Aunt Peg’s Panties

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


20 Year old Tyler Morgan sat lazing on the couch, aimlessly watching TV. It was Summer break but instead of going home to his family home he had been forced to spend the summer with his Aunt Peg. His mom and dad had decided to take a cruise that summer, citing that they needed time alone. Tyler could understand that, after all, they had practically devoted their entire life to him.

Aunt Peg was nearing 40, a good 8 years younger than his father, but she had maintained her youthful looks and figure. She had been a late child, an accident – as his father liked to joke with her. Truth of the matter was that his grandparents had wanted a daughter and after the firstborn was a boy, they had gone on birth control, deciding to focus on their one child. As luck or perhaps providence would have it, they were blessed with the daughter they had always wanted. So accident or not, she had been greatly wanted.

Peg lived alone, having never married. He had always liked Aunt Peg. As his only aunt, and being younger, she was always the fun one. The one that let him get away with anything and always defended him whenever he got in trouble. She used to spend an awful amount of time in their family home. Then she had suddenly moved upstate for a new job in advertising and she hardly visited except for Christmas and family functions. Although there was still that fondness, they had more or less grown apart and things weren’t what they used to be.

His eyes shifted to the balcony where Aunt Peg was standing, smoking a cigarette. Her thin cotton dress fluttered in the breeze and Tyler gazed at her long shapely legs. Aunt Peg caught his gaze and smiled softly at him. She beckoned him over and Tyler went out the balcony, closing the sliding door behind him.

“Want one?” She asked, waving the cigarette about.

“Uhh.. ummmm… I…”

“It’s okay Tyler. I smelt smoke on your shirt when you came in yesterday and gave me a hug.” Peg laughed. “You don’t have to pretend in front of me. I won’t tell.”

Tyler reached out to fish a cigarette out of the pack that was offered him. Peg leaned in and flicked the lighter. Tyler took a long drag on the cigarette as he eyed Peg’s cleavage. Her dress was cut low and he could make out thin white lace covering her ample boobs.

“So how’ve you been Ty?” Peg asked. “It’s been a while since we’ve caught up.”

“I’m okay.” Tyler responded. “Nothing much, ya know. Studies, College…”

“You seeing anyone?” Peg smiled. “Nice, handsome boy like you.”

“Errr.. Not really,” Tyler replied. “Girls these days just seem to be interested in money. Or they’re just too childish.”

Peg laughed. “Yeah… well. You’ve always been more mature for your age then others. One of the things that comes from being an only child.”

“I guess.”

“Anyway Ty, I’ve got to get ready. I’ve got a meeting to go to.” Peg said as she stubbed out the cigarette. “Don’t think I’ll be too late so I should be back for dinner. We can have dinner together.”

Tyler nodded as he took another drag of his cigarette. As Peg went back into the apartment, Tyler looked down at the swimming pool below absently. There was a couple frolicking in the pool and a few children playing in the kiddies area. Finishing his cigarette he went back in and sat back at the sofa flicking between channels on the TV.

Peg came out in a tight fitting blue dress with a jacket. Tyler eyed her over appreciatively, an act that was noticed by Peg. She smiled at Tyler, rather pleased that she had that effect on him.

“Make yourself at home Ty. As I said, I shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours.” Peg smiled and blew him a kiss. Tyler watched her swaying ass she walked toward the door and let herself out. He sighed. He was horny and the fact that it was his aunt that was making him horny troubled him as well.

Tyler got up and made his way to her room. It smelled of her perfume and he liked how the room had such a feminine grace to it. He wasn’t sure why but he made his way to her bathroom. The sweet smell of soaps and shampoos filled his senses and for some reason his cock started to grow. He looked around and his eyes fell on her laundry basket that was covered. For some inexplicable reason he was drawn to it.

Opening the cover he saw the dress she had been wearing that day. He lifted it up and underneath was the white lacy bra he had seen on her. He lifted it up and smelled it. Her perfume was on it together with a slight musky smell of her body. His cock throbbed hotly. He looked in again and there was her panties, beige hicuts. With almost trembling hands he reached in and picked it up. It was thin and soft, not thick like his own underwear. He searched for the gusset and could see white streaks on it. Tyler lifted it to his nose. He could almost feel the heat of her body still on them. He inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet smell of her pussy and bits of urine.

“ohhhh…Aunt Peg…” Tyler groaned. He rummaged about some more and found another two pairs of her panties. He took the three pairs of panties to her bed and laid down.

One by one he lifted the panties to his nose and sniffed at them, savouring their scent. His cock was throbbing hard now and pressing against his tight shorts.

“Mmm…Aunt Peg… Aunt Peg…” Tyler moaned.

