Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 08-2

“That’s easily done!” Tyler replied. “I’m already dripping listening to your stories. Bet my cock smells later this evening!”

Peg squeezed his thigh, moving it a little higher just as the reached the mall. They parked the car and got out. “You look lovely Aunt Peg.” Tyler smiled at her. “Bet there’ll be lots of guys checking you out.”

Peg smiled. “They can look but it’s this cock that’s getting some of me later.” Her hand brushed against his crotch, groping it briefly. “My, my, does he never go down?” She laughed and skipped toward the mall. She turned around briefly. “Come on buster! Let’s go panty shopping!”

Tyler ran after her, grinning happily.

– To be continued –

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