I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark brown hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. About 5’9″.Tall Ladycop. Her uniform pants were snug, but not really complimentary. Gun belt, bulletproof vest… Not very feminine. She said something into her radio and holstered it. I quietly braced for her to turn around, expecting a butch, unattractive look. She turned.

Whoa! Was I wrong! Even without makeup, she was stunning. Full lips, high cheekbones … very nice. But was her eyes that made the biggest impression. They positively sparkled. Somewhere between brown and hazel, and surrounded by long dark lashes. Even though she didn’t smile, her eyes did.

Officer… Brewster, it said on the velcro patch of her vest. Officer Brewster explained that the reason for her visit today was due to the escape of a prisoner in the area. She asked if it would be alright for her to come in and check around the back yard.

“Of course. Please do.” I stepped aside.

Officer Brewster followed me through to the sliding doors of the patio. “Please, stay here,” she said as she unsnapped the holster for her Glock. “I wouldn’t want to shoot you by accident,” she added with a smile, giving me a quick scan with her beautiful eyes. She slid the door aside and went out.

I watched from the doorway while she did her Rambo routine, checking the shrubbery, corners and utility shed, her right hand always on her right hip holster. She was all business, but she moved with such cat-like grace, it was pretty hot to watch.

Satisfied that no one was hiding, she relaxed, and said something into her radio. She was closing the holster for her gun when she returned.

“All clear. Thank you for you cooperation,” she said pleasantly as she stepped back in. She asked a few questions about how long I have lived here, which neighbors I know, etc. She finished with “and how many people live here with you?”

“Actually, I live here alone”. That was met with a mild look of surprise, then a tiny hint of a smile. I began to walk her out, while my brain was wracked, trying to judge the risk of hitting on a woman who carries a semi-automatic weapon. I decided on the subtle but direct approach.

“Officer Brewster, may I ask you a question?”, I asked as we reached the front door.

“As long as it doesn’t pertain to the case, then yes”. Still all business.

Okay, here goes nothing. “Is there a ‘mister’ Officer Brewster?”

Nothing. No reaction, no answer… nothing. Then I saw the sparkle in her eyes, for just a second, before she put her sunglasses back on.

“You have a nice day, sir” she said with a smile as she shook my hand and left. I watched her walk back to her cruiser. When she turned and saw me watching her, she smiled again, shook her head a little, and waved.

I closed the door. I really would have liked to see what was under that body armour. Oh, well.

About 2 hours later, I was again interrupted by a knock on the door. I opened it.

“Officer Brewster! What can I do for you?” Perhaps I was premature in writing her off.

“I just thought you might want to know that the escapee is back in custody”, she said, professionally. She still had her sunglasses on. She extended her hand again. When she ended the handshake, I found myself with a folded piece of paper in my hand.

I was a bit taken aback. By the time I recovered, she was back at her cruiser. She paused, tipped her sunglasses down, and winked. Then she smiled, and was off.

I closed the door and quickly opened the note. “Call me. 8 p.m. 555—1221”. I looked at my watch. Three hours. Three hours?! What am I going to do for three hours?! Shit.

I went back to the media room and started a movie from my extensive collection, hoping it would distract me. Good idea but mostly ineffective. I couldn’t get her eyes out of my mind.

At 7:59, I dialed her number. It rang three times.

“Hello?” Wow, that was not the ‘cop voice’ I heard earlier in the day. This voice was like honey.

“Hello… Uh… Officer Brewster?” God, I hope it’s her, not a mis-dial that just happens to sound sexy as hell.

“Yes, and please call me Emily.”

“Hello, Emily”, I said. Cut to the chase. “Have you eaten? Would you do me the honour of meeting me for dinner?”

“The honour?” she giggled. “Where?”

I suggested a little place I knew. The food was good and it should be quiet there.

“Twenty minutes.” was all she said before the line clicked off.

Eighteen minutes later, I was standing nervously in front of the restaurant. I suddenly realized that I really only knew what she looked like in her cop gear, Sure, I would never forget her eyes, but it was dark out here. I heard footsteps behind me.

“Hands up, please” she said. It was her cop voice again, but at a conversational volume. I complied. She laughed. The laugh was more like the voice on the phone. I turned.

My mouth fell open. Holy shit! She had 4 inch heels on, so now she was about 6 feet tall. Her legs… Oh my god!! Long, strong and muscular. A burgundy coloured dress hung like a curtain from her hips. The dress was cinched around her slim waist, while a substantial chest resided above. A matching shawl wrapped her shoulders, concealing her cleavage. Her hair was down, and wavier than it appeared before. She was smiling broadly, sexy red lipstick on her sensually full lips. Mascara made her already long lashes even more impressive, and her eyes sparkled as always.

Emily laughed again, and reached up with her lovely hand to close my mouth. “Nice to see you, too”.

“Sorry”, I gestured to the door, “shall we?”

She walked in ahead of me, and my eyes were immediately drawn to her ass. Like I said before, her uniform pants did nothing for her form, but this dress… Wow! The word ‘sinuous’ comes to mind.

The waitress seated us, and we quickly perused the menu. Orders placed, we settled in to chat while we waited. After a few minutes, Emily shed her wrap. The effect stopped me in mid-sentence. I couldn’t help it. I know it’s not cool, but I looked right at her sexy cleavage. Not once but twice. Then back to her eyes.

Fortunately, all she did was giggle, toss her hair, and lean in, exposing her luscious chest to me even more. “Gotcha!” she said, giggling again. The food arrived.

