“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 03-1


I started the coffee and set my laptop on the counter and began working. I felt the floor tremor and knew he was up walking about. A half hour later he joined me the freshness of his shower hidden behind the scent of his cologne. Leaning over my back he kissed my cheek.

“Good morning beautiful.” He whispered as I listened to a client on my headset.

I muted the microphone and kissed him chasing his tongue with mine. Drew squeezed my tit and then moved before I could hit him. I felt him walk away, when I found him an hour later he was on the phone.

Drew pulled me onto his lap and kissed me firmly.

“Ashlyn is coming to take you shopping after lunch.” He informed me. “You need to buy an evening dress, we’re going out tomorrow night.”

“Drew I’m not sure I’m ready for that?” I protested the pangs of fears immediately raced through me again.

“Lyn will be here after lunch, I expect you to be ready.” Drew said ignoring my objection.

He kissed me on the cheek and then left riding away on his bike. It took all the courage I had to be ready when she got there. Lyn led me to car and we started off. The car was quiet but I could smell the distinct odor of the baby.

“Lyn is Martin in the car with us?” I asked coldly.

“He’s in the car seat behind you. I dropped Karly off at Roger’s moms.” She said so matter of factly.

“But he can’t even walk yet.” I whined.

“He’s almost there, but I have the stroller, he’ll be fine.” Lyn replied facing me. She reached over and took my hand. “Trust me Andi, you’ll be fine.”

Easy for her to say. She doesn’t know what those creatures are capable of. They grip and grab everything, sticking fingers in places they don’t belong. They wiggle and contort, I never know where to hold or not to hold. They spread slobber and drool everywhere. Runny noses and burping all kinds of gross fluids I find repulsive.

Actually having Martin in the stroller worked out better than walking with Karly. We went to a few stores when we found a dress that Lyn said was the one. Basic black she said but it was so basic I’m not sure it covered all the parts it should. Basically backless is what I called it.

We were at the counter paying for it when I caught a whiff of the cologne Drew wears. I turned quickly searching for the source but it was gone before I could hone in on the direction. Ashlyn insisted on going back to the mall to look at a few more dresses and some new bras and panties. Martin was getting a bit cranky after we bought another dress.

Ashlyn sat on a bench feeding him a bottle. It was good to sit and relax. I thought about all that had gone on over the few days. Ashlyn and Roger. Andrew and me. What we had done and what I wanted us to do. I thought about Karly, Alex and Angie. I thought about mom and dad being gone and Bert and Ernie being around.

Something was going on, I didn’t know what but it scared me. They never let me in on any of the serious talk. Drew was changing all of that, but why? And why now? It was happening all so fast. We had kissed before but now it was so much more than that. I wanted more but that scared me too.

“Andi!” Ashlyn shook me.

“I’m sorry.” I answered as she shook me gently.

“Will you hold Martin while I go to the restroom?” Lyn handed me Martin.

NO my brain screamed. Instinct took over and cradled the baby as she placed him on my lap.

“Lyn this isn’t a good idea.” I protested not caring if she knew I was terrified.

“It will be just a minute, besides he’s sleeping.” Lyn released Martin into my care.

“What if he wakes up?” I hissed now concerned I might be the one doing just that.

“His belly is full, he will be happy for some time.” Lyn assured me. Then she was gone.

Panic didn’t really set in for about thirty seconds. After a minute I was concerned. After five minutes of holding Martin I was becoming down right terrified. Every twitch he made startled me. Every coo he muttered made me think he was going to wake up. I wanted to get my phone out and call her.

I listened for any indication she was heading my way. Then I smelled that familiar smell of cologne. I didn’t even think about if it was Drew, I was in the middle of a mall holding my worst fear. A baby! I just wished Lyn would come back.

“What if she was hurt? What if she was unconscious and couldn’t tell them who I was and where to find me? After fifteen minutes every scenario had played out in my brain. How would I protect this baby if someone wanted to snatch him from my arms? Every shoe stepping on the pavement was a potential kidnapper!

Then he reached up and gripped my blouse. Oh God Martin was awake! The only thing that kept me from melting down right there was his happy giggle when I gave him a finger to play with. His small hand gripped my finger and led it to the one place all kids want new things. In his mouth. I couldn’t tell you how long we waited after that.

“You two ok?” Ashlyn asked.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I wanted to scream. My first question from fifteen minutes ago.

