Arcturus Syndrome Ch. 04-2

“Noted,” Gebre said.

“You know,” McKinnon added, “I guess I never thought this would happen. I didn’t really believe in our mission. It’s funny, because I thought I did. But now I see all the things we should have done, if we had believed in ourselves.”

Neither of her assistants had an answer for that. They did, however, give each other a nervous glance.

>>> 10:45 Philipsburg, PA

The sunlight on her skin was a strange sensation. She couldn’t remember ever having felt it this way before.

It tingled in an almost painful way. It was right on the edge of being painful, but somehow not. It felt more intense, like it was sparking. Like she could feel every ray of light landing. Of course she was sweating, but the delivery had helped with that. There were several cases of military-grade energy drinks. They didn’t taste great and had a strange fizz to them, but they made her feel considerably better.

It also felt great to have Thorvald helping her figure out the instructions on the container that was ruining the grass on the football field. In theory it was self deploying, but it had gotten stuck partway into its routine, so they were following the manual instructions, using a manual crank (provided) to help the thing complete its job. It was like the world’s biggest Ikea project.

She liked the way she could see Thorvald’s erection bulge when he was near her, and the way his muscles rippled as he worked, and the way none of it seemed to phase him. He followed her instructions and was useful in problem solving when the machine’s guidebook offered confusing or contradictory directions.

Best of all, she didn’t feel the slightest compulsion to act on any of these juicy feelings.

The closest she came to jumping him was when they were both crouched together inside the half-unfolded interior, trying to get the hand-crank in a hard-to-reach socket to complete the levering out of one panel. She could smell his perspiration, his clean, masculine sweat, and she felt that ache throb inside. Here in the cool shade of the strange contraption, she felt a powerful urge to push him to the floor and make proper use of him. It didn’t help that she could see that his body was responding in kind.

Don’t kill him yet! The job’s not done!

She sighed. She didn’t want to kill him at all!

Thorvald called out: “Hey, I found it!”


“The problem! This arm here, as it was unfolding, there was a cable caught around it, and it basically unplugged itself. I can plug it back in, but get clear. I don’t want anything to crush you.”

Katherine backed off, and in a minute there was a slow, grinding sound and then the container lurched into motion, panels opening, a tented roof lifting, and within a few minutes they had a modest house set up in the high school football field.

Inside they found that it had expanded to form eight small bedrooms with canvas cots, a tiny bathroom, a single burner electric stove, and cabinet after cabinet of supplies.

“As if we needed bedrooms,” she said. The whole town is ours for the taking!”

“The beds tho’,” Torvald said.

“Oh, yeah, many of them are… occupied,” she found herself laughing.

Thorvald smiled. It was a grim smile, but genuine.

“Do you think this thing has AC? It’s going to get stuffy in here.”

“I think I saw something in the guidebook about that.”

They pulled out the guidebook, now somewhat ratty for having been thumbed through and folded over. In a few minutes they had a hint of cool air flowing.

“Not great,” she said.

“Better than nothing.”

“Did you have any of those fizzy drinks? I find they work pretty well,” Katherine said.

“Yeah, to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little off all morning, bit of a headache. And they knocked it back. Must have been dehydration. It was hot in the gym, too.”

“How are things in there?” Katherine asked.

“To be honest, I’m a lot happier out here,” he said. “The kids are scared, restless, irritable. It’s a full time job to keep everything under control. And Melissa, she somehow ended up the leader in there? She’s a bit of a nut-case, I have to say. Constantly going on about how the town has upset God and other garbage.”

“Oh, right, she’s one of those. I didn’t remember her being all that bad, though. She seemed like a fairly normal one, as far as they go.”

“Yeah, I guess the, uh, nature of this, uh, situation… kind of kicked her over some edge. Anyway, happy to be out of it. And this was fun.” He waved around their new space.

With the sweat cooling on her skin, Katherine became acutely aware of the tingle in her body. And the way Thorvald was looking at her, she felt that heat rush through her. She saw him stirring, thickening in his jeans again.

She felt her thirst hit her, and grabbed for another drink. She tossed him one, too.

She sucked it all the way down, feeling the cool meet her inner heat, and a sense of powerful aliveness flow through her.

Her control slipped away.

She pulled off her shirt.

Thorvald looked at her, unmoving, his lips slightly parted. “You’re fucking gorgeous, Kath, you know that?”

She unclasped her bra, which had become quite uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry about this, Thor, I just… need it.”

He shrugged. “Don’t be sorry, I need it too.”

“But,” she started.

He stood, put his finger to her lips. Then stripped off his own shirt.

Katherine reached for his pants, unbutton, unzip, and then she had his cock out. It was magnificent. Thick and warm to her touch, pulsing with life. Soft, tender skin and an exquisitely hard shaft. She was particularly transfixed by the bulbous head. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She tasted the salty pre-cum already beading on him, and breathed in the scent of his masculine desire. She groaned around him.

He stood perfectly still, and made no sound, but the head of his cock seemed to swell against her tongue.

She swirled her tongue around and over him, and took him as deep as she could, which was not deep. She needed more of him in her, but her throat did not feel the same way.

She tried to get some sound out of him, but only succeeded in extracting a couple of sharp gasps when she took him as deeply as her mouth would allow.

Katherine stood, and stripped off her sweatpants.

“Jesus,” Thorvald whispered. “So sexy!”

“Just take me,” she said.

He finished the job of getting his pants off, spun her around and pressed her head down so that she was leaning forward against one of the cabinets, and guided his cock to her entrance. And held it there.

“Don’t fucking tease me, Thor.”

He slowly rubbed the head of his cock around her, spreading her slippery juices all over her labia, and especially around her clitoris.

She groaned.

>>> 11:12, State College, PA

“Uh, ma’am, they’re uh…”

“Spit it out, lieutenant.”

She was checking in on the military command center which had reported that the remote base had been fully deployed.

“I don’t think they realize that we have eyes on them, Ma’am.”


“Well, they’re … I guess… celebrating?”

“For god’s sake, are you trying to say something meaningful?”

“They’re having sex, Ma’am. In our portable shelter.”

“Oh for god’s sake. Can you interrupt them?”

“Yes, Ma’am. We can turn on two-way comms.”

The soldier was seated at a panel of several screens, apparently controlled from his heavy duty laptop. Dr. McKinnon looked at the screens and noticed the one in question.

They were, indeed, celebrating.

A tall, athletic young man had one hand pressed on the back of an amazingly curvy young woman, while his other hands moved his penis around between her thighs.

She was moving her hips, trying to reach for more.

Emily McKinnon found herself briefly mesmerized by the sight. Her mouth opened to give the command, but she found herself momentarily frozen. She could almost feel that teasing touch.

She blinked her eyes, swallowed.

“Go ahead, lieutenant. There’s a reasonable chance you could be saving a life.”

The soldier pressed a button, and a green icon lit up on the screen on the interior of the shelter.

For a moment, the sound of the room came through the laptop.

“Fucking do me, already,” the woman said. “Get it in there!”

The soldier tapped in a command, and there was a chime back through the speakers.

The two on screen leaped back.

“Ah, command center to remote shelter, do you copy?”

“Jesus H. Q. Fucking Christ,” the woman on screen said.

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