For the second time in the last five minutes, I had to apologize. “Sorry”. I felt an explanation was necessary. “It’s just that… you are really not what I thought you would be”. A disappointed look crossed her face. I scrambled to correct the misunderstanding. “A pleasant surprise…believe me, a very pleasant surprise!” I again looked at her chest. She was smiling again. “I just never thought you would look like this…”

“… Under my uniform?” she finished the thought. I nodded. “Yeah, the gunbelt and bulletproof vest don’t exactly enhance my curves, do they? I also don’t wear Victoria…” gesturing to her chest, “…under the vest, for comfort reasons.”

She continued. “To be honest, most guys are pretty intimidated by the look.”

“I suppose that’s the general idea.” I offered.

“That would be correct. Also, most guys are a bit afraid of a woman with a gun” she said, shooting me with her finger.

I feigned being wounded and then laughed, as did Emily.

“I had that very thought, myself, ” I admitted.

“So what made you…” she trailed off.

I finished the bite I was chewing. “Your eyes. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

Emily looked down, blushing at the compliment. When she looked up, her eyes positively glistened.

“You really know how to get to a woman!” she sighed. Then she smiled and looked away. She ate in silence for a few minutes, and I caught her stealing little glances at me. Finally she put her fork down abruptly and looked me straight in the eye.

“Listen… Why don’t we get out of here? Your place?” she suggested, biting her lower lip nervously.

“Do you follow me, or do we ride together?” I asked as I gestured for the check.

Twenty minutes later, she pulled her car into my driveway as I got out of my car. I whistled as she walked sexily over to me.

“Supercharged Mustang? At the risk of stating the obvious… You’re my kind of girl!”

Emily, just walked past me and leaned against the front door frame. The message was pretty clearly ‘I’m waiting’. I opened the door and we entered.

As soon as the door was closed, she was on me. She pressed me back against the door and kissed me. Gently at first, then with increasing passion as I returned the gesture. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her ass. With her heels on, I hardly had to bend at all to kiss her and fondle her firm ass. We made out like teenagers for about ten minutes, caressing each other wildly while our tongues intertwined. Emily finally came up for air.

“I could use something to drink”, she said, slipping from my arms and turning toward the kitchen.

I watched her ass sway sensually as she disappeared around the corner. I caught my breath and followed her. When I reached the kitchen door, she was bent over, peeking into the fridge.

I quickly stole up behind her and placed both hands on her hips. I ran my fingers around the smooth, firm curves of her ass, grinding against her as well. A moan came echoing out of the fridge.

She came up with a can of Pepsi in her hand. She looked me directly in the eyes as she pivoted away. With one finger, Emily pushed me back. She put the can down on the island, kicked off her shoes and hopped up on the counter, crossing her legs. She popped the can open and took a swig. She wiggled her feet at me, then put the can back down. Slowly, she uncrossed her legs and opened her arms to me.

I stepped into her arms, and she closed her eyes. We kissed again. Damn, she tasted good, and it wasn’t just the Pepsi. As we continued our embrace, her breathing began to increase with her passion. She had her hands on my head, pulling my lips to hers. I let her dictate the pace. Without warning, she wrapped hey strong legs around my hips and scooted her hips forward until her crotch was hard up against me. I squeezed her closer to my chest, feeling the fullness of her breasts crushed against me.

The combination of events was having a great effect on the contents of my pants, and given that only a few layers of fabric separated us, I’m sure Emily was fully aware of it. She pulled harder with her heels, grinding her crotch against mine. She pulled her head back.

“Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” she giggled, grinding her pussy on my hard bulge. Perhaps this was a new way to do a pat down.

“I am ecstatic to see you, ” I whispered, kissing her up the side of the neck. That must have been on her list of favourite things, because she gasped, then moaned loudly.

“I assume this house has a bedroom?” she said between passionate ‘ahhhhs’.

“Actually,… it has… several,” I said as I trailed kisses across her collarbone.

“Well, we only need one… Ahh… or, at least,… Uhnn… one at a time!”

A few moments later, we stumbled together into the bedroom, still kissing, and collapsed on my bed. After another few minutes of necking, Emily rolled up on top of me and sat up across my hips. She wiggled her hips and jerked her thumb to the left.

“Bathroom?” I nodded. “I will be back in a minute or two. Get comfortable, if you know what I mean.” she called over her shoulder as she swayed her hips through the door.

A few minutes later, she was back. The dress was missing, but her bra and thong were a very similar colour.

“Oh man, I wanted to take that off you!”

“Well, if things work out, then you might get another chance,” she smiled as she slinked over to me.

“Jeez, no pressure there.”

Emily lifted the sheet and peeked under. I was naked, and my cock was almost fully ready.

“Now, that’s what I call comfortable,” she said licking her lips. She turned her back, pulling her hair forward. “Do you want to do the honours?”

“Absolutely!!” I said, reaching up to unhook her bra. The Secret Victoria was harboring was 34DD. On the way down her back, I hooked two fingers in the sides of thong and skinned it off her hips. She lingered beside the bed for a few seconds, allowing me a close inspection of her butt. ‘Spectacular’ doesn’t do it justice. Flawless skin… sensual curves… just magnificent. Then she turned, and magnificent suddenly became insufficient as well. The lips of her pussy pouted open, like the petals of a highly sexed flower. I glanced up, making eye contact though the gap between her equally incredible breasts.

Emily pushed me back on the bed and joined me under the sheets. Our lips met again. Her hard nipples pressed into my chest. She pulled her mouth from mine, and gave me a funny look.

