Archaeology Research Yields Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Practice and Exercise

I slept that night like a baby. My dreams swirled with crazy sex dreams that I had never thought about before. I had made a girl my sex pet and she had loved every second of it. What other things would I be able to do with this book and spells? I had decided that unless someone was truly being hurt by what I was doing, it wasn’t really wrong. As far as Katie knew, she had the best night of her life and it came at no cost to her except maybe that of a little humiliation in front of me, and it seemed like she was perfectly fine with that. But was I the person that made her fine with that? Maybe I was thinking about it too much. I just wanted more.

I woke up later than normal with Katie snuggled happily next to me, and decided that it was within my best interest to memorize these spells so that I wouldn’t actually need the book in order to use them. A couple times looking over them, repeating to myself and I think I had them committed in my head. I would know for sure when I tried to use them on someone else. Of course I would have to exercise them in order to properly train myself, as with any ability or skill. A little practice makes everything better.

While in study mode, I decided to thumb through the titles of the spells to see if there might be anything else of use or practice and I found two more spells, one of which added to the mind sight spell to know if there were any physical ailments affecting the person. My initial thought for this was to detect STD’s someone might have, as I decided spreading something was morally irresponsible, nor did I really want to experience any of them. The second was a physical form altering spell which didn’t have a description of what was possible or consequences. Maybe whoever tried this, did not have enough experience with it to know what they might be. I was going to find out through trial and hopefully not error. I committed these to memory as well.

I felt my stomach rumble and decided it was time for a little food and maybe testing. Katie was still fast asleep and needed her sleep, the next couple days would prove to be a physical test to her endurance. When I made it to the mess shelter there were only two people left around, Mya, who was a local we had contracted to be our guide and Hector, an older man that couldn’t do a lot for the project, but had a lifetime of knowledge about old tribal systems in our geographical area.

Hector immediately addressed me, “Hey youngin’, so you’re still alive after last night?!”

I smiled and replied “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing happened last night that I’m aware of.”

He said “no need to deny it, the whole camp heard you guys. We were all talking around the fire, and then we started to hear a girl screaming. At first we thought maybe someone was being attacked by a wild animal, but as we heard more, we knew those sounds. Sounds we all made when we were young like you. Although I don’t know if I ever was with someone as vocal as Katie… Don’t be ashamed, sounded like she didn’t mind you being the wild beast attacking her.” And we both gave a little chuckle.

Mya then interrupted and said “sir, would you like some breakfast? I put most of it away, but have a little leftover I could heat by the fire for you.”

Mya had barely said 3 words to me the whole trip so far, and I found it odd that all of sudden she specifically offered me food. When I looked up at her, she quickly hid her eyes from mine. This made me very curious as to why, so I mumbled the words for the mind sight spell and started to hear both of their thoughts.

Hector was recalling previous women he had been with and how they had acted in comparison to Katie’s vocalizations last night and how he would still like to make a woman act the same way, but didn’t believe he could at his old age. That made a lot sense to me, nothing wrong with it, and seemed a fairly normal to think of. I pushed Hector’s thoughts aside so I could focus on Mya’s. Mya’s thoughts were more interesting. She was 28 and had only had sex 3 times with different guys, and none of them were good. She was thinking about how she wanted to know what it would feel like to have a man make her scream and be filled with such pleasure, and maybe if she caught my attention, I could do as such. She was a small girl, only about 5’2″ and maybe 100lbs. Her skin was naturally tanned and had black hair and dark brown eyes as most islander people do, but looked extremely soft and smooth with no blemishes. Her only drawback was that she had absolutely no tits or ass at all, and was very self-conscious about it. This seemed a great opportunity for a little practice.

I recanted the rest of the spells so that I could implant thoughts, see physical ailments, and change physical attributes. It would be hard to describe, but as I looked back and forth from both Hector and Mya, I gleaned their problems. Hector had a long list of problems that I would describe as age deficiencies such as arthritis, muscle deterioration, high blood pressure, along with what I interpreted as pre-cancer in his liver. Mya had only a marker for non-fulfilled alcoholism, which I assumed means that she could easily become addicted, but hadn’t really had much contact with it.

