Archaeology Research Yields Ch. 02

Chapter 2: Consolidation and Testing

That night after going back to my tent with the book, I couldn’t sleep. I had told Katie it was a better idea if we slept by ourselves and she agreed, not like she could really refuse or I would’ve pushed that thought to her anyway. I needed time to think about what this meant. Where there limits to what thoughts I could send to certain people? Was there a limit to how many people I could have this link with? Would there be any consequences to myself? What was the real cost of this using this book? My mind swirled with the possibilities but also made me paranoid that someone could easily take away this newfound power. I eventually blocked it all out and fell asleep with only a couple hours before dawn and a new day filled with uncertainty.

A little after dawn Katie woke me up for breakfast in such a nonchalant manner that I had thought maybe last night a dream or figment of my imagination, until I felt the book under my pillow. As I got some jeans and a t-shirt on, I noticed she was waiting for me outside my tent. As we walked to the group she started to speak “I don’t know what got into me last night, but I just really wanted to have some fun last night. I haven’t done or said anything like that since I was back in college about 4 years ago. I hope it doesn’t make things weird between us or you think that I’m going to be like that all the time around you.”

Immediately after her saying that I could hear her thoughts and what they said was “I don’t want things to be weird because I loved how things went last night.” At that point I knew I wanted to take her, make her mine, leash her mind and body to myself. I smiled and sent a vivid visual sequence of me slapping her in the face with my hard cock and then erupting all over her inviting mouth with my cum. She immediately stopped walking as I could see a distracted look on her face. I took two steps back and said “Don’t worry, I don’t think anything will be weird between us. I like fun too, the kind of fun you’re thinking about.” I gave her a firm smack on the ass and kept walking to reach the mess shelter.

What was that? I had never really been that forward about something sexual, I was also more of the slow, safe type. Maybe it was because I knew I could command her thoughts and there was no real chance of rejection. Who knows, but I liked it and would have to be careful.

Nothing eventful happened that day. The Project lead gave kudos to me and Katie for staying and opening the room and it’s artifacts to the group. We dug out some more of the area and found a lot more artifacts, but they were all mundane in my mind. Next to what I had in my tent, these items were just objects that would now collect dust in a museum or some rich guy’s personal collection. Nothing with life or power. As the day came to a close, I was getting excited about returning to my tent and reading more, finding out more. I had also caught Katie glancing over a lot throughout the day and hearing a multitude of thoughts, most were about sex and questioning why all of a sudden that seemed to be what occupied her mind most of the day. Maybe it was because I was having fun pushing thoughts of sex acts into her head, knowing she couldn’t have release. I was having fun toying with her.

After dinner I told the group that I was still a little tired from the night before and was going to try and fall asleep early. I opened the Tome and was thumbing through different spells on pages, reading them to myself and the side effects. Some seemed quite useful and others didn’t. I didn’t get very far before I heard a familiar voice outside my tent “Wes…Wes? Are you there?” It was Katie and I think she might’ve followed suit to go to bed early as well, although I could hear in her head there was no thought of sleeping.

“Yes?” came my reply.

She unzipped the flap of the tent and started to step inside when I stopped her. I knew she was thinking about sex and the night before. I wanted her to commit herself to me and see how far she would go. I wanted complete domination of her. “Katie, This tent is my domain, and if you enter it, you will have no choices, only the ones I allow you. Can you accept that?”

She looked at me for a second as if thinking about what that truly meant or what I could possibly mean, and then smiled and continued to step inside “If that is how you like to play, then that is how I will play”, and the thought in her mind was “Goddam that made me almost cream my pants, what could he possibly be thinking of making me do?”

My first thought was to establish control of what she wears. If I can make her strip on command or even without command, then she would likely comply with most anything else I wanted. So I started, “The first rule in my tent, is that any female cannot wear clothing of any type without my permission; Permission which you do not have.”

She rolled her eyes at me and thought “that’s a little standard for men, and I guess I was planning on getting naked anyway, so let’s just do it”. I didn’t care for the thought itself, but she was accepting and complying without resistance or without my having to push a thought to her. She started to take off her clothes and throw them in a pile, showing me her imperfect body.