“I never actually got the chance to finish my dinner, so, if you’d excuse me…” she said cryptically. Then she ducked under the covers, and the code was instantly deciphered.

I felt her hand around the base of my shaft, then her tongue ran up my length, and a warm wetness engulfed the head.

“Oh… My… God!” was about all I could say. Major understatement. I lifted the sheet and watched her head bob up and down on my cock. “Umm… Excuse me, Officer?… Umm… What are you doing?”

She pulled my rod from her lips and smiled up at me. “Well sir, I am checking you for dangerous weapons. I found one, and I am trying to make it safe, by unloading it. Need I remind you that anything you say can be used against you? ” She immediately resumed her work, sucking furiously.

Anything I say can be used against me? Right.

“Oh… Please stop!… Don’t suck my cock like that!! ” I complained. Just as I hoped, she played along, sucking me harder and faster.” No matter what you do to me, I won’t tell you anything, Copper!!” She redoubled her efforts. I was about ready to ’empty the mag’ down her throat. “Oh fuck…”

Emily found my trigger and pulled it. My ‘weapon’ went off, round after round being chambered and fired. She swallowed, moaning with each gulp. Once she was sure I was safely empty, she squirmed back up beside me, licking residue from her lips.

“Just as I thought. Fully automatic. Definitely illegal.” She giggled.

I was trying to regain my senses, so I didn’t really respond.

“Oh and one more thing: ‘Copper? ‘Who are you? Edward G. Robinson? “she laughed and poked me in the ribs.

That made me laugh, senseless or not. “You try coming up with something good when someone is sucking your cock!” She held her luscious tits up to me. “Okay, I mean… You try coming up with something good while someone is sucking your clit!” She nodded, satisfied that I knew she was a woman. Like there was any way I could make that mistake.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Emily said, throwing the sheets aside and laying back with her legs spread wide. I rolled over between her thighs, ready to take up the challenge. Her pouty pussy glistened with excitement. She was shaved perfectly smooth. Her clit sat proudly at the top of her open lips, bright pink, and begging for attention. It was that attention I planned to deny her, at least until I felt the time was right.

I moved in closer, kissing her vulva gently. Whispering moans slipped from her throat. I pointed my tongue and circled the little rosebud of her ass hole. More moaning. I licked gently up her labia, first one side, then the other. I thrust my tongue into her pussy. I licked, I sucked, I nibbled, I kissed, I blew, I rubbed… in every nook and cranny, and on every bit of her pussy… except her clit.

For about fifteen minutes, I teased her. She went from moaning to screaming, and from merely wet to absolutely drenched. She even sought to take matters into her own hands, but when she tried to flick her now red and swollen little clit, I swatted her hand.

“Do I have to restrain you? ” I threatened. She may be the one with the gun and handcuffs in her purse, but I could always get out the duct tape.

Emily put her hands to work on her breasts instead, pinching, pulling and twisting her highly aroused nipples. She was hoping to make herself cum. She couldn’t take much more of this agony. If I wouldn’t touch her clit, maybe she could push herself over the top by playing with her tits.

She was panting wildly now, shrieking every time I licked her lips. Now I began to use my fingers more, thrusting two fingers into her, and she tossed her head from side to side, mumbling and groaning. I hooked my fingertips upward, pressing on the grainy surface of her g-spot.

From my viewpoint, between her legs, her excitement was clearly visible. Her stomach rose and fell raggedly with her gasping breaths. Further up, her huge breasts quivered deliciously, and her nipples looked about ready to explode, they were so erect.. I decided she had had enough. I braced myself for the blast to come. I mean…the blast of

I licked her juicy lips once more, then dipped my tongue deep into her again, as I had dozens of times previously. She wailed again, positively vibrating with lust. However, this time I allowed my tongue to continue upward, flicking her neglected clit with my tongue. Her wail increased in pitch. When I wrapped my lips around her love bud and sucked, she went off like a live round.

Emily arched her back, and one hand flew to the back of my head, and her thighs locked around my head. She screamed. “Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss!! OhMyFuckingGod Yessssssssss!!” And her pussy let loose with a veritable tsunami of hot love juices, which I eagerly consumed as quickly as she could gush it out. Her scream gradually trailed off, but her mouth remained open, her head thrown back and her back arched. Her pussy twitched, and then she just melted, collapsing into a gasping puddle of limp flesh. Her thighs relaxed, and I freed myself from between her legs, wiping my chin with the back of my hand..

Emily was out like a light. The heaving of her beautiful breasts made it obvious that she was breathing, but she was totally unresponsive. I licked her nipples. Nothing. I kissed her. Nothing.

So I decided to just snuggle beside her and hold her until she regained her senses. I turned on the TV and held her in my arms. Her breathing returned to normal, and she slept with her head on my chest.

About fifteen minutes later, her hand moved on my stomach, followed a few seconds later by her head lifting off my chest. She looked at me bleary eyed., her hair tousled wildly. She tried to brush the hair out of her eyes.

“What happened? And what time is it?” she asked.

“It’s just before 11, and you, my dear, just had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen a woman have.” I replied.

“What?”, she wondered, then the fog began to lift from her brain. “Oh right… You were licking my pussy. You wouldn’t let me cum!” she smiled as she remembered. “Is there such a thing as a post – orgasmic hangover?” she asked as she teetered unsteadily toward the bathroom.

Five minutes passed. “If you are as good with your cock as you are with your tongue… This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship… ” Emily said from the doorway. She had brushed her hair, restoring it to perfection. She stretched like a cat, causing her breasts to ride higher on her chest. A vision of sexiness. She considered her last comment. “… And I guess I should update my will and life insurance, because you could be fatal!” she laughed.

