Arcturus Syndrome Ch. 09-2

Melissa was interested to see that the look of pain that crossed his face seemed very real.

“I was an outsider. Maybe not so much into science as you are, but definitely not into religion, or sports. And I’m still an outsider. You don’t see me leading planning sessions or whatever.”

“Ok, I grant you all this. But then you also asked to speak to me alone, and here we are.”

“When I … heard Janet had … had died, I immediately felt isolated. When you spoke up today, I thought…”

Vicky seemed to soften.

“I’m sorry I’m so awkward,” Robby said.

“Look, Robby, I hear you and I’m not rejecting you, ok? I am just really focussed on getting through this. I didn’t like all the high school drama in actual high school, and I’m not interested in it now.”

“Ok, yeah, I hear that.”

“So, if you need anything, or you have some ideas about all this that you want to bounce off me, I’m here for you. But my personal plan is simply to get through and get out.”

Robby nodded. “Maybe you could just do one little thing?”

“What’s that?” Vicky sounded both sympathetic and skeptical. Like she wanted to believe him.

“Could you just sit here with me for a minute? Let’s not talk about anything. No drama, no B.S. Just… let’s sit for a minute.”

Vicky looked antsy, but she agreed, and they sat down, either end of the larger, less threadbare sofa. Robby closed his eyes.

Vicky was still angled away from Melissa; her face not visible.

After a few breaths, Robby opened his eyes, looked at Vicky, and held out his hand.

She tentatively reached for it and they sat a bit longer, holding hands, looking at each other.

Melissa saw the stirring in Robby’s pants, how he had to adjust the way he sat.

“What are you doing?” Vicky asked.

“”Just sitting with you,” Robby said.

“Look, Robby. I feel like you’re trying to put some kind of a move on me. You should know I’m an ace. Asexual. Not interested. Maybe that will all kick in someday, but for now, whatever game you are at, I’m not playing. I don’t know the rules. I don’t want to.”

Melissa’s lips tightened. This information was difficult to fit into her jigsaw puzzle. Maybe she should just step out and congratulate Vicky on passing the test. But that would only drive Vicky further away.

Robby was not ready to give up so easily.

“I don’t believe you,” he said.


“I feel something from you, Vicky. I feel something with you.”

Vicky crossed her legs. “Whatever you feel is your business, and I’ll thank you to keep it to yourself. As we know this disease artificially sexualizes people, and I’m concerned about these unexpected and unlikely feelings you claim to have.”

“And you don’t have them?”

“I told you! I don’t have those kinds of feelings.”

“And I told you, I don’t believe you.”

He reached out and took her hand, holding it, and holding her gaze.

She started to pull her hand back, but she didn’t, and she didn’t look away.

“I know you feel that,” Robby said.

Melissa watched raptly as Vicky shifted her position, rocking a little, her mouth a little open.

Robby leaned forward, pulling her hand at the same time, and kissed her.

Vicky pushed him back, but not hard. “We can’t do this, Robby. This is what…”

He kissed her again, now pressing her back into the corner of the sofa.

Melissa was pleased to see Vicky reach her arms around him.

They kissed for some time, long enough for Melissa to grow somewhat bored. She wanted them to get on with it already! But when Robby began moving his hips and Vicky moaned in response, Melissa’s attention returned with a laser intensity.

Robby finally pulled himself back.

Vicky sat up, seeming dazed.

“Oh. My. God,” she said.

Melissa could almost feel that same presence of God, that fire inside, that intense light rippling through her body, the hazy buzzing of something in her mind. She felt the coarse texture of her new-found dress scratching her breasts. She felt the slippery sensation lower down, that temptation again! But she kept her mind fixed on God, and God’s beautiful, beautiful justice.

Robby was swigging his electrolyte drink.

Emptying it, he pulled off his shirt.

“No, Robby, this is… madness.”

“You feel it.”

“Yes I feel it. Holy hell I feel it.”

He unbuttoned his pants.

“Robby!” Vicky exclaimed in surprise and shock. But Melissa noticed that she didn’t move. She didn’t get up. She didn’t run. She leaned back into the sofa, entranced.

Melissa was awed again at Robby’s size. It was thick, as thick as her wrist she was sure, and lifted up past the elastic of his boxers, although not for long, because he stripped those off also, bouncing free.

The shift in position allowed Melissa to see more of Vicky’s face. Her black hair framed that pale skin, those bright blue eyes. Her mouth simply hung open.

Robby reached out, and took Vicky’s hand. He lifted it and placed it on his hard cock.

“It’s so… the skin is soft, but it’s hard… it’s so big… It’s hot!”

Robby took his hand away, but hers remained. He leaned in and kissed her again.

Melissa found her own breath growing quick and sharp as she watched the scene unfold. She could feel how wet she had become. She was dripping down her own thigh. She gritted her teeth against temptation, tilted her head, focussed her vision through the haze. She kept her hands on the wall, even as something inside her ached for touch. Her breasts felt heavy, her nipples itching and tingling against the muslin. And lower down, it was a powerful ache. But she was strong, and she was up to any test God could throw at her.

