“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 02-4

“Drew.” Andi sighed as she stood in front of me. “I’m scared.”

“I know baby.” I answered pulling her in for a kiss.

“I’m not a baby!” She kissed me back strongly.

“Come on it’s getting late.” I swept her off her feet much to her surprise.

“DREW!” Andi protested. “Put me down!”

“Fat chance you’re coming with me.” I explained.

I carried Andi through the kitchen and the living room. I carried her down the hall to her room. I stopped at the door. She knew exactly where we were.

“On the bed.” She squeaked.

I placed her on the bed she lay down and sprawled out a big smile crossed her face.

“Are you going to make love to me now?” Andi asked in her sexiest voice.

“Not tonight baby.” I answered.

Her happiness turned to instant disappointment.

“Why not!” Andi said visibly hurt.

“You’re not ready.” I replied sitting down beside her.

Andi crossed her arms warding me off. A single tear rolled over her cheek.

“How do you know?” She asked angrily.

“Because you had to ask.”

I sat down to kiss her. Andi rolled to her side and curled up facing away from me. She was acting like a child but in many way she still was. It would be easy to leave and let Andi sulk. I have done that many times in the past. Today she need to know she could count on me, even at a time like this. I laid down behind her and moved her hair to the side. I kissed the back of her neck.

“Please don’t be mad at me.” I whispered.


“Please don’t be mad at me.” Drew whispered after he kissed the back of my neck.

I felt him start to move away. I reached for him gripping his wrist. I pulled his arm over me, he snuggled closer.

“I love you Dee.” Drew whispered.

I wanted him to love me, but there was one more thing he needed to know. I took his hand and intertwined my fingers through his from the back side. I needed him to know one more secret. I guided his hand under my blouse and placed it over my bra.

“Why do you like them so much?” I asked too scared to tell him why I needed to know.

“Them?” Drew asked.

“My breasts!”

“Oh!” He replied. “I guess because I am a boob man.” He chuckled.

“A what?” I asked.

“You know a breast man?” Drew said then seemed to understand my confusion. “There are butt men, leg men, even foot men.”

“Really?” I asked starting to giggle. “Feet? Anything else?”

“You could name just about any part of a woman and there is a guy out there who looks at that part first.” Drew laughed. “Mine are boobs.”

Drew squeezed mine through my bra my hand still holding on to the back of his.

“Oh.” I said soberly.

“What’s wrong Dee? Is that a bad thing?” Drew asked concerned.

“Drew can I tell you something?” I asked nervously.

“Sure Andi what is it.”

“When I was in school boys would feel me up.” I said.

Drew started to pull his hand away from my breast. I gripped his hand harder not letting him move his hand.

“Sometimes there would be more than one. They knew I couldn’t see who it was.” I gripped even harder on his hand.”

“I’m sorry Dee.” He replied quietly.

“I always wanted someone that loved me to do that.” I explained. “Promise me you won’t stop touching me there.”

Drew didn’t answer. He moved his hand under the cup of my bra and gripped my tit. I pulled my hand off of his and snuggled deeper into him as he kissed the back of my neck again. It had been a long and emotional day. Feeling safe and loved I drifted off to sleep.

I knew Drew left me sometime after that. I heard him close the door to my room but not latch it. In the complete silence I heard the beep of the alarm being set. Shortly after I heard him in the shower.

With just my thoughts to contend with I lay in bed. Andrew had come home to be with me which was now clear. He was dragging me along kicking and screaming when it involved family. When it was just the two of us he pushed all the buttons then backed off before it went too far.

I went into my bathroom to prepare for bed. I had just tossed my clothes in the hampers then moved out to my room to get dressed for bed. I opened the drawer to grab my panties when it hit me. I closed the drawer and stopped to gather my courage.

It was almost impossible to find my way through the house my heart was beating so loud. He was in bed listening for me. He has done this for years. Mom once told me he walked around for days with a blindfold to see what it was like being blind.

I was at his door I’m sure he heard my heart beating. I moved slowly counting the mini steps to his bed. I leaned over and felt for him. Drew had the covers off as if he was waiting for me, cocky bastard my brother.

I couldn’t have aimed better if I could see. I sat down facing the object of my mission. My fingers traced the landscape of his thighs and lower body.

“Dee.” Drew whispered.

“Shhh.” I scolded him.

