Arcturus Syndrome Ch. 13-2

Jasmine nodded.

“And he told you things that confused you, that made you afraid to shout or cry out or call for help?”


“And then he touched you. In ways you had barely let yourself imagine, and it felt so good, but you felt so terrible at the same time?”


“You’re seeing it now, aren’t you, in your mind. The dark room, the quiet, the rustling of the sheets, the sound of the bed.”


“You’re feeling what his touch is doing to you, aren’t you.”

“Yes. He… kissed me… down there.”

“And you felt disgust? But also the heat of it? The pleasure? The excitement? You didn’t know if you liked this after all?”

“Yes. How do you know all this?”

“I told you, Jasmine. I grew up a lot like you. You’re a beautiful woman. These things happen to beautiful women.”


“But it’s gone now.”

Ruth tapped the bar sharply, and Jasmine’s focus snapped back to where they were. The intensity of her memories had been so real, and now she was slurping the last of a margarita in the Cantina, while Chrissie was talking to some rando.

And this woman, this Ruth.

“You don’t look like a Ruth,” Jasmine said.

“I get that a lot.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Do you feel it? Feel how gone it is?”

Jasmine wanted to walk away. Just walk away. But she couldn’t leave Chrissie here on her own with that… brute. Although when glanced again, the guy didn’t seem nearly so brutish. He seemed to be listening, smiling, laughing with Chrissie. They seemed to be having a good time.

Maybe she should just walk away. What was she doing chasing Chrissie around anyway? The woman was right. Chrissie wasn’t really who she was looking for.

“Well?” the woman asked sharply.

“What? Oh.” Jasmine dropped into those blue eyes again.

“Tell me it’s gone,” the woman said.

“Fine,” Jasmine said. “It’s gone.”

“Feel how free you are. You can do anything you want now. The past has no hold over you, does it?”

“Of course not. It never did.”

Ruth smiled. “Of course not. Why don’t you prove it?”

“Prove what?”

“How free you are. How you can simply have what you want, without feeling shame, or guilt, or fear.”

Jasmine looked at her.

She had laid down cash on the bar, more than enough for their drinks and a generous tip.

“Come with me.”

“I can’t leave my friend! She might…”

“She won’t need you. In fact, she’s not going home with that guy.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you are going home with that guy.”


“I am going to get up, walk over to talk to him. His name is Carl by the way, and he’s… a very good lover. He’s going to apologize to your friend, and then he’s going to go out with me. If you want to see who you really are, Jasmine, you are going to be outside waiting for us.”

“I won’t do anything of the sort.”

“I said if. If you want to find out who you really are, Jasmine, now that you are free, you are going to be waiting outside for us. And we are going to show you.”

Jasmine took a breath but Ruth cut her off. “Stop talking, Jasmine. Look at the way your mind just instinctively says ‘no.’ You will have just about one minute to make your decision, to feel into what your body is saying. To decide whether you really want to be free, or whether you don’t. You get this doorway exactly once in your life, Jasmine. Choose quickly, and choose from inside your body, not inside your brain’s bad old patterns.”

And then the woman got up. She slowly sauntered down the length of the Cantina, and Jasmine watched the way her hips swayed, the beautiful curve of her hips, the heavy bounce of her breasts.

The woman was right. She didn’t feel fear.

Jasmine turned off her brain and walked outside.

* * *

Ruth had caught Carl’s eye, signaled with her expression a change of plan. He was enjoying this young woman, this Chrissie. She was a sparky little thing, and he had imagined how much fun he would have with her. She was no hottie, but then again, Amber hadn’t been either. He found that wasn’t the selling point it had once seemed. He liked how animated Chrissie was, and he could feel her desire getting stronger as they chatted. He could feel the heat blossoming inside her. He could feel the slipperiness of her welling up. He could see it in the flush across her neck, in the dilated pupils, in the parting of her lips.

And then Ruth walked up.

“Carl! What on earth are you doing in Charleston? Oh, sorry young lady, you’ll have to excuse me, I haven’t seen this man in five years! I am going to need to take him from you.”

Chrissie looked at Ruth, stunned, outraged, and then awed. Ruth had a moment of sadness to see how Chrissie measured herself against Ruth, found herself coming up empty in all categories. Win some, lose some.

“Shit, Ruth, I was really enjoying my evening. Of all the gin joints! Listen, Chrissie, I was really enjoying this, and anticipating where this might go. I felt the chemistry, I hope you did too, but… my old friend Ruth here… had to show up and spoil my evening.”

Ruth shrugged apologetically at Chrissie. She turned to lead the way out, observing, with pleasure and only a tiny touch of relief, that Jasmine had already left.

