“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 03-2

“Well beautiful it’s time we should be leaving.” He whispered as his hand slid over my ass and gripped it firmly.

“You wish!” I gripped his hand pulling it away.

“Is that a promise?” He teased.

“We’ll see.” I teased back.

I was giddy with excitement, I had never felt like this before in my life. So this is what it feels like to be a woman? To be the object of someone’s desire. A flush came over me realizing I was going out in public in a way I had never imagined. I would be seen as a woman, maybe even the sexy woman I felt like.

We took dad’s car again. This time there was someone opening the door when we stopped.

“Welcome to Michelle’s ma-am.” A male voice said with an accent.

“Andi, it’s the valet, offer him your hand.” Drew said.

I raised my right hand and a firm but gentle grip escorted me out of the car.

“Gracias Señor.” I said. Straightening out the hem of my dress.

“De nada (My pleasure).” The man replied in Spanish. “Enjoy your evening.” He said handing me off to Andrew.

Entering the restaurant I can’t tell you how many smells attacked my senses. I was surprised when my menu was in braille. Drew explained the location of every item on the sparsely decorated table. The waitress carded me when I ordered wine. I had never had calamari before. Drew suggested I just use my fingers to eat it.

I was so nervous when the meal came I didn’t want to eat it and ruin my dress.

“You ok?” Drew asked when the meal was set in front of me.

“What if people look?” I replied contemplating how he would feel.

“You are so beautiful they are already looking!” He teased. “It’s already cut up, just use your fingers to find the pieces.”

With Drew’s help I made it through dinner without any major issues. Drew was so attentive and patient. The food was fantastic, the waitress was there with anything we needed at a moment’s notice. She must have replaced my napkin five times. By the time Drew ordered desert I was feeling less self-conscious. But then the inevitable occurred, I needed the restroom.

“Drew, I need to use the ladies room.” I whispered.

“No problem.” He replied quietly.

He stood up and helped me to my feet. The next thing I knew the waitress guided me to a bathroom with only one toilet. She helped me get my bearings and then said she would wait outside until I finished. I pulled my panties up and straightened out my dress. I then made my way back to the sink to wash up. She led me back to the table where Drew was waiting.

“I want you to meet someone.” Drew said as we were walking to the door.

“Andi this is Michelle, Michelle Andi.” Drew took my hand and placed it in hers.

“Hello Andi.” A voice replied. It sounded older, soothing, just like my mom’s.

“Hello, pleased to meet you.” I answered back. She squeezed my hand.

“Would you like to ‘see me’?” Michelle asked in a way that was more of a request.

Drew moved my hand to her as she stepped closer. I searched her face with my hands finding the aged features of a woman that was once beautiful. She was smiling as I memorized every detail with my probing fingers. When I lowered my hands I thanked her.

“May I ‘see’ you?” Michelle asked not moving back.

“You’re blind?” I said so bluntly it offended even me.

“Since birth, like you.” Her comforting voice replied. “I made Andrew promise not to tell you.”

I found her hands and guided them to my face. Michelle mapped my face with calloused fingers just like I had done to her. Then holding me firmly she pulled me down and kissed my cheek.

“Andi you can do anything or be anything you want if you want it bad enough.” She whispered to me. Michelle kissed me lightly one more time. “I want you to meet my children.”

I don’t even remember their names I was so stunned to know not only did Michelle own the restaurant but had children. It all made sense now, the braille menus, the attentive staff, meals prepared to make it easier for blind patrons. Knowing Drew it was no mistake we went there for dinner.

The valet opened the door and guided me into the seat of dad’s car. I clutched at my dress making sure to cover my legs as much as possible. I felt the cool air outside waft over my chest and my nipples harden in response.

“Um!” I heard the valet mutter.

“It’s ok.” Drew started laughing. “Dee you need to fix the top of your dress.” He said still chuckling.

I immediately knew what he was talking about. I had pulled down too far and my nipple was exposed up top.

“Andrew!” I squealed clutching at my chest. “That’s not funny!”

I was completely embarrassed flashing the valet.

“But it was very sexy!” He said as we pulled away from the restaurant.

We stopped at the corner and he pulled me in for a kiss to calm me down. He teased me the whole way home. When Drew parked the car in the garage he came and helped me out. Drew took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I tried to be mad but he wouldn’t let me. We were embracing in the garage when the cologne he wears pieced through my senses.