It didn’t take long to find it. It grew hard almost the minute I touched it through the thin cloth. By the time I fished it out over the top of the elastic band it was decidedly stiff. I was going to study not only it but the attached parts. Only this time I was going to use my mouth.

“Andi!” Drew groaned.

“Shhhh!” I replied firmly.

The smells were decidedly interesting but it was the textures that spurred me on. The head was not as smooth as I would have guessed. It was hard but not completely firm with bit of a spongy feel. I moved lower my lips slipped over a distinct ridge. I could smell Drew’s musk through the recent shower.

I licked the head one more time slipping the tip of my tongue just inside the hole on the end. Drew moaned and pushed up, his hand came in contact with my head. I thought for sure he was going to push me lower. My panic subsided when his hand just combed through my hair. It dawned on me not only was I doing this but I wanted to do it more now than before.

As my lips moved over the pulsing shaft I could feel Drew’s desire build beneath me. A feeling of being in control urged me deeper. My tongue followed every ripple of his bulging manhood. I was lost in my desire to map every minute detail of his cock. It sounded like he was moaning and talking to me but it was just background noise at this point.

Instinctively my hand moved up and gripped his hairy sack containing his testicles. Drew’s body reacted with a pronounced thrust up from his pelvis. His cock went deeper than before making me gag just a bit. I backed off quickly sucking just the head not sure if he would do it again. My tongue grazed over his sensitive slit gathering up some slippery fluid. His cock grew inside my mouth.

It was pre-cum, I tasted it but there was no real flavor. My hand continued to stroke his balls gently, Drew was becoming more vocal but I ignored it continuing to explore. We had a bit of a rhythm going, his hand guiding me ever faster. This was too fast, I was still searching for answers to the many questions. I was still looking to explore, to taste, to feel, to smell.

“ANDI!” Drew yelled breaking my focus. He gripped my hair and pulled me off. “Andi I’m going to cum!”

“No! Not yet! I’m not done!” I protested.

I felt his other hand grip his cock and jerk it as I held onto his balls. I tried to find the head to suck it when his cum hit me under my chin. His cum was warm as it hit me with a splat. Drew was still pulling my hair I was fighting to go back to my new obsession. When the second volley hit my neck the pungent smell filled my nostrils.

I wanted him, I needed him. Drew seemed to sense this so when I moved up his body to kiss him I could feel the remaining discharges splatter along my body. When his lips touched mine there was a feeling surge through my body I had never felt before. I had this overwhelming desire to please him.

“Fuck me Drew!” I gasped as I locked back onto his lips.

He rolled me over I spread my legs his body pressed down on mine. I was flushed with emotions, it all seemed so right………..but inside it was all so wrong. I pushed my fear to the side and gave myself to him.

Drew pulled loose from my lips and kissed the side of my neck. I arched my back thrusting my chest higher. He moved lower and sucked my breast. I moaned still conflicted. Drew started to gently chew on my nipple. My hands moved to his shoulders and pushed back hard.

“Drew.” I whimpered.

He sat up reading my emotions like I had written them down for him.

“It’s ok baby.” He replied almost laughing.

“No it’s not.” I started to cry.

“It really is.” Drew moved up to reassure me. “Come with me, you’ve made quite the mess.” He laughed.

“I did didn’t I?” I laughed through the tears.

Only when we were snuggled together back in is bed did I ask him.

“Do you still love me Drew?” I whispered afraid of what he might say.

“I will always love you Dee.” Drew kissed the back of my shoulder.

“I love you Andrew.” I said using his proper name to make sure he knew I meant it.

“I’m glad Andi.”

I was up early the next morning catching up on some work I had neglected. I was almost caught up when Drew came in my room. I was on the phone to Germany when he kissed the side of my neck. I had to turn off the head set so the other party didn’t hear me giggle.

“Call Lyn when you have a minute.” Drew said before he left.

It was two hours before I had time to call her. She picked up on the fourth ring, I could hear the baby crying in the background and the toddler babbling most likely in her arms.

“Andi! I’m so glad you called.” Lyn said happily.

“Drew said I should call you.” I said a bit shocked by her tone.

“I thought we could go shopping tomorrow.” Ashlyn suggested. “Just the two of us. Will ten in the morning work?”

It had been years since Ashlyn and I went shopping and never alone.

“Sure, I guess.” I answered still a bit surprised.

“Great! I’ll pick you up in the morning.” Lyn replied still giddy.

The rest of the day went pretty much normal. Drew was gone for most of it but was home for dinner. He kissed me goodnight as I curled up with him for bed that night.

