“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 03-5

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“Can I help?” Lyn asked.

“What did Drew say when he called?” I asked her.

“I’m not sure. He would only talk to Roger and he’s not talking.” Lyn whispered. “That and he said you and mom needed to be alone. You ok with that?”

“For now I think its best.” I replied still embarrassed.

“Ok then I will leave you alone.” Ashlyn walked quickly out of the room.

“Andi!” Mom spoke up as she stepped down onto the porch.

I hadn’t heard her as she crossed the carpeted floor. I did hear the motorcycle start up in the back ground.

“Wait I want to go too!” Lyn called out.

“Andi?” Mom moved closer.

I was jealous now. Lyn was leaving with Drew, why Andi? I asked myself. That is your spot, you should be holding on to him not her.

“Andi!” Mom touched my arm. Just then I heard Drew pull out of the drive, the exhaust reverberated off the windows.

“Mom!” I sobbed.

“What’s the matter darling?” Mom gave me a quick hug then sat back in the wicker couch facing me. “Why are you here?”

“I need to know!” I sobbed.

“Know what honey.”

“Does he really love me?” I sobbed harder. “Mom I’m blind. How can he love me?”

“You’re dad asked me the same question Andi. I don’t know why but he does. Surely you know that by now?” She whispered.

“When did you and dad decide to move to Honduras?” I asked as she handed me a tissue.

“Oh I see.” Mom sighed. “What you really want to know is when did Andrew know? Am I right?”

“Please tell me.” I sniffled.

“Your dad has had this dream of helping others his whole life. I promised him when the time was right he could do it. Well the time came but we had a problem. It seems our son was in love with his sister. So we stayed.” Mom explained.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because your father didn’t believe me when I told him you were in love with your brother.” Mom chuckled. “Maybe like you he didn’t believe it either.”

“I don’t understand.” I said.

“I never answered your question.” Mom laughed. “I sent your dad down to chase his dream. We were miserable apart, so I followed him. To answer your question. When did we decide to move there for good? Is that your question?

“Yes, please tell me!” I pleaded.

“I agreed to move there the night Drew called and said you needed me. The night you lost your virginity.” Mom whispered.

“Why that night?” My mind swirled.

“Because the minute I heard your voice I knew, even your father knew as he listened in you were in love with Andrew.” Mom leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

It all played back in slow motion. Every moment of that night was imprinted on my brain. Mom was right. But there was something else that has bothered me for some time.

“If he loved me why did he leave?” I asked seriously.

“I wondered when you would ask.” Mom chucked.

“What do you mean?” I replied confused.

“Andi, Drew never left.” Mom took my hand. She squeezed it firmly letting me know she was telling the truth.

“How can you say that? He was never around!” I argued.

“Wasn’t he?” Mom replied. “Think Andi, surely there are clues.”

“It was him on my patio!” I yelled out.

“Almost every night.” Mom confirmed.

“And the hotel! Why was he staying in a hotel when Roger took his motorcycle for those rides?” I asked. “Why not just come home?”

“Drew had been living in that hotel since he left.” Mom explained. “He only left town occasionally for business.”

“You mean …”

“The reason I left to be with your dad was Andrew couldn’t stand to see you wither away in that room any longer.” Mom pulled me in for a hug. “He made me leave.”

“So when Lyn …”

“He was there.” Mom informed me again. “We hoped the two of you would work it out.”

“But Bert and Ernie came? Why didn’t Drew just come in earlier?” I asked confused.

“Drew wanted you and Ashlyn to know how much you mean to all of your brothers.” Mom replied.

“Oh mom! I am such a fool!” I started crying again. “I pushed him away again this morning!”

“I think he will forgive you.” Mom suggested.

“No he won’t. I accused him of terrible things. He left on the motorcycle!” I sobbed. “What if he doesn’t come back?”

“Andi are you sure he left? This is Andrew we are talking about.” Mom kissed my cheek and stood. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

I heard her walk out and sat silently. I used everything I could think of to locate him without success.

“Marco.” I called out.

I waited, there was no reply.

“I’m sorry Drew, please be there.” I whimpered. “Marco.”

Even the house seemed to know I was listening. I flared my nostrils and drew in another lung full of air. There was no cologne to be found. Then it dawned on me.