“We’re fine, but I think someone left a present for you.” I laughed holding my nose.

“Come with me you little stinker!” Lyn took Martin from me. “Mommy needs to do what mommies do.” She cooed.

“Can I go with you?” I asked surprising even myself.

There was a brief pause from Lyn as she processed what I just asked.

“Sure, but it can be a bit gross.” She stuttered surprised I would offer.

Lyn cleaned up the messy part but patiently helped me spread the baby powder and showed me the little tabs to secure his fresh diaper. I could write a chapter on just this one event in my life. But I won’t.

After cleaning up and shopping some more we headed home.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Roger asked one more time.

“I’m positive.” I laughed. He really was concerned. “The two of you need a night alone and we need one where we aren’t.”

“So you think Andi is ready for this?” Roger stopped at the door turning to face me.

“Guess we’ll find out, I really don’t have time to be gentle about it.” I sighed. “They’ll be home Sunday.”

We moved all the paraphernalia into the spare room. Roger shook my hand and drove off laughing. Later I watched Ashlyn pull in the drive, I looked at Karly and told her it was time to hide. She giggled and moved to the spot I showed her. I reminded her to be quiet.

I could see the strain the day had taken on Dee as Lyn guided her to the front door. I opened it and gave Ashlyn a wink. She beamed knowing what that meant.

“Drew you’re home!” Andi instantly perked up.

“How was shopping? I asked kissing her cheek. I was hoping to distract her as well.

“We bought a couple of dresses and some other things you will like.” Andi beamed.

Ashlyn, grinned a knowing grin as she sat down the first bags from their excursion.

“Marco!” The squeaky voice said from her hiding spot.

“Karly?” Andi asked stunned.

“Come find me!” Karly giggled.

“No cheating!” I teased them both.

“Polo!” Andi laughed.

“Marco!” Karly stood up laughing.

Andi smiled and slowly moved in her direction once she got her bearings. Ashlyn laughed and motion she would be back. I helped Karly avoid Andi as she moved about the room yelling Marco ever louder.

“Hey that’s not fair!” Andi protested.

I held Karly and told her not to move. I went to the door and kissed Ashlyn goodbye as she handed me the most precious gift of all. I turned to find Andi honing in on Karly. When she was close enough Karly jumped up and hugged Andi around her leg. Dee bent down and covered her with hugs and kisses. They were both happier than I deserved for what I was going to do to Andi.

“Martin!” Karly called out.

“Shh, he’s still sleeping.” I whispered.

Andi stood at attention silently searching for feedback her head wobbling in all directions looking for missing clues. She turned to face me her expression turning to fear.

“Drew where is Ashlyn?” She said scornfully.

“She went home.” I answered softly. “Roger is taking her out tonight.”

“You mean…” Andi stood visibly shaken.

“Just for the night.” I replied moving to take her hand.

“Don’t you touch me!” She hissed not wanting to yell but showing her displeasure with me just the same. “I’ll be in my room.”


“I WILL BE IN MY ROOM!” She growled still concerned about Martin sleeping.

I let her go knowing it would be a short lived freedom.

“Where is Annie going?” Karly asked mispronouncing her name.

“She is going to her room.” I answered as Andi reached the hallway.

“Has she been bad?” Karly asked looking on confused.

“No she is just being a baby.” I said just loud enough for Andi to hear.

“I am not a baby!” She yelled turning the corner.

It was just a matter of time. I held Martin as he slept through the beginning of what would be a long night ahead. Karly found her favorite doll and started walking to me holding it just like I held Martin.

“ANDREW!” Andi screamed the sound echoing through the house.

Karly looked down the hall and then back to me.

“Is Annie ok?” She asked concerned.

Even at three kid know what is going on.

“Annie is mad at me.” I smiled. “She is having a temper tantrum.”

“Oh.” Karly replied seemingly understanding what that meant.

Andi could be stubborn but we both knew she wasn’t to going to win this standoff. I set up the portable crib and put Martin down to nap longer. Dee held out for just over a half an hour. Then I heard it faintly.

“Marco.” She sobbed.

“Did you hear that?” I asked Karly.


“Say Polo.” I urged her on.

“Polo!” Karly said. It took a minute.

“Marco.” Came back a bit louder.

Karly jumped up smiling. She looked around no doubt forgetting where Andi was hiding.