“I am so proud of you.” Andrew kissed me one more time.

Why? I thought as he led me in the house through the kitchen to the living room. Proud of me for what? What had I done? , The cologne seemed to be the key. I couldn’t get over the thought there was something I was missing.

“What have I done?” I asked my thought process still spinning at full speed.

“Well you went shopping with Ashlyn. Angeline and Anita took you to the salon.” He pulled me tight to himself. “And you wore that dress!” He kissed me firmly.

“YOU!” I pushed back. “You were there!” I yelled.

“What are you talking about?” He asked his voice uneven.

“You were at the stores!” I screamed in disbelief. “You picked out this dress! You were there all the time!”

“Dee…” He started to explain.

“Don’t you lie to me Andrew!” I started backing away. “You were in the food court, you were there when I watched Martin at the mall.”

That is why the cologne smelled different in the bottle, it wasn’t on Drew! Only when he wears it did it match the scents when we were shopping. I bet it smells different on every man! My head was spinning. I was going to be sick. How could he spy on me like that? Why was he stalking me? Then I thought of the night with the kids.

“That’s why the kids came to stay? And I thought it was so Lyn could be with Roger?” I said accusingly.

“Well that was part of it.” Drew laughed. “I figured it was the least we could do, considering.”

“You conniving bastard!” I snapped at him. “Did you find out what you wanted to know?”

“Did you?” He asked chuckling. “I already knew.”

Drew kissed me on the cheek, then smacked me lightly on the ass. He was teasing me and I was just getting madder. Doesn’t he get it yet?

“Andrew, I am fucking BLIND!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “I can’t take care of babies!”

“Bullshit!” Drew yelled at me. “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

The words rang out in my mind just like Michelle had said earlier.

“AHHH! That’s why you took me to dinner there? To show me what a blind person can do?” I screamed.

I pulled away from him heading to my room.

“Not a blind person, a blind woman.” He snapped back at me. “And she raised kids!”

That was the arrow that pierced my heart. He was attacking my biggest fears with truth. This was all too much. What did he want from me? I retreated to my room leaving Drew where he stood. I moved down the hall closing the door behind me. I flung myself on the bed sobbing and feeling betrayed. Feeling sorry for myself I had a good little cry expecting Drew to come looking for me.

The house was eerily quiet as I lay in the bed. Drew was either watching or had given up on me, I wasn’t sure which. Then the phone rang. When he didn’t answer it I did.

“Andi?” Mom said when I answered.

“Mom! When are you coming home?” I sobbed in the phone.

“Andi are you ok?” She asked softly.

“Mom. Drew wants me to have babies!” I blurted out.

“Did he say that?” She asked.

The question took me off guard. I thought about it.

“No.” I answered honestly.

“Do you want kids?” Mom asked calmly.

“But mom I’m blind!” I sobbed even louder. “I can’t raise kids!”

“Andi I didn’t raise you kids alone.” Mom’s voice became more stern. “I had your dad’s help, then your brothers and then Ashlyn. You know it’s not easy raising a blind child?”

There she said it. She said what everyone had always avoided saying. She finally admitted what I always knew.

“But you had no choice!” I protested.

“We could have put you in an institution. We had choices.” Her words cut deep. “Andi I love all of my children but there are none I am more proud of than you.”

“But mom…” I sniffled at the revelation.

“Andi, do you want to have kids?” Mom asked sternly. “Because if you do, you have a whole family that loves you that will help.”

“What are saying?” I asked perplexed. Did she just tell me it was ok if Drew and I had kids? “You’re ok with that?”

“Of course, you will be great mother. I wouldn’t have suggested he have Lyn bring the kids over otherwise.” I could hear her laughing at me now.

“That was your idea?” I asked confused.

“It was Drew’s idea. He was concerned you might get upset. I told him it was time we stopped pampering you.” Mom said lovingly.

“Mom I have to go!” I said. “I love you.”

“We love you too baby.” She giggled.

Where was he? I searched his room and then the living room. I went through the kitchen and started down the stairs. The smell of his cologne ascended the steps.

“Marco” I called out.

“Are you still mad at me?” He answered.

“Marco!” I replied instead.

“I need to know Andi.” He said moving around the room. I was about half way down and took another step.

“Marco.” I called out ever louder ignoring his question.

“Andi, I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Drew’s voice hauntingly quiet.

“Marco.” I called out his scent getting stronger. I took another step. “Please Drew?”

