“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 02-2

Then I heard it. I focused on the change in the air waves just like she would. The high pitch squeak of the door hinge pierced the silence. The distinct sound of her bare feet on the hall floor reverberated through the still of the night. I focused just like I imagined she would to see the world around her. The steps kept coming closer.

I could hear her feel her way along the wall the tips of her fingers sensitive to any and all surfaces. I kept my eyes closed still living in the world of darkness. When her hand touched my open door I knew she was standing just outside my room. I waited to hear if she would come closer.

I knew there was no way I could move without her knowing. Even if I did it would only scare her. She had come this far, would she come all the way?

“Polo.” I whispered.

Andi stood silently without replying. Maybe she thought I didn’t really know she was there. Maybe she was scared to answer.

“Polo.” I called out. “Please Dee?”

My eyes still closed she squeaked a response.


“Polo!” I replied letting her know I was not going to move.

The door swung open all the way, I listened as she slowly moved closer to my bed.

“Marko.” She whispered.

“Polo.” I replied letting her know she was close.

“You left me.” Andi whispered.

“I’m sorry.” I answered. “I thought that was what you wanted?”

“I was wrong.”

“Polo.” I whispered letting her know I was still waiting for her to ‘find’ me.

“Drew, I’m scared.”

“I know.” I responded. “Polo.” I repeated.

Andi shuffled close to the bed her knee telling her she was there. I opened my eyes for the first time. She was standing there in just her white cotton panties. I sat up in bed placing Andi between my legs. I placed my hands on her narrow hips and held her in place.

“You’re not wearing a bra?” I teased.

“Do you approve?” She giggled nervously.

“Just one minute and I’ll let you know!”

I kissed her just above her belly button. Andi cooed in reply. I moved up just under her breast. Her hands came up to frame my face but didn’t stop me. I continued up and latched onto her right breast. The nipple was already hard in anticipation.

“Drew!” Andi squealed.

I pulled loose. “Do you want me to stop?”

Her hands gripped my face and guided it back to her breast.

“No!” Andi gasped.

She threw her head back and thrust her chest firmly against my mouth. I gently tugged her nipple with my lips, the room echoed with her approval. I guided her to the bed and leaned over to attack her other breast as she sent me conflicting signals.

I tested the waters by rubbing my hand over her mound. Andi groaned in protest, her hand came down and gripped my wrist.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that?” Andi sighed in disappointment.

She confirmed what I already suspected. Her body was willing but her brain was still fighting a battle she wouldn’t share with me. A bit disappointed I removed my hand from her panties. She started to move from the bed.

“You’re not staying?” I asked.

“But I thought we agreed to wait?” She whispered.

“Yeah? So we can sleep in the same bed if we make love, but if we don’t, we need to sleep in different beds?” I asked letting her know it was going to happen sooner or later.

“You’re not mad?” She asked.

I pulled her under the covers and snuggled up against her. I kissed her goodnight passionately. She returned my love by kissing me back. Andi settled in beside me for all of maybe a minute. She shifted endlessly for the next five.

“Drew I need to tell you something.” Dee whispered.

“In the morning Andi.” I replied smiling.

“I need to tell you now!” Dee insisted.


“I …………….” Dee started then stopped. “I need to ………….”

“Yes?” I asked knowing she was still struggling.

“I………..” She started again. “I need to get my bra!”

“Really?” I asked sitting up. “You stay, I will get it for you.”

I jumped up and went to her room. Turning on the light I found a clean bra in her dresser. I turned off the light and returned to her in my bed. Andi quickly slipped her bra on covering her tits. I kissed her one more time. Bra, bullshit, I thought, she was still hiding something.

I drifted to sleep when I felt she had as well. I was in the middle of an interesting dream when I was awaken by Andi in my bed. I was in a daze when I heard.

“Drew, I love you!” Andi called out.

“I love you too!” I whispered locating her in bed with me.

I felt the bed gently shifting. I leaned up on one elbow looking at her in the dim light. Dee was face down in the bed her butt was slightly raised I could just make out her body moving.

“Wait for me Drew!” Andi hissed.

She was facing away from me, I turned on the lamp.

“Andi?” I whispered.

She was contorted on the bed beside me. One hand under her bra tugging her nipple the other forced beneath her panties. I could see her hand moving between her legs. From the sound of it, her fingers were in her pussy churning up her excitement. Facing down Andi mumbled into the mattress. With her back arched, her ass hovered just off the bed her arm snaked beneath her.