“Thank you ” I said as she rejoined me in bed.

“No… Thank you! That was amazing!” she said, leaning in to kiss me. She sniffed, and licked her lips when she pulled back. “You smell and taste like my pussy. And I taste goooooood!”

“No argument there.” I tried to lean in for another kiss, but she put her hand on my chest.

“I really hate to do this… Boy, do I hate to do this… but, I have to go. I work early tomorrow morning, and need to get home. I wish I could spend the night, but I have a feeling that would result in getting no sleep at all.” She was slipping back into her bra. A minute later, she was coming out of the bathroom, zipping her dress as she went. I tried not to look disappointed. “Baby, we will definitely be continuing this later. Don’t worry.” She patted my dick through the sheets. “Where are my shoes? “

Um… Kitchen. Oh, and don’t forget these… “I said, her thong hanging from my finger.

She kissed me again. “You keep those for now” she said, tucking them in my mouth with a giggle.

I pulled them out. “So, I’ll just hold them hostage until you do what I want? “

A few minutes later, she was out the door. I heard the Mustang fire up, and the rumble faded into the distance.

I looked at her thong, still in my hand, and sighed. I killed the light and headed upstairs to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, there was a text on my phone. “Still soaking wet” was all it said, with a happy face. Later, another one arrived “Thongnapper!”

I played along sending her a pic of her thong, laying on the front page of today’s newspaper with a pair of scissors. “If you want to see your thong alive again, you know what to do” I typed.

Moments later, she responded. “Oh no mister! Please don’t hurt my thong! I’ll do ANYTHING! LOL”

About 1 p.m., there was a familiar knock on the door. I opened it, and Emily… I mean, Officer Brewster, quickly came in. I closed the door behind her. She went straight to the kitchen.

By the time I got there, she was ‘safing’ her Glock, ejecting the magazine and working the slide to eject the round from the chamber. She undid her belt from her hips and placed it on the counter. The velcro on her vest made the familiar ripping sound as she removed the body armour.

“I have 30 minutes for a break. Care for a quickie?” she asked.

Duh! I pounced on her, kissing her roughly as my hands dispatched the buttons on her uniform blouse. She worked on her pants. Within seconds, she was down to a sports bra and high cut panties, while I was dropping my shorts.

Emily’s lips did a few quick laps on my dick, before she hopped up on the island. Her panties were already on the floor. I peeled her bra over her head, freeing her beautiful tits.

“Fuck me! “was all she said, at least, that’s all she said before I jammed my cock into her surprisingly wet snatch.

“Ooooof! That’s it! Gimme that cock!” she said as she laid back on the granite. “Shit, that’s cold!” she screamed, but grabbed the edge of the counter to brace herself. “Keep fucking me!”

Her tits bounced in rhythm to my thrusting. I had both cheeks of her firm, muscular ass in my hands, and her strong thighs gripped at my hips. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and I most certainly was, Emily’s cunt gripped me snugly, and I could feel her vaginal muscles ripple.

“Oh baby, your cock feels so good. Please keep fucking me like that! I’m gonna cum soon!”

I guess I should consider those to be police orders, so I complied, shafting her hot pussy with renewed vigor. Her beautiful tits, now topped with extremely erect nipples, began to swing more enticingly. I leaned over and extended my tongue, allowing first one nipple, then the other, to move across my tongue.

“Ooooooooooooooo, Yessssssssss!! Cummmmming now!!” she shrieked. Her cunt gushed around my hard cock, dribbling juice onto the granite. She finished her orgasm. “Keep going baby, I feel another… one… Cummmmming!!”

After her second orgasm, her body relaxed, and her eyes took on a slightly glazed look, but unlike last night, she remained conscious. She looked up at me and smiled dreamily, as I continued to ream her pussy.

“I want your cum. I need your cum. Please let me suck you.” she said quietly.

Now, usually, if you tell a cop to suck your dick… well, things don’t turn out well. I was a very lucky guy.

“Suck me. I want to cum in your mouth!”

Emily smiled as I pulled out of her pussy. She quickly hopped off the counter and knelt in front of me. She grabbed my cock, licking her own lubrication off it. Then she inhaled me, all the way to the root of my penis.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” she moaned, beginning to suck me frantically. Her ponytail swung from side to side. Her tits jiggled. I looked down, enjoying the view, while she slurped noisily on my erection. I made eye contact with her.

“Oh god! You suck my cock so good! Oh yeah, that’s it baby, you’re gonna make me cum, baby.! Here… It… Cummmms!!” My cock flexed hard, blasting hot juice into Emily’s mouth . She swallowed greedily, milking me for every drop. When she was done, I felt weak in the knees. I leaned on the counter, and my hand landed in the puddle Emily had left on top. “Mmmmmmmmm, pussy gravy!” I smiled at her, licking my fingers.

“Didn’t your mother teach you to share?” she asked, joining me in the cleanup. “Mmmmmmmmm. Yummy.”

Within five minutes, she was fully dressed again, reloading her weapon before snapping it back in her holster. I walked her to the door. She reached up and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

“Thank you, baby. I really needed that. After last night, I was so fucking horny. Now, the really good news is that I am off for the next two days,” she raised her eyebrows, “so… would you like a guest?” she asked hopefully.

“I can’t think of anything that would make me happier,” I said as I kissed her again.

“Wonderful! I will swing by my place and pick up some things after work, and should be here around 6. Should I bring us some dinner?” I nodded. “Okay. You go take a nap, and I will be back before you know it. Besides…” she cupped my crotch with her hand, “… you are going to need all the energy you can get!”

