It was perfect wedding for me. The dinner, dancing, everyone focused only on me and Roger. We ran out of the reception and into a waiting limo. The driver whisked us away to the finest hotel in town. Roger took me in his arms and confessed his love one more time.

I can still feel the shivers down my back as he unbuttoned my dress from behind. His lips were so soft but he kissed me hard. His hands gripped my breasts and squeezed firmly. His hot breath tickled the back of my neck. I pushed back and felt his hard cock press against my ass. I wanted him inside me.

Only when he had me naked did he pick me up and throw me on the bed. Roger undressed instantly then joined me, we kissed for many minutes. He moved down and parted my legs. When his tongue licked my pussy I almost came.

Roger took his time remembering to visit all my favorite places. He held me on the verge of cumming even when I begged. Only when I couldn’t stand another minute of his tongue bath did he focus on my clit. Flicking it side to side the first wave of ecstasy surge through my body.

I felt my stomach tighten then a burst of sexual release. I was cumming.

“I need you in me!” I cried out!

Roger ignored my outburst and teased me first by stopping at my tits.

“Please honey!” I begged.

“Yes Mrs. Roger Grambling!” He teased me.

Roger moved between my legs and filled my pussy. It was a feeling I could never get enough of. Roger was a perfect fit. Over the last year he learned just what I needed in man. I loved the feeling of him lying on top of me! I loved that he filled me up and knew just the right pace to drive me crazy.

I loved his hairy chest and six pack stomach. His strong arms made me feel safe. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him close. Our excitement started to weep from my pussy and down the crack of my ass. He grunted as or pelvises smacked together.

“Give me a baby!” I teased him.

“One baby coming up he panted.”

Then I felt the best part of our making love. That feeling of hot cum escaping his throbbing cock. I started cumming again!

“Ashlyn” Ernie called out. “Wake up Ashlyn.”

It took a moment to get my bearings back. I wondered why Ernie was standing above me. I looked at Andi’s door and all of the wretched memories flooded back in my brain.

“Ernie I’m so sorry!” I cried.

“It’s ok were here now.” Ernie helped me up.

He took me through the living room and into the kitchen. Bert was gnawing a chicken leg, a bucket of KFC setting on the counter. Alex and Angie were setting at the table eating chicken and salad.

“You stopped to get chicken?” I asked in disbelief.

“What this?” Bert said between bites. “The note said it was in the oven. I missed dinner. I’m hungry!”

“What note?” I asked confused.

“That note, it was under the edge of the salad!” Bert pointed as he picked up another piece of chicken.

Ernie grinned as he handed me the note. ‘Thought this might cheer you up. Plenty for leftovers. A’. It was from Andi, the penmanship was unmistakable. The letters took up a whole page and were anything but readable and straight.

“Oh no!” I moaned.

It was all my fault again. She knew it was my favorite. How did she get it here? Why hadn’t I seen the note? I looked at the paper again, it had been folded in half. It had been under the edge of the salad.

Ernie knew right then what had happened. He looked at Bert, that wicked smile crossed his face. “I think you’re up.”

“Can I finish eating?” Bert asked putting his hand back in the bucket.

“Talk first, eat later!” Ernie replied.

“Ok but this is going to be a short conversation!” Bert warned. He tried to grab another drumstick but Ernie smacked his hand. “Ok I’m going!”

Bert washed his hands and headed out of the kitchen. Ernie looked in the refrigerator and gave each of the kids a juice box. He sat down after filling a plate and started eating.

“God knows what she is doing in there and you’re going to eat?” I scolded him.

“Look, Bert’s on it. What do you expect me to do?” He asked raising his hand with a chicken breast in it.

Bert came back just as Ernie took a bite of chicken.

“She wants the kids when they are done eating.” Bert announced.

“That’s it?” Ernie asked.

“She won’t even open the door unless it’s them!” Bert looked at me.

“I better call mom.” Ernie announced.

Bert sat down where I set him a place at the table. I looked in the bucket the only things left were thighs. My least favorite. I looked in the oven and found the mashed potatoes, in the fridge was the coleslaw. I dished them out sparingly just as Ernie returned.

“Looks like were spending the night.” He looked at Bert and me.

After they ate and brushed their teeth the kids changed into pajamas. Ernie sent them down the hall alone. We all knew she could tell if we were with them. I heard the door open, the kids squealed in delight and then the door closed.

“What did you say to her?” Bert asked as soon as the door closed.