His fingers moved to peel down his shorts…

** *** **

Peg cursed as the elevator took a long time coming. Finally she entered it and pressed the button for the basement car park. Exiting the elevator, her heels clicked as she made her way to her car.

“Ms Jenkins…Ms Jenkins.” Someone called out to her.

She turned toward the voice and noticed Mr Barker, the building manager waving and coming toward her. Peg sighed. He probably wanted to know about the outstanding rental as she was late this month. She wasn’t wrong.

“Ahhh.. Ms Jenkins.” He gazed at her tits, causing Peg to pull her jacket around her. Mr Barker was a thin, spindly old man with beady eyes. He had lost most of his hair but the wisps he had were longed and combed over to the other side of his head. For some reason, he reminded her off Mo from Simpsons.

“Good evening Mr Barker.” Peg said, forcing a smile.

“About the rental…” Mr Barker said, leering at Peg, his eyes moving up and down her body.

“Yes, Yes I know I’m late.” Peg replied. “I’ll get it to you soonest.”

“Ahh… of course.” Mr Barker said. “You do know you are two weeks late. We really cant have that. There is an interest clause for late payments.”

“Please Mr Barker. Give me some time.” Peg pleaded. “You know…times are tough and I could do with a break. I’ve always paid, even if I am late…”

“Well… everyone’s feeling it. I’m just reminding you.” Barker said tersely, still eyeing her up.

Peg just nodded and turned away to resume walking to her car. As she was about to get into her car her phone buzzed, signifying a text message had come in. She read the message to find that her meeting had been cancelled. Apparently something urgent had come up and her client couldn’t make it.

“Damn it.” She said aloud and then sighed. She had been banking on securing this advertising job and getting some cash flow in. Briefly she contemplated going out to the nearby bar for a drink or two. Maybe she might get lucky and get picked up and fucked. She could do with that. Then she remembered she had promised Tyler she wouldn’t be out late. Sighing again she looked back to make sure Mr Barker wasn’t around anymore. She was in no mood to talk to him.

Seeing the coast was clear, she made her way back to the elevator lobby and went back up. She entered her apartment and went straight to the kitchen and poured herself a stiff Whisky. She was partial to single malt Scotch Whisky and she gulped it down, feeling it burn her throat and then explode in warmth in her stomach. “I needed that,” she said quietly to herself.

She walked to her bedroom, wanting to get out of her office clothes and slip into something more comfortable. As she neared her door, she heard a voice inside. She opened the door quietly and her mouth dropped open.

Tyler was lying on her bed, a pair of her panties on his face and another two beside him. “Mmm…Aunt Peg… Aunt Peg…” She heard him moan. She watched as his fingers moved down toward his shorts. Peg felt a pang of lust course through her and her pussy started to tingle ever so slightly.

“Oh My god! Tyler!” She said, startling him.” What the hell are you doing??”

“Oh Shit!” Tyler said sharply as he jumped out of bed. “I uhh.. I.. I was just… Oh shittt.”

Peg looked down at his shorts and noticed the huge bulge in them. She walked to the bed and picked up the panties that Tyler had been sniffing.

“You’re smelling my panties?” she asked almost matter of factly. “No one’s ever done that for a looong time.”

Tyler looked down, not knowing what to say. His hands instinctively moved to cover his crotch. His face took on a deep crimson. “I..I”m sorry Aunt Peg.”

“Do you like it? Do you like how they smell?” Peg asked.

“uuhh.. .What… I mean… what? Is this like some kind of trick question?” Tyler asked. “Youre not mad?”

“Do you like the smell of my panties?” Peg asked, a little more forcefully now as she waved her panties in the air.

“Uhhh … I .. I..” Tyler stammered.

“I just want a simple answer. Do you like the smell of my panties?” Peg continued.

“I…I… uhhh… Yes! Yes I do.”

“You’ve done this before? You little panty pervert.” Peg said, feeling that she was enjoying herself.

“No… No! This is the first time. I don’t know what came over me…” Tyler said.

“What do they smell of Tyler? What is it you like about my panties?” Peg went on. She was not sitting on the bed, her eyes firmly fixed on Tyler’s crotch.

“Th…They smell… Oh god I cant do this.”

“Tell me! What do my panties smell off??” Peg practically yelled at him.

“They smell of your pussy!” Tyler snapped back. “oh God, I’m so embarrassed right now. I.. I’m sorry”

Peg leaned back and hiked up her dress. “Does seeing me like this embarrass you?” She laughed “I wonder what your father would say if he knew what a filthy boy you are.” She said.

“Ohh Aunt Peg… Please don’t tell Dad… please…”

“Oh I wont tell your father anything. Coz I want you to do something…”

“W..What?” Tyler asked.