So, I did what she said. I took a nice four hour nap. Then I had a shower, and put on some clean clothes. I heard the rumble and whine of a Supercharged engine pulling into my driveway. I raced down the stairs like a little kid, and ran out to meet her. She was pulling a small duffle out of the trunk. Two large pizza boxes sat on the roof. I grabbed them and we headed inside.

“I didn’t know what you like, so I got two.” she said, dropping her bag on the floor in the kitchen.

“I like you” I said coyly.

“And I like you, but I was referring to the pizza.” she replied.

“Yeah, I guess they don’t have ‘ 5’9″ Goddess ‘ on their menu. ” I teased.

She blushed “Why, thank you, baby. And, no, I am not on their menu… but I am on yours!” she said, taking her place in my arms and kissing me. Her tongue duelled with mine. I had one hand on her breast, while the other held her ass. “I am also famished. Let’s eat while it’s warm”.

“What I want to eat is always warm,” I replied with a wink, “… and wet.”

She blushed again, but continued to pull plates from the cabinet.

About 20 minutes later, she was finishing her sixth slice.

“Where the hell do you put it? It sure as hell doesn’t go to your ass, which is perfect, by the way.” Emily just laughed and cupped her fabulous boobs. “If that’s where it goes,… can I get you another slice, or two?”

“Aha! So you like big tits, do you?” My turn to blush, now.

“Yes, I like big tits… But I love your big tits!” I turned the blush back to her.

We spent the next hour on the couch, snuggling in each others arms, petting and making out like teenagers, even watching a little TV. We talked about favorite music, foods and movies. I told her about my movie collection, and she perused the cabinet which held it.

“I don’t see any porn.” she teased. “I know you have some.”

“Oh… Yeah, well, that is stored in, umm, another location.” My blush again.

“Do you mind if I have a quick shower?” she asked as she picked up her bag from the floor.

“Not at all. You know where it is.”

I gave her some time to get herself ready, while I cleaned up the kitchen. I then went back to watching TV for a few minutes, killing time. I finally decided to go upstairs after her. As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a familiar moan coming from the bedroom.

Emily had found the porn. She was laying in the middle of the bed, stark naked. Her hair was still wet from the shower, but her pussy was wet for another reason. On the bedroom TV played an image of a blonde with huge tits, getting fucked energetically.

“I like big tits, too!” she panted, plunging a big, fat vibrator into her open cunt. The look on her face was blissful. The look on my face must have been more like confused, as I don’t own a dildo.

“So… You had to pick up a few… things?” I asked. She just smiled and watched the screen, where the blonde was now being tit-fucked. I watched her pleasure herself for another minute or two. It was quite a sight. She was shuddering with lust.

“So close… So close…!”

I leaned over and latched onto one of her stiff buds. Apparently, that’s all it took.

Emily came with a screaming convulsion. Her hand slipped off the vibrator, and her pussy squeezed it out with a wet, squishy noise. She writhed, arched her back, and twisted her torso. She collapsed, gasping for breath, on her side. I stroked her back, and kissed her neck. She was calming down now.

I walked over to the DVD case on the dresser and picked it up. I turned back to face the bed. She was looking at me sheepishly.

“I do hope you had a warrant for that search, Officer.” I chastised her.

“No, but I did have probable cause.”

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Well, you are a man, so you probably had porn, and you probably jerk off while watching your porn, and you probably preferred privacy while you were jerking off to your porn, and…”

“Okay, okay, you win! Jeez, remind me not to get you mad at me! Or try to hide anything from you!”, I laughed. Emily was smiling at me. “What’s that look for?”

“I like your taste in porn!”she giggled, hiding her face in mock shame. I was back beside her on the bed now, having shed my clothes as well.

“What about my taste in women?” I asked as I caressed her hip.

“Yes, I like your taste in women, as well.,” she purred while I continued to graze my fingers over her hip and ass.. “In fact…” she added, withdrawing her fingers from her still tingling pussy and licking them, “… I like the taste of your taste in women!”

“I agree!”. I pushed her onto her back, grabbed her legs and wrenched them apart. I placed my mouth over her pussy and gave her a big lick, followed by a quick suck on her clit.

“Oh no… Ooooooooooooooo… I am so fucking sensitive right now. Please, no…” my tongue continued to lave her juicy snatch, “… Please, no… Please… No… Don’t… Don’t stop… Oh, yes… Oh, fuck, yes… Uh… Oh, yes… Yessssssssss! ” Another orgasm, smaller than the last, but she came just the same.

I sat up between her legs. “Wait, didn’t you say ‘no, please no, don’t’?” Emily was panting again, but she nodded. “But I thought I heard you also say’ don’t stop, oh yes, oh yes’? She nodded again.

“It’s a… woman’s… perogative to change… her mind” she gasped.

“Well, unless you have any serious objections, I’d really like to make love to you now. Does that sound like something you might want to do? ” I watched her eyes as I said it.

Emily breathed deep, regaining her composure. She smiled, the biggest smile I had ever seen. Her eyes twinkled, as though a switch had been flipped.

“Yes. Yes it sounds very much like something I want to do.”

I rubbed the head of my hard cock between her slippery lips. Slowly, I slid my length into her wetness.. I rested on my elbows and looked deep into her eyes while I wiggled deeper, until I was fully sheathed by her hot pussy. I kissed her as I very gently began to withdraw, then reinsert, my penis. A soft moan escaped her lips, intensifying the kiss. I loved the feel of her pussy muscles gripping me while I pulled back, and the way she relaxed them to welcome me back in. She was gently milking me, but I was in no hurry. I intended to make this last.