“Polo.” He replied directly in front of me. I took one more step, there was only one more to go.

“Marco.” I whispered my voice echoing from the paneled walls.

His hands resting on my thighs startled me.

“Polo.” He replied.

“Drew, I love you.” I whispered as his hands slid further up to grip my ass.

“I love you Dee.” He stated kissing my lower neck.

I squeaked as it tickled a bit.

“Can we have babies?” I asked.

“Are you sure?” He asked as he nuzzled up higher under my ear.

“I know I trust you.” I wrapped my arms around him.

His hands slipped under the edge of my dress and pulled it up over my ass. He pulled me tight against his hard cock.

“Do you now?” Drew pressed his lips hard against mine.

He lifted my ass, my legs naturally went around his waist. My arms tightened around his neck.

“Drew!” I cooed as he started carrying me up the steps. I remembered going through the kitchen and the hall he took me in my room and stopped at the bed.


‘Shhh. I trust you!” I latched back on his lips.

My body shivered in anticipation as he set me down. He unzipped the back of the dress. He tugged at my nipples with his lips, I pulled his belt loose. I stepped out of my panties as I tore off his shirt. I reached for the garter.

“No, leave it on!” Drew giggled.

I felt so wanton as I pulled at his briefs. These were desires I had never acted on before. His cock felt so big and hard all of a sudden. A twinge of fear washed through me wondering if it would fit. My pussy was damp his cock was dripping, I could smell the sexual aromas in the air, my mouth was dry, my hands gripping his biceps.

Drew laid me back on the bed, my heart pounding so loud I couldn’t hear him whisper his love to me. I spread my legs opening up myself to him. I felt his hard cock drag along my thigh. God it felt so heavy. Drew kissed me and continue to tell me how much he loved me but all I could think of now is how much it would hurt.

My brain was on pins and needles. Every time he sucked a nipple or kissed my neck I wanted to scream for him to stop. My body on the other hand desperately waited for his next touch, his next caress, the next kiss. I arched my back offering him the tits he coveted. I reached down and gripped his cock.

“Fuck me Drew!” I begged hoarsely hoping to get this over quickly.

He reached under my ass and pulled my pussy up to his cock. I lined it up to the opening and gritted my teeth. Drew pressed in gently. I felt his cock start to separate my pussy lips, it felt so big! Instantly I panicked and pushed back on his hips. Drew stopped and waited then forced himself in me deeper. I didn’t expect to feel how hot his cock would be as he thrust it in. I braced for the worst.

My brain was hesitant but fortunately my body wasn’t. He pulled back slightly but I gripped his hips and pulled them back into me. I felt his cock drive deeper and then there was this need for even more.

“Yes!” I hissed.

I wanted him deeper but Drew pulled out slightly.

“NO!” I protested.

I frantically pulled at his hips, Drew pressed forward filling my pussy and with it sending feelings of pleasure words can’t explain. It was so big it felt like he would split me apart but I knew there was still more and I needed it all in me. Drew pulled back once again, panic set in he wouldn’t finish what we started.

“Drew I want it all!” I begged.

“Patience my love.” He whispered.

That’s when I knew he was in control the whole time. This feeling of accepting the inevitable flushed over me. I began to hear and smell everything around us again. I started to let my body feel all the pleasure he was giving me. This was nothing like I dreamed it would be…it was better!

There was this yearning to make him as happy as he was making me. I could hear our excitement as he steadily fucked in and out. There were feelings coming from places I didn’t know I had. Drew was being so gentle and patient.

Desperate to get him all inside I wrapped my slender legs behind his and urged him to be more forceful. He took the suggestion and plunged deeper.

“OH!” I responded feeling the first twinge of discomfort. Drew read this and backed off but I pulled at him harder encouraging him to resume.

“Fuck me!” I hissed. “You wanted a woman then make me one!”

Drew thrust harder and after a couple of strokes his pelvis slapped against mine. He was in me! Drew grunted as he bottomed out and at that moment I knew he was as happy as I was.

“YES!” I squealed. “We did it!”

I know, it’s a bit childish, like I won a race and deserved a prize. But for me it was just that. There was feeling of accomplishment for us both. I didn’t just lose my virginity but I lost it the one person that I love and loved me. I was in Heaven.

