Arctic Heat Ch. 02

With care, I moved swiftly across the room, my eyes not leaving the two men for a moment.

“Felicity,” the cute one with short fair hair said, sweeping his off-centre parting from his sapphire blue eyes with his hand, and extending the other, which I took, and shook, noting how smooth and soft his palm felt.

His friend, leant across, and I looked into a pair of incredible green eyes, as he placed a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Please, take a seat,” the first man said, sliding out a chair for me, for which I thanked him, admiring his lean torso beneath the slim-fit white t-shirt that adorned him.

Both men sat down, one to my left and the other to my right, at the rounded table, containing two cups of coffee.

“I’m Alex,” the fair haired man said, in a beautiful soft voice showing off his pearly white teeth, “and this is Matt,” he continued, opening up his palm in the direction of the guy with short, roughly chopped dark hair.

“Nice to meet you, Felicity,” Matt smiled, offering me his hand, “and may I get you a drink?” he asked, propping his chin on his hands, as his elbows rested on the pale denim which covered his knees.

“I would love a tea please Matt,” I smiled in gratitude, as I admired the subtle flex in his triceps beneath the pale beige t-shirt, when he stood to leave the table.

“Well Felicity, I must say,” Alex began, leaning over to my face, “you are even more gorgeous in the flesh than the photograph’s you sent.”

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment at this compliment.

Before I could reply, Matt paused and turned before asking, “Which type of tea?”

A smile of recognition at this thoughtful consideration passed across my face, “the English breakfast, please.”

“What a lovely gesture,” I nodded in approval to Alex.

Carefully crossing one leg over the other he acknowledged, “Of course, manners and the consideration of others are free.”

I was delighted at his charming manners.

I knew my eyes were wrinkling in the corners at the authentic beaming smile I was giving him, gaining more confidence thanks to the numerous exchanges we had shared prior to the meeting.

“So,” Alex began again, running his fingers through his short blonde hair,” as I was saying, “you are substantially more beautiful here than the photographs you sent to us both.”

“That’s very kind of you to say so Alex,” I acknowledged, looking intently into his eyes, which he returned, not blinking through a veiled sign of confidence.

Looking over past his shoulder to break the gaze I watched Matt dodge around a lady who almost collided with him and my cup of tea. He nodded and rolled his eyes upwardly, before mockingly wiping his brow. I studied his tight jeans as his hips rolled closer, marveling at his sturdy looking legs and enhanced bulge beneath the zipper.

“Made it,” he said with a laugh, placing the cup before me, and taking his seat once more.

“Thank you very much,” I laughed back, “it was a close call.”

“It certainly was,” he answered, bringing his cup too his lips, where I watched him take a gentle sip of the hot, black coffee.

Carefully, I raised my white cup with both hands, observing how both men were watching intently, as my painted lips puckered against the hot, white porcelain.

To slurp would have been bad manners, and so meticulously I allowed the refreshing tea to pass into my mouth, before placing the cup back on the saucer.

Matt reached across and slowly rotated the cup, until both men were looking at the scarlet imprint of my lower lip on the side.

“Oh yes, those lip prints look incredibly nice,” Matt whispered, ensuring nobody else in the room apart from the three of us would hear.

Alex picked up the cup, “Inviting,” he began, and brought his own lips to my imprint; “tastes wonderful too,” he winked at me.

A tumble of excitement rattled violently around my chest, necessitating me to audibly draw a stabilizing breath, and rub my palms nervously along the sides of my coat.

Both men looked at each other and smiled.

Matt leant in closer, “you really are in need of this meeting aren’t you, Felicity?”

Before the confusion in my head would allow me to reply, Alex replied, “I completely agree with you there, Matt.”

Desperately seeking some composure, I took a deep breath and asked, to either of them, “how long have you two known each other?”

Matt glanced at his watch, “about thirty minutes?” he quizzed Alex.

With a mock puzzled frown, Alex acknowledged the time frame.

Suddenly I realized my mouth was hanging open in surprise.

“But…”, I stammered, “I presumed you were friends?”

“No, we’ve never met before today,” Alex said, taking his black coffee and sipping it gently, “once we were exchanging messages, the three of us, about this meeting, naturally I exchanged conversations with Matt, separately.”