I spoke to Mya “Please sweetie, go ahead and start to cook up whatever you have left over, I’m going to talk with Hector a bit”, and she started busying herself around preparing me something.

As I turned to Hector, I commanded him to freeze. At first I focused on looking through his ailments, seeing if I could pull more info or what caused it and it worked. All the ailments seemed to have a root cause that the body could not “figure” out on its own. For the cancer cells, I programmed his T-cells to recognize them. For the arthritis, I programmed his hormones to produce more Glucosamine to help it heal. I also upped his HGH production since that had fallen with age. It didn’t seem there were any reprocussions as I overviewed his ailments again and they seemed to be diminishing. He would likely notice something the next morning. I commanded him to get up and join the group so I could have some time with Mya, and he did so without a thought.

I started to focus on Mya who was still busy preparing food, and had her back to me. I focused on her ass and imagined it bigger. To my amazement immediately I saw it start to grow. As I kept focusing on this, it kept growing until her shorts were completely filled out. She looked around at the sudden tightness of her shorts and gasped. I told her “Turn around and look at me Mya.”

She did and said “What is this? My shorts are so tight? How can this be? ” With that she put my plate down and grabbed her own ass and squeezed. “Did you do this? How?”

I spoke to her “All you need to know is that I wanted your ass to be larger as well.”

“But why would you ..” She trailed off and then started again smiling “You want my ass as well?”

“I know that you would like me to have your ass. I also know that you want larger tits so more boys will notice you. I can give you those as well, but I will want something from you in return”. I replied.

“I don’t have anything, what do you want?” she said

“You. I want your complete obedience. I can bring you everything that you want, but I want you to give me everything that you are.” And with that I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. Her thoughts were ablaze with passion and fear, but the only thing she could think about was letting me have what I wanted.

She gave into the idea of me fucking her right now, but wasn’t thinking about anything in the future. As we kept kissing I focused my physical alterations on her nerves, so they would send amplified pleasure to her whenever and wherever I touched her. My hands running down her skin felt like electricity to her. My tongue in her mouth was sending shivers down her spine. My dick was hard just knowing how turned on she was. She quickly started ripping her clothes off so she could feel my hands unimpeded on her skin. I pushed her to the ground and got on top of her, kissing down her neck, across her collarbone and then down to her tits. She loved this and it was driving her to the brink of orgasm just feeling my mouth on her skin. And I couldn’t get enough, she was so soft and perfect. I let my fingers play with her clit, driving her to the edge of orgasm. She was the silent type, enjoying me playing with her, but not verbalizing it, and I was going to change that. I stopped for a second and pulled away.

She desperately moaned “What are you doing?! Keep going?! Don’t stop!”

I looked her in the eyes and said “Are you sure you want me to keep going? I’m not hearing much encouragement.”

“YES!!!TAKE ME!!! FUCK ME!!! MAKE ME CUM!! MAKE ME YOURS!!!!” That was what I wanted to hear and I was instantly rock solid just her words.

I undid my pants and pushed my hard cock inside her and she came on the first stroke. I kept thrusting my rod back and forth inside her wet pussy, while it was leaking all over both of our thighs. She started to yell and grunt with each stroke, she felt so tight. In her mind I was the first man that had really filled her up and was making her feel like a woman. She wanted more, she wanted me to keep opening her up, keep pounding her until I gave her my seed.

Scratching an itch she never realized she had. I wanted to make her earn it, so I flipped us over and told her “It’s your turn to show me what you got.”

“But I’ve never done this before.” she moaned.

“Then you’re going to learn quickly and make me happy or you won’t get what you want. A real woman loves to please her man and will go to any length to make him happy.” I told her.

She wanted to show me that she could be a real woman, worthy of my attention. She started slow, but after a couple of movements she started to get comfortable, started liking it, and wanted to get faster. Rythmically she started to get quicker and deeper, enjoying it more and more. She acted like a woman possessed and was bouncing up and down in pure pleasure, all while screaming my name. I decided this was the perfect time to make her tits grow, I pictured them as a large D, perfectly rounded and natural bouncing up and down with her body and they were there when I opened my eyes. They were more beautiful than what I imagined and I was ready to blow, so I held her tight against me and quickly slammed cock inside her and together we exploded and she fell against me.