“I was upset!” I tried to explain.

“About what?” Ernie asked.

How could I tell them it all started over a salad? Oh god I fucked up.

“You don’t know what it’s like living with her!” I blustered.

Ernie looked at Bert, they both rolled their eyes. I was only digging a deeper hole.

“We are talking about Andi right” Bert snapped back.

I was going to defend myself but Ernie stepped in.

“Enough! The damage is done. We all know how she can be.” Ernie glared at me letting me know I was full of shit. “Mom is going to try and call him.”

“And?” Bert asked for us both.

“She is not sure where he is. She will call back in the morning.” Ernie explained. “I told her we would stay until she called.”

“Can’t we call him?” I protested.

“Really Lyn?” Bert snarled. “We’ll be lucky if he answers her call.”

“I was only trying to help!” I protested.

“Oh, I think you have helped enough!” Bert replied.

“Enough! I said!” Ernie yelled. “You do realize when those kids go to sleep, and they will go to sleep, she will be in the room all but alone!”

Ernie showed the side few people get to see. As the second oldest he could be not only protective but ruthless. Ernie was not the sort of man you would want to piss off. Bert and I were doing just that. When it came to Andi he could be very protective. Almost as much as Drew.

“You two go watch some TV, I have work to do, and I’ll stand guard in the living room and wait for a call if it comes.” Ernie said.

We were watching the news when Ernie came in. He reported the kids must have gone to bed around nine and there was no sign of Andi. I sent Bert into my room, Ernie took the guest room. I set up on the couch. If she came out in the middle of the night I wanted to be the one that faced her. I owed her that much.

I slept restlessly at first. So much was going through my brain. It had been a tumultuous couple of months for me. First the fight with Roger, then the threat to take the kids. Then mom leaving me here with that bitch Andi!

Why doesn’t anyone see what she is, what she’s done. How she has ruined my life? Always hiding in her room where no one can go. No one but those two kids are allowed in her room. But I know better, I know she has had a man in there as well.

And I knew who that was! As soon as Drew got here I was going to tell him and end this fucking charade. I have lived with this too long, fuck her! If she wanted Roger she could have him.

When I smelled the coffee I bolted up. I had left the light on beside the couch when I went to sleep but now it was off. I had her trapped in the kitchen! The light was off but I could see movement in the shadows. Sneaky bitch that one!

“Bert! Ernie!” I yelled. I had her cornered now. “Hurry she’s in the kitchen!”

I turned on the light and grabbed my robe. Ernie was there in a flash I pointed to the kitchen. He moved across the living room and turned on the kitchen light. Bert rounded the corner of the hall looking for the fire. Ernie came out of the kitchen.

“She’s not in there!” He looked at me confused.

“I saw her!” I protested. “I saw her moving in the dark!”

I ran to the kitchen and scanned the room. I looked at every place she could hide. I turned to Bert and then Ernie.

“She has to be here!” I insisted.

They looked at each other and burst out laughing at the same time.

“I’m telling you the BITCH was in the kitchen!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Bert and Ernie both looked at me, the room became eerily silent. We looked at each other for several minutes not a word was said.

“Why do you hate me?” Andi asked softly. “What have I ever done to you?”

The three of us looked at the hall, she was standing there in those ridiculous clothes. She looked like a skinny bag lady. I was so shaken by what she said and the looks on the boy’s faces I was speechless.

“I suggest you stop yelling or you will wake up the kids.” She replied “These walls are not sound proof.”

Andi turned and headed around the corner. Just then there was a key in the front door lock. The door opened and there he stood, Andrew. The alarm started beeping Drew scanned the room ignoring the sound of the impending breach of security.

“The code!” Bert called out.

“What is it?” Ernie asked as he stepped up to the panel.

“Andi!” I replied.

“Where?” Ernie said looking around the room for our sister.

“Angi” Bert called out

“Who?” Ernie looked at Bert.

“2634.” Andi called out from the hall.

Ernie punched in the numbers and the pending disaster was eliminated.

Drew looked away from the front door and scanned the room again, Ernie was closest. Drew shook his hand and gave him a quick hug. Bert stepped forward and did the same. Drew looked at me, I saw that friendly smile as he focused on me.

“Lyn!” He called out. It was like he sang my name he was so happy.

He pulled me into a hug. YES! I thought. He came to me first! He didn’t love her! Drew loved me. I felt it as he held me tight. Oh I was so happy. Then he did it. He kissed my cheek. With that he pushed away and left me standing. I grabbed his sleeve.

