Arch of Love, Sex and Battle

Two billions year old Jehovah created his greatest accomplishment angel and archangels. They were created to protect certain planets and spread the God will. For about two thousand year everything was amazing. The proud warrior and healing race of angels seem to become stronger in power we loving brothers and sons.

Until there was talk that Jehovah was going to created a new race in seven days really six. On the seven he was chilling in heaven drinking alcoholic wine. All the angels in heaven were shock, surprised not sure to make of this newly found out information. They were curious as to why now and what the point? So they ask god and got no reply he then left and the earth as well as the human race was born. Carefully watching over his new creation from heaven. While ignoring his angels one arch archangel decided to go to earth against god will. Darrius age unknown male dark blue eyes, black wings, long jet black, muscular built has a six pack.

His powers are of course he can fly, black lighting, superhuman strength and control nature. He wants to understand why Jehovah love human so much. Darrius now on earth first encounter a woman named Katrina Frost who said she a nurse at a major hospital in a sense she play god give a person second at life.

The archangel said I am a servant of the heavenly father. My father love human beings very much. This is my true form why are so calm? Why do you believe in my heavenly father? As a angel I do not even know what my father plans are but sure they benefit all of creation. Your soul shine with a beautiful bright white light.

Katrina it is because if you wanted to hurt me you would done already. God would never send a creation from heaven to harm me. Why are you here? What kind of angel are you anyway? He give me the strength and patience to deal with life at it hardest and I have complete faith in his word. Yes in my heart I know our god love us all.

I am here searching for my reason of existence outside of God and to better understand humans. I am warrior angel I have been in many battles and never lose in combat war is all I know. After Ms Frost ask her question they were attack by ten demons. He told Katrina to hide as he take care of those demons. Demons shooting energy balls in all directions.

They hit their mark but did no damages. Are u done said Darrius good he said before they can answer use the air around him as thousands of invisible needles. The demons were completely destroyed and then he look until he found Katrina and took her home. Does this kind of happen often?

Yes maybe you were sent here to be our champion to protect us will you at least think about? You were not kidding when you said your a warrior angel. Not sure exactly what happen but you took care of these demons without really trying. So again you have the power what are going to do with it?

Yes I will think about and maybe my father will let me. But there was bad news Jehovah now know Darrius was earth because of his battle. Katrina I have to go my father is calling. Now worry about what is father going to do and say? Darrius try to think of something to make his father why he did what he did.

Father said you disobey me my son their will be consequences. I was just trying to learn more about human beings. You were one of my best warrior and gain many victories in my name. It pain to see how you have fallen came out of jealously and lust. No excuses my child you may never again return to heaven your not worthy anymore. Farewell my son you shall never see me or your brothers again.

Father no this is not fair I even protected one of your human from demons. Come back no no no he scream on the top of his heavenly lungs. On the way back to Katrina house it pouring raining. Can I home in yes of course come in. I am soaking wet I can control the but tonight just do not care.

Your soaking wet come in let though wet clothes in the dyer. Are you ok I did know not angels could cry. Guess your meeting with your father did not go as planned. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? What do angel do for fun we could do that? Maybe some dinner and wine will raise your spirit even if it a lil bit.

Thank u again yes I will have some dinner. With tears running down his cheeks my father has banish me from heaven I will never see my family again. I guess I can be this world champion it all I have left. As a archangel we do not have what human call fun i train and fight for the glory of the I once called father. He has betray me so I not longer will serve him.

I am so sorry to hear that. Maybe this is a test by your father. You may not understand his will but believe he still love you. Or maybe he not the god who you think he is. I am confused on why your banish you. You seem like such a great and powerful angel. Just a little confused about his path and destiny.

Thank you very much I will try my best not to be burden. My whole world been turn upside down inside out. What do I do now I have no purpose? Bring wine a lot of wine only alcoholic thank you. All color wine shall drink, eat then clean up your house it the least I can do for you. It easy for me to clean the entire house in minutes using my powers is that ok.

Yes of course I do mind if I use my powers clean the whole house in the matter of minutes. Wow oh ok yes do it you can sleep in the guest bedroom. While still raining hard at tree almost fall on Katrina house but once again Darrius save her.

Of course the house too can sleep in my bed with me so I find safe. If that will make you happy then yes. Oh I never thank u for saving my life this is twice now thank u so much she lean in gave him a kiss on the lips with tongue quickly became love making. First he slowly seductively watch her take your clothes off. Then decided get some ice slowly rub on your breasts all the way down to your pussy especially on your nipples. After that he slowly plant kisses all over your body then he give her a full body massage with oil. While oiling up her breasts lick them,squeeze,caress them, sensual and lightly bite them same thing for your nipples. Not finish with them yet then I will put my dick between your breasts stroking until I cum either in your mouth or on your breasts your choice. Then I will french kiss your lips I will get back oiling u up kissing your stomach then before completely oil u up take body shots on u.

Finish oil up your move down to your thighs feel them up with hands kissing them with my lips down to your pussy massing it,squeezing it, teasing it with my tongue. After minutes of doing that I suck your pussy like there no tomorrow. Just going deeper and deeper inside till u orgasm I wil clean it up with my tongue and shallow all your cum.

Then I would let u suck my dick and deep thoart do I feel like I dead and went to heaven cum wherever u want. Then I going to finger your wet pussy with three of my fingers going deeper and deeper till u go crazy and orgasm. Now I want to watch you play with yourself while I just watch you can uses toys fingers whatever you want.

Then I want you to do it again but this time I am going to master bate and cum with you. Then one last time so I can lick all the cum off your fingers while playing with your breast and kissing your lips and on your neck then I bend u over and fuck u doggy style I will start slow gradually speed up so u can every inch of me deep inside of u. Same thing for your ass pounding deeper and deeper.

On to bigger things we do the slow climb like wild sex craved animals till u go crazy. Also the down dog till u need to caught your breath and screams and orgasm. Follow up by criss cross just pounding your hole like it the last I will ever have. And because I am not selfish you will be on top in the giddy up position ride me a horny cow girl. Feel we need to go to the kitchen for torrid tabletop pounding like crazy on the table till you go crazy.

Now it time for lusty lap dance till you just can not take it anymore but there no start or stop when it come to sex. Now it the spoon time it might be a funny name but bet you will love to get spooned deeper and deeper. Of course cross buttocks just drilling like a power tool only different I do not need to plug in charge or anything I will make u moaning and screaming on top of your lungs.

Finally seated rear entry for the big finish your back on top and in completely control of the pace and my dick inside of you show what you can do. Then we can repeat all positions for your ass too.

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