“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 02-3

Drew’s lips instantly pressed hard against mine as he removed the glass. His tongue pressed against my teeth. I had never done this before! I opened my mouth to protest but found his tongue searching for mine. I struggled to get free to stop this madness but he was too strong.

“DREW I’M SOAKED!” I yelled when he pulled free.

My one arm behind his back was useless. With the other I could feel his shirt was soaked as well.

“Here let me!” Drew laughed.

Before I knew it the green top he insisted I wear was being pulled over my chest. Drew bent down and sucked my nipple deep in his mouth.

“Ah!” I moaned then started to giggle.

He pulled at my top eventually working one arm free and over my head. He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Topless and sticky from egg yolk and orange juice I thought he would finally let me go.

“Drew I need to clean this up!” I squealed as he continued to kiss every part of my upper body.

“Here let me help.” He said.

I should have known better than to trust him he picked me up and sat me right in a plate on the table. I tried to support myself as he leaned over me but the table was too slippery to get a grip.

“What are you doing?” I squeaked as he sucked my other nipple.

“Having breakfast!” Drew laughed. “You taste like eggs and orange juice!” I giggled as he latched back on the first one.

“Drew your making a mess!” I laughed stating the obvious

“I’ll clean it up when I’m done eating!”

I heard Drew take off his shirt and then leaned over me again. He was between my legs his bare chest pressed against mine he was kissing me with his tongue again. This time it was gentle patient French kissing. I stopped laughing, this was serious kissing now.

No longer trying to escape I wrapped my arms around his neck. I was his. I had never felt this way before. All thoughts of the mess we made, he made, were forgotten for this one brief moment in time.

I felt the sticky gooey mess press between our bodies. Drew’s hands slid along my slimy sides, my ass still on the plate. That reminded me it would take another shower to clean it off. I felt his hands cup my small breasts. I wanted to protest but there was no way I was going to stop this kiss.

“Your shorts are soaked.” Drew whispered as I had all but given in to him.

I felt him unbutton them. He tugged them down and to my surprise my panties as well. My ass was still on the plate when he pulled them off my legs.

“Drew I need to get up!” I replied knowing my pussy was right in front of him.

He pushed me back down gently his hand firmly pressed between my tits.

“I’m not done eating yet!”

I felt his hot breath on my cunt first. His hands parted my legs before it registered what he was talking about. There was a tornado moving through my brain, and when his tongue lapped along my pussy it was like he ripped the roof off of the house.

I had never felt so helpless and exposed in my life. My hands instantly when to his head and gripped his hair.

“NNNOOO!” I screamed as I pressed his face hard against my sex!

With the roof removed it was like he could look inside and see all my vulnerabilities. He could rape and pillage if he wanted and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

Instead Drew patiently started to get me aroused. The grip on his hair loosened as my desire took over. I moaned in pleasure but my brain wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

“Drew what are you doing?” I gasped as I pulled up on his hair.

“Finishing breakfast.” Drew laughed. “Fur pie!”

“Andrew!” I yelled scolding him.

I’m not sure he heard me as he dove back at my pussy. It was rude and gross but it was Drew. He loved pushing my buttons, to shock me, to take me out of my comfort zone. No one else was allowed, Drew would see to that.

Oh you could tease me, pull harmless pranks on the blind girl. All the thing kids would do to make your life miserable. But if you ever went over that line, if you went too far Drew would make you pay the price. A painful price indeed.

But he also knew being pampered was not wise either. Just like my dad he made sure I wasn’t using my handicap as an excuse. He felt I should hear what seeing people hear. Do what seeing people do. Drew wanted me to experience it all.

Drew’s tongue was driving me crazy. I arched my back and pulled the damn plate from under my ass. I heard it crash to the floor but knew it wouldn’t break. Drew never stopped pleasuring me. My hands back to his hair followed the journey of his tongue. My fingers might have known every inch of my pussy but his tongue made new trails. I squirmed on the table my back and ass sliding on the slick surface.

I tried not to make a noise so I could concentrate on Drew, listening for any clue what would be next. I could feel my arousal build, faster than with my fingers. Drew reached up and gripped a tit I almost lost it then.

Down one side and up the other. Inside each spongey flap and then outside. When he ran his tongue up the middle I wanted to die in pleasure and then he would tease my clit just enough to remind me there could be even more.

