“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 03-4

I pulled them out and offered them to him, Drew sucked them both taking longer this time.

“Eat me.” I whispered.

I gripped his still damp hair and guided him to my cunt. His smooth cheeks on my bald pussy started me moaning the instant his tongue probed my depths. I leaned back and rolled my hips giving him access to my entire sex.

“I love you!” I repeated several times as he brought me close to orgasm.

Each time I pushed him back savoring the journey and not wanting the ride to end. I was guiding him back to eat me when I had a devilish idea. I pulled his hair until Drew was just inches from my face.

“I want to be on top!” I hissed. “Take me to the bed!”

Drew gathered me in his arms and when he did I started kissing him. I tasted myself on his lips. I thought it might be disgusting for him, but it only added fuel to the fire between my legs. Drew placed me on the bed, he laid down and guided me above him.

“Are you sure?” Drew asked concerned.

“Fuck me!” I demanded.

I grabbed his cock and placed it at my pussy. He was leaking pre-cum so I smeared it over my hairless lips. I rubbed it over my clit then guided it to my opening. I settled over Drew’s throbbing cock letting him fill my tender cunt again.

“Ahhhh!” I gasped in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Drew sensed my discomfort and gripped my hips stopping my descent. He held me firmly not letting me move lower.

“We don’t have to do this tonight!” Drew explained.

“Yes we do!” I protested.

“But why?” He asked I felt his cock start to soften.

“To show you I’m not scared anymore!” I replied. “Now fuck me!”

“But Andi…” Drew was going soft on me, his concern for me was more than his desire to make love.

“Give me your hands!” I demanded. He hesitated. “I said give me your hands!” I yelled.

Drew did as I requested, I placed them over my tits and squeezed hard. His cock throbbed back to life instantly. I plunged down filling my cunt.

“You’re baby needs to cum and don’t stop until you fill my pussy!”

I was so excited to be in control that even as Drew thrusted up deeper in me that the soreness from last night didn’t even register. What did register is that Drew was mine! My brother was the man I was in love with.

I leaned forward mashing my tits against him. Our lips met our tongues danced with passion. My pussy had adjusted to his cock and now the familiar sizzle of an impending orgasm started to build.

“Andrew!” I gasped.

I raise my ass and slammed down the length of his erection. Drew responded and soon my ass and his cock were a blur of passion.

“Hurry Andrew!” I pleaded. I raised up slightly and pressed my head against Drew’s shoulder. “You’re baby needs to cum!”

He gripped my ass just as the first spark burst in my pussy. He grunted and slammed my ass down hard over his cock. I felt the warm gush of his cum fill my cunt but instead of dousing my orgasm it only provided more fuel to burn hotter and quicker.

“Yes!” I moaned pressing harder on his shoulder. “Andrew I’m cumming!”

I felt Drew’s body shudder in time with the cum filling my pussy. I heard Drew groan as the fire in my pussy lit every nerve ending in my body.

“Andi!” Drew groaned again.

My body stiffened as my cunt clamped down hard on his cock.

“Andi!” Drew said his voice sounded desperate.

“What?” I finally asked as the feeling of all that pleasure escaped through my pores.

“You’re hurting me.” Drew laughed.

I was so lost in my own pleasure I was oblivious to his pain. Drew lifted me up and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Why didn’t you stop me?” I asked knowing he could of at any moment.

“Are you kidding me…?” He chuckled. “…and stop you from a climax you worked so hard for? Baby that was impressive how you took charge.

Drew was teasing me but in doing so let me know we were equals in bed. He rolled me over and kissed me passionately.

“Goodnight my love.” He whispered.

“Goodnight.” I remember saying before I drifted to sleep.


The night started out on shaky ground, I expected that. It wasn’t fair taking her to See Mr. Wang without telling her, but the last interview she had was so traumatic she locked herself in a bathroom until mom came and got her. I hoped by just having her sit and talk to these people she wouldn’t be nervous. She saw through it in the elevator. When she pushed me out and I fell on the floor I knew she was terrified.

I could have stopped the elevator but decide to see what she would do. I finally found her cowering behind a planter on the eighth floor. None too pleased with her actions I spanked her twice. It should have gone on longer but I couldn’t really punish her for what I did. I tricked her after I asked her to trust me. Mad at myself and scared I would lose her I broke down and made her promise not to leave me again.