We kissed each other, long and gentle, while I continued to slowly thrust in and out. Periodically, Emily would shudder and gasp, as her pleasure overtook her.

I pulled out and slid up beside her, lifting her right leg to get access to her pussy. I slipped back into her. Now I could play with her tits better while I shafted her smoothly. I watched her face as she shuddered again. She was flushed, and her nipples were about three quarters of an inch erect, the areolas puckered tightly. I kept my pace of long slow strokes. Another shudder, moaning and mewling quietly. I think that was her sixth, but my count could be off. I was starting to get to myself, as well. A familiar heat was building in my balls. I wouldn’t last much longer, so it was time to change position again.

I pulled out, and rolled her onto her stomach, lifting her hips while taking position behind her.

“I have something in my bag you might like,” Emily suggested.

I grabbed the bag and put it where she could access it. A few seconds of rummaging produced an small, cigar shaped torpedo vibrator, with a tail on it. She dipped it in her pussy to get it well lubricated, then twisted it, turning it on. She placed it against her little, pink rosebud.

“Please?” she asked, wiggling her butt excitedly. I slowly pushed the vibrator in, until just beyond halfway. Emily was moaning loudly, and when her ass seemingly sucked it the rest of the way in, she really got excited. “Ohhhhhhhhhh yes! Now stick your cock in me!”

I did as requested. Her pussy transmitted to tingle of the vibrator to my dick. A very interesting feeling. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. Gentle went out the window as the vibrations started to get to me. Emily was cumming again, but this wasn’t a shudder and a moan. It was a firm, sporadic clutching of her hot cunt, and a scream. Actually, several screams. I was pounding her hard, she was cumming and screaming, and the vibrator was buzzing happily away. I could sense that the end was near, but I had been buried in her pussy for almost an hour, so I was more than ready.

I slammed her one last time and started to cum deep inside her. The extended lovemaking and the vibrator resulted in me having a huge load to deposit. I ground my cock home while I sprayed her insides, and my cock twitched for about a thirty seconds. I was grunting like an animal, and Emily was still shrieking and quivering. Finally, I couldn’t hold myself up any more. I fell back on the bed, and my cock pulled out with an audible ‘pop’. My cum gushed out of her gaping pussy as her orgasmic spasms squeezed it out. She reached frantically between her legs for the little tail of the vibrator, and yanked it out of her ass, collapsing on her stomach. Only then did she stop screaming.

“Too much… too many… Need to breathe!!” Emily moaned in ecstatic agony. I must admit, my own orgasm was devastating. I can’t imagine how she must have felt. She must have cum ten times, counting the last earth shattering one.

Between the two of us, we did manage to help each other get to the bathroom for a very necessary shower. We then changed the sheets, dumping the cum soaked ones in the laundry. We then slept like the dead, holding each other snugly.

I woke before Emily did. She had rolled away from me, and was curled up in the sheets on her side. Her hair was a tousled mess, but she still looked like a peaceful, sexy angel. I laid there and watched her sleep for a while. I could get used to having her in my bed.

I carefully rolled out of bed, so I wouldn’t disturb her. I pulled on some shorts, and went downstairs. About an hour later, I was puttering around in the kitchen, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Good morning. It is still morning, right?”

I turned. Emily was leaning against the doorway, naked, her head tilted over. Her long hair hung over her face.

I looked at the clock. “Just barely. Can I get you anything?”

“Please. Some coffee? Maybe something to eat? And then, I think I’d like some more of your cock.” she was grinning at me through her dishevelled hair.

I went about making us some bacon and eggs, and delivered a coffee to her at her seat at the table. She sipped the warm liquid and tried to untangle her hair with her fingers. Momentarily, she disappeared, then returned, having run a brush through her hair, and restrained it into her pony tail. She looked much more awake now.

She was still naked, though. Naked, and lightly grazing the delicious curves of her breasts with her fingertips, while she waited for breakie. Her fingers made the occasional sojourn south of the border.

I brought two plates over to the table. As I approached, she clapped her hands.

“Ooo, goody!” My hands were still full of plates, but she tugged my shorts down, freeing my hard cock (I know I had been cooking, but I had a perfect view of a naked goddess the whole time, so, of course I was hard). Her lips wrapped around the head, and she bobbed on my shaft a few times. I put down one plate and placed my hand on her head, moaning my obvious approval of her technique.

“Sit please,” she said, patting the chair beside hers as she removed my dick from her mouth.

I did as she asked, putting the other plate down beside the first. Emily then straddled me, facing away, and reached between her thighs. She slowly lowered her dripping pussy over the head of my cock, manipulating her hips until I was fully ensconced in her warmth. She began a slow ride, her hips doing long strokes on my erection, while she ravenously consumed the contents of her plate. She was multitasking in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. Suddenly, her hips stopped moving.

“I am being so rude! I apologize!” she giggled as she pulled off my cock. She spun around and straddled me again, lowering her pussy and fully impaling herself. She dumped the contents of the plates together on one. “Community plate.”

Emily began to ride me again, while feeding me scrambled eggs and bacon with her fingers. Little bits of egg fell from her fingers onto her breasts, where I felt compelled to do clean up duty. Soon, she was placing the eggs on her nipples by design, alternating breasts with each bite.