Andi was masturbating, and from the sounds of it, to her phantom lover named Drew. I smiled.

I have to admit it excited me as she pleasured herself.

“Dee.” I whispered again.

With no reply I assumed she was dreaming. Like a voyeur peeking in a window I watched as Andi continued to pleasure herself. Despicable thoughts crossed my mind as she continued to writhe on the bed. Undressing her came to mind. Turning her over and watch her fingers plunge in her juicy cunt was another.

I decided to just watch and enjoy the show as it unfolded. Andi continued to mumble as she humped her fingers. Suddenly she rolled over exposing her breast in the process.

“Harder Drew!” She said clearly before the mumbling began again.

She arched her back again this time in the other direction. Her hand was a flurry beneath her panties. Her breathing became quicker, I could see her stomach tighten. Her body flushed in a deeper shade of pink.

“Now Drew!” Andi cried out.

She thrust her hips high now. Her body shuddered, the bed shook with her. Andi jammed her fingers deep in her cunt. Her stomach tightened, her legs clamped tight on her hand. She gripped her tit and squeezed it firmly.

“So good!” Andi babbled her voice trailing off. “I love you Drew.”

Sitting there I was in awe at what I just witnessed. It was so erotic. I looked on as her orgasm subsided. Andi lay back her left hand released her breast and fell to her side. Her right hand slipped from under her panties and rested on her tummy her fingers glistening.

Was this was her secret? Is this what she could not bring herself to tell me? I continued to watch contemplating what to do next. Andi’s right hand slowly lifted moving to her mouth. If the sight of her bringing herself off wasn’t enough watching her clean her fingers was.

I reached up and turned the lamp off. As soon as she heard the click of the switch Andi jerked.

“Andrew?” She whispered.

I contemplated if I should answer but only for a second.

“Shhhh. I’m sleeping.” I teased.

“OH NO!” Andi cried out.

I reached over and grabbed her right wrist pulling her hand in my direction. Andi instantly resisted. She pulled back her hand half way between us.

“No Drew!” She protested.

Instead of fighting her I moved to her hand. I took it and sucked all four fingers in my mouth. Andi tried to jerk free but she was no match for me. I held firm until there was no reason for her to resist. I then sucked each finger clean individually as she started crying.

“I’m sorry Drew. I’m so sorry!” Andi sobbed. “Oh what have I done?”

“I’d say you were a naughty girl!” I teased her laughing.

“Drew!” Andi scolded me. “That’s not funny!”

“But it was very sexy!” I teased her more.

“Did I say anything?” She asked still sobbing.

“You were calling out some guy’s name.” I replied.

“It was you!” Andi tried to explain “It was you Drew!”

I leaned over her and started to kiss her passionately. I could feel the dampness on her cheeks. Andi had been through so much, I knew she couldn’t take much more. I rolled her over on her side and moved in behind her.

“We can talk in the morning.” I whispered.

“You’re not disgusted?” Andi asked.

I wanted to answer but had a better idea. I spooned closer and pushed my hard cock tight against her ass.

“What do you think?” I teased.

“I think I’m in love with you!” Andi said pressing back firmly.

I had an uneasy feeling there was more my baby sister was still not telling me.


I waited for Andrew to fall asleep before I could allow myself that pleasure. I was so embarrassed he knew what I did. I can’t help it, whenever he is around I have this dream he will make love to me. I wish mom was home.

I woke with a startle. I started to sit up. The smells were all wrong for my room. I was just piecing it together when I heard him move.

“Don’t forget you’re in my room.” Drew whispered.

“Drew can we talk?” I asked.

“Later, let’s get you cleaned up and dressed before I ravish you right here.” Drew replied.

I was too embarrassed to respond. I could smell his stale breath as he kissed my cheek. I followed Drew’s lead as he walked me to my room.

“Do you need help washing?” Drew teased me.

I loved what we did yesterday, I wanted to say yes. This was all moving so fast! After last night I don’t know if I could trust myself. I was still so conflicted, so scared.

“Drew I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” I replied, literally shaking in fear.

He reached out and took hold of my shoulders. His hands are so strong and firm. Drew held me until I settled down. I felt his hands slip the straps of my bra over each shoulder. Drew was so gentle, I shivered when the straps slid over my arms resting at my elbows.