“Separately?” I enquired, feeling a small crack in my confidence.

“Nothing to worry about, honestly,” Matt interjected, “it was just about the meeting place, timings, and understanding each other in our professional capacities, nothing more.”

Alex gently laid a reassuring hand over my own, “we understand how nervous you are, and what a huge commitment it is you are making today.”

I thanked him for the steadying words..

I sensed the resting of his hand on my own was slightly longer than either of us expected

“You’re married, with a wife you said”? he softly sought from me.

Slowly he rolled his hand upwards, revealing my fingers to Matt.

“A ladies wedding and engagement, that is very saucy,” Matt hissed quietly.

“I know,” Alex said “I could feel my cock thicken when I touched them.”

“They’re nothing special, just something cheap I found,” I whispered.

Too much whispering and those around would be begin to start murmuring about us also, I thought.

“Price is irrelevant, it’s the symbolism,” Matt said, his face flushing.

Alex gave a deep smile, “symbolism, what a great idea I’ve just had,” he chuckled, sweeping his blonde fringe once again from his soft face.

“And what might that be…” I quizzed with a mock scowl.

He laughed.

“Nothing much, just a little thought,” he beamed.

Matt looked across to me and shrugged his shoulders; a look of nonchalance soothing the both of us.

Alex thoughtfully caressed his chin with his delicate fingers.

“So, tell us how this meeting planted itself within that very pretty head of yours?” he asked, with a sweep of his hand which took in the three of us.

As I opened my mouth to speak, Matt raised a hand at table level as a signal to stop me.

I paused, my scarlet lips agape, as the words waited in my throat.

“Is it naughty?” he asked innocently, fixing his gaze upon mine, causing my heart to flutter in my chest and my cheeks to burn at the thought of how it all began.

“I suppose it was rather naughty,” I said looking to the both of them, and began shifting in my seat to relieve some of the discomfort my thickening cock was causing me, as the blood tried to force it’s way in, whilst it was tucked between my thighs. If it escaped my tiny panties had no hope of retaining it. The bulge would be extremely evident in this public cafe.

Inwardly I cursed myself for not anticipating the eventuality, and implementing the necessary retentive precautions of a device such as a cage.

“Are you alright, I just saw a frown?” Alex asked, his hand resting on the top of my own. I shuddered at the touch of his silky soft skin, admiring his immaculate nails.

“Yes, I am absolutely fine,” I reassured him, “thank you for asking.”

“Good, we all want this to be an exceptionally positive experience,” he beamed. Matt nodded his approval and placed his hand on Alex’s.

My eyes flitted around the room to see if anybody was watching the three of us.

Other than cursory glances, there was nothing unusual.

Taking a deep calming breath, I thanked them both.

Alex took a sip of his coffee, as I raised my own tea to my lips.

“I think you you should explain how all this began,” Matt said, his hands now cupping his own drink.

“Perfect idea,” Alex interrupted, looking to Matt, “it’ll make for great foreplay, I’m thickening at the very thought of it.”

They both laughed, and small whimper escaped my throat as I suddenly realised I was their prey, and in my minds eye I visualised Alex’s engorged pale shaft perfectly, thanks to the numerous photographs he had sent upon my request.

Matt took a drink and agreed with Alex.

I could feel my mouth beginning to dry out at the prospect of seeing Matt’s cock too, as he too had sent photographs at my request, and I knew it to be as long as thick as Alex’s, but the flesh was completely darker just as with his overall complexion. Furthermore, Matt had rightly been proud to emphasise the size of his enormous ball sac.

I simply couldn’t wait to cup it in the palm of my hand.

Matt stood and moved behind my chair.

“Take your coat off Felicity, he began “it’s warm in here,” he continued, and I felt his hands gently grip the upper arms.

I wiggled in the chair and somehow managed to slip out of it, and noticed Alex staring at the large fake breasts beneath my tight turtle-neck top.

“Magnificent,” he whispered.

Over to my left a young couple were watching; the man seemingly transfixed, before he caught his girlfriends eye and looked away.

“That’s better,” Matt said, placing the heavy coat over the chair, leaving me feeling very exposed in public, as he returned to his seat.

“Well,” Alex began, “I must say you have a wonderfully ample bosom there,” his eyes widening as he studied my overly stuffed top.