“You like the smell of my panties…” Peg cooed. “Don’t you?”

“Y-yes…” Tyler responded.

She peeled off her panties and held them up “I’d let you smell these but they’re almost fresh and I don’t know how much they smell of pussy.”

Tyler stared at her panties and then at her furry pussy. His heart was beating furiously and his cock throbbed. He couldnt believe this was happening.

“Go on… tell me how much you liked smelling my panties.” Peg coaxed him “tell me!”

“Oh god… I don’t know what to say…I loved it Aunt Peg… Oh shit… I loved it.” Tyler blurted out.

“Then come smell my pussy… taste it.”

“A..are you serious?” Tyler asked, his cock lurched again.

“If you liked the smell of my panties,” Peg said as she lay back and spread her legs, exposing her pussy. “Then come over here. Stick your face between my legs and lick me.”

Tyler wasted no time and got on his knees between Aunt Pegs legs. He brought his face close to her pussy and could already smell the fragrance and the heat emanating from it. He stuck his tongue out and licked up along the gash. Peg moaned.

“yess.. That’s it… Lick me. Smell my pussy. Taste me!”

Peg pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her ample boobs. She reached out to grab Tylers hands and placed them on her tits. “Play with my nipples as you eat me… Ohh.. goddddd.. that’s so good.”

Tyler teased her nipples as he slurped at her pussy. He could feel his Aunt tremble each time he licked at her clit. Her thighs splayed open wider. She moaned in pleasure.

“That’s it Ty…yess…yess… Oh goddd.. you’re gonna make me cum.”

Tyler fastened his mouth on her clit and applied some suction as he began to tongue her clit furiously.

“Ohhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhhh… Oh Godddd…Yessss. I’m gonna Cummmmmmmm” Peg moaned loudly as she raised her head to look at her nephews head stuck between her legs. Her body began to spasm and she thrust her hips up and down against Tyler’s mouth.

“Uunnnhhhh…Unnhhhhh… Aauuuggghhhh…Yessss.. Oh God yessssss.” Peg sreamed out as her thighs quivered and her body shook in orgasm. Tyler kept his mouth fastened on her pussy as he felt her trembling and spasming.

“Stop…stop… Oh God… ” Peg sighed. “Give it to me baby. I want to feel your cock inside me.”

She watched as Tyler stood up and removed his shorts. His cock sprang up impressively. Peg moaned softly as she admired the length and girth of her nephew’s cock. Tyler moved forward and placed his turgid meat against her wet pussy. He pushed in slowly, causing Peg to gasp and hiss and his cock wormed its way inside her.

“Oh godddd.. you’re big.” Peg cooed as she felt his large cock fill her pussy to the hilt. “That feels sooo good”

Tyler was really worked up and he pulled Aunt Pegs hips toward the edge of the bed. He cupped her shoulders and raised her up and then started ploughing into her. The angle caused his cock to rub against her clitoris as he pummeled into her.

“Aaahh…ahhhh… Unnnnhhh” Peg cried out. “Yes baby… Oh yessss.”

“Unhhh…Unhhh… Oh fuck aunt peg…” Tyler groaned as he felt his balls starting to swell. “I don’t think I can last too long.”

“Fuck me baby… fuck me hard.” Peg mewled. “Don’t hold back. Just cum. Cummmm!”

Her body was working up to a feverish pitch. Her toes started to curl and she wrapped her legs around Tyler’s back, drawing him deeper into her. His hands flew to her tits and started to massage her nipples as he pounded harder into her.

“I..I’m gonna cummm…” Tyler cried out.

“Cum baby… cum with meeee…Oh goddddd… oh goddd.. yessss…Yessss…YESSSS!” Peg shuddered and trembled as a large orgasm shook her body. She moaned loudly as she felt her pussy clenching and clasping on Tyler’s hard cock. His body suddenly convulsed and his cock throbbed before spewing out his hot cream inside her.

Peg screamed loudly as Aunt and nephew came together. Her pussy kept spasming and milking his cock, drawing out every last bit of cum in his balls. Tyler collapsed on his aunt, breathing heavily. Peg held him tightly to her as her splayed thighs kept quivering. Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high as she felt Tyler’s cock slowly start to shrink inside her. It slipped out slowly and she could feel his cock cream start to dribble out of her used pussy.

Peg looked up at her nephew. She smiled weakly. Tyler looked back at her and then to her pussy, leaking copious amounts of his cum.

“Aunt Peg… I…I…” Tyler started.

“Shhh…” Peg said softly. “Hush baby… It’s okay… that was great… Now go wash up and let me get some rest. We’ll have dinner later.”

-To be continued –

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