Arctic Revenge-2

Into the bathroom she ran, turning on the water and pumping as much soap out of the dispenser that she could. Her hands and forearms were scrubbed in the steaming hot water, all the while knowing she would most likely be the prime suspect and yet trying to form an escape plan in her head. Once she felt clean enough to pass muster in public without drawing attention, Sam darted out the back door and caught the bus to the strip club. Inside she raided the small safe, taking the three weeks of cash and important papers she’d stowed away and snagged a few articles of clothing from the backroom. The other girls just thought she was there to pick up her rent money, as most of them used the safes for the same purpose.

In the bathroom she changed out of the barista clothing and stuffed it into a plastic bag, slipping into a more form fitting pair of slacks and forgoing a shirt over her bra. Instead she left her jacket only partially zipped, exposing the red lace tops of the bra. With a wave to the girls, she yelled that she’d be back later and walked out the back door, heading straight for the truck stop and a certain black trucker. When she spotted him walking out from the diner, Sam skipped over to him, “I have a proposition for you.”

“Well hello again Snowflake, back for more?” He raised a brow, aware that he’d stiffed her a bit the night before and wary of her motives.

“In a manner of speaking.” She ignored the nickname for now. “I need to get back to the lower 48, family emergency, but I can’t afford to blow all the money for a last minute ticket. So, since you’re headed back that way anyways, I thought maybe you could use a little ride entertainment. Wouldn’t cost you anything, I’ll pay my own meals, you just need to get me back down south.” She played a little with her zipper, lowering it down slowly, “and, of course, you could show me more of why I can’t go back.” Her tongue rolled across her lips as she watched him harden under his jeans, knowing she at least had his imagination going.

“Well that sounds like an interesting proposition indeed,” he stroked his chin, knowing just how heavily it favored him but the idea of a steady week of sex, or close enough to it with the new trucking laws. He was a little curious as to why she didn’t have any luggage with her, but wasn’t about to look too deep beyond free pussy. “Get in before I change my mind.”

“Yes sir,” she grinned and jumped into the cab of the truck, settling herself into the seat and fully unzipping her jacket just so that his mind would always be reminded about the rewards of the bargain.


Fortunately for her the border wasn’t terribly far away and they crossed over it before a warrant was put out for her. Once she was safely in Canada, Samantha felt herself begin to relax and enjoyed watching the scenery roll on by her window. Her driver’s appetite for sex was never ending, or so it seemed, as he fucked her before bed, upon waking, and every time they stopped for lunch. Sam kept herself quiet, even as he slapped and beat her ass and back while fucking her, quietly taking the abuse and biding her time.

The last morning they were only a couple of hours from the border with Washington State when she made her move. Samantha had faked falling asleep and now stood over his slumbering form, mere minutes before he was due to awaken and start his trek into the quiet night roads. Her fingers rubbed over the lock-back knife, the first time had been on accident, but this time it would be deliberate. Her body hesitated, as if hinting that she was about to cross an unseen barrier, before she jammed the blade through the artery and vein running through his throat.

The steel was withdrawn and calmly wiped upon his sheets as she listened to him gurgle on his own blood. “No asshole, I don’t give a shit what color the cock is so long as they’re a better lay than you.” She smirked and grabbed her small amount of belongings, then wiped down the truck as best she could for prints. It was one of the few things from a CSI show she’d seen before that she could recall. Calmly she stepped out of the cab and began to make her way south towards the United States.

Samantha made her crossing a few miles from an interstate and away from a border crossing checkpoint. Shortly afterwards she found Interstate 5 with the intentions of making her way to Interstate 90 and heading for North Dakota. With the massive influx of people migrating there for the natural gas boom no one would notice one more girl. Never mind that there would be plenty of horny men looking for a young woman to warm their beds at night. Grinning all the while as she thumbed her way on the highway, Samantha could feel that things were looking up for her.

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