“Polo!” She called out as she listened for the next clue.

“Marco.” Came clearly from the hall.

Karly took my hand afraid to go down the darken tunnel alone. I turned on the light and let her drag me as they exchange clues. When Karly turned the corner she found Andi slumped on the floor against the wall.

“ANNIE!” Karly cried out thrilled she found the elusive voice.

Letting go of my hand she ran to Andi and stopped.

“Are you sad?” Karly asked seeing the tears rolling down Andi’s face.

“She’s just acting like a baby.” I teased Andi.

“I am not a baby!” Andi protested.

Then just like kids do when you least expect it, Karly moved onto Andi’s lap and leaned back into her chest.

“I’m not a baby either!” She said folding her arms. “Martin is the baby!”

Andi wrapped her arms around her niece then hugged and kissed her. Andi may be mad at me but I knew she could never abandon the kids.

“In that case I am going to leave you two adults alone and go check up on the baby.” I said laughing just a bit.


“Andi.” I nudged her. “It’s time to eat.”

I kissed her forehead. Startled Andi sat up on the floor.

“Where’s Karly?” She asked in a panic.

“She waiting for us with Martin.” I explained.

“Why did you lock me out of my room?” She asked as I helped her up.

“Because I love you.” I kissed her firmly.

“But I don’t understand?” She protested.

“Sure you do.” I teased.

I would like to say the night was uneventful but of course it wasn’t. Still when it came time to put Karly to bed Andi was giving Martin his last bottle before we planned on putting him down for the night. There was so much more of course but that is another story.

Andi was in taking a shower when I put Martin and his crib in her room so we could keep watch on him. Karly slipped in Andi’s bed with me not doing a very good job of being quiet. She giggled when Andi came out to get dressed.

“Drew?” Andi whispered.

“It’s only one night.” I reminded her.


How could he do this to me? Andrew knows how I feel about babies and toddlers. Now they are going to spend the night? Karly curled up in my arms and snuggled closer. I pulled her tight needing to be loved. Exhausted from the stress of the day I had no trouble falling asleep.

I heard him rustle in the crib. I waited to see if Drew was going to get up. When Martin started to fuss louder I slipped out of bed and went to check up on him. I searched the crib only to find Martin was standing up hanging to the side. I wanted to go get Drew but the little guy seemed so helpless.

I picked him up and held him to my chest, I could feel the dampness of his diaper along the edges. I took Martin into the bathroom. Laying two thick towels down first, I laid him on the floor. I knew this way he couldn’t fall and hurt himself. I found the diaper on the counter and wet a washcloth to clean him up.

Martin seemed to know what I was doing, he is such a happy baby. It was all going so well, he was just wet. I applied a bit of powder, lifted his legs and slid the new diaper under his butt. Then it happened. I felt a warm stream of pee running down my arm. I’ll admit I panicked. Squealing and flailing around myself I found the source of the steady stream and covered it with my hand.

The little bastard pissed all over me and himself!

“I’ll get you Drew!” I cursed under my breath.

Martin seemed to be laughing at me still happily wiggling on his back. His clothes were soaked and so was the top of me! I wanted to cry but realized that wasn’t going to help. I cursed Drew one more time and decided it was time to quit feeling sorry for myself. Martin and I were both naked as I stood in the shower for the second time tonight. Martin continued to laugh at me as the water cascaded down over both of us.

Drying us with fresh towels I finally got his diaper on. I slipped on a long tee shirt, and found a small one to cover Martin with. He grabbed my tit as he rode on my hip to the kitchen. I heated up a bottle and sat down to give it to him on the couch. He cooed as his belly began to fill again.

There I was in the middle of the night feeding my nephew. I smiled to myself knowing that even if it wasn’t perfect I had done it. I could tell Martin was done eating and had drifted off again. I stood and headed to where Drew was standing looking on.

“You can burp him.” I offered Martin to Drew. “I’ve already had two showers tonight.”

Drew took Martin from me and the towel I had held him with.

“Goodnight Andi. I love you.” He whispered.

I wanted to hit him. I wanted him to know what he had put me through. But with those three little words he was telling me that he understood.

“Get some sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow” He said walking away.

I curled up beside Karly knowing Ashlyn was home with Roger and no kids to worry about. I can’t remember sleeping this well all week.

