see you again?” What was wrong with me I’ve never told girls these kinds of things before? I was always so cool.

“That’s sweet. Well I should let you go. You have work in the morning.” She said I could hear sadness in her voice

“No I don’t, the equipment I’ll be installing won’t be here till Monday. So I’m free until then.”

“Would you like to meet me for lunch instead? Then I can show you a few of our sights.”

“I’d love to meet you for lunch, or for breakfast if you want.” I told her. I heard her giggle just slightly then she said

“Sorry I don’t do breakfast. I’ll meet you outside your hotel at eleven. If you have them, wear jeans and shoes you can walk in. Oh yea, bring a jacket. It’s not suppose to rain but it may be a little chilly.” She quickly said her good byes and hung up.

I turned off the light and when my head touched the pillow I was asleep. All night I dreamed of Josie and each dream ended the same way. I saw her in different cloths but at the end of the dream she would be wearing a wedding dress. I never envisioned her naked, but she always was smiling her sweet smile at me. Why would I imagine her in a wedding dress?

I woke up around nine thirty or so. I took a quick shower and shaved my face. By ten thirty I was down in the lobby pacing back and forth waiting for her to show. By five to eleven, I was convinced that the phone call was a figment of my imagination. Josie pulled up in front of the hotel at exactly eleven o’clock.

I got into the car and Josie kissed me on lips, it was more like a peck, but it surprised me all the same, mostly because of the tingle I felt on my lips. When she pulled back out into traffic she said

“Sorry for some reason I just had to do that.”

“Don’t be sorry anytime you feel the need you just go ahead and do it.” I told her which had her giggling.

“Lunch today will be a walking tour of Fisherman’s Warf. Do you want to see Alcatraz, we can take a boat over if you want?”

“A rat infested prison. Interesting but I don’t think so.” I told her Josie laughed and said

“Good I hate the place. I went there on a school trip once. I couldn’t wait to leave. I called my mother to come and get me. Of cause she refused, even when I started to cry. She told me I made my decision and I had to live with it. It was my first lesson in decision-making. I learned to always think out my options and study the problem before making a decision. Just like the decisions I’ve made concerning you.” She told as she pulled in a parking space

“What decisions did you make about me?” I asked after we got out of the car.

“There have been a lot of them. Should I go to dinner with you or not? I had to decide if I should to tell you about my ancestry or if I should apologies for my behavior. There’s been a lot concerning you, but so far I haven’t regretted a single one.” She told me as she took my hand in hers and there was that tingle again.

We walked around munching on food from street venders as we went. I looked at Alcatraz through a big pair of binoculars you put a quarter in. I was right I didn’t want to go there. At one point we had to walk in a single file. That was when I got a close up view of her fine ass. It was a small bubble of a butt; each cheek would fit neatly in each of my hands.

I studied her bottom and her legs that were in cased in her skintight jeans. My mind concentrated so much on her body I didn’t even realized she had stopped walking till I crashed into her. The instant my crotch touched her bottom I felt my hard on that I didn’t know I had. The person behind me also had to stop short so I couldn’t back up. Josie looked over her shoulder and said

“Are you enjoying the sights back there?” I was confused, I though I missed something she had pointed out to me. I mumbled something about not seeing it. She rubbed her butt on my hard on and said, “Obviously your friend likes the view.”

My face heated up with embarrassment, as she caught me again. This girl seemed to know what I was thinking before I even thought about it, I stuttered out an apology while she giggled at my embarrassment. Then she brought my hand, that she had been holding most of the afternoon, to her lips and kissed it telling me.

“It’s okay I know I have a fine ass, and you can’t help getting a hard on from thinking about shoving you dick up there.”

I really wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking about how much I wanted to hold it, to feel it in my hands. I told her this as I was starting to sound like I just got caught with my fingers in the cookie jar.

“Are you telling me the truth? Most guys tell me that is all they can think about when they look at my ass. You are straight aren’t you Nick?” I could tell she was having fun with me with her last remark.

“Yes I’m straight. I maybe a gentleman but I am definitely straight.” I watched her think about this a second then she said

“Are you a gentleman Nick? If I said I want to go back to your hotel and get changed for dinner. Can I trust you not to force yourself on me?”

“Of cause you can. Have I done anything for you to mistrusted me?” I asked

“No you haven’t. You’ve been a perfect gentleman, but I only just met you yesterday. I do feel I can trust you I don’t know why, but there is something between us.” She told me even though I could see she wasn’t giving a hundred percent of herself to the conversation.

