Arcturus Syndrome Ch. 02-2

McKinnon laughed. “I appreciate your perspective, Glen. There’s one other possibility: we do our fucking jobs and contain this thing. We make the biggest scientific discovery in all of history, understand the science of what’s happening here, and develop new technologies and/or weapons, and retire with our names in the history books as saviors of humanity.”

“Good luck, Doctor. You don’t seem like a woman given to self-delusion. You have the full support of the Department of Homeland Security for so long as it is politically expedient. We will support your requests of the military so long as you keep the velvet glove on. Now, how’s our girl Melissa doing?”

“Let’s give her a call, Glen. Hang on.”

She checked in with Gebre. “Yeah, I can get her. We do have some news. Survivors, so far, all kids.”

“Can you set up a three-way with this HomeSec guy? But I need you off the line for the conversation, sorry.”

“A three-way call, check. I can make it happen. Give me two minutes. She’s a good kid, Doctor.”

Ninety seconds later they were online.

“I… Hi… Uh, hi Doctor. Hello Sir. I… we’re at the gym. I went door to door in my neighborhood, and your, uh, team found some others in town and sent them here. We have forty-one people here now. I’m, uh… I’m the oldest.”

“And everyone else?”

Melissa gulped. “It’s the same. Some of the younger ones don’t understand, but it’s the same. Some demonic presence has wrought an evil in our town.”

“Setting aside the obvious, from a scientific perspective, would you say that the… victims… are all showing a similar crystalline encasement?”

“Yes Ma’am. They’ve been turned to salt, just like Lot’s wife.”

“I see. As a precaution, I’d like you to stay the oldest one please.”

“What do you mean, Ma’am?”

“Doctor. My name is Doctor McKinnon, and I would like you to admit anyone younger than yourself to the gym, and anyone older, I would like you to refuse entry.”

“Why is that, Doctor?”

“Because this affliction, whether scientific or otherwise, appears to be targeting people more physically and neurologically mature, and we don’t want that affliction in your safe haven.”

Melissa paused, clearly thinking through the consequences.

HomeSec Glen finally spoke. “Consider that an order, young lady.”

“Yes, Sir.”

McKinnon cut her off the call. “You do that well. I presume you are ex-military?”

“Not even ex, technically. Homeland Security has some muddy lines still. Nevertheless, you have made your point. Whatever’s going on, we need to nail it. Fast.”

* * *

Katherine Hunter was leaning into the corner of her bathtub with scalding hot shower-water washing down over her. She hadn’t bothered to close the shower curtain. Water was spattering everywhere.

Katherine had lost her virginity just an hour previously, to her own stepfather. He was now dead, as was her mother. Both of them identically encrusted with pale gray crystals.

There had been a moment, a moment when (in retrospect), Katherine had been somehow insane. When her body had been inflamed with an unstoppable, insatiable desire. When she had heard her parents going at it. It wasn’t the first time she had ever heard them, but it was by far–by very, very far–the worst. Her step-dad had been grunting and bellowing like some kind of animal, and her mother had been making sounds that would make a porn star blush.

Katherine had gone to their room and pounded on the door, telling them to cut it out.

She wasn’t one of the town prudes, although there were plenty of those. But enough was enough.

Desmond had thrown open the door, his cock swinging in the lamplight. The sight of it had cast some kind of spell over her, that was all she could think. Her mother. Her own mother, was lying on the bed, stark naked, her ankles in her hands, her legs up, spread open, splayed out. It was grotesque. It was obscene.

“Come on in,” Desmond has said.

“Oh, gross!” Katherine had shouted at him. She was sure she had.

And then… she had walked in. That was when the insanity hit. That was when she had just plain as day taken her PJ’s off.

Her memory was foggy about what happened. But there was a moment, a memory she couldn’t banish. Her step-dad had put his truly incredible cock inside her. There had been no pain at all. If there was any blood she didn’t remember it. It was absolute, complete, indescribable pleasure. It was an instant addiction. It was unlike anything she had ever fantasized about, and Katherine had fantasized quite a bit. Her mother–her own mother!–had cradled her head in her lap while Desmond had fucked her. He plunged himself into her, a monstrous, massive, pistoning, thrusting beast, howling his victorious power, while she came over and over and over.

And then… then… he came. And when he came a power filled her. A power filled her, but Desmond had stopped practically mid-stroke. Her mother had apparently cum at the same time, holding Katherine with her thighs while her hand worked desperately at her own pussy… and her mother had frozen too.

There had been that sudden eerie silence. That instant drop into sanity. And there was Desmond, his perspiration hardening around him as she watched. She even felt it on her back, as her mother solidified behind her.

Katherine had screamed.

She had screamed and screamed and screamed until her voice failed.