I felt his nose plow through the dense forest of my pussy hair. Fur pie it was! Bastard! I knew the new thing is to be shaven, I read. But why should I do that? I was the only one that had cause to be down there. Still I wonder? Was it true? Would Drew prefer it?

That would have to wait, right now there was a more pressing issue. I needed to cum.

“Drew!” I whispered.

I needed to warn him. Oh God I thought, he needed to know.

“Drew!” I said a bit louder.

Still he kept bringing me closer. My hands pushed and then pulled his head hoping to signal him. Still he brought me closer. His tongue flicked my clit sending me over the edge.

“DREW!” I screamed.

“I’m going …………”

My world isn’t visual. I don’t see colors. There isn’t light or dark there is, well……nothing. But at this point I was feeling something close to a sneeze. You know that slow build up to where you know it’s going to happen and you can’t stop it? I was there.

“going to………….” Now I’m at the point in the sneeze where it feels like cotton balls tickle the inside of your nose.

“CUM!” Just like a sneeze there is this instant release of built up pressure.

I was having an orgasm. Not just any orgasm but my first orgasm without fingers being involved! I couldn’t tell you what Drew was doing or I was doing. I just knew inside my body was a burst of pleasure I had never felt before. An intensity that gripped my whole body until it felt so good it almost hurt.

“Andi you ok?” Drew asked.

The intense pleasure now a distant memory a softer gentler one reminding me the journey was real. I could hear my heart beating as the room stopped spinning in my brain. Suddenly I was in his arms and he was kissing my cheek. The pungent smell of my sex reminded me where those lips had just been.

“You smell like pussy!” I snapped.

“You weren’t complaining then?” He teased.

“Drew that was amazing.” I thank him. “Why? Why did you do that?”

“Because I love you Dee.” Drew replied. “You’re a woman now. It’s time.”

“This is too much Andrew.” I said seriously. “I’m not sure I’m ready for this?”

“So it’s Andrew now?” He protested. “We’ll see about that!”

Drew started kissing my body heading back for my tits. Between the eggs, bacon, toast, and the orange juice we were sticky and gross. I pushed his head away before he could get too carried away.

“It’s time for another shower!” I sighed.

“My thoughts exactly!” Drew agreed.

He picked me up and started for my bedroom. I was naked he was wearing only shorts. Drew turned us into the bathroom and stood me just inside the shower. He turned on the shower and the frigid water sprayed over me.

“Drew!” I yelled the sound echoing in the small enclosure.

“Drew’s gone only Andrew is here.” He teased me. “I’m going to clean up the kitchen, Drew will be back to help you dress.”

“No you can’t leave me!” I shouted, but it was too late. He was gone closing the door on his way out.


I darted from Andi’s room and ducked into mine closing the door. Leaning against it I hoped she didn’t follow me. I looked at my hand shaking as thought about what I just did. If I had to see her naked another minute I’m not sure what I would have done.

Andi has that effect on me. I’m not sure why but it’s always been that way. She is not the most beautiful girl but she is far from homely either. Quiet and timid there is an inner strength few people see. Seeing her naked has only deepened my desire.

Her moves are all wrong except if you look at them from her world, then they are as graceful as any ballerina. If she could see Andi would find me staring at her every time she steps in a room. I love her like no other woman I have ever met. Mom and dad know that. It has taken this long to get their blessing.

You see the problem with Andi is she is so unpredictable. One moment she seems perfectly happy to go along with something and the next she minute she fights like a tiger or worse yet bolts back to her room. Other than mom it seems only I have the patience to understand these episodes for what they really are.

A little girl that is blind becoming a woman in and ever more complicated world. A world she cannot see, a world that changes in the blink of an eye. The fact is without mom around Andi is terrified to be outside her room most of the time. I need to change that, I hope I don’t lose her in the process.

I hopped in the shower wasting no time. I brushed my teeth and put her favorite cologne on. Back in the kitchen I assessed the carnage. The eggs, bacon, and toast were a breeze. The yolks had started to harden, the orange juice had dried up. It took every bit of thirty minutes before the dishwasher was started and the last of the paper towels disposed of.

I was surprised Andi didn’t call or come out. I walked back to her room finding the door just as I left it.

