Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 12

Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Peg puffed on a cigarette as she sat on the lone armchair in the motel room. She was wearing the robe that she had found hanging in the wardrobe. She had been surprised to find that the motel provided a robe, but there was only one, unlike the two that were always provided in more upscale hotels. She smiled quietly to herself as she thought back to all the hotels she had visited with so many different men. She had always enjoyed the trappings of luxury and had always insisted on either a nice hotel or their place. A hotel just seemed to somehow cover up and perhaps legitimize the sexual act rather than going to a seedy motel. And she never ever let a man come into her own home. Yet here she was in a motel with her nephew no less who had fucked her and done so many other things in her own home, her own bed.

She adjusted herself on the chair, the robe was thin but did a fairly good job of covering herself up. Well, it would have, other than for the fact that she had one leg up on the chair, causing the robe to splay open at the crotch while one boob was practically hanging out. She looked over at Tyler, lazing in bed and absently flicking through channels on the TV.

“You’d have thought they had some porn here.” He said, “May have been fun to watch some and have sex.”

Peg laughed as she took another drag on her cigarette.

“Did you… Have you watched porn and had sex Aunt Peg?”

She sighed. “Yes Tyler. Yes. Many times. It’s what people do. And considering I’ve done more than what most people do…watching porn is hardly anything to talk about.” She stopped herself, realizing she was getting a little irritated at Tylers questions about her past. She looked at him again, giving him a weak smile.

Tyler let it go. He knew he shouldn’t ask so much. He just wanted to do everything that she had done with everyone else. He looked at her sitting on the chair. She looked so beautiful sitting there in the robe, with her tits and crotch half exposed.

He got up and moved toward her. Peg looked up, watching his cock hanging from his torso. It wasn’t very big when he was flaccid but still impressive enough. It was always an amazement to her to realise how much that piece of flesh could grow. With Tyler, his grew to a more than impressive size. Tyler came over and sat on the floor beside the chair, resting his head on her thigh.

“Why are you sitting on the floor Tyler?” Peg laughed as she placed her hand on his head.

“Just wanted to be close to you.” He said. He kissed her thigh softly, feeling the warmth of her flesh. He could still smell the linger of her light floral perfume on her. He moved his head a little higher and he caught the whiff of her pussy and the smell of sex. He sighed as he could almost feel the heat emanating from it. His cock began to stir.

Tyler got onto his knees and knelt before his Aunt. He parted the robe and moved in to slowly kiss her inner thighs and then lick on her pussy.

“What are you doing Ty!” Peg moaned, almost half-heartedly pushing his head away. “At least let me wash up. I’m not clean down there”

“Never stopped me before.” Tyler said, glancing up at her.

“That’s different. That was always just me… you.. you’re stuff is all mixed up there too… let me wash.”

“You forgotten when you wore panties after I came in you before you went to work? Then you made me eat you out later that day when you came home? I want to smell it and taste it again Aunt Peg, just like last time.” Tyler said as he pushed her thighs further apart.

Peg felt a flutter in her pussy as she remembered that. She had quite forgotten about it. He started to kiss the inside of her thighs, moving up to her pussy and then to the other thigh, kissing all around the pussy are but avoiding the slit. Peg settled back in the chair, Her eyes closed and she bit her lip lightly as Tyler kissed her all over her nether region.

Tyler inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. He could smell her pussy and the odour of his own fuck cream. It was kind of a stale, rancid smell but it somehow had its own perfume. It smelled of sex and it stirred all kinds of lustful feelings in him. He moved in to lick her vulva, eliciting a moan from Peg. His tongue spread her pussy lips and dipped into the insides of her pussy. He groaned as he tasted the pussy flesh marinated with the juices of their sexual coupling.

He moved lower and prised open her ass cheeks. He licked the rosebud of her asshole, causing another gasp to escape from Peg. He rolled his tongue around the tight bud, snaking it in ever so often. He adjusted himself on his knees and holding her thighs apart, he stuck his tongue out and raked it slowly all along her asshole right up to her clit and then back down again.