My pussy was being stretched in ways my fingers never did. I could feel every twitch of his cock. The head dragged along my slippery walls, my pussy contracted sending waves of pleasure to the rest of my body. As Drew pulled out I arched my back not wanting to let him go. When he thrust down I could feel him press me deep in the mattress. There was never any pain and what slight discomfort was replaced with a slowly building desire to cum.

“Faster!” I pleaded not knowing what else to say.

“Andi maybe we should go slow for…”

“Fuck me faster!” I hissed cutting him off. “I need to cum Drew!” I added in desperation.

He stabbed me hard and pulled back quickly. Two or three strokes later there was a feeling he knew exactly what I wanted. My pussy must have been gaping or he was moving so fast I couldn’t register the pleasure fast enough. Oh Andi, I thought to myself, this is too much! The noise of our excitement churning was offset only buy the feeling of fluids gushing around his cock.

Then I felt it. First one contraction and then another. “Ahhh!” Was all I could manage to exclaim as the first wave of my orgasm started to spread outward from my pussy.

Drew plunged in as deep as he had dared so far and I felt my cunt grip his cock. He moaned and then I felt an inner warmth add to my already overloaded brain.

“I’m cumming!” He grunted near my ear.

“Oh Drew!” I cooed.

He pulled out slightly and thrust back in emptying his balls in the depths of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him holding him close. I could feel the perspiration beading up on our bodies. My nipples almost hurt they were so hard. Drew’s lips found mine we kissed erratically still gasping for oxygen. I felt his cock soften in my pussy and I knew we need to do this again and soon. I was so happy I was giddy.

Drew was heavy on my frail body, sensing he was too much he rolled us over placing me on top. He wrapped his strong arms around me and held me tight. He stroked my back comforting me. As I listened to his heart beat I shifted on him uncomfortably. Out of nowhere something started to bother me. Then I realized I just had sex with my brother!

But why? I am not only his sister but his blind sister. How could I have let him seduce me? How could I have let it get this far? All at once the guilt that I had enjoyed it took over all of my thoughts. I started to get up. The truth is I was terrified he would think of me as just another piece of ass. How could I face him in the morning? What if he left me now? What will mom think when I tell her?

“Are you ok?” Drew asked.

“I need to get cleaned up.” I said rudely.

“I see.” He replied stung by my words. “Here let me help you.” Drew said softly.

“NO!” I screamed at him. “Don’t you see what we’ve done!” I yelled pulling away.

“Look at me Dee.” He said firmly.

“I can’t see you! I’m fucking blind!” I yelled at him defiantly. I don’t know why I wanted to hurt him.

“Look at me Andi.”

Drew grabbed my wrists pulling me in front of himself as I struggled. He pulled my hands to his face pushing them hard against his cheeks. My fingers trembled as I searched to see how he felt about me now. He held my wrists until I quit struggling. I could see the concern he had written all over his face.

“It’s not going to happen.” Drew whispered his hands gripping my waist.

“What’s not going to happen?” I asked nervously mapping his face again.

“I love you Andi. I’m not going to leave you again.” He said tugging on my waist.

“Drew we just had sex. You’re my brother.” I started to cry.

“And now were lovers.” He stood firmly as my hands continued to look for what I feared. “Is that a problem?”

“You won’t think less of me?” I sobbed as he broke into a grin. “That’s not funny.”

“No I guess not. Is that how I made you feel? I made you feel less of a woman?” He asked in a surprising turn.

“No.” I replied honestly.

“Tell me then, how did it feel?” Drew asked.

“I can’t do that!” I answered embarrassed.

He was happy now, Drew had me backed in a corner and he knew it. I expected him to take advantage of it or at least tease me. Instead he pulled me close and kissed me. I felt his cock brush up against me. My pussy responded with the need to have him back inside me.

“Drew I’m dripping!” I blurted out.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” He replied leading me to the shower.

“Drew I need you in me!” I clarified my previous outburst as he turned on the water.

“Oh” Drew said in surprise. “So now you’re begging?”

“ANDREW!” I squealed as he picked me up and carried me into the shower.

His strong hands slipped under my thighs, I felt his hard cock slide along my clit. He placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and held me there. The anticipation was too much. I was his and he knew it.

“Drew please!” I begged my legs wrapped around him my arms slack hoping he would impale me. “Fuck your slut!”

“Please what?” He asked not happy with my choice of words. He teased the mushroom head poised just outside me greedy cunt. He was just starting to spread my lips, the water pelting us just added to the excitement. My body shuddered in need. “Andi please what?” Drew repeated.

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