We briefly laid there and she spoke first “Wes, that was the best sex I’ve ever had. I loved feeling you inside me, and then I came when I felt your jizz spraying my insides. Did I make you happy? I want to make you happy” I smiled as I squeezed one of her big mammaries and told her I had an idea that would make me extremely happy.

I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast while Mya was kneeling under the table naked cleaning my spunk and her pussy juice off my cock and balls. She worshipped my fully erect member with her tongue and lips while she fingered herself, all in plain view of anyone else to see. She didn’t mind as long as it was my demand. I finished my last bite as I saw Katie walking towards us with a smile on her face. I felt myself on the verge, as I knew what I wanted next.

When Katie reached me I smiled at her like everything was normal “Did you sleep well, my pet?”

She kissed me and replied “I slept like never before, but I’ve also never been fucked like that before. I see that you found someone new to play with while I was asleep?”

I wanted her to burn, to be envious of Mya, but to still want to please me regardless, and I think it was working. “Have you looked at Mya, Katie? Last night you almost didn’t strip for me, but she’s naked, sucking my dick for all to see. She’s beautiful, a 10 for sure and not afraid to get a little dirty for me. And she’s too busy pleasing me to notice or care that you’re here. I bet if I asked her to, she would even fuck you any way I wanted because it would make me happy.” Mya intentionally made a loud slurping sound to confirm what I said, and that let Katie know everything I just said was true.

Katie was shocked. Her womanhood had never been insulted likethis. But she didn’t want to be outdone by another woman. She wanted to compete and be just as important if not more. She knew that she wasn’t as good looking, and would have to be inventive and creative in order to please me more than Mya. “Wes, you’re my man, even if you have other women. I’ll please them too if that’s what you want, or bring you more of them. I’ll get more than a little dirty, I’ll be your personal slave if it gets me some of your seed.” And with that she completely stripped naked and said “what would make you happy right now?”

I wanted to see what she would do so I said “Sometimes you need to take initiative and do something that you think would please me. It doesn’t please me to always direct you, sometimes it’s tiring.”

With that she looked around, almost as if in a panic of what she could do to keep up with Mya gobbling me. Her eyes lit up, as she ran to a tent nearby. She bent over and searched through the tent while keeping her bare ass facing me, obviously for show. Emerging from the tent she had a camera that was used for both video and stills. She started taking pics of Mya blowing me, making sure to get closeups of her face stuffed with my dick and the way she was fingering herself. “If you want to act like Wes’s slut, we’re going to show the world how whorific we can both be. We’re starting a website.” Katie declared. “Wes will get all the money and he can use it however he wants. He will also get to decide what we do on the website, but I think he won’t mind this as our first set of photos.”

She then found a large cooking spoon that had a rounded handle, and I saw another light go off in her eyes. She put the camera onto another table aimed at mine and Mya’s. Then walked over and lay down so Mya could sit on her face while she tongued my sack. With her legs spread wide for the camera angle, she ravenously ate Mya’s pussy. Mya knew there was a little competition, so she was sure to position herself that Katie would have a difficult time moving and breathing. Then Katie moved back a little and started tonguing Mya’s asshole.

“Now shove the spoon up there.” I told her.

There was no hesitation and I could hear her thoughts happy to comply with raping Mya’s ass. Mya’s sucking action mimicked how Katie was fucking her and I could tell that she liked it.

“Deeper, quicker!” I commanded Katie

I saw from the video later that Katie was shoving a full 7-8″ of the handle into Mya’s ass, and I remember her thoughts were that she loved it. I wonder if Katie was fine being on the receiving end of this type of sexual attention. In any case I mentally commanded everyone to orgasm and I shot my load straight into Mya’s mouth. It was one of the best loads I had shot in my life, and I wanted to document it. I quickly got up and grabbed the camera to film Katie and Mya. I told them they should learn to play nice with each other and share me. Mya had a knowing smile on her face and down off Katie and started to kiss her, sharing my cum with her. They made out with each other for about 5 mins before we all decided some much needed sleep was in order.

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