I was up early to get my work done, but by ten I was ready for Lyn. I turned the alarm off when she pulled up in the drive. Lyn met me and led me to her car. We had just pulled down the drive when I heard her in the back, it was her three year old Karly. I instantly panicked.

“I thought you said we would be alone.” I asked quietly.

“We are.” Ashlyn replied.

“What about Karly?” I asked nervously.

“I dropped Martin off at Roger’s moms. I figured Karly might have fun on a girls shopping trip.” Lyn said enthusiastically.

All of a sudden the day seemed less appealing. Since it was a weekday the mall was not very busy. I gripped Lyn’s wrist as she led me into the cavernous building. The sounds and smells were so overwhelming it was hard to concentrate. Karly was tugging on her mother’s other hand jerking her from a steady path. I wanted to go home.

“What are we shopping for?” I asked hoping we could make this quick.

“Drew suggested I help you out with some new clothes.” Lyn giggled.

“But I didn’t bring any money!” I protested wanting to leave for sure now.

“It’s ok, Drew’s buying.” Lyn explained leading me to the right.

“Drew! He can’t afford to buy clothes for me.” I protested. “Besides I have my own money.”

“Drew can’t afford it? Where did you get that idea?” Ashlyn chuckled. “Do you know what he does?”

“He is a consultant.” I shot back. “If he has all this money why does he drive a motorcycle? He doesn’t even own a house!”

“Andi maybe you should talk to Andrew about that.” Lyn said. “Come on let’s go in here.”

We spent the morning checking out a few stores mom likes to shop at. The longer we walked around the less patient Lyn became.

“What’s wrong?” I asked after we left the third store.

“Andi there is nothing here Drew would want me to buy.” Lyn sighed in frustration.

“Why? What does Drew want me to wear?” I asked remembering his insistence I not wear a bra.

“Well let’s just say not what mom buys you.” Lyn laughed. “Let’s go in here.”

Lyn picked out a couple of tops as I held Karly’s hand. After that we stopped for lunch. Now eating in public is not one of my strong suits. I need everything just right, Lyn knows this. Karly and I sat in the food court as she went to buy lunch.

Karly had been such a good trouper so far. My anxiety of toddlers had been lessened to some degree during this outing. I was taking it all in around me never losing focus on Karly. She was playing with her favorite doll, I was holding the leash to her harness with a death grip.

That’s when I smelled it. I jerked my head around to find the source. Just as quickly it was gone. Was he here? Was he spying on us? Surely Karly would have said something if she saw Drew. He was her favorite uncle, he was everybody’s favorite uncle. That only made it worse.

The scent was gone. Drew can’t be the only one to wear that cologne. We are in a big mall, aren’t we? Ashlyn returned with lunch. Pizza isn’t my favorite food but it is easy to eat when you’re blind.

We shopped a few more stores. Lyn picked out some shorts and slacks for me. I could tell just from the feel they were more expensive than mom would buy. Lyn and I talk but stayed on subjects that she felt comfortable with. I noticed she seemed happier, content was a word that came to mind.

It had been years since I had felt she wasn’t mad at me, this was a refreshing change. I could tell Karly was getting bored. Ashlyn stopped and we sat down in a large cavernous area. The sounds of children playing echoed off the walls.

“Honey, why don’t you go play while Aunt Andi and I rest?” Lyn said to Karly.

She led me down a few steps and we sat down in what I guessed was some sort of lower level with playground equipment.

“Andi I want to apologize. I have treated you badly and I’m sorry.” Ashlyn said gripping my hand.

I didn’t know what to say. It was clearly an emotional moment for her and me too.

“I love you Lyn.” I replied.

“I love you Andi.” She replied emotionally.

Lyn pulled me into an awkward hug. I’m sure people watching were wondering what was going on between us. Lyn and I talked for another thirty minutes about our past relationship and how she wanted to start over. She explained that she was in counselling with Roger to get their marriage back on track.

Lyn explained that she had always felt guilty about marrying Roger. Setting in a mall of all places I learned more about my sister than I had living with her for sixteen years.

I smelled that scent again. It was Drew’s cologne. I turned my head swiftly to catch the scent again.

“What is it?” Lyn asked concerned.

“Sorry it’s nothing.” I replied the scent now gone. “I thought I smelled Drew.”

I shifted looking to pick up the scent again.