Friday morning Ashlyn and Roger came and picked up the kids. I still remember how I felt when Karly said goodbye to her aunt Annie. Andrew left a few minutes ago, the house is eerily quiet. What I once treasured now seemed what I feared most, being alone. I had just finished lunch when the phone rang. I answered it.

“Andi! This is Angeline, I’m with Anita and we are on our way over.” She squealed in the phone.

They had never come over to see me. If she didn’t sound so happy I would think there was a problem.

“Come with us were going to the salon.” Angeline barked out orders.

I found myself in the chair while some woman was doing my nails. I listened to all the gossip being bandied about wondering how often I was the subject of the conversation. We went next door and the stylist washed and cut my hair. It must look nice my sister in-laws seemed giddy with the results.

I never wear makeup much, so why it took almost thirty minutes to get it done made me wonder what I was missing. The whirlwind wasn’t over even when I got home. Ashlyn was waiting for me. She too squealed in delight as I was presented for inspection. Anita and Angeline left to go home after each gave me a hug and kiss.

Ashlyn took me in my room and started undressing me. It felt silly when she handed me the garter until I felt the stockings on my legs. The new sexy panties were pulled in place. Lyn helped me on with the black dress making sure I didn’t mess up my hair or make-up. She ran to mom’s room and brought back some jewelry.

“Andi you’re beautiful!” My sister gushed. We didn’t hug we embraced. “Andi you’re shaking?” Lyn whispered in my ear.

“Ashlyn, I’m scared.” I said pulling her tighter.

“I know baby. But you don’t need to be.” Lyn kissed my cheek. “Andrew would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I’m not a baby!” I squeaked trying not to cry.

“Yes you are Dee. You’re his baby.” Lyn replied. “You always have been. He loves you more than life itself.”

“You called me Dee.” I pushed back.

“Is that ok?” Ashlyn asked nervously.

Only Andrew was allowed to call me Dee. I would refuse to answer anyone trying to give me a nick name. It was like they were teasing me for being blind. But now when Lyn said it I felt closer to her than ever before.

“I think I would like that.” I pulled her close again.

“I love you Andi.” Ashlyn kissed me lightly then pushed back. “I need to go, will you be ok until Drew gets home?”

“Sure.” I replied.

Ashlyn left me in the living room. I sat and waited letting the events of the last days and week sift through my mind. Then I remembered something that bothered me days ago. I made my way through the house to Drew’s room. I moved very slowly and made sure to touch very little. I stood and searched for what I was looking for.

The scent was subtle at first but grew stronger the closer I got. I held it up to my nose. I found it! I unscrewed the top, this was definitely the source but it wasn’t exactly the same. I searched my memory remembering the subtle difference. It smelled better on him than in the jar. I closed the bottle and headed back to the living room when I had an idea. I waited in my room for him to call out.

“Andi I’m home!” Drew yelled. “Where are you?”

“I’m in my room.” I called back.

“I’ll be right there.” Drew said getting closer.

“Not until you are dressed and ready to go!” I yelled then closed the door.

“Let me take a shower and I will be ready in no time.”

I could hear the excitement in his voice. I paced nervously inside my room. The sexy dress barely contains the swell of my breasts, the hem so short I wasn’t sure I could sit in public.

“Dee I’m ready!” Drew called out.

I walked to my door and unlocked it. I stood back waiting for him to open it. The click of the latch and the squeak of the hinges announced his entrance.

“OH!” Drew gasped. “Oh Andi!”

I ran my hand over my hair and felt the font of my dress to see if I was missing something. “What? What’s wrong?”

“We can’t go out with you looking like this!” Drew replied sounding upset.

My heart sunk. All this time and money and he wasn’t happy? “Drew why?” I asked totally disappointed.

“You are so beautiful if I left you alone you’d be gone when I got back.” He laughed.

“You! You bastard!” I yelled at him as he scooped me up in his arms.

Drew kissed me with more passion than ever before. We hugged and kissed before I pushed him away.

“I want to see you!” I demanded.

Drew stood before me at attention as I ran my hands over his slacks to a smooth leather belt. He had a jacket on, the shirt was fine material, a dress shirt. Inside his lapels was a tie, something he seldom wears. The collar on his shirt was crisp and sharp. His face was shaven close and smooth. His lips were smiling he leaned down to give me another peck on the lips.

I could smell the cologne quite clearly as he moved in closer. It was different than when it was in the bottle. The distinct memory becoming clear again.

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