The door closed behind me with a firm thud. I looked around the sparse room. Just a bed and her desk, two small dressers. The room was completely void of pictures or visual accents. It looked almost sterile. Andi led me to the bed.

“Sit!” She demanded. I took a seat on the bed. “We will never talk about that night! Do you understand?”

“But Andi it happened we both know it did!” I argued.

“No, No it didn’t! It was me he fucked! It was me he was punishing!” She yelled. “Your whole life you have had to put up with me. Lyn you were my eyes. You never had a life of your own. You always had your little sister to drag along.”

Andi was crying now.

One by one the remaining leaves fell from the barren tree. She knew, she knew all along how I felt. Maybe that is why she locks herself in this prison. She has been hiding from me. She was letting me live without her. I was too blind to see the truth. There were only two leaves on the tree now.

“But Andi I must tell Roger!”

“No! Never! Nothing good will come from that. He must never know! I didn’t give him to you just to have you ruin it over me!” Andi stunned me.

“Gave him to me?” I replied shocked. “What are you talking about? I stole him from you!”

“No my dear sister, Roger never wanted me.” Andi lowered her voice. “He always loved you, he still does. I knew he was the perfect guy for you, but you wouldn’t give him the time of day.”

“You mean you knew?” I whispered.

“Roger and I worked it out.” Andi admitted.

“You mean he was in on it?”

“I told you he loved you. Ashlyn he loves only you!” Andi insisted. “Don’t you see the way he adores you? The way he stops talking whenever you enter a room. The way he moves through the crowd to be closer to you? The way his voice changes when he talks to you?”

All of this Andy saw with no sight. Another leaf fell to the ground.

“Don’t move.” I said.

I bolted up and went to the door.

“Drew!” I yelled. “Drew please come. Hurry!”

“Lyn, what are you doing.” Andi asked.

I ran back to her and pulled her in my arms. I kissed her firmly on the lips as her arms flailed for a moment then pulled me tight.

“I love you Andi.” I replied and kissed her firmly on the cheek.

Drew was standing at the door looking on.

“I will see you later.” I whispered in her ear.

I pulled away, heading to the door I kissed Drew on the cheek.

“Please take care of my baby.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Drew asked. I looked back at her as she tried to pinpoint our location.

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life.” I replied.

He stepped in, I stepped out. I closed the door. The last leaf fell from the tree. It was a beautiful tree, I wish Andi could see it, but then maybe she was the only one that could. Starting now I planned on showing her how beautiful the tree could be with new leaves, only this time leaves of love.

Bert and Ernie were waiting for me when I reached the living room. Alex and Angie looked up at me. I am not sure when the last time they had seen me smile.

“Are you ready to go home?” Ernie asked.

“I’m not allowed.” I replied, the pain of knowing that hurt twice as much this time.

“Yeah about that.” Bert cut in. “When I explained the situation…”

“You talked to him!”

“Roger would like you to come home.” Bert replied.

“But I can’t leave her!” I protested.

“I think she’s in good hands for now.” Ernie said as he walked up with the kids.

“Can I come back tomorrow?” I asked looking back at the hall.

“I’m sure she would like that.” Bert smiled.

“Wait!” I said “We need to turn on the alarm!”

“Right. What’s the code?” Ernie asked again.

“ANGI” Bert reminded him.

“I thought it was ANDI” I replied.

“Nah, you know dad he forgets everything. Mom used grandma’s first name so he would remember it. It’s been that way for almost thirty years and he still forgets!” Bert laughed.

And here I thought it was all about Andi, once again I was wrong.

“Can we stop to eat, I’m hungry!” Ernie asked.

“Really? After everything you’re hungry?” I teased.

“He’s always hungry.” Bert joked.

“Dad! What’s a virgin?” Alex questioned as we closed the door.

“Ask your mother.” Bert replied.


I know he’s in the room I can smell him. He likes to play this game where I have to find him. I hate him for it but love him just the same.

“Marco!” Drew whispered.

“Polo!” I replied.

I heard him take off his shoes and socks to move across the room. But he was on my turf now, I cut him off and turned off the light.

“Hey that’s cheating!” He laughed. I moved closer.

“Polo.” I replied.

I stood holding my breath.

“Marco.” He teased.

I moved to force him into the corner.

“Polo.” I whispered listening for his next move.

Bang! Thud!

“Ow!” He cried out hitting the dresser.


“Come here beautiful.” Drew stood gripping my waist.

“Are you just saying that or am I really beautiful?” I whispered.

“Come with me.” Drew whispered. “Better yet let me go with you.”

“Where?” I asked.

“The shower.” Drew suggested.


“Trust me Dee.”

I led him into the bathroom. I heard him turn on the light. I felt his hands grip the bottom of my top and tug up. I stopped him immediately. I wasn’t wearing a bra.


“Shhhhh. My baby.” He pulled past my resistance.

“I’m not a baby!” I protested.

“You will always be my baby.” He whispered as he pulled my top over my arms and tossed it down.

“You can’t leave that there!” I complained making a mental note of where it landed.


