Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 06

Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Tyler woke as he felt Aunt Peg shift away from him. He had been spooning her with his arm around her and her legs entwined with his. He glanced at the clock that showed 3.45am. He sniffed his aunts hair and smiled quietly as he felt his cock starting to throb.

He remembered how Aunt Peg had mentioned that Steve would wake her up at 4am for hard, morning sex. He had always meant to do it to her but in the time they had been fucking, they had always slept through the night.

He pressed himself up against his aunt, feeling her ass cheeks rub against his cock. He slowly prised her cheeks apart and nestled his cock between them. He kissed her neck softly and nibbled on her ear. Peg stirred.

Tyler’s hand moved to her pussy and lightly stroked it. Peg stirred again and turned her head slightly toward him.

“Tyler? What are you doing?” She murmured sleepily.

He didn’t answer but kissed her on the mouth. He slipped his finger into her and teased the insides of her pussy. Peg moaned softly as she kissed Tyler back. Her ass pushing back toward him. She raised one leg and pulled it toward her, still lying on her side. Her hand moved down to grasp Tyler’s rigid cock and directed it to her pussy.

Tyler adjusted himself and pressed against her slit. He could feel the wanton heat of her pussy and he pushed forward, sliding it in.

“Oh Godddd” Peg moaned as she moved her ass slightly upward to give him more access. Tyler pushed harder and his cock slid completely into her. He left his cock buried in her as he reached around and twiddled with her nipples.

“Pinch them harder Tyler,” Peg moaned. “you don’t need to be gentle.”

Tyler pinched hard and pulled on Pegs tits causing her to squeal.

“I said pinch! Not pull!” She chided. “That hurts!”

Tyler mumbled apologetically and teased her nipples again. Peg started to squirm and moan again and she pushed back against Tyler, grinding her ass against him.

“Just fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” She pleaded, turning her head again to kiss him. Tyler moved inside her but the angle wasn’t good enough for him to fuck her hard. He tried speeding up but on the outstroke his cock slipped out of her. Peg groaned.

Peg adjusted herself raising one leg high but still lying on her side.

Tyler pressed his cock against her pussy and it slipped upward toward her ass. “Maybe I should fuck your ass” he hissed.

“No!” Peg protested. “I’m not clean.”

Tyler positioned his cock against her wet slit again and pushed in hard. Peg gasped and moaned as his cock pushed deep inside her. Tyler started moving slowly in and out of Peg. She moaned softly as she thrust her hips back at him to meet his thrusts.

More awake now, Peg moved away causing Tyler’s cock to slip out of her again. She pulled herself up, pushing Tyler back on the bed. Without a word, she straddled him and lowered herself on to his cock standing proudly like a mast.

Peg sighed as the thick cock parted her pussy lips again. She planted herself firmly on his cock, her mouth open in passion. She placed her hands on the bed’s headboard and started bouncing on Tylers cock. Tyler moaned as his aunt’s pussy grabbed him.

“Oh godddd… Oh fucckkk fuckkk…Tylerr…I’m cumming!” Peg screamed as she pressed herself down hard on Tylers cock. Her body started shaking and convulsing as she thrust her hips back and forth, getting his cock to hit her clit. Her head rolled back and she screamed again before collapsing on Tyler.

He let her lie there for a bit and then started to move again inside her. “No…No…” Peg pleaded. “I’m sorry honey. I cant take anymore.. my leg…oh god…they’re still trembling…”

Peg pulled herself off Tylers cock and lay back, breathing heavily. She looked at Tylers cock, throbbing in the air, the shaft coated with her juices. She pulled herself up and kneeled over almost obscenely pulsing piece of meat. “Let me suck you.” She cooed as her mouth enveloped his cock, eliciting a sigh out of Tyler.

She could smell and taste herself on him. Mixed together with his own musky smell and manly precum, her belly fluttered and only served to further ignite her want to suck him. She pressed her head down further, using her tongue on his glans. Slowly she slurped on his cock.

“ohhh Aunt Peg…your mouth feels soo good.” Tyler groaned.

