Arctic Heat Ch. 03-1

Although the beautiful Alex captured my gaze, it was Matt who walked silently over the carpeted floor, before placing an arm around my waist, and pulling me so close I could feel his erection against my leg.

His lips crept toward my own, generating an audible sigh from them as we touched.

With my eyes closed, I could not see or hear Alex, when an arm suddenly encircled my stomach from behind, and I felt the heat from his breath on my neck.

Flipping my hair nonchalantly out of the way allowed the warmth of his silent lips easier access to my the nape of my neck, and the strength in his grasp pulled my hips from Matt’s toward his own, where the distinct outline of his cock pressed firmly through the denim and my tight skirt, against my buttocks, causing me to gasp in exhilaration

“You enjoyed that didn’t you Felicity,” he whispered, sending a shiver down my back.

Before I could reply, his free hand rose, cupping one of my fake breasts through the turtle neck; the unsolicited groping filling my head with ideas of how sensual it must feel if they were real.

His bulging jeans moved tightly and firmly across my buttocks as he gyrated his hips soothingly, causing my hips to move in synchronisation with his own.

My mouth stayed agape, no words would come out, when suddenly Matt seized the opportunity to grab my chin, holding my mouth open, before sliding his tongue in, where it frantically entwined with my own.

Beneath the tight skirt, the glans of my shaft were chafing against the material with every movement of my pelvis, and I lowered my hands to try and free up some space.

Matt realised my dilemma and stepping back, slipped his tongue from my mouth.

“I think Felicity’s skirt is causing her some discomfort,” he laughed, which prompted Alex to move his torso from mine, allowing his fingers to fumble at it’s rear clasp.

I panted deeply at the expectancy of the situation.

Matt turned his head and looked toward the window.

“I’ll just close the curtains,” he smiled.

A deep breath caught in my throat.

“Wait,” Alex’s voice suddenly exclaimed, “I think the lovely Felicity would prefer them left open, wouldn’t she…” he said, anticipating the excitement I craved.

My head filled with a vision of those on the outside being able to look into the room, and although given we were on the second floor we would be visible to traffic passing on the motorway.

“Oh fuck yes, that would be beautiful” I panted, feeling the waistband of the skirt beginning to relax, then the zip slide down.

With a firm tug, Alex slipped my skirt slid over my buttocks, allowing it to drop to the floor, where I tentatively stepped from it, fearing a tumble in the high-heels.

Matt peered down, as part of my shaft and glans poked clear of the waistband of the panties.

“Oh my Felicity,” he beamed, “you really are enjoying this aren’t?”

“More than I ever thought possible,” I uttered breathlessly, as my heart hammered hard in my chest.

Alex’s hands suddenly cupped the thin satin of the panties and his fingers began to massage my buttocks, and I had reach out, placing a hand upon Matt’s shoulder as my knees began to buckle, where upon he offered me a steadying hand

Alex’s chin rested on my shoulder as he peered over to take in the spectacle his friend was admiring.

“Goodness me, Matt,” he began, as his finger slipping in the waistband of my panties, “Felicity certainly has been keeping things under wraps from her wife. Would you just look at the desire down there!”

With that he pulled my panties down, allowing my smooth shaft and balls to be free.

Alex’s hand then caressed the tops on my lace hold-ups, sending a shudder through my body, as I stood with my satin knickers around my knees.

Matt moved back slightly, with instructions that I was to step from them.

Tilting slightly to one side I hooked a finger in elasticated band and bent to raise a leg, when I felt the coarse denim of Alex’s jeans press at the cleft between my buttocks; the outline of his hard shaft very distinct.

Raising my head, so as I could step free of my underwear, I observed Matt’s fingers unbuckling his belt, and the button on his jeans.

Alex’s hands now cupped both fake breasts and he gently encouraged my body back to the upright position as my eyes became transfixed on Matt’s fingers and the expectation hidden inside his jeans.

“These tits you are wearing feel so realistic,” Alex remarked as he moved around to my front and slightly to one side, so as not to be an obstruction to Matt.

Before I could thank him, his mouth was clamped against my own, and desperate breaths heaved back and forth through my nose as he groped my silicone breast hard through the turtle neck.

Letting a hand fall, I found his crotch, the outline of the fully aroused penis distinct beneath the material, where I pressed my palm firmly against the taught denim, and moved it up and down drawing a deep moan from him.