* * *

They had a hotel room not far away on a card Carl had obtained in his unorthodox way. Jasmine had been right about one thing: Carl was sketchy as hell. Completely amoral, as far as Ruth could tell. There was no way they were going to be settling down in some backwater town, living an ordinary life. Ruth was not going back to ordinary now.

They stopped for a bag full of energy drinks on the way. The hotel room was spacious, it had a luxurious, deep comfy chair.

“Carl, you are going to sit there, and you are not going to move until Jasmine tells you otherwise.”

Jasmine-who seemed to be cycling quickly through terror, excitement, and confusion-looked relieved at this.

“This can be just a pleasant little way for you to try that thing you always wanted,” Ruth told Jasmine.

Jasmine moved her head in a way that wanted to be a nod, or a shake, the yes and the no swirling through her, the edge of panic, the horror at her situation, the fascination and excitement. Her adrenalin must be through the roof, Ruth thought.

“Sit,” she said, waving at the king bed.

Jasmine sat, her hands folded in her lap, her mouth open as if to speak or scream; wide eyes.

Carl sat too, leaving Ruth to run the show.

Ruth didn’t always like running the show, but in this case, in this moment, it felt perfect.

She stepped forward, nudging Jasmine’s locked knees apart.

She folded her fingers into Jasmine’s wave blond hair and pulled her close, pressing Jasmine into her soft bosom. She murmured: “There, there, it’s ok. Everything is going to be ok. Breathe nice and deep, be calm.”

She could feel Jasmine’s body, taut as a hard-strung wire. Her arms were stiff at her sides, her legs hard as wood, her breathing quick and shallow.

Ruth breathed slow and deep. “Breathe with me, Jasmine. Slow now.”

She pressed her thumbs into Jasmine’s shoulder muscles, and began to slowly massage.

“There’s no rush. You can say no. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, Jasmine. Just relax with me. Soften into me.”

And she did begin to soften a little.

“Try putting your arms around me, Jasmine. Feel the warmth of my body. Feel how soft I am.”

Jasmine hesitated, but then awkwardly brought her arms around Ruth. And then she was clutching, hold tightly. She was shaking. She was crying.

Ruth gently pressed her down into the bed, and crawled up beside her, pulling Jasmine into a full body embrace, letting her cry.

“That’s good, love. Let it out.”

“I’ve… I’ve… I’ve always wanted…”

“I know, Jasmine. I know. Me too.”

The crying came and went for a while, and in a lull, Ruth leaned in and kissed her. She tasted the salt of the tears on her face, and kissed a spiral to her lips. When their lips met, there was a tensing through her body, and then a profound melting.

Jasmine opened to her, letting go.

Ruth didn’t hesitate, but she didn’t rush either. They kissed for a long time, heart to heart, belly to belly, Ruth in her soft red dress with nothing on underneath, Jasmine in her print blouse, structurally sound bra, and jeans.

Eventually, Jasmine rolled on top of her, pressing her into the bed, letting Jasmine feel the comfort of her weight, letting Jasmine’s hands wander. Jasmine slowly began to explore, feeling Ruth’s side, the small of her back, her hips.

But then Ruth began to kiss down, to unbutton that blouse. Jasmine gasped, froze, but didn’t stop her.

Soon Ruth had the blouse open, and lifted her enough to unlatch the bra.

When Jasmine’s breasts came free, it was Ruth’s turn to gasp. So full, smooth, with the firmness of a young woman. Her aureole’s were such a pale pink they were almost hard to see, and the nipples delicately formed, waiting for her kiss.

Ruth did not hesitate, and dove in, teasing Jasmine in just the way that the very best lover had ever teased her, with light brushes of her lips, barely-there circling with her tongue, breath warm and soft then blown cool. Soon Jasmine was squirming, making tender, delicate little sounds of pleasure, but her hips were also rocking.

Ruth paused.


Jasmine nodded, pupils dilated, skin flushed bright red. Ruth handed her one of the bottles of electrolytes.

“Stand up,” Ruth commanded. Jasmine stood, keeping her back to Carl.

Carl was patiently sitting, watching. He winked at Ruth.

“Take those pants off,” Ruth said, and Jasmine did, wriggling down to her plain tan panties.

Ruth took a swig of her own drink, then eased Jasmine back onto the bed, pressing her down and kissing her everywhere: lips, neck, shoulders, fingers, belly. She lifted her feet and kissed her toes. She kissed up the girl’s legs, giving Jasmine plenty of time to imagine what was to come. For her part, Jasmine made beautiful little sounds, rocked her hips, and reached to caress Ruth whenever possible.

Ruth slid out of her dress, and draped herself over Jasmine, letting the young woman feel her soft breasts dragging over her, the hard nubs of her nipples, the crinkly fur that she kept below, and the wetness there, pressed to Jasmine’s thigh when Ruth finally returned to bring their kiss together, their tongues exploring, their breasts pressed flat between them, their fingers entangled.