“Shhh. Trust me.” He whispered cutting me off.

He pulled me closer reaching behind to release the clasp. Straightening up I felt the cups struggle to cling to the slopes of my small breasts. I stood nervously as he slowly removed the garment. Drew was in no rush, maybe that’s why I was.

Drew never left contact with my body as he shifted hands as needed to let me remove my bra. I could feel my nipples harden, the heat from his body radiated to mine. Drew’s hands caressed my arms before they moved to my sides mid torso. I wanted to hug him so bad but he held me at bay.

He hands tickled me as they moved to my waist. My whole body tensed as he moved lower. My hands instinctively moved to his upper arms. I could feel the muscles bulge in his biceps as my hands moved to his shoulders.

I could feel him shift his weight. I expected him to suck my nipple. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. Goose bumps ran up my back as Drew started to roll my panties over my hips to my thighs. If he would have picked me up at that moment he could have fucked me with no resistance.

Drew however continued moving lower. I could feel his strong hands slide the soft material over my thighs and past my knees. His shoulders were at my waist as he lowered the panties to my feet. I was lost in anticipation of what he would do next. I wanted to pull his face to my sex I was so excited.

Drew pulled the panties free as I meekly stepped from them. His hands moved behind my calves and caressed me past my knees to the back of my thighs. I was sure he could smell my excitement as I did. Drew kissed my belly button bringing me back to reality. I almost flung myself at him. I wanted to.

He stood further, his hands reaching the crease between my thighs and ass. I was prepared to wrap my legs around his waist if he picked me up. Surely there was a puddle of excitement on the floor by now I thought? How could he not know I was his at this very moment?

Drew gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me tight to his body. I sighed in lust as I felt his cock push against my mound through his shorts! If he moved in any way I was going to cum! The hairs on his chest brushed against my nipples. As soft as they were it sent a thousand tingles through my hard nubs. I wrapped my arms around him just to hold on if I orgasmed.

“You should take your shower.” Drew murmured in my ear.

“Drew take me now!” I blurted out.

I clung to him desperate to show him how I felt. My body had overridden my brain. His strong arms peeled me off and stood me in front of him.

“We will talk after you get cleaned up.” Drew said bringing me back to my senses.

Embarrassed of making a fool of myself again I reached for the door.

“Leave it open. I want to watch you.” Drew mentioned. I could feel his hand keep the door from closing.

“My bra and panties.” I smiled holding out my hand.

Drew bent down and handed them to me. I turned and walked to my bathroom. Just knowing he was watching me gave me butterflies. I turned on the shower as cold as I could stand it. Even that was almost not enough to keep me from masturbating again.

I finished in the bathroom and entered my room to dress. As soon as I pulled the towel from my body I knew he was there. I could smell his fresh scent. The cologne he wears is my favorite. That fuzzy feeling flushed through me again as Drew looked on.

“Take a picture it lasts longer!” I teased.

“How do you know I didn’t?” Drew laughed. “Do you need help?”

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” I snapped back slipping on fresh panties.

“Would you?” Drew asked.

“Maybe?” I giggled as I reached for a clean bra.

“You don’t need that.” Drew said.

“But what if we go out?” I complained.

“Please?” Drew replied.

What is it about tits guys love so much? What is the attraction? I know mine aren’t that big, surely he wants to see bigger ones. I’ve never seen them of course, but I have felt them before. Mom’s are big she let feel hers. Then there was the one night at a sleepover some friends let me feel theirs over their bras. It started to get too weird to continue but they all laughed.

“Ok.” I answered.

Feeling flustered I almost forgot what to do next. I pulled on some shorts and went to my closet to find a top.

“Not that one.” Drew said.

“Why?” I asked confused.

“Here let me.” Drew answered moving across the room. “You look better in this one.”

“Really?” I asked still confused. “Why?”

“You look better in this green one.” Drew said matter of factly.

He handed it to me, it was thin cotton pull over. I could feel the cool air hitting my exposed chest. I knew my breasts were barely covered, I always wear a button down over it.

“Drew is this appropriate?” I asked feeling my nipples poke through the material.

“No but it’s sexy as hell!” He laughed. “Don’t worry we won’t leave the house like that.”

“You’re such a perv!” I teased him.

“You’re such a prude!” He teased back.

He was right, but it still stung when he said it. Maybe if he knew he would understand why?