Peg cupped his balls and teased them as she slid her mouth lower on to his cock, taking it deep into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and is she had practiced so often, she relaxed her gullet to take that big piece of meat right down.

Tyler thrashed below her as she deep throated him. “Oh Fuccckkk…Aunt Peg.. Godddd.”

She bobbed her head a little, breathing through her nose and then coming back up, slurping along the length of his rod and then sucking hard on the cock head. She pulled her mouth off and using her hands, jerked on his well lubricated cock, sighing as she did so. Tyler jerked on the bed under the expert ministrations of her hands. Her mouth went back to his shaft and one hand snaked under him to tease his asshole, lightly teasing it.

“Fuck Aunt Pegg… Oh Godddd…”

Peg looked up at Tyler as she sucked his cock and toyed with his ass. He was arching his hip up at her as she sucked on him. She felt his cock start to stiffen.

“Ahh… Ohhh.. Aunt Pegg… I’m.. I’m gonna cumm… Oh.. Aunt Peg, Aunt Peggggggg” Tyler yelled out as Peg sucked hard on his cock, bobbing her head up and down furiously. She felt the head swell in her mouth and then hot lava shoot out into her mouth.

“Mmmmpphh” She moaned as spurt after spurt filled her mouth. She jerked off his cock, working every bit out of semen out and then swallowed. Peg pulled her mouth of his cock and smacked her lips. Making her way back to her side of the bed, she glanced at the clock.

“Oh Goddd…Just another couple of hours before I have go to work.” She complained. “But thanks for that. I had forgotten how hot 4am sex could be.” She laughed as she slid back in next to Tyler.

“I remember you telling me about how you liked it.” Tyler replied.

Peg sighed. “Tyler,” she said, kneeling on one elbow and stroking his chest. “It’s not a competition. What I had with the others… well it was a different time and different place.”

“Yeah..” Tyler said. “Okay.”

“Now let me get some sleep!” Peg smiled and rolled over.

Tyler lay in the dark for a few minutes, thinking to himself. “It may not be a competition but I just don’t want others to have done things I haven’t.” he muttered to himself. He turned over to cuddle Aunt Peg and fell asleep.

The alarm clock buzzing woke Peg. She looked at the clock sighing. Getting up she went to the bathroom and had a shower, washing her pussy and smiling as she remembered the hard fucking she had received just a few hours ago.

Peg toweled herself dry and looked in her walk in wardrobe. Feeling sexy, she fished out a pair of sheer, blue, lace, panties and put them on. She picked out a flared black skirt and a light blue blouse that went over her dark blue lace bra. Putting on a little make up she made her way out into the bedroom. Tyler was no longer in bed.

Moving out to the dining room, she saw Tyler, standing behind the counter in a white T-shirt, with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Awww…You made coffee” She smiled, taking the cup from him. She took a sip and then Tyler walked around. He was naked from the waste down. She glanced down and his cock was erect.

“My god Tyler, doesn’t that thing ever go down?” She laughed

Tyler came over to her and cupped her breasts from behind. “I cant help it Aunt Peg. I’m just so horny for you…and.. and You just look so good.”

Peg felt a flutter go through her. She had never felt so wanted, so desired before. Almost by reflex, her hand moved behind her to cup Tyler’s balls and play with his cock.

“I..I don’t have much time.” Peg said.

Tyler pulled back slightly from his aunt. “Oh…S…sorry aunt peg…” He said softly. “I..I..just…”

Peg turned her head to smile at her nephew. “If don’t fuck you now you… are you just gonna jerk into one of my panties afer I’m gone?”

Tyler laughed somewhat sheepishly as his cock jerked upward. “Maybe…Uhh.. I suppose…” He said

Peg walked over to the sofa and bent over it. “Well that would be a waste.” She said sultrily. “Come on, take me quick.” She beckoned. “Fuck you aunt peg.”

Tyler practically ran over and lifter his aunt’s flared black skirt. He saw the blue lace panties. “Oh god, such pretty panties.” He rubbed his hands over his aunts panty clad ass, causing Peg to moan softly. Tyler pulled the skirt over her hips and then pushed the gusset of her panties aside, exposing her crotch. Pressing his cock against the slit he rubbed it up and down.