Drew gripped the waist band of my sweat pants and started to push them down. I could feel his breath as it passed over my nipples. I stepped out listening to see if he put it with the top. His hands stroked the way up my legs until they reached my panties.

“Trust me Dee.” Drew reminded me.

My body was shaking I was so nervous. Drew steadied me by holding my hips. He gripped the panties and rolled them over my thighs and past my knees. I stepped out of them knowing no man has seen what he is looking at right now. Even my doctors are female.

“Your turn.” Drew whispered.

“What? I’m naked!” I reminded him my words echoed off the tile walls.

“Undress me.” Drew said softly.

“Oh?” I replied nervously.

I found his face, he kissed my fingers. I found his neck and the collar to his tee shirt. Running my hands down over his chest and his firm stomach I found the hem. I anxiously pulled it up and over his head. I threw it in the direction he put my clothes.

“Now my pants.” Drew urged me on.

The jeans were course and sturdy. It took a moment to figure out how to get the solid button through the hole. Drew stood motionless and quiet just his breathing reminding me he was still watching me. I pulled down the zipper the jeans sagged in my hands. I started to lower them, bending slightly I could smell his musk the lower I went.

Drew stepped out and pushed them across the tiled floor to the growing pile. I stood facing him uncertain if I could take the next step. This had all happened so fast but in reality we had been here for quite some time. Drew knew I wanted to remember every move we made. He has always been so patient with me.

“Dee. You’re tickling me.” He laughed as my hands caressed his sides as I built up the courage to take the next step.

I found the elastic band and started to tug the sides down with unsteady hands. I had only gotten maybe two inches when I felt resistance. I tugged harder, Drew moaned.

“What?” I asked concerned.

He giggled letting me stand there bewildered. I felt his hand grip my wrist softly. He guided my hand in front. It rested on a long hard object projecting up from his groin. The elastic band was snagged on the mushroom head.

“Oh! Drew!” I gasped. He only laughed at my innocence. “That’s not funny!” I said.

“Don’t stop now!” He protested.

I was an emotional wreck now. What do I do? Ignore it? I pulled the elastic out and released the flesh like beast that moments ago was trapped within. He moaned in pleasure as I passed over his cock. When I had them at his ankles he stepped out of them. I stood up my whole body trembling in fear of what he would do next.

Drew gripped my hips and pulled me into him. I could feel his naked body pressed into mine. His cock pushed firmly into my stomach where there seemed to be a dampness. I felt him bend lower to kiss me. His lips had never felt so delicious. There was a calmness about him that I just can’t explain.

“Are you ready beautiful?” Drew whispered.

“You never answered my question.”

“Come with me and I will.” Drew replied.

He turned on the water and waited for it to come up to temperature. He stepped in then guiding me to join him. Drew stood behind me his hands wrapped around my waist.

“Don’t move.” He whispered.

Drew started by washing my hair. After rinsing off, his hands returned to my hips. The steam from the hot water filled the shower with his manly musk. My nostrils flared to draw in every atom of his being. He took my hands in his.

“Let me show you what I see.” Drew whispered.

With just the hot water he guided our hands over my face. I have touched so many faces over the years but it seems I never took the time to remember mine. Drew made too many comments to write but they were all flattering. When we finished with my face we moved down my long neck to the top of my chest. He used words like elegant, and sophisticated. To my breasts, more than a mouthful made me laugh. Pert and proportional had no meaning to me until now. To my stomach which was firm or athletic. By the time we made it to my vagina there was a wetness there I had never experienced before.

I guided Drew lower afraid what he might say or do if we stopped there. He squeezed and caressed my ass using naughty words to describe it until I squealed in protest! It seems my thighs and legs were well regarded by my brother as well. My whole body was a thing of beauty according to Drew. I so wanted to believe him.

I spun around in his arms. I needed to feel his naked body too. Drew knew instantly as I started at his hair what I was going to do. I shampooed it and rinsed it off. Using my body wash I covered every inch of his body. There were muscles everywhere, in places I’m not sure women had.

Just a few inches taller than me, there was thickness to him that seemed more pronounced without clothes. His sheer bulk intimidated me, I knew there must be strength there I couldn’t comprehend. I was fascinated by how strong he must be, and yet how gentle he was. I couldn’t think of a safer place to be than inside his arms.

I finished washing every part of this man except his penis. I wanted to, but was scared what might happen. The water started getting colder and we were out of adjustments. My innocence did not go unnoticed or allowed to neglect my mission.

“Dee you’re not done!” Drew said suggestively.

“Are you sure?” I asked, my whole body trembled in fear and excitement.

Drew placed my hand on his cock and showed me how to stroke it. I could spend an hour describing what I learned that day. How could something so disgusting could be so beautiful at the same time? How can it be so hard one minute and go so soft the next?

The end was spongy and yet so sensitive. The ridge below so defined, flaring just the right amount. The shaft hard as rock and yet pulsed with life, the veins were like braille to my fingers. My senses were on overload but there was one that I had never used that burst within me. Nature’s code, our DNA demanded I make him cum.