“Marco!” He whispered.

“You! You are there!” I cried. “Andrew I am so sorry!”

“I love you Dee.” His voice was closer but I still didn’t hear him move across the room. I breathed in again and couldn’t smell him either.

I stood up literally shaking in fear it was just a dream.

“Polo Drew!” I yelled. “Polo!”

Drew slipped his hands over my hips and gripped my ass. His lips pressed to mine and I realized he wasn’t wearing his cologne. In the background I heard the motorcycle pull back up the house. I realized Roger must have taken it, but I didn’t care.

I had him in my arms and wasn’t letting go. Not now, not ever.

“You’re not wearing your cologne.” I whispered as I leaned my cheek on his chest.

“No head butt?” Drew teased.

“I know all I need to.” I nuzzled closer.

Drew held me tight letting me come to grip with all I had accused him. He gently kissed the top of my head letting me know I was forgiven.

“Drew will you take your baby home?” I asked.

“You’re no baby.” Drew lifted my chin to kiss me.

“I will always be yours” I kissed him back passionately.

“Get a room!” Ashlyn called out from the doorway teasing us.

It was after supper when Drew and I headed back home from Bert’s. He invited the whole family over to spend more time with mom and dad. Saying goodbye was still emotional but I knew we would be seeing them again sometime soon. I held on tight as Drew drove the motorcycle back to the house.

Drew was in the living room on the couch watching TV. He had recently come from taking a shower and just had workout shorts on, and his cologne. I came out in my sleep wear and snuggled up beside him. I rested my head on his chest and promptly went to sleep.

“Hey sleepy head it’s getting late.” He whispered.

I maneuvered on top of him lying on the couch. I kissed him softly. His hands instinctively reached for my ass.

“Mmmm.” I cooed rubbing my pussy over his crotch.

Drew pulled the hem of my top up and grabbed each cheek over my lace panties.

“What no cotton panties?” He teased giving me a quick kiss.

“And here I thought you’d prefer none at all!” I teased back.

“What? Where’s the fun if you can’t take them off?” Drew chuckled.

His hands slipped inside my panties and massaged my butt. I could feel his cock growing below me. I rubbed my pussy even harder on him. Drew worked a finger deep between my ass cheeks brushing my anus and perineum. I opened my legs as he slipped it in my pussy.

“I need you in me!” I hissed.

“I think I am?” Drew teased.

“Bastard!” I moaned. “Not that part of you!”

I pushed my ass up forcing his finger deeper. I pulled at his shorts forcing the elastic band down below his hard cock. Drew moaned as I stroked him in payback. His hands left my ass and slid along my sides under my top. When his thumbs reached the bottom of my tits he gripped me and lifted me up. I tugged my panties to the side and in one fluid motion Drew lowered me over his raging hard on.

“Yes!” I murmured as he let my torso rest back on top of him. “Goodnight.” I teased my pussy full of cock.

Drew pushed up and I gladly pushed down. We did this a few times before it was clear there were too many clothes.

“Let’s get naked.” I suggested.

“Right!” Drew promptly agreed.

“I pulled my top off but had to stand to remove my panties. Drew pulled his shorts off and grabbed me. He turned me facing away from him.

“Drew what are you doing?” I giggled.

“I want you to ‘see’ us making love!” He explained.

“What?” I asked confused.

Drew ignored my question and placed me back on top guiding his cock in my pussy from behind. He pulled me back slightly. His hands moved up and gripped my tits.

“Ah! I know what this is all about!” I laughed as my hands moved to his hips to support myself.

It took a minute to get everything situated but we soon found a rhythm that worked. Drew kneaded my tits and tweaked my nipples sending ripples of pleasure enhancing the ones in my pussy. I was just getting to that point of intense pleasure when he moved his hands back along my ribs. I groaned in disappointment as my nipples protested being ignored.

Drew moved his hands between my legs and spread them wide. The sounds of his cock churning in my pussy now clearly evident. I felt so nasty with my pussy exposed and his cock plunging in it. Drew grabbed my ass with both hands taking the weight from my hands.

“Do it Andi! See it, see what it’s like!” Drew hissed just behind my back.