“Thank you,” I remarked, slightly abashed at the attention in public, “the silicon forms are pretty amazing, for both texture and weight,” I continued, leaning forward, feeling the pliable mass mould itself around my folded arms which rested on the table.

Alex leaned further inward, “I can’t wait to fondle them,” he smiled.

“Or get my cock between them,” Matt whispered, “an absolute joy I should imagine,” he continued.

Looking around I realised that several people were studying out cosy little chat. From the whispering and the proximity we were sharing around the small table it was plainly evident that intimacy was being played out in our small gathering. Slowly we altered our body language and each moved back a little; a wry smile grew across my face at our pathetic attempt to discretion.

“They are very hot to wear,” I said, sitting further back in my chair, and reaching for the tea.

“So,” began Alex, “are you going to tell us how this all started?”

“Of course,” I nodded, “but it goes back some years, too when I was about twenty years of age.”

Matt licked his lips and gave me a wink.

I laughed at him, “I think you may be a little disappointed in that case, it’s not how you have envisaged it.”

Alex gave Matt a jolt with his elbow, “Let Felicity continue.”

“Thank you, Alex,” I acknowledged with an accepting nod of my head.

He swept his palm softly just above the drinks, “the floor is yours.”

“When I was twenty years of age I used to masturbate frequently to magazines, until one day an idea came to me,” I began.

I gave a deliberate pause.

Both men had their focus fixed intently on my eyes, yet I felt no embarrassment at telling them my little story; in all probability due to the unashamed situation the three of us had arranged.

“One day I decided it would be a good idea to imagine I was sucking a cock, just like the girls in the magazines.”

“Nice,” Matt simply said.

“Did you suck one?” Alex added.

“No, no,” I stammered, “I came up with a wonderful idea that would enable me to get the effect as often as I could. I bought some condoms,” I said.

“This could get filthier by the minute,” Alex drooled.

“What I decided, was that I should partially inflate one and suck it, when I was masturbating.”

“You are a dirty gurl,” Alex laughed.

I continued.

“I would kneel in the bathroom, one hand on my cock and the other holding the partial inflated condom, them open my mouth and suck it in, before bobbing my head back and forth on it. I used to get so hard,” I said wistfully.

“Fuck me, I bet, it must have been the same as a sheathed one. But what about the taste of the condom?” Matt quizzed.

I smiled, “given the symbolism of it the taste excited me further. and furthermore when I had sex with girls using a rubber, the aroma of it on my fingers would make me even hornier.”

“Well, if that’s not a ghost from the past talking to you, I don’t know what is, Alex laughed.

Bizarrely, given my situation, I felt myself blushing and could only surmise that it was the guilt of denial haunting me.

Alex leant inwardly, his elbows and shoulders almost at the centre of the table, Matt followed suit.

Looking around the room I could several people watching, and give a soft polite smile, unsure of how much they must have heard, yet I found myself surprisingly calm.

“Were there times you wore a condom at the same time?, Matt asked with a wink.

I nodded, smiling to the both of them, causing both their pair of eyes to sparkle with a mischievously filthy grin.

Suddenly I found myself sitting back in the chair, which caught them by surprise, as they too recoiled.

Placing both my hands between my legs I used my arms to squeeze the artificial breast closer together, maximising their volume.

“Yes, to your next filthy question, Matt, sometimes I did wear another rubber at the same time” I said, noticing both pairs of eyes were fixated on my chest.

“So many ideas,” Matt said to Alex.

“Indeed,” Alex grinned.

“Ever since then you’ve had the desire to taste a cock? Matt continued.

I laughed loudly, then whispered ‘Yes I have.”

“So why didn’t you,?’ Alex quizzed, “there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“The world was different place back then, and despite numerous attempts at trying to suck my own, it never worked,” I said with a mocking downtown of my lips.

“Oh, that’s such a shame,” Alex said.

“I know, I could get within an inch of my tongue, but anymore effort ran the risk of a trip to the accident and emergency department. Try explaining that,” I exclaimed.

Both of them began to giggle.

“I did enjoy the ejaculation into my own mouth,” I continued, “it’s always so much more intense than ejaculating in a woman.”

Both men looked at each other.

“Ooh, you have this wish to explore your curiosity really bad,” Alex said hoarsely.