“Dee?” I called out.

There wasn’t a sound for a moment. Then I heard a faint sob.

“Marco.” She squeaked.

“Polo!” I replied.

I walked slowly and quietly closer.

“Marco!” Andi called out a bit louder.

I stood outside the bathroom and listened at the door.



“Polo!” I replied reminding her I had not found her yet.

“Marco!” Andi called out.

I opened the door and saw her sitting in the shower with the water off. Andi had been clearly crying.

“Is that you Drew?” She lifted her arms up.

“Yes baby.” I whispered. “What’s wrong?”

“You left me.”

I moved beside her on the shower floor and pulled her on my lap. She was shivering from the cold tile still naked. She found my face and started kissing me like she never had before. Andi’s tongue found mine looking for understanding.

I bent my knees up pressing her ass closer to me hoping to warm her up. I stroked her wet hair knowing I needed to get her dry.

“I’m sorry. I went and cleaned up the kitchen.” I kissed her cheek. “I would never leave you Dee”

“Drew are we going to make love?” Andi asked. She stunned me with her bluntness.

“Not unless you want to.” I replied.


“Do you want to?” I asked.

“Do you?” Dee asked cornering me.

“When the time is right.” I answered avoiding a direct answer.

“When will that be?”

“Not today my love.” I kissed her. “Not today.”

Trembling she kissed me again offering her tongue. Dee was balled up in my lap my arms and legs pressing her tight against me. I could feel her body still covered with goosebumps.

“Did you finish your shower?” I asked.


“Let’s get you dried and dressed, we’re going on a trip.” I informed her.


“What top do you want me to wear now?” I asked sitting on my bed.

“You’re not putting on a bra?” Drew responded.

“Do you want me to?” I asked remembering the earlier discussion.

“Do you have anything nicer than these?” He asked opening up my drawer.

“These are good quality and fit great. What do you mean nicer?” I asked stupidly.

“Dee that may be true but they look kind of plain.” Drew replied.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know I am a prude as they say, but I am not stupid. I know women like to where frilly things. I know about lingerie and all that. But what I don’t understand is how a bra can be plain? I mean if you wear it right they aren’t supposed to be seen are they?

“I think they are all the same.” I replied hoping to end the conversation.

“Well ok.” I could hear the disappointment in his voice as he handed me one.

“So I am wearing a bra?” I teased hoping he would say no.

“Yeah. Put it on and I will pick out a top.” Drew replied distracted.

Properly dressed to leave the house Andrew led me into the garage. He opened the door to dad’s car and helped me inside.

“Why we taking dad’s car?” I asked.

‘It’s a bit of a drive for the bike and the truck is kind of old and not as comfortable.” Drew explained.

“Where we going?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise. Relax and just enjoy the ride.” Drew suggested.

He even let me pick out the station on the satellite radio. We listened to the comedy station laughing most of the way.


Andi and I are on the way up to my brother Ernie’s. She is listening to the satellite radio in dad’s car oblivious to what is going on around her. I want to go on record as opposing a meeting this soon. When I voiced my concern Bert suggested I could abstain but it was going to take place with or without me. I figured I owed it to Roger to come.

I glanced over at Andi she looked so happy.

Ernie and his family live in a modest sized house on a large lot. Bert and his wife were there with his three kids. Roger and Ashlyn were there with both of their kids. We were met at the door with great fanfare. Andi because she rarely leaves the familiarity of the house and me because of my return home. Alex and Angie took Andi outside to play with the toddlers. The babies were either put to bed or stayed with us.

Bert started the discussion making it clear that the past needed to stay in the past. Ernie followed up with basically the same sentiments. Ashlyn spoke next apologizing for her actions and to say she and Roger would be going to counselling. Roger spoke briefly apologizing for his part in the situation between him and Ashlyn.

When I apologized for my part I thought it might all be over quickly. That it turns out was not to be.

“So you intend to pursue Andi?” Bert’s wife Angeline asked. She looked over at her counterpart Ernie’s wife Anita.

As much as Bert and Ernie are carefree their wives are not. They are each strong willed, but together they were downright formidable. I knew better than to brush them off.

“If she wants me to.” I looked at each of them.

“Do you think it wise?” Anita asked.

She looked over at Angeline letting her know they were together on this. It was polite way of reminding me Andi is my sister.

