Archaeology Research Yields Ch. 01

Chapter 1: The Tome is found

I was doing my internship for archaeology on a couple of islands on the Pacific rim. While it wasn’t the most glorious or lucrative of career choices, it was something that I did get simple pleasure of. Finding artifacts and piecing together the lives of people many generations past did interest me and give me satisfaction. It would also afford me the ability to travel the world and see many things most people would only dream of seeing in one lifetime, such as the Pyramids, Machu Pichu, Angor Wat, and other various culture wonders.

The current project was far less spectacular than any of the above and I was stuck for 3 months digging up simple artifacts and tools of an island culture that was of moderate influence and wealth in history. The other part that wasn’t so great about this particular civilization is that it was buried some 2000 years ago by a pyroclastic flow caused by a nearby volcanic explosion and thus, was completely buried by dirt. Days and days of back-breaking digging would yield only minor items of very little consequence. With only myself and a handful of other people working on this, it felt more like a Russian gulag without a reasonable reward in sight.

In about the third week of laboring, we discovered a large, what could only be described as a mansion, in terms of other huts/hovels in the area excavated. This residence was obviously the home for the leader or shaman of the tribe. This got me very excited that we might actually find some items of real historical value and maybe something in writing to hint at the daily lives of this poor group of wiped out aborigines.

At the end of the day, the team decided to retire, but instead myself and another woman in the group decided that since we had nothing else to do, we’d dig and see if we could clear out a little in a side room of the dwelling. As we started to clear out the doorway of dirt, some of it fell away and we found the room mostly open and clear, with very little damage being done to the items inside. Jackpot! We had found exactly what we were looking for and there were objects of wealth and knowledge inside. At the back of the room there was a Tome that was clad in what appeared to be metal and leather bindings, almost in perfect condition, which I knew to be impossible. It just didn’t fit with the other items in the room, too “modern” looking. As me and Katie both stared at it and then each other in wonder of how this could be here or what it was, we knew we had to open it and see what treasures it held.

Since I was more gung-ho about it, I gently pulled open the cover and it opened without falling apart. In fact, it gave a little resistance to me. “Can you read it?” I asked Katie, to which she replied “No, I’m not familiar with that language, are you?” , “Yes, I am, it’s an old Hindu dialect that I had learned a couple years back. Hopefully I can remember most of the words and translate decently enough”.

The first page read, at least I thought, “To anyone about to read this book, tread carefully as the powers within have the ability to grant your greatest dream, or doom you to a living nightmare”. As I read this aloud Katie started to laugh and hit me in the shoulder “you’re joking right? We found an old mystic’s alchemy recipes? Maybe it’ll tell us how to grow some really good weed so we won’t feel the pain of this trip so much and have something cool to take back to our friends” She smiled and started to look at other items that were on the table.

I turned to the next page, which on the top was written in translated bold letters “Minds insight”. I read the words below it out loud and for a split second by vision when blurry and I felt a ringing in my ears. Gradually I started to hear a voice, Katie’s voice. I stared over at her and her lips weren’t moving, but she was saying “And I stayed out tonight to try and find some gold in this damned hut without too many people around, but all I’m going to get is maybe some old shrooms from this place, jesus this sucks. At least he’s not too bad to talk to and willing to do most of hard work”. To which I instantly let out a “HA!”.

Katie turned to me instantly and looked confused and concerned “What was that?” quickly I retorted “Oh, I just remembered a joke someone told me awhile back, don’t know why”. She replied with, “All right, are you going to keep reading that book and remember goofy old jokes you’re not telling me?” I grinned back and said “I most certainly will”.

I started flipping through the pages, reading the titles to see what they said. It seemed that these were in-fact, some type of spells. Each of them had a special incantation of words, and then a description below of what they did along with a cautionary about the possible side effects or consequences, and other various info like a range or amount of people they might affect. Minds Insight came with the cautionary of affecting everyone within roughly 5 feet and hearing their voices in your head, that you had to learn how to filter through with practice. After a couple of pages I found one that was titled “Minds supplant” in which I needed to lock eyes with a person, speak the incantation, and then I could “will” a thought to them. It also stated that they would not be able to distinguish this thought from their own, and that implanting a thought doesn’t mean there would lead to action on the thought. Really? There was a spell that could do this? And I held it in my hand? I had to try and see if it worked, there’s no way I couldn’t.

