Arcanum – Of Steamwork and Magic Ch. 23-6

“Oh, that does sound fun,” the woman said, giggling.

The two stood, their glowing forms meeting as they embraced. They held one another, caressing, kissing. Unbounded by prophecy, they stepped away from one another and away from the meadow. Emerging through the door, their forms faded and they stepped out — not out of the small house in Vendigroth, but instead, into the snow swept streets of Tarant.

“Ready for another round, Bee?” Resh Craig asked, doffing his cap.

“Always, Resh,” Beatrice Brummund said. “Though, he lives in Caladon, not Tarant, you know.”

Resh grinned. “Oh, yes. Of course. But today, I want in on something.”

“On what?” Beatrice asked.

Resh chuckled, then pointed. They stood before the Tarantian areoport — and there, in bright lights, were the words: LAST FLIGHT OF THE ISF ZEPHYR — RETIRING SOON!

Beatrice laughed. And, arm in arm, the gods walked aboard the airship for one last time.


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