She had extracted herself from this terrible position.

She had crawled to the bathroom, tumbled herself into the tub, and turned the water on as hot as she could possible bear it.

And then the phone had rung.

“Hello! My name is Andrea Chafferton. I’m so glad you answered. This is an urgent call, please confirm your own health, and the health of everyone in your household.”

“Uhhh. What. The. Fuck. Is–“

“Yes, yes, I understand, something hard to explain is happening. We believe this is an urgent medical condition, rather than a moral lapse. Do you know where the High School is?”

“Yeah, of fucking course I do. I graduated from there last year.”

“Wonderful, we are gathering all survivors at the High School gymnasium. We have established a solid uplink to the school network, and will be able to support emergency operations from that base of operations.”

“What exactly is fucking–“

“Please, any survivors you find along the way, bring them with you. Check on any neighbors. We are finding that younger people are more resilient to the infection.”

The line went dead.

Katherine let the burning water sluice over her body. Eventually she hauled herself out of the tub. Not bothering to turn the water off, she stumbled back to her room in search of clothes.

Infection? Emergency operations? What the hell was going on?

The mystery of it gave her a boost of energy. She found she didn’t fit in her clothes. Her jeans wouldn’t make it over her hips. Her bra wouldn’t clasp. She had to stretch a sweat-shirt over her body. Her boobs had undertaken some kind of dramatic expansion. She almost didn’t question it. A day earlier this would have been an occasion of exultation, but it was all far, far too fucked up for that now.

The shift in weight was throwing her off balance.

High School Gym, she said to herself.

She stepped out into the cool, dark air of the dead of night. Or early morning. Was there already a glimmer of pale grey over the hills to the east?

She slipped on jogging shoes that she had left on the porch, and began the trek to school.

Katherine didn’t follow instructions. She didn’t have the heart for checking on neighbors. She plodded numbly through the night.

“Yo, is that Kath?”

“Oh, hey.”

Devon fell in beside her. Devon was a year older than her. He had gone to State College for a year, but apparently it hadn’t gone well, and he took a job at Lee. He wasn’t the brightest light in the fridge, but apparently Lee didn’t need that to make their stainless steel buckets, or whatever they made.

“Did you get the call about the high school?”


“What do you think is going on?”

There was something off about his tone of voice. Katherine slowed to take a look at him. He was wearing sweats also, and he was clearly sporting a pretty solid erection. Christ, that was the last thing she needed right now.

And as she walked, she felt herself getting slippery.

Silently, she cursed at herself.

“I don’t think anything’s going on,” she said, not even trying to make her lie sound convincing.

“Pretty strange, eh?”

Katherine was sure he was leering at her. Funny thing was, he was one of the town prudes. Figures, she thought to herself. It’s always the religious nuts who are first to get nasty.

And then she castigated herself; less than an hour ago she had spread her legs for her own step-father.

Christ, even the memory of that, just the thought of that, pitched a dull ache in her belly. She found herself glancing back at Devon’s bouncing, swaying bulge.

“You’re looking pretty hot, Kath,” Devon said, and she became acutely aware of the way her breasts hung as they walked. She had never had such an experience in her life, and it was unnerving. And exciting. Every step seemed to tickle her nipples against the rough texture of the previously-loose sweats.

She clamped down on that. She grit her teeth. High School Gym!

They walked across the athletic field.

Before they got to the gym, Katherine caught Devon sliding a hand under the waistband of his sweats and give his thing a yank.

“So,” she said, “Who did you do?”

“What?” he asked, startled. He reached up to casually scratch the back of his head.

“I did my step-dad. How about you?”

“Uh…. what? What?”

She saw that she had genuinely freaked him out.

“You serious?” she said. “You were what? Home alone?”

“Um, yeah, actually, why?”

“Where are your parents then?”

“They went on vacation to Greece, or someplace, what the fuck is wrong with you? What are you saying?”

They reached the double doors to the gym.

The girl who answered had a hard, grim expression to her face.

“Oh, hi Kath. Devon.”


Melissa gave them both a strange look, and then she jammed the door shut in their face. “I can’t let you in,” she called through the door.

Katherine looked at Devon, who shrugged.

“They told us to come here,” Katherine yelled back.

“They probably didn’t know how old you are. Nobody over nineteen is allowed.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know, but I’m following my orders.”


“From the Military.”

“The Military?”

“Go away. Find somewhere safe. They’ll sort it out when they get here.”

All the yelling through the heavy doors was tiresome.

“Come on, Devon. Let’s go think this through.”

The eastern horizon was definitely brightening. A few stars still glittered overhead, but the sky over the hills was a dim grey.

“What do you think is going on, Devon?”