With my eyes still closed, I felt the brush of Alex’s fingers over my hand as he reached to unbuttoned himself.

Suddenly and without warning, another tongue pushed against my mouth as Matt’s hot breath burned against my cheek; both of their tongues were now wrestling with my own.

A hand took my own free one and my fingers instinctively curled around the hot tube of hard flesh which brushed my finger tips.

Matt’s cock jumped in my grip as a deep animalistic primeval signal of desire growled from his throat, causing the head of my own cock to buzz excitedly in the knowledge his body was actively producing sperm…just for me.

Alex’s tongue flopped against my lower lip and chin as he stepped back, and I let my finger walk down Matt’s shaft to the smooth swollen sac.

The breath suddenly left my body in a surge of excitement, as a hand took my shaft, rubbing my taught glans against something similar.

Looking down through partially closed dreamy eyes, I sighed heavily as our glans kneaded together.

“Oh, fuck,” was all I could gasp, as my shaft jumped violently and a thick tear of pre-cum slithered down, acting as a lubricant to our writing cocks.

“Sheez,” I muttered through gritted teeth, “why have have I kept this locked away for so many years?” I panted placing a hand on Matt’s shoulder, feeling my nails bite hard into the flesh.

Matt clamped his mouth over mine; his hand holding my head fast.

“I think you maybe ready, Felicity,” Alex’s voice said, now further away.

Opening my eyes, I desperately tried to scan the room, but unable too as Matt still held my head to his own.

Matt suddenly released me, and turning my head to my right, my eyes fell upon the delightfully cute Alex, adorning the sofa.

His eyes sparkled, and his left arm was resting upon the left knee which was drawn upto his chest, whilst the right arm dangled casually at the side of his slim torso, his right leg laying normally, with a foot on the floor.

Between all his limbs the long thick pale shaft protruded alluringly.

“My god,” I exclaimed, bringing both hand’s to my mouth.

“Are you ready to pleasure our penises with your mouth, Felicity?” Matt whispered, as his arm snaked tentatively around my my waist.

My mouth opened but no words came. I stood there, my eyes captivated on Alex’s enraged genitals, as my entire body began to tremble.

“There’s no need to be nervous, Felicity,” Matt began, “its the most natural thing in the world between a man and…”

He paused, giving my shoulder a squeeze of confidence, “…a woman.”

I almost sobbed with gratitude as I thanked him.

Alex fixed his eyes onto mine, and I just could not break the gaze such was his magnetism, “How about you show us those magnificent silicone breasts you’ve invested in?” he said in a reassuring velvet voice, not moving, “I have been looking forward to seeing them since the café.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” I mumbled, as my trembling hands reached for the base of my turtle neck top.

Slowly it rose, revealing the artificial cleavage which threatened to overflow the green satin cups of the bra.

“Magnificent,” Matt mumbled.

“Take off Felicity’s bra,” Alex added, as his right hand moved to his pelvis and the base of the shaft, which his fingers slowly encircled, sliding the foreskin up and down temptingly, my eyes fixated upon the dark red dome which came and went, in the most erotic hide and seek game ever.

Matt assisted as I slid the turtle neck over my head, taking care not to dislodge the blonde hairpiece I had so painstakingly set in place earlier.

“I shall leave you to remove the bra yourself,” he said, tossing my top onto the floor, and walking to the sofa, mirroring the stance of his friend.

Trembling fingers are not much use unhooking a bra, and the more I tried the more anxious I became.

“Come here, Felicity,” Alex laughed, motioning with his free hand, “allow me.”

Outside I noticed how the snow flakes were now substantially larger than when I had arrived at the hotel, and the quantity whirling around was even greater. As I moved toward the sofa, my upright cock swaying with the small steps, I noticed the cars had slowed on the motorway, almost certainly due to the worsening road conditions.

I felt a buzz of excitement that somebody could see me stood naked and fully feminine. A small smile spread across my lips at the idea I was being observed by a total stranger in this state of undressed arousal, and the shapes of the heads and shoulder of Matt and Alex on the sofa would also be visible.

It wouldn’t leave much to the imagination.

I now stood before Matt and Alex, both pairs of eyes were fixed on my cock, displaying my arousal with the oozing pre-cum.

“Let me unhook your bra,” Alex said, leaning forward.

I placed a hand on his raised knee, doing likewise to Matt.

Bending my body at the waist brought my face less than a foot from both excited crotches, and the rich warm aroma of pheromones filled my nostrils.