She watched. And she listened.

Vicky was trying to say something into Robby’s kiss.

He released it, but before she could speak he pulled her baggy t-shirt up over her head.

She had breasts! Not as disproportionate to her body as Robby’s horse cock on his scrawny frame, but Vicky had full, luscious breasts pressing around a small bra.

Robby raised her hand, inviting her to stand and she did wrapping her arms around him, going in for another kiss. Moaned aloud when she felt the pillar of his cock press against her belly.

He fumbled awkwardly and the bra loosened.

Vicky slipped it off, and pressed her chest to Robby’s. “It feels so… delicious!”

He held her tightly for a little while, as if they were slow dancing.

Then they kissed again. Melissa couldn’t believe how meandering the whole process was. Couldn’t they just get to it?

But Robby was in no rush. They kissed for a long time, swaying a little. Melissa could see the way Vicky’s breasts shifted and squished a little with their slow motion.

Finally Robby backed away.

“If we do this, we’re going to die,” Vicky said.

Robby leaned in and whispered: “No, we’re not. There’s a way.”

Then he dropped to his knees, unsnapped, unzipped her jeans. Melissa reveled in the sight of her small, round butt, her narrow waist, the petite flare of her hips. He pulled down her floral-print panties as well. Melissa was frustrated that their position obscured her view, but it looked like Robby pulled her hips forward, and was kissing her there. What kind of man would do such a thing? Melissa wondered.

But Vicky did not seem to have any more objections. She put her fingers in Robby’s hair, and stood with a wide stance. She moaned.

“Oh God, god, god…” Vicky said.

Melissa wondered what God had to do with this, in Vicky’s scientific, atheist brain. She even knew the punishment that was coming to her for this.

Vicky let out a long quivering groan that rose and fell like some kind of eerie wolf howl. A great shudder went through her and she staggered back, falling onto the sofa.

Her hands held her own breasts, her legs hung wantonly open. Her head was back.

“What did I just experience?” Vicky said.

“That’s an orgasm,” Robby said.

He moved between her legs again, pressing her knees apart and dropping his mouth to her one more time.

This time, from this angle, Melissa could see a little better, but his head was still in the way. But heard the wet sounds of his lips and his tongue. And he brought his hand up as well. Was he putting a finger inside her.

Melissa felt another drip running down the inside of her thigh. The heat in her belly was overwhelming. She could feel the tug, pulling her to go out there and sit beside Vicky, open for Robby’s ministrations.

She closed her eyes, clenched her hands, and banished the lewd image. That’s not what this was about. She was here to witness divine justice.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Vicky said. “I think it’s going to happen again.”

She lifted her legs, tilting her hips up. She pinched her own nipples, gasping and moaning, writhing her hips. Her toes curled and reached for the ceiling.

Robby moaned right into her, perhaps in sympathetic excitement to her state.

Melissa saw that as he knelt, his long, heavy cock twitched and bounced on it’s own.

“Oh god; Oh god; Oh, oh, ohhhhh…”

Vicky grabbed Robby’s head and held him close as she pushed her hips against hiim and moaned through some intense experience.

Melissa could feel the energy of that climax. Her own panties were now so soaked it was ridiculous. She took a moment to silently slip them off. The sensation of that cloth on her was a distraction she did not need right now!

She put her eye back to the door.

Vicky was limp, har arms spread wide, her breasts full, pink nipples hard. Her legs trembled.

Robby however was positioning himself.

With his hands on her hips, he found the right position, and began to rub the head of that monstrous thing all around Vicky’s sex.

Vicky didn’t raise her head. She had to know what was going to happen, but she just whimpered in a low voice.

Again, Melissa was frustrated by Robby’s slow pace. He with the thing in his hand, he simply rubbed it around the outside until Vicky was writhing and moving again.

“Oh, oh, oh, what are you doing?”

Robby didn’t answer. He was intent upon his work, interspersed with swigs from his electrolyte bottle.

He brought her up to that state where she was wild, twitching, thrashing, her had flipping back and forth, her hands pawing at him, her feet kicking, toes clenched.

But he didn’t push her over the top this time. Each time she started to tense in a particular way, he would back off a little. Melissa wasn’t sure what this was doing to Vicky, but it was having a somewhat unbalancing effect on her.

Only once did she lift her dress and touch herself. It was on one of those rising tides of Vicky’s pleasure that Robby seemed to delight in. As soon as Melissa noticed where her hand was, she yanked it away. God it was such an itch, but she would withstand temptation. Her fingers were wet and slippery. Curiously she touched it to her tongue. It was a beautiful flavor! Did that make her a pervert? She wasn’t sure whether such a thing was disgusting or not. It felt like it should be, but it was so beautiful.

Then Vicky screamed. “Aiiiiigh!”

The head of Robby’s cock was lodged inside of her.