“Oh fuck Tyler… that feels so good. No one eats me like you do.”

The young man knew exactly what his Aunt liked, and he continued licking her ass and pussy with long strokes. Slowly, his tongue left her ass hole and moved to just her pussy. He licked up and down softly then suddenly fastened his mouth on her clit and started lapping on it.

“Ohhhhh….fuccckkkk” Peg started thrashing about. Tyler slowed down, now moving his tongue in circles on her clit. Peg moved her hands down and spread her own pussy lips, exposing more of her hard clitoris. Tylers hands moved up and pushed the top of the robe aside, exposing both breasts. His fingers fastened on her nipples and he began to strum them with his fingers as he ran circles round her clit.

“Oh Tylllerr…Tyler… so good baby.”

Tyler felt her shudder and he stopped licking her clit but kept his tongue pressed on it. His fingers tweaked and flicked against her hard nipples and Peg started to moan and gasp. He pinched them harder, flicking and strumming on the nipples. Pegs gasps became raggard. That was his cue. He pressed his mouth on her clit and started tonguing it as he sucked on the hard nubbin.

“Aaahhhhh Tylllerrrrr!” Peg screamed, her body becoming rigid and then her thighs started shaking as she burst into orgasm. Tyler pinched her nipples and kept his mouth pressed against her clit but he stopped moving. He felt her buck and thrash against his mouth but he didn’t move. He could hear her whimpering as her climax subsided. Her thighs continued to shake and tremble. He lightly started to tease her nipples again. Peg groaned softly.

Her hands moved into his hair, stroking it lightly. She wasn’t pushing him away. Tyler took that as a sign and slowly started to lick her pussy again, staying away from her clit which he knew would be sensitive.

“Oh god… more… more Tyler.. your mouth, your tongue… oh fuck its soo good.” She pulled his head toward her crotch and Tyler licked up and down her vulva, dipping his tongue inside ever so often. His fingers continued slowly twisting and teasing her nipples and he was guided by Pegs moans and groans.

Tyler slowly removed his fingers from her nipples and stroked her body as he licked, moving his hands down the the sides of her pussy to the junction where her thighs meet her pussy. He pressed and massaged this area slowly. He could feel Peg relaxing and moaning. His fingers moved to her pussy and he slowly slipped one finger in causing her to gasp.

“Oh fuck yes! Stick your fingers in me” Peg pleaded.

Tyler held back, with just the one finger, he moved it slowly in and out of her, just up to the first knuckle than back again. Slowly he went deeper till his whole finger was inside of her. He continued licking with long, slow strokes.

He adjusted himself, looking up briefly at Peg. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was licking her lower lip as if lost in passion. Tyler slipped another finger into her, then crooked his finger upward and started moving it as if giving someone the “come over or come hither” sign. Peg shuddered and moaned loudly. Tylers fingers pressed upward till he found the soft spongy area that was her G-spot. His fingers pressed against this are softly as his tongue applied long strokes along the length of her pussy lips, flicking at the clit and then moving back down again.

He pressed harder against the G-spot, remembering how it had made Peg squirt the last time he did this. He curled his fingers upward and started to slowly drum then against the G-spot while still licking her slowly and softly.

Peg started to tremble and shudder. “Oh Fuckk….Tyler… you.. you’re trying to make me squirt…. Oh goddd oh goddd”

“Don’t hold back Aunt Peg… let it ride”

Peg was bucking against Tylers fingers and face. Her mouth open in a wide ‘O’ as she gasped for air.

“Oh fuckkk… oh fuck… Aaaagghhhhhhh Nyeaaahhhgfhhhhhh” She screamed out as her body shook.

Tyler didn’t stop. He felt liquid shooting into his mouth and he pulled back a little just to watch. Clear fluid seemed to spray out of her, like a spout. He kept drumming on her G-spot, moving back to catch the liquid in his mouth.