Alex’s fingers worked at the bra strap, then suddenly I felt the mass of the large silicon breast’s. pull against my back. Alex tugged at the straps so they were down to my elbows, and asked me stand.

I let the bra fall to the floor as both men gasped.

“Oh my,” Matt stroking his cock, they look superbly authentic.

“Yes, they certainly do,” Alex said with a giggle.

Placing my hands beneath them, I took the weight, and brought a large, round dark silicon nipple to my mouth and licked it.

Both men shifted, simultaneously, patting the space on the sofa between them.

No second invite was needed as the coarse fabric of the cushion pressed against my buttocks.

Each placed a hand on a breast and began to fondle and squeeze, as my own hands rested on their stomachs and slid down until the flesh of the shafts was pressing on my hands.

With meticulous deliberation, as they continued the fondling, I allowed my fingers to curl around their respective shafts, revelling in the heat, smoothness and firmness I had created in both.

“Jeez, this feels incredible,” I stammered as my heart pounded achingly in my chest.

“It certainly does,” Alex said, “I bet you wish these had nerves in them like the real thing?” he finished, playfully biting a nipple very hard.

“I’d have climaxed by now if that were the case,” I replied, looking to Alex, and feeling my inside soften at his gaze.

His hand grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to his own; our tongues slithering for ownership of the other one, like two serpents fighting, whilst Matt slid my hand a little higher up his shaft, and instinctively I began to slip the foreskin up and down to the delight of us both.

Alex rose slightly, his face now a little higher my own, and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and held it there.

As my hand rose up his shaft I allowed my own tongue to surrender, and slowly clamped my lips around his, sucking it back and forth.

His shaft twitched in my palm, and he gave stifled cry; “You dirty bitch.”

I felt Matt move, and heard the swishing of the curtain.

“We have to close these, it’s wrong,” he said, “anyone, and I mean anyone can see in.”

Neither Alex or myself concerned ourselves as my palm was now gently rolling over the hot, smooth glans to his audible pleasure.

Matt took my arm and raised it, allowing my free hand to rest upon his shaft, as he seated himself on the sofa once more.

Gripping the foreskin gently between my thumb and forefinger, I guided it back and forth.

“Perfect, Felicity,” I heard him hiss.

After several minutes, Alex pulled his face from mine, we smiled delightfully at one another; both our chins glistening with each others saliva.

Suddenly I felt Matt’s fingers amongst my long blonde waves, which then moved down to my shoulders, pushing on them with a caring firmness.

Gently he encouraged me to leave the sofa, which I did, and turned instinctively, allowing my knees to rest onto the plush warm purple carpet.

Offering no resistance, I turned to find myself staring at his engorged shaft and heavily swollen balls as his bottom perched on the edge of the sofa cushion.

“It’s time to suck on my cock, Felicity,” he smiled down to me.

A tremble spread across my lips and through both of my hands.

“There’s no need to be nervous,” Matt whispered into my ear, and pushed his palm encouragingly against the back of my head.

My tongue fell from my parted lips and came to rest on his glans, as I began to flick it gently, revelling in the glossy silken texture, drawing a sigh of delight from him.

“Oh that is beautiful, keep licking the head,” Matt said, shifting his bum slightly.

Alex slipped my fingers from his shaft, and I sensed his body mass move on the sofa also.

His hand cupped my chin and turned my head, where I was greeted to the sight of his legs akimbo, on the cushion, and he had slid his foreskin down so far down it must have been incredibly painful.

No words were necessary as I gave his raw flesh the attention it desired; the slipperiness of my tongue combed the bareness, circling his glans repeatedly for several minutes.

Matt now turned my face to his own cock once more, and my eyes fell upon a clear large pool of clear pre-cum which was slowly slithering to the underside of the deep red glans.

Puckering my lips against the underside of them, I drew breath sharply, taking in the sticky tanginess of his juice.

My first taste of another mans fluid; a gasp of delight and visual tremor passed through my body.

“You enjoyed that more than you expected,” Matt laughed.

“Yes, yes I did,” I mumbled through trembling lips, not averting my gaze from the erect manhood, savouring the tang in my mouth, before grasping the shaft firmer still.

Brushing my scarlet painted mouth over the taught heated flesh of his glans drew several moans of delight from his mouth.

I paused, holding my mouth open, before taking my free hand and placing a thumb and forefinger on the head, stretching the flesh downwards, dilating the eye of his penis, whereupon I forced my tongue against the smooth glassy skin.