“Oh God don’t tease me Ty.” Peg moaned.

Tyler pushed forward slowly, easing his hard cock into his aunts cunt. Peg let out a hiss as she felt his cock sliding into her, parting her pussy. Tyler pulled harder on the panties, placing the gusset over one ass cheek, exposing all of her ass and pussy.

“Careful!” Peg pleaded as she felt the material pulling on her ass. “Those are expensive. Let me take them off.”

“No. I want them on!” Tyler said as he began to thrust in his aunts pussy.

“Oh God…Oh God Tyler…” She moaned as her nephew fucked into her from behind. There was a certain kinkiness in being taken with all her clothes on. Tyler slid his hands underneath her blouse and the cups of her bra to hold her breasts.

He fucked into Peg slowly, relishing the feel of her tight pussy around his cock.

“Ohhh…Ohh Tylerrrr…” Peg moaned, thrusting back at him. “Fuck me hard baby. I want it hard.”

Tyler pressed her head down over the sofa, bending her body forward. Peg spread her legs wider to get more balance as Tyler began to pound her hard. Each thrust drove the breath out of her. He pinched her nipples under her bra and kept thrusting hard into his aunt.

“Aaauuuugghhhh…Oh Godd…Yesss..Yessssss.. Auuuggghhhh” Peg cried out as Tyler thrust hard into her. Her hands moved to support herself on the couch, pushing her ass back against Tylers rampaging cock.

“Godd…youre gonna make me cummm…Ahhh Augghhh Oh Goddddd” Peg screamed.

“Me too… Oh fuckkkk… Aunt Peggggg.” Tyler slammed into her hard as he felt her body start to shake and quiver. His cock tensed and then started spurting, unloading his jism deep inside his aunt. His cock kept spurting, unleashing its thick white cream. Tyler stayed buried in his aunts clenching pussy until he felt her slowly stop trembling. He pulled out of her, his thick cream starting to spill out of her pussy.

He pushed the gusset back in place, covering her gaping slit. He could see a wet spot slowly starting to grown on her panties, proof that the panties were getting moistened by their combined sexual juices.

Peg sighed in satisfaction and adjusted her panties. She stood up and pushed her skirt back down and adjusted her blouse and skirt. “God…” she moaned. “That was so hot Tyler.” She leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips.

“I can feel your cum dripping out of my cunt into my panties.” She smiled at him. “Maybe I should go and change…”

“Leave them on Aunt Peg… you can feel my cum the whole day then.” Tyler suggested.

Peg laughed. “That might be fun actually!” She said and then smiled. “And maybe later…you can make me suck your cum out of my panties while you fuck me…”

Tyler groaned softly at the thought of fucking his aunt while her cum soaked panties were in her mouth. “You’re so fucking hot Aunt Peg…” Tyler smiled.

“I gotta get to work…” Peg said, touching Tyler on the face. “But I want you to know something. I love how you are always so hard for me. I never need to suck you to get you harder. That’s a first for me…”

“That’s just coz I find you so hot Aunt Peg.” Tyler smiled, yet at the same time wondering how her other men needed to be sucked to get a full erection when his cock got super hard just looking at her.

“And…” Peg continued. “I know how you feel about ‘competing’ with my other men, even though I’ve told you it was all a different time and different place. So… while I used to love 4am sex, and I’ve also had sex before going to work, … I’ve not had them both in one day before…” Peg kissed Tyler again. “So remember that. And another thing, I’ve never worn cum filled panties to work before. That’s definitely a first!”

Tyler beamed at her. “You better go Aunt Peg. You don’t want to be late.” He said. “I’ll try not to think of you too much.” He said cheekily

“Oh please think of me! Think of me while you wait for me. I’ll try to come home early. Think of all the nasty things you want to do with your Aunt Peg.”

She walked toward the door, feeling how wet her panties were and getting wetter as she walked out the door. She turned to Tyler and blew him a kiss. “Till later lover…”

Tyler waved at her, secretly beaming inside knowing that there were quite a few things he had over the other men in Aunt Pegs life…

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