He looked down at my hand on his shirt and then up to my face. What I saw scared me. He looked at her.

“Dee!” He said looking at Andi. Only Drew was allowed to call her that.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer.” She shouted. “You’ve come so far I want to come to you now.”

I was still holding his sleeve as he looked over at her. I watched as she moved slowly and deliberately, as if she was counting steps. I glanced up at him and saw what was missing when he looked at me. No it can’t be! Not him too!

Andi moved closer she stopped and tilted her head getting her bearings. She was almost within arm’s length. I glanced at Bert and Ernie, they too watched as she did her magic act. I looked back at Andi her nostrils flared taking in our scent. She adjusted slightly, Drew looked at me and then his arm, I released him from my grasp.

“You need a shower!” She whispered so only Drew and I could hear.

“I do. It was a long drive.” He whispered back.

“Where’s your motorcycle?” She asked.

“I bought a truck. It’s in the back.” He replied. Andi smiled.

“Can I go for a ride?” She joked. We all knew she was terrified of that bike. She didn’t even like Andrew riding it.

“Maybe in the morning?” Drew answered.

“It’s not morning?” She asked.

I looked at her wrist and her watch was missing. Probably let the kids play with it. She raised her hands slowly. Carefully she searched for his face honing in on it with his voice. She caressed his cheeks and ran a finger across his lips.

“Why aren’t you smiling?” She whispered.

A tear rolled from the corner of his eye. It hit her finger.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Andi asked.

I could see how much Andrew loved her. Roger had that look the day we got married.

Drew took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Andi wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight.

“NO!” I screamed. “No!”

Drew pulled back from her and they all looked my way. All but Andi, She faced me. The husband stealing little bitch couldn’t even look me in the eyes! She can’t because she’s blind.

“No! No! NO! Not this time!” I yelled again.

“Ashlyn!” Ernie warned me.

“I don’t care!” I yelled. “I have had enough of this charade!” I explained. “She doesn’t love you Drew! She doesn’t love anyone but herself! Did you know she seduced my husband?”

“What?” Andi protested. “I never!”

“No more lies you fucking whore!” I cursed. “I saw you, right here in this house. Probably in your room!”

“Drew! Bert, Ernie I swear, I never!” Andi lied.

“Liar!” I yelled in response. “It was when Drew was home last time.” I began. “RJ was just born and Roger was cut off. He kept saying he was going out to relieve some stress! Ha. You relieved his stress! Bitch!”

“Ashlyn I have never even been alone with the man let alone invite him in my room!” Andi protested.

“Bullshit! If that’s the case then why was his car here? After midnight and you’re light was on.” I folded my arms in satisfaction. “You’re fucking blind! Why would you have the light on if you were alone? Not once but several nights I know about! God knows how many I don’t know.”

Hah I had her now! Let’s see her lie her way out of that.

“Ashlyn, Roger was never here with Dee alone. I promise you.” Drew said firmly.

“You’re protecting here!” I screamed. Then I thought, why would he lie for her if she was fucking my husband!

“No honey, I am not protecting anyone.” Drew took my hands. “It was me. I was the one visiting Andi, not Roger.”

I drew a deep breath stunned at the revelation. Not only was he telling me Roger may be innocent but worse yet HE was with the blind cunt. No, I thought, it can’t be.

“But it was his car! I should know his car!” I argued again.

“Yes it was his car. That was because he had my motorcycle!” Drew admitted. “Mom was afraid it would make too much noise that late at night.”

“Mom knew about this?” I asked stunned. I looked at Bert and Ernie, they shook their heads yes. “You all knew?”

“Look, Roger was a bit overwhelmed with you and both kids. He met me at the hotel and took the bike out. I came here in the car and visited Andi while she worked.” Drew explained. “We never knew you suspected.”

No! No that can’t be. There was more than just his car proving he was unfaithful.

“But he always took a shower! He had to be fucking someone!” I argued.

“Roger took a shower at the hotel before he left to get the dirt and bugs off. I can assure you he was never with another woman.” Drew confirmed. “Ashlyn, Roger is in love with you.”

My head was spinning. I looked at Andi and her empty eyes. No I thought. She couldn’t win again! They were all protecting her. Why? Why was it always Andi getting the attention? Then it dawned on me.

“So you are fucking our sister?” I accused him.

Drew looked at Bert and Ernie. I had this sick feeling in my gut.