Katherine hopped up a couple of rows into the bleachers, and sprawled out. As soon as she did, she became acutely aware that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were suddenly very alive to the sensation of the cloth stretched across them. She stifled the thought, but a glance at Devon didn’t help. His bulge was still prominent, the outline of his arousal unmistakable even in this dim light.

“What did they tell you on the phone, exactly? Did they mention military?”

Devon seemed stupider than usual. “Nuh-uh. Just… the gym.” He was still standing, leering at her.

Katherine found she wanted to open her legs more suggestively, really drive him nuts, but she restrained herself. What is wrong with you? Her mind was very accusatory.

“Sit down, Devon. Stop thinking about me like that, please.”

Devon sat. “Uh. Sorry.”

“We need to figure this out. Let me ask you something, you said your parents are away. So, you just got woken up by the call? You haven’t noticed anything else strange?”

“Uh… yeah… didn’t wake me up exactly. Was already awake. Strange night.”

“How so?”

“People having… you know. Making sounds. Everywhere. Heard the Marchellos. Went for a walk to clear my head and, there were more.”

“Ok, so that’s why you’re so damned horny. You’ve been walking around this sex-crazed town spying on people.”

“Uh… maybe?”

“It’s got to be some kind of government experiment gone wrong. They probably tested something in our water, and now the whole town is screwed, and they’re sending in the military to clean up. But why won’t they let us in the gym?”

Katherine realized she had slipped her hand down her sweatpants and was idly caressing herself. Despite everything that had already happened this evening, she still felt an ache there wanting to be filled. As soon as she realized what she was doing, she became that much more aware of the hunger in her belly.

Devon was watching her, transfixed. He had his hand down his pants too.

“Maybe we should…”

“No, we definitely shouldn’t,” she said, but she was trying to convince herself.

“You’re fucking driving me crazy,” Devon said. “You are so goddam sexy. I never realized how hot you are.”

“Do you want to die?” Katherine asked.

Devon considered. “Might be worth it,” he said. “Especially if they’re just going to roll in and kill us all anyway.”

That wasn’t quite what Katherine had been imagining, but as he said it she realized it was a possibility. If they were just going to clean up their mistake…

“Stand up,” she commanded.

Devon stood.

Katherine remembered the sense of power she had felt earlier. She liked how malleable Devon seemed to be. Her fingers were slick and slippery as she circled her tingling clit.

“Take off your pants,” she said.

He didn’t waste any time. His cock sprang up. He had a nice, thick hard on. Not porn star material, exactly, but Katherine found herself salivating.

“Lie down in the grass,” she instructed.

He did so.

“We’re going to do a little experiment,” she said. “Try not to cum.”

She sauntered over to him, and pulled off her own sweatpants. She knelt into the grass, straddling him. She began to slide her hips around, feeling the thick pillar of warm flesh hard against her. It felt amazing.

Devon rolled his eyes back and grunted.

“Is this what you want?” Katherine asked.

He grunted enthusiastically.

“Is this what you’ve been dreaming about all night while our town went fucking crazy?”

“Yeah… yeah…”

She couldn’t help herself. She slipped him inside. The feeling of that heat filling her, stretching her was incredible. She began to swirl and circle her hips over him.

She heard her own voice gasping and groaning with each swirl and thrust.

The pleasure and the pressure of the rising excitement built quickly. Devon was not going to last, she could tell. He was quivering, trembling, bucking his hips at her, and she rode him like he was a mechanical bull.

She looked up into the night, the last stars, probably planets, fading as the murky blue grey expanded across the silent pre-dawn sky. Somewhere some birds were chattering.

“Ok, Devon, let’s see what happens!”

And she rode him hard, pushing herself towards her orgasm. She felt it intensifying, building, a power like lightning in her hands, a throbbing in her womb, the pleasure overtaking everything. She felt Devon tip over his point of no return. He howled like a wolf.

She felt a spread of warmth inside, the splash of his climax.

She watched carefully for the moment where he froze in the death-grip of his climax, but it didn’t happen that way.

Yes, he was sweaty, and yes, the perspiration seemed to suddenly crystallize on his body. But he kept breathing hard, panting.

“Congratulations,” Katherine said, laughing and still breathing hard herself. “We survived.” She pulled herself off him, feeling a delicious sensation as his semi-hard cock slipped out of her.

But Devon curled over on his side, gasping and shuddering.

“Thirsty,” he gasped.

And then his body went into some kind of convulsions. He flopped and twitched like a fish on land. His legs stiffened and straightened. His cock went long and rigid hard again. His fists clutched at the grass. For a moment Katherine thought he was going to try to fuck the dirt, but the spasms of his condition faded and he collapsed into stillness.


He didn’t move.

She leaned close, afraid he might start to thrash again, but he wasn’t breathing. She tried to find a pulse, but there was nothing.

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