I instantly knew what he meant. My hand quivered as it moved over my pelvis. The second I touched the slimy fluids of our excitement I almost started to cum. I felt his cock swell my cunt as he thrust deeper inside me. My fingers continued down until they felt my naked pussy lips part. Drew thrust up and my fingers felt the head of his cock pass by on the way to filling my cunt.

“OH DREW!” I moaned. “You’re fucking me!”

MY pussy clenched tight feeling every blessed thrust. My other hand gripped my tit and tweaked my nipple sending the familiar ripples along my body again. I let Drew fuck my fingers and pussy together, the world around me no longer existing. I leaned back into him and when I did it happened. I touched my clit!

“AAAHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled as an immediate orgasm rocked through my body.

My legs closed trapping my hand. My stomach tightened, my body stiffened hard as pleasure consumed my body. And still Drew continued pump me from behind. The back of my neck and my pussy were the only points of contact with Drew.

“Do it again Dee!” Drew insisted.

“I can’t!” I groaned as he plunged deep inside me.

“Do it baby!” He kissed the back of my neck telling me I was his.

I open my legs slowly, I could feel our excitement dripping from my pussy. Tentatively I let my fingers return to my naked and exposed cunt. I spread the juices flowing out of me over my bald pussy lips. I pressed down on my lips making Drew moan. I even reached down and stroked his balls.

“Andi I’m going to cum!” He growled after that.

“Not yet!” I teased. “I want to cum with you!”

“Hurry baby!” He moaned. “Spank it!”

“What?” I asked rubbing my pussy.

“Spank it, spank it when I pull out!” Drew explained.

He pulled out and I gave my pussy a light tap. The sound of wet flesh coming in contact was nothing compared to the small jolt I got. Drew moaned and drove his cock deep in my pussy. He pulled back again and hesitated. This time I gave my pussy a firm smack with my fingers.

“Oh Shit!” I cursed as the jolt this time got my attention. Now I was going to cum!

Drew buried his cock deep against my ass smacking his pelvis. His hand came up to my pussy. The instant he rubbed my clit another orgasm exploded like an M-80.

“Drew No!” I pleaded as he strummed my clit.

My hand gripped his wrist but didn’t pull it away instead holding it firm in conflict with my plea. I could feel him unload in my cunt as his orgasm ripped through him as well. Finally I pulled his hand from my pussy, my clit was just too sensitive now for any contact. Drew pulled up his legs and wrapped his arms around me.

“I saw it Drew!” I squealed. “It was so beautiful!”

It’s been over six months since then and much has changed. I accepted the position at the company Mr. Wang runs. My office is on the tenth floor and rarely a day goes by when I don’t remember my first night here.

Several times a day a smile crosses my face as the familiar smell of his cologne wafts into my office. Drew works two floors up but comes down at least three or four times a day to check up on me.

He also works for the company, well in a way. Technically he works for a different company but he and his assistant are the only employees, and we are his only customer. All that to get around rules about family members working together.

I suggested we get an apartment close to work but Drew bought mom and dad’s house instead. He also bought dad’s car to drive. We still have the truck and the motorcycle of course. I offered for us to move into mom and dad’s room but Drew said my room was bigger. We bought a king sized bed and new dressers.

Oh and he let me paint the bedroom. I of course have never seen it, and never will. I chose yellow because they say that is the color of the sun. I like the sun and how it makes me feel warm and cozy. I thought Drew would paint where I missed but he says he loves it just as it is.

I guess it’s true because the kids can’t wait to see it when they come over. Actually the entire family is closer now. We usually ‘see’ everyone at least once a week. I see Ashlyn more often as she takes me shopping regularly.

Through mom we have an older woman with family in Honduras come clean the house. She also helps me cook something Drew likes. Maybe that is why he suggested she move in and live here. She has stayed overnight a couple of times when Drew needed to leave town. We get along great she reminds me of my mom.

Drew and I are completely in love. I don’t even think of him as my brother anymore. We have talked about the future, but for now were are taking it one day at a time. Our friends and family all know the situation and have come to accept it.

I need to go now. Drew promised to come to bed early tonight. My pussy needs shaved and after my first attempt doing it alone I made him a promise not to do that again. After he shaves me he promised we could make love in my new favorite position. Doggy style.

Drew gets to grope my tits while I get to ‘see’ his cock slam into my pussy. I better go, I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I don’t want to start without him again!


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