“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 02-5

“Glad you could make it.” Boomer replied.

“Stacy around? I was hoping she could help me find a jacket for Andi here.” Drew answered.

“Don’t trust me with the little filly?” Boomer laughed.

“Nope.” Drew replied not hesitating.

“Always knew you were smart. Sure, she’s in the back let me get her.” Boomer chuckled.

“Drew what are we doing here” I asked nervously.

“We need to get you some proper riding clothes.” Drew explained.

“Andrew!” A female voice called out.

“Stacy! Good to see you.” Drew said happily.

Andrew made the proper introductions. I liked Stacy from the first moment she hugged me.

Before I knew it I was trying on one leather jacket after another. Stacy fitted each one asking about each and every detail. Drew explained that it need to be warm before anything else. When we had the one Stacy and I were both happy with she leaned in close.

“Andrew told me about you, but he never mentioned how beautiful you are.” Stacy whispered.

“Thank you.” I replied softly.

“That man is a keeper. Don’t you ever let go of him.” She said next.

“Well let’s just hope he doesn’t let go of me then.” I joked.

“Andi that will never happen, he can’t take his eyes off of you.” Then she did something that took me completely by surprise. She kissed my cheek firmly. “If you don’t know it, your brother is completely in love with you.”

I was so surprised she knew he was my brother I was speechless. Stacy led me back to the front where Boomer and Drew were talking.

“So we’ll meet you there?” Drew asked.

“Yeah, Jim and Shelia are going to meet up with us too.” Boomer replied. “Just let me lock up.”

Going where? I wondered. I was getting nervous as Drew led me back to the bike. He put my old jacket in a side bag and helped me up on the seat. The smell of my new leather jacket and his was overpowering.

“Drew where are we going?” I asked starting to get concerned.

“Were going for a short ride an then to eat.” Drew answered as he put on my helmet.

“No Drew” I protested.

“Trust me Dee.” Andrew laughed.

Just then I heard the roar of another bike pull up alongside. Drew fired his up and we pulled away accelerating hard. My heart was pounding my hands strained to hold on. Instinctively Drew grabbed on and pulled me tight letting me know he wasn’t going to lose me.

I should have enjoyed the ride. There was a pit in my stomach knowing I would be eating in front of people I didn’t know. It was all I could think about. Every scenario played out in my head including how I could stop from going. I knew if I tried to fake being sick Drew would see through it. Arguing was no use, he wasn’t dad, Drew was the only one that could stand up to me.

We arrived at the dreaded place. Drew helped me off and took my helmet.

“Drew I want to go home!” I begged pure fear taking over now.

“I know you do.” He kissed me. “Come on it will be fun.”

Doesn’t he know being the butt of jokes is not fun for me? Boomer and Stacy met up with us and walked in side.

“There they are!” Boomer said once we entered.

“Shelia, Jim this is Andi.” Drew said introducing me.

I held out my hand. There was a long hesitation.


“Jim can’t you see she’s blind?” A woman chastised Jim. “Stop checking her out and shake her hand!”

“Oh, yeah sorry.” Jim mumbled.

His massive hand gripped mine gently. I could tell he was much taller than Drew.

“Hi Andi, I’m Shelia, Jim’s wife.” She took my hand next then pulled me in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Hello I replied a bit surprised.

“Don’t worry he’s harmless.” She whispered. There was something about her bluntness that made me like her right away. “He’s a big teddy bear.”

I heard them say hello to each other and soon we found ourselves at a table made of heavy wood. It was a bar, I could smell the beer flowing, the music made it hard to hear, so you had to talk loud. The waitress came and took drink orders. Drew ordered me a beer.

With three older brothers and a father that drank beer almost every night I had of course been exposed to it. I even drink it on occasion but never in public. I wanted to argue with him but didn’t want to make a scene.

Drew ordered us a salad and hot wings. He cut up my salad as I like it, and attended to my every need. If I was making fool of myself no one mentioned it. I listened to their stories, and nervously laughed hoping I wouldn’t need to participate. Drew was a natural at friendly conversation. I got to see a side of him I had never really seen before.

The band was on a break and the piped in music was playing a bit softer. Sheila was talking about their fifth anniversary coming up. She said that wood was traditional and silverware was modern but gold and diamonds was still her favorite.

“So Andi how did you meet Drew?” Shelia asked me out of the blue.

A hush settled over the table as I was not prepared to deal with such a question. I thought everyone knew Drew was my brother. I reached for Andrew as panic set in.

“Drew!” I whispered at him not caring if they could hear.

“It’s ok Dee.” Drew put his hand over mine. “They’re friends.”

The pause continued as I sat frozen.

“They grew up together.” Stacy said diplomatically.

“What does that mean?” Jim asked bewildered.


“Drew is her brother dufus!” Shelia whispered.

“Really? But she is so hot!” Jim exclaimed.


“Jim she is sitting right here!” Shelia scolded him. “Sometimes you have to take him out twice. Once to visit and once to apologize!”

“Hey you big lug let’s go play some pool before you get in more trouble.” Boomer said to Jim. “You coming Drew?”

“Yeah give me a minute.” Andrew replied. “You going to be ok?” He asked me kissing my rosy red cheek.

“Drew I need to pee.” I whispered.

This was another obstacle to being blind. Public restrooms are an inevitable source of stress.

“I’ll take her.” Stacy offered.

Stacy took my hand and led me through the restaurant to the ladies room. She stopped and checked out each stall before leading me to the one she picked.

