“Ashlyn please!” Mom pleaded. “Drew will be here next weekend!”

“But mom I have things to do!” I complained knowing it would do no good. “Can’t one of the other boys watch her?”

“Lyn you don’t need to watch her just check in on her!” Mom shouted, exasperated she had to repeat it one more time. “Besides Arnold and Albert have families to take care of …”

It hit us both at the same time. I knew she didn’t mean to hurt me but it did. Mom looked over stopping what she was doing.

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean it like that…”

There was a pregnant pause in her frantic packing to see my reaction. I could see it in her eyes, that same look I had seen so many times before. There was never a doubt my parents loved me, but just once I wanted them to love just me. Mom opened the door to the room and started to lift her suitcase.

“It’s ok, here, let me help you.” I offered.

Then I saw a shadow in the room, Andi was standing at the door.

“Lyn doesn’t need to stay here mom. I’ll be ok alone.” Andi announced her presence.

“Baby we already discussed this. Ashlyn is going to stay.” Mom said softly.

She moved to my sister and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. She always did that to Andi. Then mom looked at me and gave me that other look. The one that reminded me how I had disappointed her so many times. God I hated that look, just once I wanted to be the one that got the hugs and kisses.

“Don’t worry sis, I’ll be here to keep you company.” I said faking I was happy.

“Thanks Lyn!” Andi said enthusiastically. “I’ll wait for you in the living room mom.”

“Thanks baby, we’ll be there in a minute, I’m already running late.” Mom replied.

Andi turned and started down the hall. I looked to make sure she was gone. The little bitch is so quiet you never know. Looking back at mom I could see her anger with me soften.

“Would it really kill you to be nice and spend some time with her?” Mom asked.

“She hates me mom!” I protested.

“Don’t you see how wrong you are?” Mom countered. “If you took the time to see, you might be surprised how much she loves you!”

“I don’t believe that!” I replied. “After everything I did …”

“Water under the bridge for her.” Mom came closer.

“Is Drew really coming home?” I asked changing the subject.

“It’s about time don’t you think?” Mom replied.

Then she hugged me and kissed my cheek. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. She held me tight giving me the strength not to cry. Ok, so she did show me affection when I needed it. She is so strong my mother, why couldn’t I be more like her?

“What do I say when I see him?” I asked teetering on the edge of crying.

“How about, HI.” Gail whispered.

“Are you sure he doesn’t hate me too?” I started to tear up.

“Ashlyn this is Andrew we’re talking about.” Mom consoled me. She moved back holding me at arm’s length. “Besides that was eons ago.”

Maybe for her but it was like yesterday for me.

“I love you mom! Please don’t go!” I begged her.

“Honey you know I can’t stay, your father needs me.” Gail reminded me.

“How can you leave her alone with him?” I argued.

“I’m not. That’s why you are here!” Mom was teasing me and we both knew it, still she kissed me one more time. “Ashlyn I really need to go!”

I grabbed her suitcase as she picked up her makeup case and purse. We headed to the living room where Andi was waiting for us.

She stood as mom drew closer. Tall and slender she waited until mom took her arm.

“Call when you get there.” Andi said to mom.

“I will baby.” Mom replied. She stood on her toes and kissed Andi on the cheek.

Mom moved to the door, I opened it for her.

“Mom, I am not a baby, I am twenty one!” Andi protested before mom walked out.

Mom looked at me and then back to my sister.

“I know honey, but you will always be my baby.” Mom smiled. “I’ll call when I get there.”

Mom went to her car, I loaded her bags in the trunk. I watched as she drove off then looked back at the house. A cold sweat came over me. Andi and I would be alone for the first time in years. I walked back in the house, Andi was still standing. She waited for the door to close before she spoke.

“I’m sorry she is making you do this. After she calls you can leave if you want.” Andi said calmly. “I’ll be in my room if you need me.”

Need her I thought! That will be the day! How could she ever help me?

She waited for a response but when none was forthcoming she turned and slowly walked back to the hall. I watched her in those ridiculous clothes she wore as she turned to the left down the darkened passage. She had it all I thought, elegance, grace and that almost perfect body. So what if she could talk seven languages. Hell if my parents had given me half of the attention she got I’m sure I could be that smart.

Why did dad have to take this job? Surely the money wasn’t very good? And mom, why did she have to go? She hasn’t worked in a dentist office since she had Bert?

I looked at my phone hoping to get a message. Disappointed once again I lay down on the couch.

I knew it was a dream but it was a happy dream. A favorite memory from the past. At least the first part.

Roger was in the living room, mom and dad were out for the night. He was alone when I came in. Man he is such a hunk! He looked to see if anyone else was around. God he was so nervous! So was I, but with steel like resolve I put my plan into action.

“You look lonely” I said flashing my brightest smile.

“Well, uh…” He stuttered.