“Do you want to go back now?” I asked. Josie seem to snap out of her thoughts at this and said

“We should, I have reservations for eight thirty and it’s going on six.” She told me as she started to steer me toward her car.

The drive back to the hotel was the same reckless speed that she drove last night. I was getting use to her driving by this time. Before I knew it we were pulling into the parking lot of the hotel. I grabbed the garment bag that was hanging in the car and got out. Josie open the truck and I took her over night case from it. Once we were in my room she looked around and said

“I’m impressed Nick. Your room is so neat. Most guys just throw their things just any old where and no boxes of condoms laying out ready to be used.”

“There is housekeeping services here.” I told her trying to ignore the condom comment.

“I know, but the cleaning staff won’t pick up you dirty cloths. The most you could hope for is they’ll kick them into the corner. Where are the condoms?”

“After three years of living in one hotel after another you learn to keep the place neat.” I said. She could tell I wasn’t going to volunteer the where about of my stash of condoms. She walked over to the nightstand and opened the draw and pulled out the box

“Here they are. You buy them in bulk I see. Thirty condoms lubricated and ribbed for her pleasure. My you are considerate.” She read off the label on the box. I could see she was again having fun at my expense. Even knowing this didn’t stop my face from turning red with embarrassment.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked trying to cover my embarrassment. She dropped the box back in the draw, closed it and came over to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and said.

“Yes I am. Has anyone told you how cute you are when you blush like this?”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me tight. I wanted to kiss her so bad I could almost feel her lips on mine, but I held off. I wanted her to make the first move. She did, her lips moved to mine and they touched. I felt the same tingle on my lips that I felt when her hand touched mine, but now it was even more intense. I was sure she could feel it too as she moaned when our lips touched. At first just our lips touched then her whole body was blending into mine. I felt her tongue touch my lips as if it was knocking to come in. I open my mouth slightly and her tongue slid into my mouth. We both moaned as our tongues touched, the tingle grew in its intensity till I thought I was going to pass out from it. Our lips separated and we both groaned at the lost of the sensation we felt. Josie rested her head on my shoulder and said

“God I’ve wanted to do that all day.”

“I wish you had. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” I told her she looked up into my eyes and asked

“Did you feel something?”

“Only the most intense thing ever. It started as a tingle then it seem to grow, consuming my brain till it felt like my whole head was going numb. I thought I was going to pass out.” I told her honestly.

“Really you felt that too. I though it was just me. Have you also felt it when our hands touch?” I told her it did. Then we kissed again and the same tingle took over my brain. We kissed for as long as we could stand it then our lips parted. We both stood there trying to catch our breaths. Once we had our breathing and heartbeats under some semblance of control she said.

“One of us should get in the shower before we do something I may regret later.” I didn’t know how she might regret anything we did, but I succumbed to her wishes.

“Do you want to take a shower first?” I asked

“I should it’ll take me longer to get dress then it will you. Do you have shampoo and soap in there? She asked nodding her head toward the bathroom. I told her I did

Before she when into the bathroom I asked what I should wear. She said Dockers a button down shirt and a sport coat if I had them. Of cause I did. I got together everything I needed so I would be dressed when I came out of the bathroom. I sat and waited for her to come out. A few minutes later Josie came out dripping wet wrapped in only a towel. I told her there was a robe on the bathroom door.

“I saw that. I came out to get my conditioner. How can you not have conditioner with hair like yours?” She asked as she rifled though her overnight case as she tried to keep the towel that barely covered her in place. The towel kept her ass covered but I kept getting teaser glimpses of it. When she found what she was looking for she walked back into the bathroom saying.

“Hope you enjoyed the show, a real gentleman would have turned his back.” She definitely wasn’t happy I was watching her every move.

I was ashamed of myself now. I should have turned around, but she looked so good standing there, as water dripped down her smooth tan legs. I really wanted to take her in my arms and hold her at least I didn’t do that.

I went over to the mini-bar and made myself a drink and a scotch on the rocks for Josie. I then went to look out the window. It was dark out now and the lights of the city looked pretty from what I could see. Josie came out wrapped in one of the terrycloth robes the hotel provides. I went over to her and gave her the scotch and apologized to not turning my back. She touched the side of my face with her hand and said

“I was just teasing you. If I was wearing a bikini you would have seen a lot more of me.”

“I did catch a few glimpses of your bottom for that I’m sorry. You just looked so good I couldn’t turn away.” I told her

“You are so sweet. I wear a thong bikini trust me you would have seen a lot more. It’s ok really if I didn’t want you to look at me I could have told you to turn away. It excites me to know you find me so attractive that you can’t look away. Now go and take a shower while I get dressed. And use that conditioner I left in the bathroom.” The last part sounded almost like an order

“Yes Ma’am.” I told her sarcastically. It just didn’t come out that way. A smile came to her face then she shooed me away.