I wanted to test her and see what she might do at this point, so I told her “I want you to put your clothes outside the tent flap so you’re not tempted to wear them again.”

She looked a little concerned “But then someone might see them and think something….”

I cut her off, “Then take your clothes and leave. If you don’t want to follow what I say, then you’re not welcome here.”

Her thoughts went crazy. She didn’t know how to handle the rejection, she was already naked and hot from what I had said earlier about not having choices. She reluctantly grabbed her pile of clothes dumped them just outside the tent, and reclosed the zipper. I had another idea of how to ‘train’ her. I remembered in college the experiments of Pavlov’s dogs and psychological association. I sent a command for a mini-orgasm as she closed the tent flap, and she slightly moaned and looked at me as I smiled back.

“The second rule of my tent is that you must call me master.” I stated.

She smiled an evil grin and replied “Master, understood. What would you like your pet to do?”

I sent another mini-orgasm ” I’ve gotten a little dirty from work today, I need you to clean my cock with your mouth.”

She instantly started to crawl over to me on all fours, making sure I could see her tits gently swing back and forth with her movement. She undid my pants and pulled my semi-hard dick out, and started to suck it. At this point I was pretty excited about everything, but wanted to see how well my images could be pushed to her actions. I visualized her licking straight from the base of my balls to the tip, and she did it –mini orgasm. Then I visualized her deep throating me, and she did –mini orgasm. I wanted her to hold it and wiggle her tongue against the bottom of my shaft, and she did it –mini orgasm. All while these mini orgasms were happening I could feel her mouth slightly convulse around my cock. I wanted to explode, because not only did she have an amazing mouth, but because I was controlling it with just a simple thought and reward. Then I imagined her kissing my balls and she did, but she also surprised me by sucking them individually between her lips and tonguing them gently as she released them — I gave her more than a mini orgasm, I appreciated the sexual initiative. Then I spread my legs a little wider and imagined her tickling my taint while my sac was resting on face. When she didn’t hesitate I was satisfied with how this exercise had gone and was ready to finish. My last command was for her to stroke me with her hands while she freely talked slutty about what she was doing. “Wes, I want your cum. I love the thought of using it for my face cream. I enjoy every second of my mouth wrapped around your nuts because my mouth is closer to your seed than ever before. I want to tickle your taint every day because it makes you happy and you deserve a whore that will please you in that way. I want so bad for you to use me as your sexual plaything that I would do anything for you, even blow you in front all the project if you desired. Please let me drink your jizz. I’ll do absolutely anything you want for just one taste, I have a little orgasm everytime I please you and I don’t want those to stop.” And with that I exploded all over her face. I sent her big orgasms over and over at that point, she screamed and seizured from them. Then when she was done, she licked a little off my thighs and swallowed it, and I sent another orgasm to her. She had a very surprised and confused look on her face, believing she was cumming because of drinking a guy’s semen? She licked a little of the tip of my cock and swallowed; again I forced her to explode at the thought.

I told her we were not done and she needed to get me hard again so I could take her from behind. It didn’t take long as I was lusting over the power I had. Once I was completely rock hard I told her to flip around. I got up behind her and she lustfully glared back at me, spreading her ass so that I had all access to her. I asked her what she wanted, and she replied “I want you to fuck me like the bitch I am. My pussy is on fire for you.”

I rammed my cock all the way into her hole, bottoming out on the first stroke. I commanded her to cum, and to cum again with every thrust. She started to seize up and convulse around my pole as it pushed in and out, she also moaned and screamed in ecstasy. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back to me and she had another orgasm, this one I didn’t command. Success!! It was working, her body and mind was associating my control over her with sexual satisfaction. With that I knew I wasn’t going to last long, so I pushed her shoulders all the way to the ground and violently pounded her from behind, her screaming and groaning at every movement. That was what I truly wanted, I blew my load inside her and gave her the biggest orgasm of the night. It seemed to last forever and I lost track of how many times I shot off and how long we were froze together. Then we collapsed in a heap and were fast asleep, the largest smiles of either of our lives on our faces.

My sexual appetite was sated for now. I was going to see how filthy I could push her, see what lengths she would take for my happiness. Along with that I was going to have to test some of these tricks on other women to see how they worked.


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