The contents of the plate were gone, so she put it on the table, allowing her to concentrate on the serious business of fucking. Now, she really started to ride me harder, and her beautiful breasts took on a life of their own, quivering and bouncing freely before my eyes. Her breathing was getting faster and more laboured. Her nipples were dark red, and standing tall. A deep flush spread across her face, neck and chest, announcing the approach of her orgasm. I looked directly into her eyes, and they rolled back as it hit her.

Emily’s head snapped back. A moan started in her toes, and raced up her body like a locomotive before exploding from her mouth. She shuddered, quivered, and spasmed. Eventually, her breathing eased. A smile crossed her face, and she milked my still hard cock with her vaginal muscles.

“Now, on a scale of one to ten that was a…” I ventured.

“Six. Last night was a bunch of fives and sixes, with one, oh, let’s say fifteen! I give our first night, … the one where I passed out … a twenty nine! ” she was wriggling her hips, grinding her clit against the base of my cock, and grinning lasciviously.

“Well… grade this one! “I placed my hands under the cheeks of her ass and picked her up, while standing up myself. I lowered her onto the table on her back, and began to thrust into her without remorse. I fucked her hard, and in this position, I had lots of leverage on my side. I pounded her pretty, wet pussy with full length strokes. She began to wail as another orgasm ripped through her body. I didn’t even break stride. I had my hands grabbing her hips, pulling her to me as I slammed her cunt. She kept cumming, and I kept fucking. The hot, rippling flesh of her pussy was getting to me, but I kept thrashing her. I could feel the kettle coming to a boil, but I kept fucking, and she kept cumming. Little squeaky shrieks escaped her lips in a constant stream as her orgasm continued. Finally, I exploded. Hot semen rocketed out, filling her pussy to overflowing. I spent my last few strokes, my plunging cock squeezing the mixture of our juices, so that pressurised jets of goo squirted out her. I could see a mop in our future.

I held her waist, trying to catch my breath. Her body was slick with sweat, and she was gasping desperately. She looked up at me and grinned. She held up one finger on her left hand, followed by four on her right. She saw the mildly disappointed look on my face.

“Don’t… add! …Two… digits!” she breathed with a sexy smile.

Oh, I get it! Not 5…First digit 1 and second digit 4…14! Bonus points! I smiled back.

My dick had softened to the point where it slipped wetly out of her pussy, followed by a stream of our combined cum that puddled on the floor with a splash. Sometimes, sex can be so messy.

Emily was listening to the wet, dripping sounds coming from below her. “That felt incredible, but it sounds disgusting! I think I will stay here until I stop flowing, so I don’t leave a trail through your house.”

A minute or so later, she was done. We leaned on each other for support, and headed up to the shower. We washed each other with care, paying special attention to certain areas. By the time we had dried each other, I was hard again, and Emily had that look in her eyes.

We rolled into bed together, in a full body embrace. Our lips and tongues were fully engaged. I rolled over on top, and slid into her. Emily groaned as I went deeper, then deeper still, until I was fully inserted. She was puffing and panting.

“Gently, please. My kitty is a bit sore, especially after that last one.” I looked at the expression on her face. I didn’t need to cum again, and probably wouldn’t, unless something exceptional happened. This was for her pleasure. She saw the look of concern on my face. “Oh, you are so sweet!” Her hand caressed my face, “I love that… but don’t worry. If it gets to much, I promise I will tell you. I just want one more orgasm.” she smiled. “So… don’t stop, … just don’t kill me! “

My concerns assuaged, I began to stroke her slowly. After a few minutes, her hands moved to my ass, pulling me in a bit faster. Her face was relaxed, eyes closed, and her mouth was slightly open, moaning quietly. A few more minutes, and her legs came up around my hips, spurring me faster. She was breathing hard now, her moans louder as her excitement increased. I fucked her a little harder. Her pussy may have been sore, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t juicy. Warm chick-slick coated my shaft, and dripped down my balls.

Emily’s moans became louder still, and became interspersed with directions. “Oh… Yes… Uhnn… Uhnn… That’s it… Uhnn… Baby… Getting… Uhnn… Close… Uhnn… er… Uhnn… Fuck… Yes… Uhnn… Faster now… Uhn… Uhn… Uhn… Oh yes… Uhnn… Yes… Yessssssssss.. Ahhhhhhhnnnnn… Yessssssssss! ” She shuddered, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, and her legs around my hips. Her body twitched and bucked under me, and I could feel her vaginal muscles clench around my cock. At last, she relaxed, and I pulled out.

“If you are interested… I think that was a seven”, she hissed, “Maybe eight.! Thank you, baby.”

I snuggled in beside her, resting my head on her shoulder. I watched her breasts quiver as they rose and fell with her ragged breathing. Her hand closed around my shaft, and she stroked me a few times, lubricated by her residual juices. “Excuse me.” she said as she slowly disappeared under the covers. Her lips encircled my still hard cock, and she licked me clean while making yummy noises. I rolled on my side toward her, and her hand on my ass urged me on.

I started to rock my hips, fucking her mouth. I heard sounds of consent from below, and the hand on my ass pulled me in, while her other hand tickled my balls, which were tightening up. I fucked her mouth a bit harder, and deeper. Emily angled her body back, so that her neck was more extended, and suddenly my cock went right down her throat. Emily’s nose was deep in my pubes. I couldn’t believe she was deepthroating me. I’d had other women try, but no one had been successful. It felt fabulous. I pulled back, Emily sucked in a breath, and I slid down her throat again. She was swallowing, and the sensations it gave me set me off.

“Oh fuck yes, baby… Suck my cock! Here it cums!” I unloaded the remaining contents of my balls down her throat.