He gave a yell of pleasure, which I am certain must have been heard in the room next to us and most certainly in the corridor, as the coarse tip of my tongue scraped over ultra-sensitive opening of his urethra.

Alex lifted my head and instructed that I should do the same to him.

Both of my hands had fingers and thumbs on their stretched glans, as my head went back and forth, licking each urethra in turn for several minutes.

“Fucking hell, this is amazing,” Alex gasped.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Matt laughed.

“Thank you,” I said, briefly pausing, looking up to them both.

“Don’t stop now,” Alex whispered through clenched teeth, with a giggle.

“But I must,” I said tilting my head slightly, adding a coy smile, “I don’t want my experience to be over too soon.”
”You have nothing to be concerned about, Felicity,” Alex said, “you’ve paid for the time…”

“Exactly,” Matt contributed, taking his shaft in his own hands and rubbing the helmet over my lips and cheeks, “you will get your money’s worth.”

With that his thumb and forefinger pulled my lower jaw down, exposing the inside of my mouth.

Before I could move Alex requested I show him my hand with the wedding and engagement ring.

I did so, to great delight.

“Now be a good ‘wife’ and suck on the prostitutes cocks,” he said, the tone in his voice noticeably harsher.

My own cock jumped with delight at the sound of his words.

Unable to resist, I allowed my mouth to slip down over Matt’s cock head, revelling in the texture and heat as it nestled onto my slippery tongue.

Closing my lips gently, I raised my head slightly then lowered it again.

There was trembling in my knees and hands as my head moved up and down his length, delighting in the sensations of the smooth flesh of his penis inside my very own mouth!

Before I could increase the tempo, a hand grabbed my hair, tugging at it with the utmost care, causing my head to come up. Matt’s glans left a dribble of saliva as they brushed over my chin.

Alex shifted himself slightly, so as he was now pointing his prick in my direction.

There were no instructions.

My mouth opened.

“Definitely the instinct of a woman,” Alex said, as I enveloped the overly ripe glans into my welcoming mouth.

My breaths became rapid and shallow as I suckled on Alex’s head, enjoying the texture and warmth of his erect penis in mouth.

His position shifted slightly as he became more relaxed; his flat stomach curved with contours of the sofa as his cute bum slid out from the cushions.

I felt Matt’s hand take my own and place the palm against the length of his shaft, his balls now pressing against the heel of my hand.

As my head rose up and down on Alex’s cock, my palm mirrored the action causing Matt to sigh with pleasure, and one of his hands stroked my hair.

“Your wig feels so natural, as soft as real hair,” he said admiringly.

Allowing my head to rise free of Alex’s prick I gently rubbed it against my cheeks, looking to Matt, “It is real hair, I paid a bit extra so then I could have it properly styled.”

With that, he moved himself, causing my hand to fall from the shaft.

“Hey, enough chat, keep sucking Felicity,” Alex laughed grabbing my chin and turning it back to his erection. As I opened my lips he thrust his pelvis upward and plopped the erect cock straight into my mouth.

“That’s much better, isn’t it Felicity?” he said as the delicate rise and fall of his hips enabled the head of his penis to explore my mouth further.

Matt was now standing and I felt his erect dick rubbing across my hair.

“I could cum in this,” he said with a laugh.

I went to reply but Alex placed his palm on top of my head, “Less talking,” and so I willingly continued my oral quest to build his wonderful masculine climax, whilst Matt gently rocked his hips back and forth, my hair wrapped around the head of his hard swollen cock.

This continued interrupted for a short while, each bob of my head as focused as the very first.

Eventually Alex’s glans throbbed in my mouth.

“That’ll do for now,” he whispered, placing a hand under my chin and raising my head.

Looking down the shaft I admired how it’s length glistened with my saliva, then looking into his eyes I puckered my lips and gave the purple head the merest of kisses, causing it to jump several times.

His hand grabbed the base of his cock and with the other he gently pushed my face away to delay his orgasm.

I felt Matt move away from the side of my face, my hair failing down to my neck from the winding around his hard dick.

Placing himself on the sofa, he shuffled his bum to the edge of the cushion and splayed his legs as far as they could physically go, causing Alex to move himself entirely, almost having to perch himself on the arm of the sofa. His cock was looking intensely red and sensitive and I realised he had not touched it with his own hands, for fear of triggering his climax.

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