I thought things were back to normal when we got home but she was on her turf now and she started all over again. Instead of being upset, this time I was glad to see her stick up for herself like the old days. Andi accused me of seducing her to avoid the drama. When she bolted to her room I decided to let her go this time knowing she would be safe. I headed out to take a swim and clear my mind.

The next thing I know she is standing at the end of the pool in the light of a full moon. I watched her undress in front of me. This woman who would refuse to go bra-less just weeks ago was standing naked for all the world to see. Damn is she beautiful.

We just made love and Andi is physically and emotionally drained now. Inwardly I’m smiling, happy she found the courage to take over in bed. It’s good to see the signs of what she was like when she was younger and determined to lead the life of people with sight.

I rubbed my shoulder where she probably left a bruise. Watching and feeling her body as Andi battered my shoulder was worth the discomfort. She gritted her teeth as the convulsions took over her petite body. Andi’s titties danced on her chest as she shuddered above me her pussy contracted firmly on my cock triggering my own orgasm. Andi was so focused on her pleasure she didn’t even hear me try and get her attention.

When it was over she lay on me. I knew at that moment she was mine and I was hers. I had finally awaken the fighting spirit she once had. She is sleeping now as I lay awake contemplating if I should tell her what’s in store tomorrow.


“You’re up early.” Drew mumbled as I slipped out of bed.

“Shhhhhh. You’re asleep.” I giggled as he reached over and grabbed my ass.

“If you’re in my dreams don’t wake me up.” Drew squeezed my ass.

I started the coffee and opened the loaf of bread for toast. I waited until heard him stir before I pulled out the eggs and bacon. When the shower turned off I dropped the first piece of bacon in the pan. I smelled him before he stepped in the kitchen.

“How would you like your eggs?” I smiled.

“Scrambled?” He teased.

“Over easy it is!” I corrected him. “That’s the way my brother likes them.”

“Do you need help?” Drew asked.

“You could get the orange juice.” I replied letting him know I wanted to do this alone.

Drew opened the fridge, then I heard him slide out a chair and sit down. I nervously placed the first egg in the pan. Drew watched silently as I listened to the sounds of the egg frying. With only one to cook it was easy to locate it in the pan. When I flipped it I had no idea if I was successful. I added another egg to the other side of the pan, this way I could keep them separated.

When all three were cooked and on the plate I took them to the table with the bacon. I sat them down and Drew grabbed me around the waist and pulled me on his lap.

“I love you Dee.” He kissed me.

“How do they look?” I anxiously waited.

“They’re perfect.” Drew replied. “Give me your hands.”

“Why?” I asked putting them behind my back.

“Andi your hands!” He demanded.

I knew he could overpower me and get them. I slowly pulled them from my back and presented them to him. As he kissed the palms I felt the tears roll over his cheeks to the areas that still burned from cooking.

“Promise me you will never do that alone again.” His voice cracked.


“Promise me!” Drew pressed my palms against his cheeks.

“I promise.” I sighed knowing he was still protecting me, even from myself.

“Thank you, now let’s eat.” Drew said happily.

His demeanor changed immediately letting me know that was settled. He had let me prove to myself I could do it, at any cost. But he also let me know there were some costs too high to pay.

“Can I trust you?” I teased knowing the last time we had eggs.

“Today you can, we may be having guests.” He kissed me.

“You’re not going to tell me who, are you?” I asked.

Drew didn’t answer we just ate breakfast together. Out of the three eggs I cooked only one was even close to over easy. The bacon was cold, the toast was soggy from setting so long. Drew never complained, just the opposite, he praised me for the meal. He fed me like last time but never spilled a drop or made a mess. We were laughing when it was all over remembering the carnage from the last time

Drew offered to clean up while I went and took a shower and got dressed. Sitting on his lap I peeled off my top and let him suck on my nipples. He grabbed my ass but I told him I was too sore for sex now. I jumped up and slipped off my panties and walked naked back to my room. I could feel his eyes watching me leave. Not knowing if he would follow me or not got me excited.

We cleaned the house, did laundry and washed dad’s car after lunch. It was early afternoon when Drew asked if I wanted to go out for a ride on the motorcycle. It was perfect afternoon for a ride. I was warm in my new leather jacket as Drew headed out of town. I held on tight as he powered through the long winding road. Even in my helmet I could smell the freshness of the farmland we were riding through.

The sun was starting to get lower in the sky when we reached the edge of town. Drew pulled the bike up outside the garage. I became concerned when the alarm wasn’t set as we opened the door.