I took my things and went into the bathroom. I read the instructions on the conditioner. I figured I could wash my hair first then put on the conditioner. While I waited for it to set I could wash the rest of me. As I was putting on the conditioner I hear the door to the bathroom open.

“Sorry I left my brush in here. I promise not to peek.” Josie told me

I didn’t care if she looked. I didn’t have anything to hide. My cock’s not as big as those porn stars but I know my seven and a half inches is bigger then average. I considered myself lucky to be born with it. If she wanted to look she could all she wanted. I hoped she wanted to do more then look.

I finished my shower and rinsed off the conditioner. Well my hair did feel different. I got out of the shower and dried my hair as best as possible. Then I shaved again, I usually only have to shave once every couple of days. So twice in one day is a record for me. When I went to put on my boxers I couldn’t find them. I was almost positive I brought them in with me. Could Josie have taken them? Why would she want them?

I let that pass and pulled on my pants. It’s not like this was the first time I went with out boxers. Sometimes I get so busy with work I don’t have time to wash cloths. If it weren’t for the dry cleaner I wouldn’t have anything to wear. I brushed out my hair and put it back in the ponytail. I had to admit the conditioner seem to make brushing it easier, not as many snarls.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Josie standing in front of the full- length mirror. She was putting in her earrings, what she was wearing surprised and delighted me. She was wearing, what I would later find out, was a red bustier with black lace trim. The bustier had six garter straps that passed thought the inside of her black thong style panty down to black thigh high stockings. I only ever saw women dressed like that in porn movies and adult magazines. I let out a gasp before I realized whom I was looking at then quickly turned my back to her. She had to be the most gorgeous creature to walk the planet.

“What’s the matter Nick?” She asked with a slight mirth to her voice.

“Sorry I just thought you would be dressed already. I’ll go back into the bathroom till your done.”

“No that’s okay I’m dressed, well I’m covered anyway. Don’t you like what I’m wearing?”

“Yes I. Yea I do. It’s very pretty. I’ve never seen anyone wear anything that pretty. Well not in real life that is.” I said in a stutter.

The more I thought about what she was wearing the harder my cock was getting. And with out the boxers it was causing a tent affect in my pants. I tried to take my mine off of her but to no avail. Her image would not leave my mind. She walked up behind and touched my back. I jumped at her touch, which only cause my embarrassment to deepen. She said

“Here sit by the mirror and let me work on your hair.” Sit that was a good thing then she wouldn’t see my erection. I thought. When she had me seated I asked

“What’s wrong with my hair?”

“It’s not properly dried and there’s a few hairs you missed.” She said as she pulled out the ponytail and started to brush out my hair. After a few minutes she asked

“What do you think of my conditioner?”

“It really makes brushing it out a lot easier.” I said as she continued to run her brush though my hair.

“I know I have the same problem with my hair. It gets all tangled up and if I don’t use the conditioner I feel like I’m ripping my hair out at the roots when I brush it.”

She continued to brush my hair for what seem like hours, but was only about twenty minutes. I never felt so pampered, which is a strange way for a guy to feel. She then put it back in the tail before she came around and straddled my legs with hers and sat down. She still hadn’t put on any more cloths. But thankfully my erection had subsided considerably. She wrapped her arms around my neck and said

“I think I deserve a kiss for brushing your hair?”

She pressed her lips to mine, and that same tingle started again. The only difference this time over the last two times we kissed was the smell of the lipstick she was now wearing. While we kissed my hands roamed over her satin covered body. That plus the image of how she looked soon had my cock as hard, if not harder then before. Every time my hands would stray too low and I touched the bare skin of her ass cheeks I quickly pulled them back to her satin covered back. When the intensity of the tingle had reached a fever pitch we broke the kiss. Josie shook her head and said

“I swear that gets better every time. Oh look what you made me do, I smeared my lip stick.” I looked at her lips and sure enough they were missing most of the redness she had before.

“Maybe I should just coat your lips too and it might not smear as badly.” She said as she reached for the tube of lipstick.

“That might not be a good idea. It might not come off me.” I told her trying to talk her out of such an idea.

“Of cause it’ll come off, it came off of me didn’t it?” She said in a childish sort of way as she opened the tube and raised the lipstick to a useable height. She then slid close to me so I could feel her crotch on my hard on. Now there was no way she wouldn’t know how excited I was.

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