I turned to Katie who was distracted by what looked to be a wardrobe of old decaying clothes, I spoke “Katie” and as she turned and looked at me, I locked her gaze and spoke the words. There was another instant of blurred vision and a buzz in my ear, and she blinked. Then said “Yes?!” and her thought said “what the hell is wrong with him”. The thought I pushed to her was “it’s hot in here, and I don’t like wearing these clothes”. She instantly started to look a little discomforted and I heard her thoughts repeat my command back and were then followed by “I wonder if he’d mind if I was naked, of course he wouldn’t, he’s a dude, but should I ask him before I just start to take my clothes off?” I knew I had to answer her so I said “Katie, you look a little hot and uncomfortable, “. She smiled and responded “Thanks, I just started feeling this way and wasn’t sure if you’d be uncomfortable with me taking off some clothes” As she said that she started to pull her t-shirt over her head and un-clasp her bra, letting her beautiful tits free. She then unbuttoned her pants and in one swift motion pushed her shorts and panties to the floor and stepped out of them. She then looked up at me and giggle saying “I learned that trick in college when I needed to get naked fast” with a knowing grin. She put her hands on her hips and smiled, giving me a little bit of a pose. I’m sure my jaw dropped open as I had never had a woman so brazenly strip in front of me. “See something you like slugger?” as she turned her nude form back to her investigation of the old wardrode.

Let me describe Katie, she’s about 5’8″ 160lbs with fairly tan skin, shoulder length brunette. She’s got a little weight on her and you can tell she’s not exactly firm. Her breasts hung down a little, but were shaped well enough with fairly small nipples. She had curves in all the right place and she was obviously comfortable in her nudity. She also was perfectly hairless, except the top of her head, and as she crouched down to look at something on the floor, you could see her pussy lips hanging down just slightly, but inviting. She looked fantastic the way the light cast shadows down her back.

At this moment I had to see if I could really make her do some tricks, push thoughts into her mind and see how she would react. Could I really get her to think and do whatever I thought? I was almost completely hard at this moment, thinking about all the possibilities with her and so many other things. Power over people at its purest form. So I pushed a thought of her standing up, and then bending over completely at the waist to look at what was on the floor. She stood up, straightened out, and bent over at the waist, giving me a complete show of her ass and pussy from behind, and not so much as a hesitation from her. After a couple of seconds, her thoughts were “I’m getting a little horny having the air against my skin, I wonder if he’s staring at me, I wonder if he’s getting horny at all”.

Could this be true, I wasn’t even implanting a thought and she was starting to get into it. So I decided to implant another thought into her head – of course he likes it, he’s a dude–, I didn’t want to re-wire her thoughts, just build on what she was already thinking. All while I was still holding the book, and staring at her bare ass. She quickly turned her head from the ground and looked at me with a wicked smile, and I was surprised, but her thought went to –he is staring at me hard, and I can see the bulge in his pants, I bet he wouldn’t mind if helped him out a little, he might be the only decently fuckable guy on this island–.

She stood up and slowly walked over to me, making sure to sway her hips and let her breasts jiggle at every step. My dick was hurting inside my pants and she could tell. She grabbed it through my pants and said “Did I do this to you? I bet having this guy pent up is uncomfortable for you and it’s all my fault. Well, I’m going to make sure that I relieve you of this pressure.” And she dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled my cock out, exposing my now 7 inches. She ravenously sucked on the head while pumping my shaft with both hands. I almost blew my load right there, but started thinking of other boring things and staring at the ceiling to hold on. She obviously knew what she was doing and had a lot of practice with her mouth and hands. After about 5 minutes of worshipping my hardon, she popped it out of her mouth with pouty look and said “Isn’t my mouth good enough? Don’t you want to spray your cum down my throat?” My instant thought was “HELL YEAH I DO!!!”, but before I could say anything, a sly grin crossed her face and she said “I know your type, you want me to beg for it and prove that I’m a dirty girl before you’ll give me my reward. You want me to make up for my not so perfect body by being super slutty for you. If that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get”.

And with that, she held my dick up to my stomach and started licking my hairy balls, tonguing them and sucking them in. I had never had a girl just go for my rod like this, but I liked it. She was doing all the work, and I was getting all the pleasure. She then started kissing and licking my taint, all while my balls were still rubbing against her face. She also started to moan. Certainly she wasn’t getting off by doing all these dirty things to me, was she? She then stopped and looked up into my eyes again and said “Do you like that? Do you want me to beg for your cum? I’ll tell you that I love cleaning your cock and nutsack with my mouth. I get off knowing you want me to be your whore. Or would you like to throat fuck me? I’ve learned to block my gag reflex if you want my mouth that way.” And I heard her thoughts, they completely agreed with this. She would and could get off knowing I was using her in the most dirty manner possible. If that’s what she wanted who was I to deny her my manhood and seed. I commanded her to put her hand behind her back and open her mouth, she smiled and willingly complied. I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock so hard into her mouth, I thought I might break her nose. At this point, I had enjoyed her enough and wanted to blow a huge load down her throat. I quickly slammed in and out, feeling her lips slide along my shaft tightly as I don’t think she had been face fucked like this before. After a couple of seconds, I exploded in her mouth and grunted, while mentally commanding her “CUM!!! CUM!!! CUM!!!” about 20 times, even as I was done shooting by load. Each and every time I commanded her, I could feel her convulsions in mind and body.

We both collapsed on the dirt floor in a heap. This girl I knew was a little psycho, but I liked it, although i might have to try and temper it a little bit.

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