Peg was thrashing about and moaning incoherently. He had a hard time keeping his fingers in her but yet she kept squirting. Clear founts of liquid erupting from her like a volcano. Tyler started fucking her hard with her fingers causing Peg to scream out louder. The fount stopped and she tensed and shuddered over and over again.

“Stop! Stop!” She cried out “Oh God Stop!!”

Tyler stopped but kept his fingers buried in her. Peg trembled, shuddered and groaned. Her thighs were spasming and convulsing madly. Tyler could feel her pussy grabbing and squeezing his fingers and they almost hurt. Peg suddenly collapsed back and Tyler tried to remove his fingers.

“Wait.. wait!” She cried out as every movement of his fingers in her caused her pussy to spasm. She reached down to hold on to his hand, holding it firmly and then and she quickly pulled it out. She let out a low guttural scream as her thighs trembled again. She lay back on the chair, legs splayed, her thighs coated with her wet juices and her pussy glistening. She moaned softly.

Tyler stood up, looking at her. His cock standing stiff and erect. He moved it toward her mouth. Peg looked up at him and then his cock. “I..I’m sorry Tyler… I cant.. I.. I think you broke me… that was just so intense… I cant.. I cant… I’m sorry…”

Tyler pressed forward against her lips and she opened them slightly. He suddenly remember what she had once said about other men not caring what she wanted and he pulled back. Instead he bent down to kiss her and she kissed him back. “Thank you” She whispered, “I’ll make it up to you later.”

Tyler stroked her face, his cock throbbing hotly for her. He briefly considered just spreading her legs and ramming it to her hard and fast but he thought better of it. He moved away as Peg curled up into a ball, her body still jerking ever so often.

He lifted his fingers to his face and inhaled deeply of the scent then sucked on his fingers, tasting his Aunts juiced. He sighed as he looked at her curled up on the armchair, pussy glistening and thighs wet with the cum he had given her. While he felt proud of how hard he had made her had cum, at the same time he felt bad and wondered what she meant when she said he had broken her. The more he thought about that, the more he realized how much he cared about having hurt her. His cock slowly started shrinking.

He went back to the bed, sitting on it and staring at Peg, unsure of what to do. She seemed to be asleep as he watched her body slowly rise and fall rhythmically. She suddenly stirred and sat up, looking at him. She smiled weakly. “You just sitting there watching me? Did I fall asleep?”

Tyler nodded. “Not for long, you kind just dozed off.”

She got off the chair and went to sit beside him on the bed. She started to say something but Tyler cut in. “Are you okay Aunt Peg. You said I broke you….”

She smiled and put her hand on his thigh. “I think you might have.” She laughed. “It was.. it was just so intense. It was like I couldn’t do anything anymore. Or even wanted to. I was just.. I don’t I said, it was just so intense.”

She rubbed his thigh. “I’ve..I’ve never lost it like that before… never felt so completely overwhelmed…. I, I don’t know how to explain it. She…just she kinda feels numb down there” Peg explained further, pointing down and referring to her pussy as ‘she’.

“I.. I’m sorry Aunt Peg.. I.. I didn’t mean… I just wanted to please you.”

“Shush..” Peg said, placing her hand on her nephew’s cheek. “I didn’t know it would happen either. Don’t worry. She’ll wake up again.”

They sat quietly together for a while. Peg moved her hand to Tylers crotch, feeling his cock. “Is he okay?”

“Yes…” Tyler smiled. He momentarily thought of confessing to Peg how he was going to just fuck her earlier but decided against it. Peg played with Tylers meat, feeling it grow in her hands. “Tell you what… lets go shower.”

She stood up, taking off her robe. “This robe is soaking wet” Peg smiled showing Tyler the dark, wet spots on the bottom of the robe. “and so is that chair. Look at that mess you made me make! This room is going to smell so much of sex!” Peg giggled.

She extended her hand to Tyler. “Come, join me in the shower.”

Tyler didn’t need a second invitation.

** To be continued **

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