“No Lyn, that never happened.” Drew looked at me and then at Andi.

“I don’t believe you!” I sighed. “You did, didn’t you? You and that perfectly skinny tramp have been getting it on? Admit it. Right now when Bert and Ernie are here!”

“No he didn’t!” Andi yelled!

“Prove it!” I yelled back.

“Ashlyn we didn’t.” Andi insisted.

“I said prove it!” I screamed at her.

They had to be. This was my only hope. I couldn’t be wrong again. Not about this. Not in front of Bert and Ernie.

“I can prove it one way…” Andi spoke up.

“No Dee, you don’t need to do this. You don’t owe her that!” Drew cut her off.

“You do owe me! You owe me everything! I did everything for you!” I yelled, seething. “You have everything and I have nothing!”

“You have Roger! You have two kids! And you have …eyes to see them with!” Andi yelled. “You want me to prove it?”

“You’re damn right I do!” I screamed back.

“I’m virgin! Do you have that?” She yelled.

If she would have shot me it wouldn’t have been as lethal. I knew Andi hadn’t dated much but she is twenty one and has been on the pill since seventeen.

“Guys!” Bert jumped in. He looked at me and then the hall.

Alex and Angie were standing at the corner rubbing their eyes. All the screaming must have woke them up.

“Dee it’s the kids.” Drew whispered.

“Oh no!” Andi gasped.

“I got this.” Ernie laughed.

“Are we done for now?” Bert asked. He walked over to me and put his arms around me. “Maybe you should get some coffee?”

“I need to sit down and think.” I admitted.

Bert led me to the couch and sat beside me. Drew brought Andi and sat her on my other side as he sat beside her. Drew guided her hand to mine where she gripped it firmly. It was then when it all came crashing down around me. All that hate I had for her started to fall like leaves from a tree.

“Roger was just riding your motorcycle?” I asked Drew. He just nodded. “All this time I thought he was cheating on me!”

“He was afraid to tell you about the bike, he knew you were already stressed with the kids.” Drew replied. “He said you would kill him if you knew.”

“Why didn’t he tell me?” I sobbed. “Why didn’t I just ask?”

“He didn’t want you to know Andi and I were together. He was protecting Dee and me.” Andrew replied.

I looked at Bert, he nodded in agreement. They all knew about Drew and Andi.

“But Mom never…”

“That’s why she had you come home after the hearing.” Drew said. “She was hoping we could work it out without her telling you.”

“You mean mom approves of you two?” I asked taken aback.

“She was afraid you wouldn’t.” Drew replied.

I looked in his eyes and saw the fear of what I might say. I looked at Andi she had the same concerned look as she faced me. The leaves started falling faster. I squeezed her hand letting her know I understood her pain.

“You mean it’s up to me?” I protested.

“Well it would make it easier.” Drew replied. “But no.”

“Yes! Yes, it’s all up to you!” Andi insisted. “I can live without him, we have since he left, but I won’t lose you! Not you Ashlyn.”

“Dee that is not an option” Drew pleaded.

“It’s up to her!” Andi refused to back down. “I’m in love with you Drew but I won’t lose Lyn. She was always there for me!”

Andi squeezed my hand so hard it hurt! Oh how blind I have been even with two working eyes! The leaves started falling even faster.

“It was you! You called the cab for me!” I said.

“I tried to find you Saturday but you had gone when I found the bar you were at!” Andi explained.

My stomach churned remembering what I did that night. OH, Roger what have I done? The leaves now falling at an alarming rate. She knew, Andi knew I was unfaithful to Roger. All the pain I have put her through and she never once reciprocated. How could I have been so foolish, so selfish? Mom was right she had loved me all along.

“Oh Andi, I am so sorry. How could I have ever thought you would do what I myself…”

“No! Not another word!” Andi shouted. “Come with me! Come with me now!” Andi stood. With amazing strength she pulled me up. “Take me to my room now!”

I looked at Bert and Drew. I looked at the kitchen door where Ernie had taken the kids to feed them. Andi was pulling me, they all looked on as I struggled to hold my ground.

“I think it’s time, don’t you?” Ernie said for them all.

The ground was covered with all the leaves that fell. Like me a few stubbornly held firmly to the branches. With no sight Andi pulled me through the halls she no doubt had memorized to a T over her twenty one years. We turned the corner and headed down the hall I had been in so many times. Then there it was the door to her room. Her sanctuary from the rest of the world. The door few people were ever allowed to pass through.

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