Arcanum – Of Steamwork and Magic Ch. 22-4

I grinned, bucking up into her, fucking back with the same fierce, intense energy she was using. Bee licked my balls as Raven continued to moan: “I’m never taking another cock as good as this…” She closed her eyes. “I love it! I…I fucking love your green dick!”

Her voice was growing ragged – losing its musical edge as she became more and more animalistic, her head ducking forward, her hair tumbling around her face, concealing it as Gillian licked at her neck, nuzzling her and helping her rock on my cock. I reached down and grabbed her ass, thrusting into her as Maggie watched with wide eyes, her own more husky moans adding their own musical notes to the choir of pleasure that filled the room. As sweat beaded and dripped from Raven’s hair, her voice snarled out: “I…want your cum! Fill my womb with your hot, virile, orcish cum! Do it! Do it!” She groaned.

If I had had a choice, Bee took it from me. She sucked both of my balls into her mouth, the pressure and warmth spiking through me – and as pleasure bolted through me, my entire body locked in place as I clenched my whole body, trembling. My cum spurted into Raven, and I could almost feel it splashing against her womb as Raven cried out, her eyes closed tight. She remained poised above me, her back curved into a C shape as she thrust out her perky, perfect breasts. Then, like a puppet with its strings cut, she sprawled atop me, gasping. Panting. My cock slowly slipped from her body, sliding free and right into Bee’s eager little tongue, which began to lap the juices and cum from my member. Despite her diligent efforts, she was not able to do more than tease me. I sprawled there, gasping heavily.

“Ladies…” I mumbled, while Gillian gently set a twitching and whimpering Raven aside, then crawled on me. “The flesh is weak…” I chuckled, huskily.

Raven closed her eyes. By an effort of will, she managed to close her legs and then push herself up, so that she looked down at me, while Gillian ground herself against my softening member. Raven grinned. Peeking around Gillian’s hip, Bee grinned. Both women held up their hands – and I saw the glowing blue light of white necromancy around their palms. My eyes widened and I opened my mouth to begin to argue. But then the magick struck me – and in the war between my technological nature and the determined will of two women…

I won.

After a fashion.

Even if Sally did nearly break my hips.

Afterwards, I sprawled in a pile of happy, well fucked women, with Bee pressed to my side and Maggie nuzzled against my belly, Raven in my other crook. I closed my eyes slowly. My strange, extended family was whole once more. Tomorrow, Pelojian and his riddles would be waiting. But for now, I emptied my mind and thought ahead to the waiting, gaping maw of the Void. I thought, too, of the mysteries and loose ends that remained in Arcanum, that I would need to see. Thanks to Virginia, I could easily handle those before heading to the Void.

But there was that…thing waiting for me. The Void. A vast mystery, containing the power that had brought the Vendigroth wastes into being. I thought of my accelerator pistol – it seemed such a paltry thing to bring against such magick forces. Was technology really able to stand against that? I pursed my lips, looking into the gathering darkness as the cantrips faded and brought true night and the quiet snoring of my lovers filled my ears with a comforting, relaxing buzz. Slowly, I began to smile, as a schematic took shape.

I took my understanding of pneumatic pressures from the pumps I created for Beatrice, the energy storage and motivational projection of the electrical rings, the automation systems in the schematics I had found in Ashbury. Metallurgical expertise from Maggie could assist in making the parts light enough…yes…yes. The schematic would need a great deal of math for me to finish it up, but once completed, I knew how to make the suit that would be appropriate for a showdown with Arronax.

I’d show that pompous elf exactly what an educated mind could do.


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