Drew was thrusting in my hand as his desire took over. Somehow I knew what he needed, what I wanted for him. I did my best to keep up, but he seemed to want me to go faster. Drew gripped my hand around his cock. It was firm but not tight, I let him set the pace. The shower echoed with his change of breathing and moans. Drew grunted a couple of times our hands moving ever faster.

With one hard thrust he moaned out loud calling my name. “Andi!” I will never forget that moment. I could feel his cock swell and then the next moment a warm blob hit my chest. The warmth took me by surprise before the luke-warm water washed it away. I squealed as the next one landed, my body seemed to spasm with his. This was followed closely by another and another. I hoped it would never stop.

Drew was cumming! I had never experienced anything so intense in my life. His cock started to shrink, I could tell he was satisfied but drained. I threw myself at him and kissed him passionately. I was wrong, Drew was not done. He turned me around and thrust his hand between my legs.

“Drew no!” I protested as the water turned colder still.

“Open!” He cursed at me as I clamped my legs shut.

His left hand reached around front and grabbed my right breast. He squeezed it firmly. His right hand pushed deeper. Still I resisted his attempt to touch me in that forbidden place. I tilted my head listening to the sounds bouncing from the walls. His hand loosened on my breast but his arm held me tight. The racing heartbeat I heard was mine.

“Dee, I won’t ask again.” Drew whispered.

He was asking me to trust him even more than I already had. Only he could call me Dee. He was the only adult other than mom who was even allowed in my room. Only Drew was allowed to tease me about being blind. This was on another level.

I spread my legs so his hand could glide past the hair protecting my vagina. His fingers gently caressed my outer folds. I had done this myself on rare occasions but this was different. His left arm pulled me tighter to him as his right hand moved past my opening. He must be lost I figured.

Drew curled his middle finger and slipped it between the folds and drug it along my slit. I leaned back against him giving him access to my soul. I widened my stance further his finger brushed my clitoris.

“Drew!” I moaned.

Drew started back down, I could feel his finger slide through my excitement. He moved lower almost too low. I was afraid what he would do if he touched me there. Back along my vagina, this time two fingers spread me open. I widened my stance again.

His fingers moved to both sides of my clitoris tugging gently at the sensitive tissue. My body was shaking, I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass. His hand moved down again. I was on the edge of ecstasy. When he came up this time his middle finger entered my vagina.

“OOOOHHH!” I cried out between clenched teeth. My body shuddered with a feeling I wanted, a feeling words fail to adequately describe.

This was beyond my dreams, beyond anything I could imagine. How could anybody make another person feel this way? There was more to come I surmised, it was like there was this anticipation for something bigger. Something better

I gripped his hand and moved it just like he had mine. Drew was so close, there was this itch that needed scratching but he just couldn’t find it.

I couldn’t feel the water. I blocked out every sound. I stopped breathing just so I could concentrate. For the first time in my life maybe, I was glad I couldn’t see. The world stopped to exist except for Drew, his body pressed against mine, his cock lodged between the cheeks of my ass, his arm holding me in place, his hand still gripping my breast, his finger in my vagina, and now his palm rubbing my clit!

My first real orgasm hit like a sonic boom! I knew it hit hard, I could almost feel the shockwaves emanate from my pussy and slowly spread to the rest of my body. Wave after delicious wave hit over and over.

“DREW!” I screamed just in case he didn’t know what he had done.

The sounds bounced inside the small enclosure. Drew pulled his hand from inside me just in time to keep me from collapsing on the shower floor. Holding me he turned off the cold water. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to my bed.

I heard him run back to the bathroom and then return. Soon he was drying me off making sure not to miss any part of my body. I lay naked in front of him as he dried himself. The room was eerily quiet. If I could only see for a minute in my entire life, this would be the minute I would choose.

“I should get dressed.” I suggested.

“Please don’t.” Drew whispered.

“But …”

I wanted to argue with him.

“But what?” He asked.

“But…ok?” I giggled.

I knew then I was beautiful. At least to Drew. That’s all I needed to know. It wasn’t easy exposing myself to my brother like this. I had never considered what it would be like to be seen without clothes. It was liberating in a way.

“Come here I want to see you.” I teased.

“Should I turn the lights on?” Drew asked.

“Marco!” I whispered.

Drew picked me up and pulled the covers from the bed. He placed me down on the sheet and slipped in beside me. I pulled the covers over us as he snuggled closer.

“Polo.” Drew said.

I pulled him into a loving kiss.

“I love you Andi.” Drew whispered.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked holding my breath.

“I came back didn’t I?” Drew replied.

“Yes you did.” I smiled. “But if you decide to leave again I’ll understand.”

“No Andi, we both know after today that is never going to happen.” Drew caressed my face. “Where I go you go. Where you go I go.

“Marco” I whispered.

“Polo” Drew replied. I turned and faced him. I moved my arms over his shoulders and pulled him tight.

“I found you Drew. I found you!” I sobbed. “Promise you won’t hide from me again?”

“I Promise.”

To be continued…

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