“I love her and I’m pretty sure she loves me.” I replied calmly.

“Have you both thought this through?” Anita continued to push.

“I have.”

“Have you two been together?” Angeline asked what they all were thinking.

“Don’t answer that!” Ashlyn burst out standing up. “That’s my sister! I will not sit here and let you question her virtue!”

“But you did!” Angeline spat back.

That was the very reason I feared this meeting. God we can be so cruel to each other.

“Enough of this!” Ernie thundered. “Mom and dad have blessed this and so will we! Is that understood?”

The room became instantly quiet. I looked at the doorway and there she stood. Her hand quivering as Andi held the door open. There is a ferocity about Ernie few people outside the family understand. When he speaks like this people listen. We all looked at Bert to see if he would pull rank. Even Andi faced the two of them.

When Bert chose not to argue we all knew this was how it was going to be. Bert and Ernie had spoken and not even their wives would dare go against them.

“Drew can we go home now?” She whispered.

The whole family now looked at me to see what I would do. I knew they thought we would leave. That’s the way things were done in the past. Take the poor blind girl home, take her away from the ugliness of situations like this.

“We haven’t eaten yet.” I replied. “You are welcome to join us.”

The whole family looked at me again like I was a crazy person. Surely I was joking, we never talked about Andi when she was present.

“I want to go home.” Andi said firmly.

“I could call you a cab.” I replied defiantly.

“I want to go home!” She stood visibly upset. “Why won’t you take me?”

“Because Ernie and Anita invited us to dinner and it would be rude to leave before we eat.” I explained softly not moving from where I sat.

She wanted to cry. I could tell she was doing everything she could to hold back. For once she wasn’t getting her way. Mom and dad weren’t here to protect her from the outside world. Andi shifted in the doorway. I thought she might try to leave but Andi was in a pickle.

Alex had left her at the door like I asked him to. I knew she wanted to stay and she was in unfamiliar territory. Leaving without an escort was risky. If she did we all knew it was to garner attention.

“I’m not a kid you know!” Andi blurted out. “Why do you always send me away when you talk?”

“Come sit with me and we will talk.” I offered.

“I don’t want to talk to you, I want to talk to them!” Andi replied waving her arm.

“Come sit with me and we will all talk.” I assured her.

Ashlyn moved to Andi and guided her over to me. Andi sat down clutching my hand and arm.

‘What would you like to talk about?” I asked her.

“What were you talking about before I came in.” Andi asked.

There was a hush followed by whispers. Ashlyn looked at me as did Bert and Ernie. By now they knew what was coming next.

“Angeline and Anita are concerned about the two of us.” I explained gripping her hand letting her know I was not letting go.

“Is that all?” Andi asked tilting her head.

“Angeline asked if you and I have been intimate?” I grinned. Angeline turned red and glared at me.

“Oh!” Andi gasped. She moved her head searching out Angeline. “Is that what you all talk about behind my back?”

You could have heard a pin drop at that moment. Bert looked at Ernie, Lyn looked at Roger. Angeline looked at Anita. There was a pregnant pause as I let it set in with them.

“Dee they are just looking out for you.” I broke the deafening silence. “We all love you, we just want what is best for you.”

“So does Drew get to fuck me or not?” Andi asked shocking everyone including me. She stood up to face them all.

“Oh Andi!” Ashlyn swooned in and hugged her. “Of course he can honey! If that’s what you want, you have our blessing!”

In that very moment Ashlyn did more than she would ever realize. Anita and Angeline moved in and hugged the two of them. Roger looked at me, he knew the significance as well. It was a poignant moment for sure. I stood and kissed Andi on the cheek.

“I’ll be outside with the kids.” I whispered.

“Come with me we will get the meal ready.” Anita took Andi’s hand.

“But I can’t cook.” Andi replied shyly.

“You can make the salads.” Lyn teased.

I winked at Bert and Ernie on my way out.


“You had Alex bring me there on purpose didn’t you?” Andi asked as we drove back home.

“Being a grown up means sometimes you need to do and hear things you don’t want to.” I replied.

Andi didn’t respond to my statement. She seemed happy to listen to the radio on the way back home.

I pulled into the garage and closed the overhead door. Walking around I opened her door. I took her hand and guided her from the car.

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