“Drew, someone is here.” I turned back to face him.

“Give me your helmet.” He replied ignoring my warning.

“But Drew…”

“Now your jacket.” He started to unzip me.

“Did you hear me? Someone is in the house!” I repeated trying to get him to understand.

“I know.” He said as he pulled the coat off my arms.

“Who is it?” I asked. My instincts started working in overdrive.

“It’s us.” Mom said across the living room.

“MOM!” I yelled totally shocked.

“And Dad.” He said laughing, knowing I only focused on mom.

I started across the living room when mom met me. I was so excited I was shaking when she pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ve missed you!” I whispered holding her close.

“We’ve missed you too.” Mom passed me off to dad.

“Dad I’m glad you’re both home!” I said as he hugged me.

“You should thank Drew for that.” Dad laughed kissing my cheek.

“Drew why didn’t you tell me?” I turned back and scolded him.

“I wasn’t sure they were actually coming.” He replied. “Maybe we should go eat now?”

It was an odd question. They just got here. What’s the rush I thought?

“Maybe we should.” Mom said uncomfortably.

Drew backed dad’s car out of the garage. Drew drove us to dinner with dad sitting in the passenger seat, something he never did before. Mom and dad told us all about their time in Honduras and the work they were doing. At dinner I sat beside Drew, occasionally he would take my hand and hold it. Other times he helped me with dinner something mom had always done before.

We were on the way back home when I had an uneasy feeling. There was something that they weren’t telling me. I could feel it. I could hear it in mom’s voice all through dinner. It sounded like they really enjoyed their time away from home. Dad was especially jovial.

We were all setting in the living room talking. It was just after eight, I know, I just checked my watch when I came out of the bathroom. There was an awkward silence as I entered the room. Drew got up and led me to sit with him in the overstuffed chair.

I was surprised he would be so blatant if front of our parents. Up to this point we had been politely discreet. When he took my hand and held it firmly I knew this wasn’t good.

“What?” I turned to face him and asked.

“Andi your dad has something to tell you.” Mom spoke quietly.

Drew tightened his grip.

“Andi honey, your mom and I have decided, well I have decided…” His words stopped abruptly.

“Decided what?” I pressed getting agitated.

“Honey please just hear me out…”

“Drew what’s wrong?” I pleaded turning to face him. “What is he trying to say?”

“Andi I, I, I just…” Dad stuttered.

He never was good at telling bad news.

“Anthony!” Mom chastised him. “What your father is not trying to tell you is we have decided to extend our stay in Honduras.” Mom blurted out.

“Oh?” I responded. That didn’t seem so bad. But when Drew still held on tight I knew there was more.

“For how long?” I asked nervously.

“We don’t know?” Mom replied. “We’re selling the house and moving down there for the foreseeable future.”

I tried to get up but my legs didn’t work. Drew leaned close to my ear.

“Polo.” He whispered so only I could hear. I knew what it meant.

“NO! You can’t!” I yelled.

Drew wrapped his arms around my waist holding me tight.

“Polo.” He whispered again. I am here he was telling me.

“Drew?” I turned to face him. “Tell them they can’t leave.”

“Andi look at me.” Drew said firmly. “It’s time.”

He took my hand and framed his face. I feel how worried he was.

“Marco.” He whispered as I held his face.

He was pleading with me to trust him. I shook my head in defiance but he just pressed my hands harder to his face.

“Marco, Dee.” He whispered again. “Where is that brave girl from last night?”

“But Drew its mom!” I reminded him.

“It is isn’t it?” He challenged me.

He was right. He was telling me it was time to let her go. To let her live her live without a blind daughter to constantly watch. To spend time with dad. I owed him that much too.

“Polo, Drew. Polo.” I sobbed. In front of our parents he kissed me. He kissed me long and hard giving me the strength to do what I needed to do. “I love you I whispered in his ear.”

“I’m happy for you both.” I turned back to my parents. “Drew is right, it’s time for you to take some time for yourselves. I’m happy for you. When do you leave?”

“Were on the way to Ashlyn and Rogers for the night, tomorrow we are meeting the boys before we catch the plane.” Dad said happy as always.

Drew steadied me as I took the news they were leaving now. We stood up, I heard mom approach.

“Oh Andi!” Mom came and took me from Drew and hugged me.