About a minute of gentle cleaning later, she wriggled back up to her pillow. She kissed me again, then turned away, squirming her ass against me as she pressed back into my grasp. She wrapped herself in my arms like I was a blanket, and placed my hand on her breast.

I gently stroked her skin. Minutes later, we were both sound asleep.

I awoke around 4 p.m.. Emily was slithering out of my arms, and I opened my eyes just in time to see her perfectly formed ass jiggle as she scooted into the bathroom.

“Nice butt!”, I called after her sleepily, to let her know that I was awake. A giggle echoed out of the bathroom.

“Thank you”, she whispered as she took her position in my arms again, a few minutes later.

“What do you want to do for dinner?”, she asked quietly, over her shoulder.

“I know what I want for dessert”, I said, squeezing her tight.

“You have a one-track mind”.

“I have a one-track dick”.

“I know. I can feel it!”, she said, squirming her butt against my hardening erection. “Seriously, I wouldn’t mind going back to that restaurant we met at. I thought the food was good, what I had of it. You had me so horny, I was almost ready to jump you at the table. At least this time, we can both relax and eat.” she added. “We can take my car, but you can drive. I know you want to.”. She wiggled her bum.

Ninety minutes later, we pulled up in front of the restaurant. What can I say? I took the long way, the very long way. She has a really nice car. I think I want to get one. Love that Supercharger. I looked over at Emily. She was grinning at me. She was supercharged, too.

And she was right; the food was good, but the company was better. Emily was a real pleasure to be around. She was a strong woman, and not just in the physical sense. I found myself watching her, dreaming about a long term future that included her.

“… So, I told the alien that he couldn’t park there, even if Elvis was with him.” She waved. “Helloo! Daydreamer?” A bright smile erupted on her face. “Are you in there?” She lowered her voice and leaned in closer, “Did I fuck you up, baby? It’s been hours since we had sex. Am I really that powerful?”

I returned from my reverie, and smiled back. “You have no idea.”

“Poor baby! I’m not buying it… what’s going on in there?”, she said, tapping me on the forehead.

“Truthfully?” I asked.

Emily leaned in on the table, and rested her luscious breasts on the edge. Her neckline was not going to make this easier. “Always” she said.

“I was wondering how to keep you in my life. I guess I have grown accustomed to your face. Among other things”, I smiled, dropping my eyes to her cleavage. “I know I am moving kind of fast…”

“Fast is fine…” she cut me off. “So this has become more than just sex to you? Feeling something more?”. I took her hand. “Look… I’m a cop, and I might not come home tomorrow. I just need you to remember that. I’m not asking you not to get involved with me… I just don’t want you to get hurt…” she paused, and looked down. When she looked up, her eyes were moist, and her voice quivered slightly, “… because this has become more than just sex for me, too.”

We looked at each other in silence for a few minutes. I held her hand, stroking her soft skin gently.

“Damn! I told myself this wouldn’t happen to me!”, she whispered, breaking the silence. “You asked me out… and you were hot… and I thought ‘he looks like a fun fuck’, so I went home with you”. She was looking at me and smiling. “Then you turned out to be more than a fun fuck… you are an incredible fuck, by the way… you didn’t just use me for your pleasure. You actually cared about my pleasure, and I started to feel things… things I tried to deny feeling”.

I pulled her lips to mine, and kissed her. Her lips were soft and delicious, and they spoke to me about her feelings without saying a word.

“So, I guess no one will mess with me now. After all, my girlfriend is a cop!”, I laughed, breaking the tension. “Seriously, Emily… I understand what you are trying to protect me from. But I think Shakespeare had it right ; it is better to have loved and lost…” she nodded, “… and I am willing to take that chance, if the prize is getting to spend time with you”. I paused for a minute, trying to get up the courage to continue. I asked a woman with a gun on her hip for a date, point blank, but I wasn’t able to tell her I loved her. Somehow, that logic finally won out.

“I Love You”, I said, after I brought her chin up so I could look directly into her eyes. I wanted her to hear more than just my words.

Tears were welling up in her eyes. It only made me love her more. Thinking back to the first time I saw her, hand on her gun, slinking around my backyard,… she was all business. She was a Police Officer. Now, she was a woman… my woman… and vulnerable from within. I touched her cheek, just as a tear rolled down.

“I hope those are happy tears”, I said quietly. She nodded, and rubbed her face against my palm.

“I haven’t said this to anyone since I graduated from the Academy… but… I Love You, too”. The words came out, and her body relaxed, like she had accepted losing the battle with herself.

I suddenly realized where we were, and the parallels that happened the last time we were here. I laughed. Emily looked at me questioningly.

“I was just thinking that this is now officially my favourite restaurant on the planet! The last time we were here, we ended up in bed immediately afterwards. I hope I’m not being presumptuous, but I think history is about to repeat itself”, I explained.

Emily smiled. “No… I don’t think you are being presumptuous at all. You are soooooo going to get fucked when we get out of here”. She brushed a loose hair away from her face. “I think I call this our lucky restaurant. I know I feel lucky”. Another smile beamed from her beautiful face. “Now, my love, shall we?”.

We walked arm in arm out to the car. Emily took her seat, and as I closed the door, I realized that I not only got the girl, but the car as well. Once I had taken my place behind the wheel, I turned to her and giggled.

“Okay, what’s so funny?”, she asked.

“Oh, I was just wondering how this car will look with ‘just married’ on the back?”, I replied.

She laughed back. “No presumption there!”, she added. “I just have one request…”.

“Anything for you, my darling”.

“That day, I get to drive”, she said, smiling from ear to ear.

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