‘I’ll make you breakfast.” I suggested.

“Bacon and eggs?” He teased.

“Sure!” I laughed.

He knew I could do it, but it wasn’t safe to do it alone. He walked behind me to the kitchen. Drew always did this growing up. He is so patient, not like Bert and Ernie.

He watched as I felt around the refrigerator for the eggs and bacon. It would go a lot faster if he helped but Drew wasn’t that way. I place everything just right before turning on the stove. The bacon was frying when I remembered he liked his eggs over medium.

“Scrambled ok?” I asked, listening for the bacon sizzling in the pan now.

“Over medium.” Drew replied.

“You know I can’t do that!” I protested.

“You could if you asked for help!” Drew scolded me.

He knew I hated that. I am blind not helpless. Why can’t he just let me do it my way. I started to get emotional standing there remembering why he left last time. I heard him move at the same time I felt his left hand wrap around my waist from behind.

“You’re going to burn the bacon.” Drew whispered as he gently grabbed my right wrist.

I was flustered now a bad thing when I’m cooking.

“I have this!” I barked back.

I moved my left hand over the skillet looking for the hottest spot. The grease from the bacon spattering my hand. I listened carefully as the strips moved around the pan with the spatula. I counted all five as I scooped them from the boiling grease. I heard him start the toast.

“Over easy.” Drew reminded me as he still hand one arm around my waist.

“Scrambled!” I argued.

“Andi even people who can see need help.” Drew replied.

Those were the last words he said when left last time. Well maybe the word stubborn was in there as well. He pulled me tight and kissed the side of my neck. I hated him for repeating it, but at that very moment loved that he came back.

“I love you Dee.” Drew kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear. Chills went up my back again.

“Will you help me Drew?” I whispered hoping he didn’t hear me.

“You put the eggs in and I’ll help you turn them.” He replied.

Holding my waist from behind Drew watched me put three eggs in the pan. He patiently told me I broke one yoke and had me add another egg. He held the spatula over my hand. I could tell he was separating the eggs from each other. I held my hand over the eggs and listened for the sizzle in the pan to know when they should be turned.

“Ready?” Drew asked.

I let him guide me knowing this was more than I could handle alone. It took me years to learn how to scramble an egg without burning it or myself. Drew was so patient. Holding me throughout he guided me to the last one to flip it.

“Perfect!” He praised me.

I could hear the happiness in his voice. I felt ecstatic he was proud of me. We let them cook before he helped me put them on the plates. I was turning off the stove as he set the plates on the table. Drew was buttering the toast. I headed to my seat when he took my hand. Drew pulled me on his lap.

“Hey I’m hungry!” I giggled.

“I know, so am I” Drew replied. “Let me help you.”

Not since a kid had someone fed me. I was apprehensive as he put the bacon to my mouth. I took a bite and heard him take one too. With his left hand holding me in place Drew and I took turns eating breakfast. He teased me with eggs and then toast dipped in the gooey yoke.

We never have eggs like this unless Drew’s around. I realized how much I missed them and him. I wanted to cook another batch just to stay here.

“Open wide!” Drew teased.

I opened my mouth and he stuffed in a large portion of egg the yolk running down my chin.

“Drew!” I protested talking with my mouth full.

He pulled me close and slurped the syrupy mess from my chin with his lips. I was still chewing when his lips pressed to mine. Shocked I pulled back and when I did I felt something fall on my chest.

“Drew your making a mess!” I scolded him swallowing the egg.

“Let me get that!” Drew offered.

I felt his tongue lick the yoke from the edge of my top up the slope of my breast. I could feel him move over the material and suck it clean as well. I expected him to stop but Drew moved lower nudging my nipple. He sucked it quickly I gasped in response.

“Open wide!” Drew said.

I was too flustered to resist, this time it was toast. I heard him take a bite and then we went onto bacon. I thought he was done making a mess but I should have known better. Another bite of egg, the firmer part this time. I could hear him scrape the plate with the toast.

Drew held it to my lips, I opened for him but globs of runny egg landed back on my chest.

“Drew you did it again!” I tried to explain with a mouth full of toast.

“Here drink this!” Drew demanded ignoring my complaint.

He held the glass up I could smell the tangy aroma of orange juice. He held it up so I could drink but instead of lowering it he held it even higher. Juice ran past my lips and over both sides of my chin. I wanted to protest but barely kept from choking as it was.

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