“Did you envy your wife sucking you off?” Matt asked me with honest sincerity.

I laughed.

“She only did it once, and then wasted every single drop,” I sighed

“That’s no good,” Matt stated.

“I know, what a lost opportunity,” I smiled.

“Well, that is why the three of us are here today, and although I don’t wish to dampen this lovely little repartee,” Matt began, “at some point we really do need to talk business, or rather confirm.”

I nodded amiably, and reached to my bag which was hanging over my chair. Reaching in I found the large brown envelope.

Carefully I reached, and my fingers touched on sheets of paper.

“Not here,” Alex whispered, his eyebrows knitting themselves together concernedly.

Laughing, I slowly slid out a sheet of normal paper, and handed it to Alex, then repeated the action to Matt.

They looked at each puzzled, turning the sheet’s over as they did so.

“Today’s weather forecast?” Matt asked, now even more confused.

I leant back to the table, and said quietly, “I thought it’d be fun, well, more exciting to show you both your payment in public, so you can take the envelope and and place that irrelevant piece of paper back inside it, but have a peep too.”

Matt laughed, holding out his hand, and I handed him the the envelope.

As he took it I saw him read the handwritten text on the back which stated ‘THREE HOURS – AS AGREED’.

He nodded, read the weather forecast once again, smiling to himself, then gave a brief glance into the envelope before slipping the paper in, and smiled.

He gave Alex the envelope, who did not even bother to look inside, but slowly slid the page in and handed it back to me.

“Perfect, thank you,” Alex nodded.

Placing the envelope in my bag, I took out my purse and opened it.

My scarlet nails took hold of the purple room card, and I placed it on the table.

“Room 204,” I smiled, “give me five minutes, then come up.”

“Of course,” Matt replied.

“Could you hand me my coat please, Alex,” I said.

He stood, “are you going to wear it in here. It’s so warm?”

“No,” I replied, taking it from him and placing it on my lap, then stood and held it over one arm before me.

Placing my free arm on his shoulder, I gave him a gentle kiss on each cheek, inhaling his sensuous woody aftershave.

“I’m covering myself up; with all this excitement I’m free from my panties and rubbing against my skirt.”

He returned the kisses, and placed a hand on the top of my buttocks.

“You’ve a beautiful bum too, Felicity,” he whispered into my ear.

“No Alex,” I gushed quietly back to him, “not today.”

He squeezed my buttocks discreetly, then sat back in his chair.

“We shall see you in five minutes,” Matt said.

With that I took my own keycard from the purse and I walked silently on the plush carpet to the polished elevator doors, around the corner, before pausing and inhaling deeply several times with my palm upon my chest.

The keycard slid in and the doors opened.

The elevator was empty, and as the doors closed behind me I selected the second floor and admired myself in the mirror.

I had to admit, I did look incredibly sexy, and my level of passibility was stunning.

The floor began to rise and moments later the small bell sounded we had arrived on the second floor.

As the door opened I looked for the sign which would show the direction to room 204. Slowly and confidently I glided along the carpet, passing several open doors, where cleaners were busy tidying for the next guests.

After a minute I paused, the plaque on the door stated, ‘204’.

With an audible click the room was unlatched at the touch of the keycard, and slowly I entered, slipping the card into the slot on the wall, enabling the electricity, and turned on a light which was so essential on this day of such grim weather.

I found myself looking at the kingsize bed near the window, with its immaculate turned down crisp white sheets, and a nervous gulp caught in my throat as I placed my bag upon the sofa beneath the window, and my coat over the chair by the desk, which sat against the wall.

Glancing at my watch I realised several minutes had passed and therefore Alex and Matt must now be thinking of walking to the lift.

Entering the bathroom I stood before the mirror for several moments, readjusted my hair, chest piece and checked my make-up. Slowly I applied a little more lipstick, so as to make the finish perfect; the tea cup having taken some of the sheen.

As I slipped it into my bag I heard two gentle knocks on the door.

Before I could call out I heard the distinct note of the latch unlocking with the keycard.

Taking a deep breath I left the bathroom, to find Alex and Matt entering the room.

The door closed with a firm thunk behind them.

I stood, transfixed and knowing smiles spread across their faces, as my own forced a unnatural nervous grin.

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