“Andi if you need anything just ask.” She squeezed my hand.

Try as I might there is just no way to pee quietly. Stacy was waiting for me when I finished. She led me to the sinks and then the hand dryers. It was as if my mom had been with me she was so patient. Stacy anticipated my every move.

“You’ve done this before.” I suggested.

“My grandmother was blind when she was older.” Stacy admitted. “I miss her, this brings back good memories.”

“Thank you.” I replied.

Stacy pulled me into her and gave me hug, my arms wrapped around her and pulled her close. It felt so good to have someone that knew what I was going through.

“Better now?” She stepped back.

“How did you know?” I asked a tear rolling over my cheek.

“Nana sometimes just needed a hug to remind her even though she couldn’t see us we still saw her.” Stacy reached up and wiped the tear from my cheek.

“Thank you for back there.” I said remembering her help at the table. “You’re ok with Drew being my brother?”

“Now that I’ve met you in person, I will kick his ass if he lets you go!” Stacy took my hand and led me back to the table.

Drew was waiting. I sent him on his way knowing I was well looked after. Drew and I even danced a bit when the band came back. Neither one of us was very good but it didn’t matter as long as he held me close. I had another beer as we sat and talked. Stacy took me to the ladies room before we left.

The ride back home was much better now that was behind me. I had made four new friends. Better than that I knew Drew had a good time as well.

Drew parked his bike inside the garage. We came in through the kitchen. The second beer had taken its toll, I held him tight as I staggered down the hall to my bedroom.

“Fuck me!” I squealed as Drew sat me on the bed.

“I think someone is drunk?” Drew replied starting to take my shoes off.

“So what?” I giggled. “You can still fuck me.”

I lifted my arms searching for him as I lay on my back still wearing my new leather jacket. Drew pulled my socks down and the grabbed for the jacket.

“No!” I’m sleeping in it. It’s from my boyfriend!” I teased him.

“Suit yourself.” He teased back.

Drew release the front of my jeans and started to pull them off. I resisted like before. “Lift your ass.” He barked.

“Make me!” I squeaked remembering what he did last time.

Drew pulled my jeans down to the top of my panties. He kissed me just over the elastic band.

“Lower!” I squealed.

Drew pulled the jeans down uncovering my mound. He kissed me through my panties once again.

“Lower!” I hissed feeling bold.

“Lift your ass!” Drew whispered.

Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the way he asked? Maybe I wanted him to go lower? I lifted my ass as he pulled the jeans down to just over my thighs. Drew leaned in, now on his knees, and kissed my pussy through my panties. I moaned.

I’m not sure why he paused. Maybe it was to make sure I wouldn’t stop him but he did. Drew reached up and pulled the gusset of my panties to the side. I felt his hot breath on my pubic hair and then I felt his tongue stab my pussy. I grabbed his hair and pulled him tight to my pussy.

“Please!” I begged.

I felt him pull my jeans off all the way. I gripped my panties and pushed them down. Drew pulled back as I pushed them down to my ankles. I splayed my legs and pulled his face back to my dripping cunt. It was like a hot poker into my soul it hurt so good. I had never even dreamed this would happen to me and now that it did my brain raced to take it all in.

There was the dampness, from me or him I didn’t know, I didn’t care. The softness of his tongue, the firmness of his upper lip pressed against my clit. I squirmed to get his face in just the right spot when his hands gripped my wrists and pushed them back.

“Let me.” He whispered.

It was then I realized how hard I had been mashing his face into my pussy. Drew’s hands pulled my panties from my ankles, his hand slid up my thighs and hooked behind my knees. He pushed my legs up to my chest and then spread them wide. I had never felt so wantonly exposed even to my doctor.

“Drew!” I gasped as he found the core of my desire.

I turned my head and breathed in through my nose. The smell of fresh leather sent my desire to another level. I pulled my legs back further allowing him to spread my lips with his fingers. The sounds the smells were all too much. My clit begged for attention!

“Marko!” Drew laughed.

“POLO!” I protested. “Oh god don’t stop NOW!”

I thrusted my pelvis up hoping he would lavish his attention back to my cunt.

“Lower?” He asked dragging his tongue to the bottom of my slit.

“Drew please!” I begged. The double meaning was not lost on my sadistic brother as he moved across my perineum.

“Lower?” He teased me again.

“No! Please!” I cursed him.

Drew licked my asshole sending shock waves of conflicting signals.

“ANDREW!” I screamed.

“My bad I thought you said please?” He dove back in and stabbed at the center of my asshole.

Again my disgust by his adventure was tempered by the pleasure I received. Thankfully he move back to my pussy, my legs were getting tired, my arms trembling to hold on. The only sounds were his slurping and my moans of pleasure. Again he brought me to the cusp.

“Marko!” Drew pulled from my pussy.

“POLO!” I yelled again.

Letting go of my legs I grabbed his head and forced his face hard to my cunt. I raked my pussy along his nose and then he moved up and licked my clit side to side.


The smell of the leather jacket, the softness of my sweater, the gushing from my pussy, the tingling in my toes all instantly imprinted in my brain. My body was lost to me now, only Drew’s hands gripping my hips and the constant pleasure of his tongue reminded me what was happening.

The pleasure was too intense to continue. I clamped my legs shut forcing his head from between them, I rolled to the side and curled up in a fetal position. I vaguely remember Drew undressing me and tucking me in. I heard him in the bathroom, then he joined me in bed and curled up around me. Satisfied I was safely in his arms I drifted to sleep.

To be continued…

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