Vicky’s bright blue eyes were wide open.

“It’s too much, it’s too much!” Vicky had found her words. Her hands were pushing at Robby’s hips.

“Shhhhhh,” Robby said. “Just hold still. Relax. Just feel. I’m not moving.”

Vicky’s whimpering was half crying now.

“It’s too much, Robby!”


True to his word, he didn’t move.

Vicky continued to push on his hips, and to bat at him, but she seemed to grow weaker.

Melissa watched with fascination, the sheer immensity of Robby’s appendage. There couldn’t be much of him inside Vicky, because there was so much outside! Melissa had to admit it was a somewhat awesome sight, at once animalistic and yet somehow superhuman.

Robby spit into his hand, and spread the saliva around on the part of his cock not yet inside Vicky.

He took some on his thumb and began to slowly massage that spot on Vicky above where he entered her.

For her part, Vicky gave up resisting. Nor did she close her eyes. She just watched Robby. It was an inscrutable expression.

Melisssa wanted to jump out and push on his butt. Get it in her!

But he simply wouldn’t. He seemed to be meeting Vicky’s gaze, as he continued to rub her.

Melissa felt the shift when it happened.

Vicky opened her mouth, and drool dripped down her chin.

“Ohhhhhhhhh” she began to make sound on each breath, long, deep and slow.

“Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh.”

And only then did Robby begin to move.

And when he did, Vicky’s voice took on a higher pitched sound.

He continued to rub her with his thumb as he oh-so-slowly glided in and out of her. Although not at depth, only a few inches, as far as Melissa could tell.

But it was enough for Vicky, who began crying. Not sadness, not anger, not pain. It was some other sobbing, deep. Melissa found it moving.

“This is what I am,” Vicky said through her sobs. Several times, and then she was all rough, quick gasps and grunts of pleasure as Robby thrust more of himself into her.

On the next shift, Melissa had to clench her own hands, curl her own toes. She could feel both of them now, almost as if her body was connected to theirs. The sensations that ran through her drew her own breath harsh and fast, and she caught herself making sound as well. Fortunately, Robby and Vicky were too absorbed to notice.

Heat spread through her body, a beautiful rosy light seemed to suffuse her flesh.

Robby merely grunted, thrusting with long, slow strokes. Almost all the way out, and deep in, filling her to perhaps two thirds of his length, holding it there. And at that depth, Vicky clung to him, moving her hips, feeling him, her feet, hands in constant motion, her mouth open, gasping for air, her eyes open, watching him, now that intense blue almost eerie with the intensity of her expression.

His strokes sped up a little and then he leaned over her.

Melissa watched him take one of her breasts in one hand, pinching her nipple between them and fist, while he grasped her neck with the other hand. He was at depth, holding it. He brought their faces close together, and he whispered:


Holding her like this, he began to thrust hard, faster now, and impossibly deep.

Melissa held her breath, watching that magnificent thing plunge nearly all the way into Vicky. Hearing the sound that came keening out of her, and the extended growl that Robby uttered.

As the pitch of that growl rose, Melissa felt the light in her own body brighten, become like liquid gold.

“Now,” he said again, loudly, commanding, and Vicky exploded in sound, moans, sobbing, cries, quavering and quivering.

He continued to plunge, and Melissa felt a strange calm bliss settle around her.

She knew at once, this was the Holy Spirit, here to protect her, to bless her, to confirm her commitment to purity.

Vicky’s last ululating cry peaked, and Robby’s growl became a roar, and Melissa herself cried out in rapture as the ecstasy of God opened within her.

* * *

When she reclaimed her senses, Melissa was puzzled to find her breasts outside her dress, and a large splash of water darkening the carpet beneath her. She put herself together, and returned to the door.

Vicky was naked, sprawled on the sofa, unmoving.

Robby still on his knees, breathing hard. He spoke.

“Did you enjoy that, Melissa?”

She stepped out into the lounge. “You knew I was here?”

“You weren’t exactly subtle, leaving the door open. Good thing Vicky didn’t see you. I had to keep her facing away from you.”

“Oh, well done. I had to make sure that God’s test was fairly and honorably conducted.”

She strolled up. Crystals were forming on Vicky’s brow, around her nipples, in patterns down her belly.

There was a large glob of white ejaculate dripping from the girl.

Casually, as if it was a perfectly normal and natural thing to do, Melissa reached down, and scooped a couple of fingers through it, bringing it to her mouth. The salty explosion hit her like a second wave of bliss. She shuddered and drew that divine strength through her body.

“You’re a piece of work, Melissa,” Robby said.

She turned her attention to him.

“Please clean yourself up. We’re going to have to get Vicky to the roof. Good thing she’s light.”

Robby obediently cleaned himself up.

Light or not, it was a job getting her to the roof. Melissa phoned in the news so the helicopters could take her away. They left her in the baking light of the morning sun with a sheet modestly draped over her.

What they did not notice was that Vicky continued to breathe, small, shallow, occasional breaths.

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