She pulled me tight, I could feel the tension in her body. She was as emotional as I was. I took in her scent knowing it may be some time before I would again. Her hair was brushing against my cheek, her ample bosom was pressed against my much smaller chest.

“I love you Andi. I will think of you each day.” There was a calmness that came over me as she spoke. I turned and kissed her cheek.

“I’m not your baby anymore?” I teased.

“No darling, you’re a woman now.” She kissed me on the cheek. “A very special woman.”

Shortly after that they left like they arrived, suddenly. Drew asked me if I wanted to talk about it but after they were gone but I declined. We went to bed but I couldn’t sleep.

Something was bothering me. I tried to push it out of my brain but I couldn’t. The longer I thought it over the more upset I got.

“Get up you bastard!” I yelled at Drew as I shook him in bed.

“What?” He moaned. “What did you call me?”

“You! You sick son of a bitch! You used them to get to me!” I yelled.

“Andi what are you talking about?” Drew protested.

“You knew this was happening, you knew they were leaving. Was the plan to seduce me so the poor blind girl would fall in love with you?” I accused him. “That way they could slither off and I had someone to baby sit me?”

“Andi you’re not making sense!” Drew argued. “I am in love with you. And I didn’t know they were deciding to stay until just the other day.”

“So you admit it you knew!” I shouted at him.

“Yes I knew.” He admitted.

“And you knew they were coming yesterday?” I yelled.

“I bought the tickets, mom wasn’t sure dad would take the time off.” Drew replied.

“You! You bought the tickets?” I screamed. “Bullshit! I don’t believe you! You don’t have that kind of money!”

“Andi, you really think I would lie to you about a couple of plane tickets? You think I lied about knowing when they decided to move to Honduras?” Drew asked, I could hear the pain in his voice. “You truly believe I seduced you just to get laid?”

“I don’t know what to believe!” I screamed back. “All I know is you are here and they are leaving!”

“Do you love me Andi?” Drew demanded to know.

“I don’t know!” I screamed.

“Do you even trust me?” He asked sounding defeated.

“I want to!” I sobbed.

“Get dressed we’re going for a ride.” Drew yelled. He was mad now.

“Where to?” I asked.

“To get your answers.” He yelled. “Now get dressed or I will dress you myself!”

Drew left the room in a huff. He was mad but so was I. I didn’t want it to be true but it’s all that made sense. I heard him in the shower as I got dressed. He was on the phone when I came out to the kitchen. He must have seen me as he hung up abruptly as I walked in.

“Here you will need something warm.” Drew handed me my old coat, not the new leather one.

“Where is my new coat?” I whined.

“I don’t want you to think I am seducing you!” He muttered. I had seldom seen him in such an ill mood. “Hold on!” He barked as the bike fired up.

“Drew where are we going!” I yelled at the first stop.

“Just hold on I don’t want to lose you now!” He yelled back.

It was the first nice thing he said since I accused him of taking advantage of me. It was the bike, I felt it too. Holding on to him made it difficult to think he could do what I was accusing him of. I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with my position on the matter.

The wind whipped through the coat I had on, I was getting colder by the mile. Drew reached over and gripped my hands as they slipped around his waist. At the next stop he turned to find me shivering.

Drew pulled over and forced me to put his leather jacket on.

“But you’ll freeze!” I complained.

“It’s not much further.” He replied zipping me up.

His coat was way too big but it kept out the worst of the cold. He had to be freezing in the crisp morning air. We pulled into a drive and I felt the sun starting to beat down on my back.

“Come with me.” Drew helped me off and removed my helmet and his leather coat. He sat them on the motorcycle and walked me to the door. Drew rang the bell.

“Drew, Andi you’re here!” Roger greeted us.

“Drew, why are we here?” I asked embarrassed to be at Lyn’s.

“Do you trust our mother?” Drew asked rudely.

“Of course I do!” I replied surprised he would ask such a question.

“Good! Since you don’t trust me you need to ask her what you need to know!” Drew handed me to Roger. “I’m leaving.”

“Andi!” Ashlyn called out. “Roger said you were coming. Here let’s go in the back, the sun is out and it’s warming up.”

“Can I use the restroom before I go?” I heard Drew asked.

“Sure use the one off the kitchen.” Roger replied.

Ashlyn ushered me to the back of the house to the sun porch.

“We sent the kids to Roger’s moms last night, you should be safe in here.” Ashlyn said. “Mom will be here in a minute.”

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