“Here in the mall?” Ashlyn questioned.

We stopped at a couple more stores buying a skirt and another top.

Karly napped as we drove back to the house. Lyn was particularly quiet during the trip.

“You ok?” I asked sensing a problem.

“Do you love him in that way?” Lyn asked quietly.

There it was, the million dollar question. It was the one thing we had not addressed during the day together. I was not sure how to answer her. I decided to be honest.

“I do.” I answered waiting for her to respond.

“I see.” Lyn replied. “Have you?”

“I’m still a virgin if that is what you are asking.” I said a bit miffed.

“Sorry Andi, I didn’t mean it that way……… “

“I want to but Drew doesn’t.” I explained a bit too sensitively.

“Well he must have his reasons.” Lyn said truly concerned. “If there is anything I can do to help.”

“Do you mean that?” I asked a bit surprised.

“I do Andi. I really do want you to be happy.” Ashlyn reached over and gripped my hand. “Maybe we can go shopping for some sexy stuff next time.”

“LYN!” I squealed forgetting Karly was sleeping in the back.

“Just saying!” Lyn giggled.

“I would like a nice dress.” I whispered.

“I have just the perfect place to go for a dress!” Lyn squeezed my hand hard.

“Thank you for taking me today.” I said as she pulled in the drive.

“I’ll check my schedule and call you later this week.” Ashlyn hugged me after we carried the packages into the living room. “I love you Andi.”

I knew it would take time to deal with our past but this was a good start. She pulled me tight to her big breasts and hugged me for several seconds. It was the most important embrace of my life.

For the first time in my life I felt alone when she closed the door and left.

I was just starting to unpack the clothes when Drew came roaring in on his motorcycle.

“Honey! I’m home!” Drew yelled as he turned off the alarm.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized he was talking to me. I moved to the hall as he came through the living room. The scent of his cologne preceded his embrace.

“How’s my baby?” Drew teased before his lips pressed to mine.

The emotions from earlier in the day flushed through me. Having Drew greet me like this was overwhelming. The passion of his kiss was more than I expected. I melted into him wrapping my arms around him as he held me close.

“Ashlyn took me shopping!” I said happily.

“I heard.” He replied kissing me quickly again. “So did you buy anything?”

“We did!” I gushed.

Pushing loose I pulled him in my room to the bed where I had it all laid out.

“Do you like them?” I asked excitedly.

“Well put them on and I’ll tell you.” Drew laughed.

“Now?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Sure we have time.” Drew said.

For the next twenty minutes Drew handed me clothes to try on for him. I felt a bit embarrassed as he watched me change from one outfit to another. Drew handed me a pair of designer jeans. Wearing just my bra and panties I pulled them up shimmying into them as they covered my ass. They felt exquisite, I had never worn anything this form fitting.

“Oh yeah!” Drew cat called. “Now this top.”

He handed me a cashmere sweater Lyn insisted I buy. As I took the sweater from his hands Drew pulled me close.

“I think it will look better without this.” He whispered.

Drew slid his hands around my back. I nervously waited as he hesitated to see if I would object. When I didn’t he unhooked my bra. I chill ran up my back knowing what he wanted.

Drew was so gentle and patient as I worked my way free of the straps. I shivered as his hands squeezed my small mounds. I knew my nipples were hard.

“Am I putting this on?” I teased him feeling a bit sassy now.

“You better. We need to go soon.” Drew replied as he help guide my arms through the sleeves. “How does it feel?” He asked as I pulled it over my head.

“Oh, Drew it feels……………exquisite!” I gushed rubbing my hands over the magnificent material. “How does it look?”

I ran my hands over my breasts feeling my hard nipples protruding through the sweater.

“You look beautiful and sexy.” Drew whispered as he moved in beside me.

His hands slid over the back of the sweater and over my ass. Just knowing he approved took my breath away. I felt like a real woman for maybe the first time.

“Let’s get you finished up, I have a surprise for you.” Drew whispered as he kissed my neck.

Drew fired up the motorcycle. The smell of his leather jacket was intoxicating. I held on tight as we pulled away from the house. We drove for quite some time. The bike idled into a gravel drive. This was all new to me.

The bell rang on the door as it closed behind us. The overwhelming smell of leather took me by surprise. The wood floor creaked, Drew guided me to a low counter. My hands danced on strips of leather belts.

“Andrew!” A husky voice called out.

“Boomer.” Drew replied obviously happy to see him.

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