Somewhere behind them, Carl grunted his approval.

Ruth let more urgency begin to flow through her, and felt Jasmine responding. She could feel their breath together, the pulsing of their excitement, the tingling of their pleasure merging together.

Ruth lifted herself, stripped Jasmine’s panties off, and beheld Jasmine’s smooth-shaved pussy, pink and swollen with excitement, glistening with nectar, lips flowerlike.

She lowered herself, bringing her tongue close but not touching. She cradled Jasmine’s butt, lifting her gently close to her lips, before pressing in with soft pressure.

“Ohhhh…” Jasmine sighed out.

Ruth gently pressed her tongue out between her own lips, resting on Jasmine’s hard button of a clit.

Jasmine moaned again, quivering now.

Ruth looked up her pale body, watching the young woman trembling with her excitement, seeing her face titled back, her mouth open, her hands open as if in some arcane welcome.

It didn’t take long. Jasmine’s breath quickly grew quicker, her moans rose in volume, in pitch.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Ruth felt the rising tide, and rode it, gently pressing Jasmine’s clitoris between her lips, but withholding further stimulation, letting the initial climax roll through her.

Jasmine’s legs trembled, her hands clutched, she gasped for air in silence, and then let out a long hissing breath, softening.

Ruth reached up and took one of Jasmine’s nipples between her finger and thumb, and pressed harder, twisting a little. She dropped her tongue to taste the richer juices at the entrance, and continued to swirl and lick, avoiding the most sensitive spots, but bringing her pleasure right back, before it had a time to disappear.

In moments, Jasmine was trembling again. “No, no,” she was saying.

Ruth knew what she meant, it was not the no of a refusal, it was the No of “This isn’t possible.”

But Ruth made it possible, and brought her back to the heights of arousal… but this time not letting it overflow. Carefully teasing her with light kisses, with the stillness of the flat of her tongue, with a sudden jolt of intensity, and then with softness, getting the rollercoaster of her pleasure running and thrumming.

“Stop, stop, Oh God,” Jasmine finally said, and Ruth relented.

They slurped from their drinks.

“Let me show you something,” Ruth said. “Don’t worry, he won’t touch you unless you ask him to. But I want to show him to you.” She nodded to Carl. “Strip for the girl.”

Carl stood, and easily shrugged himself out of clothes. He was, of course, monstrously erect.

“Holy shit,” Jasmine said. “I… I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“Except for porn, I guess,” Ruth prompted.

Jasmine flushed again and didn’t say anything, just watching.

“Step closer, Carl,” Ruth instructed, and Carl prowled up the side of the bed.

Ruth reached out and grasped the root of his cock, thick and hard.

“It’s warm,” she said. “The skin is velvety soft, but the shaft is deliciously hard.”

Ruth ran her finger around the edge of the glans. “He’s most sensitive here, and especially here,” she added stroking just to Carl’s left of the underside of the glans.

She leaned in and wrapped her lips around the head of it.

“It looks big, but the head fits nicely behind my lips, resting on my tongue, and I loooove the sensation of that pulsing in my mouth. I love the taste of his arousal, the scent of his musk… it does something to me. The energy of it, his power and his strength, knowing he could completely overpower me, take me in any way, and yet here he is, aching for more and it’s mine to give him… or not.”

Jasmine simply watched.

“Do you want to try?” Ruth asked.

Jasmine mutely shook her head.

Ruth shrugged.

“Sit back down, Carl. Don’t worry, I’ll let you cum before we’re done here.”

“Do you always talk to him like that?” Jasmine asked.

“No. Sometimes he talks to me like that,” Ruth said. Adding: “But only if I want him to.”

Carl sat down with his predator’s smile. A jaguar stalking his prey, biding his time.

Ruth lay back down beside Jasmine, and with a hint of Carl’s musk still on her lips, brought their kiss back together. Jasmine responded instantly, and strongly.

But this time, Ruth climbed Jasmine, giving Carl a good view of the girl. First Ruth brought her breasts to Jasmine’s lips, pressing them in, letting her feel the softness, the fullness. Letting her kiss and suckle. Taking those sensations through her body, feeling her own excitement stirring.

Ruth was not so patient now, and soon climbed higher, giving Jasmine no choice but to see-and then kiss-her there.

She was hesitant. Tentative at first. But her fear was gone. All she needed now was confidence, and Ruth gave her every encouragement.

Ruth did, however, hold herself in stillness, letting Jasmine explore at her own pace. Even if she frustratingly missed the spot, or dropped rhythm just when Ruth was getting on the on-ramp. This was not the time for criticism, though, and Ruth just let her play.

After a few near misses, she slid back down, grinding herself on Jasmine’s hip , and then her thigh, bringing her own kisses to Jasmine, and then to her breasts.

She let the excitement ebb a little, feeling into Jasmine’s uncertainty.

“What did you feel about that?” Ruth asked.

“I liked it?”

“You sound hesitant.”

“I guess? I don’t know. I loved it when you did it to me, but I felt clumsy and stupid.”

“Practice makes perfect. Also: you need to stop thinking, and just feel. Let your fingers, your lips, your tongue do to me what you like when I do it to you. Listen to my sounds, and follow what makes the better sounds. Don’t be afraid to keep doing something that works. Nobody’s getting bored here.”

Ruth shifted around. “Here, follow me. Whatever I do to you, figure out how to do it to me.”

Ruth straddled Jasmine, pressing her pussy down, and brought her own kiss to Jasmine’s sex, wrapping her hands beneath the girls thighs, opening them.

Ruth led, kissing lightly, flicking her tongue softly, slowly, gently. Then with utmost slowness, pressing more deeply, giving Jasmine a chance to follow.

The girl enthusiastically followed suit. Pressing her tongue more deeply, even as she pressed her bald pussy up to Ruth’s own tongue. Ruth very carefully brought Jasmine’s pleasure and excitement higher, fine tuning her touch to keep Jasmine in a state of frenzy. For her part, Jasmine began to lap and lick and suck and squeeze and probe and circle like she was born to it, and Ruth let her own rising pleasure take over.

She looked up. Carl was softly stroking himself.

“Fuck it,” Ruth said. “It’s time.”

She nodded at Carl, summoning him.

“I’m going to let Carl take over down there,” Ruth told Jasmine, pressing her pussy down so the girl couldn’t object.

Ruth brought herself to vertical, riding Jasmine’s face, while Carl knelt between her legs, picking up where Ruth had left off. Carl, however, had a different touch, and soon Jasmine was moaning more than she was licking. Ruth had to rub herself over Jasmine’s face, because the girl was gone in her own pleasure.

Ruth reached down, pinching Jasmine’s nipples hard. “Keep licking.”

Jasmine moaned hard, her hips bucking at Carl, but her tongue found Ruth’s clit again.

The climaxes began to flow; Jasmine’s triggered Ruth’s; Ruth rode hers and triggered another in Jasmine. Carl was relentless.

Until he wasn’t. He leaned back and Ruth came to stillness.

“I’m going to fuck her now,” Carl said.

“Wait, ah, no, ah…” Ruth carefully pressed herself down to stop Jasmine’s protest.

She swung herself off the girl, but held her carefully, bringing her gaze to meet Jasmine’s.

“We’re going to fuck you now, Jasmine,” Ruth said.

Jasmine was suddenly wide-eyed and afraid.

“You said only if I…”

Ruth put a finger to Jasmine’s lips. “I hoped you would invite it, but it’s time now. You need this.”

Jasmine shook her head, mutely.

Ruth scooped her up into an embrace, pressing their hearts together. Then kissed her deeply. And while she was kissing Jasmine, waved Carl to proceed.

Ruth felt Jasmine tense. She struggled; sometimes batting at Ruth, sometimes pulling her close. Ruth couldn’t see what Carl was doing, but he was clearly taking his time, because Ruth could tell Jasmine was hovering between excitement and terror, an anticipation that would soon resolve, one way or the other.

Needing to see what was going on, Ruth held Jasmine’s hair firmly, keeping her from moving and looked down her body. Carl was rubbing the thick head of his cock all over the young woman’s pussy, using it like a massive tongue.

Ruth saw that Jasmine was moving her hips in sync, and relaxed. The girl was going to be fine.

She turned back to Jasmine. Her mouth was open, her eyes closed. She was whispering no, no, no. She was in her head.

Ruth slapped her across the cheek. Hard.

Jasmine yelped, her eyes open.

“Be here,” Ruth said. “You’re with us. Look at me.”

Jasmine looked at her, shocked, but present.

“Look at me,” Ruth said.

Jasmine nodded, looking.

“Now, Carl,” Ruth said.

Jasmine’s eyes opened wide, she took a breath as if to scream and Ruth tapped her cheek again, lightly this time.

“Right here, Jasmine, with us.”

Jasmine gulped, nodded and then moaned.

She began breathing fast. Hard and fast. Struggling for breath. Ruth didn’t look away, she held the woman’s gaze. She felt Jasmine open. Relax. Soften. The gaze held; Jasmine stayed with her. And then Carl was slowly moving, the kind of unstoppable slow thrust that pinned her to the bed. His hands holding her hips down, his thighs pressing hers wide, his cock reaching into her, penetrating her completely.

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