Obviously my attire had the intended effect. I had on the thinnest tee shirt I owned. My nipples were so hard you could chisel granite. Roger looked around the room and back at me. The hook was out I just needed to set it.

“Come with me.” I whispered.

“Gee, maybe I shouldn’t?” He replied. I turned and lifted my skirt. I showed him I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Maybe you should!” I said walking away looking back over my shoulder.

It was as subtle as a sledge hammer. But when he stood and I saw the bulge in his shorts I knew the hook was set. I grabbed his hand and placed it under my skirt so he could feel my bald pussy. Wiggle all he wants I thought, he is on the line and I am going to reel him in.

“This way, we can take your car!” I hissed.

“You sure…” Roger looked around one more time. I slipped my tongue deep in his mouth.

“You coming?” I teased looking down at his shorts.

I walked to the back door. Roger was in a daze following behind. I looked back just as the door latched, I could see Andi slowly enter the living room. I quickly jumped in Rogers’s car and barked orders. Soon we were in the parking lot behind dad’s dentist office.

Roger had regained his composure on the drive over. As soon as he turned the car off his hands were under my shirt fondling my big tits. I don’t know if I was happier he came with me or wouldn’t be with her? At the moment I didn’t care. Roger was the catch of a lifetime. Sure he was two years younger, but he was handsome and built.

I let my hands slide over his ripped body as he concentrated on mine. I grabbed for his zipper and was rewarded with a nice hard cock. With a console and steering wheel to contend with we moved to the back seat. I knew if he was going to fuck me I need to release some tension first. This wasn’t my first rodeo but it might be his.

I gulped what I could and played with his balls. Roger was closer than I thought. It was a small price to pay I figured, so I let him cum in my mouth. I backed out the door and let it ooze to the ground. If Roger was disappointed I didn’t swallow his cock sure wasn’t. I slid my skirt off and crooked my finger at him.

Roger tried to follow but his shorts slowed him down. I moved to the hood of the car, his cock led the way for Roger. I splayed my legs and welcomed him to the prize between them. At first he thought I wanted him to eat me but I knew if he was that green behind the ears he might bolt.

“Fuck me!” I whispered.

That brought a smile to his face. Gaining confidence he moved between my legs. Roger fumbled trying to find the opening, but I knew nature had a way of fixing that. You know, survival of the fittest and all. I helped him by rotating my pelvis and soon his cock found the velvet channel.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned.

The heat from the engine was radiating up from the hood as Roger started fucking me. He felt so good in me. I started to pull him into a kiss, he hesitated obviously remembering where that mouth had been. But I knew as long as his cock was in me he was mine. As soon as our lips touched I felt his cock drive deeper. If I wasn’t careful he would cum in me.

I pulled my top off and laid it on the hood. I offered my tits to Roger and he dove for them like a starving baby. This was fun I thought! This guy would do whatever I wanted!

With Roger sucking my nipples and fucking my pussy the only problem was my clit was being ignored. I was just about to suggest changing positions when Roger reached up under me and gripped my ass. I wanted to protest but knew it would be no use. He lunged hard against me and with guttural moan started to fill my cunt with cum.

I was a bit disappointed, but I had achieved my goal. Andi was home alone and Roger had just fucked me. I wasn’t planning on him cumming in me! I’m on the pill but now I have a pussy full of cum and no way to properly clean up. I don’t even have panties!

Hot and sweaty I moved from the hood. Roger thoroughly satisfied was just now coming to grips with what happened. Like most men after they fuck for the first time they get buyer’s remorse. Sure he enjoyed it but now what? How does he face Andi? Or does he even face her at all? I could see the wheels turning inside his head. I tried to take over before I lost him altogether.

“You were awesome!” I lied.

“Really?” He asked proudly. “Was it good for you?”

“Well you have a big cock …” that was not really a lie, he is good sized “…and you have so much cum!” I praised him.

“I’m sorry!” Roger apologized.

“Don’t be, next time I will be expecting it!” I answered truthfully.

“Next time?” The shit said.

“Sure!” I replied. “Maybe you could ask me out on a date or something?”

“Really?” Roger asked. “What about Andi?”

Did this dumb fuck just bring her name up? I just let him have some primo ass and he is talking about Andi?

“Well you could say you started getting sick, that’s why you left.” I suggested. “And as far as she knew I wasn’t home. I was at a friend’s, so she won’t know we left together!”

“Yeah, that might work.” Roger replied. “Can I call you?”

“Ashlyn! Ashlyn!” I heard her call.

With the sun now over the horizon, I looked up to see her standing over me in the dim light. I reached up and turned on the lamp.

“What?” I snapped back.

“I made some dinner. I thought you might be hungry?” Andi said without reacting to my rudeness. She waited for a reply and when none came she turned to leave. “Mom should be calling soon.”

I watched as she headed back down the hall into the shadows. The fact is I was hungry. The problem is all she eats is rabbit food most of the time. Maybe that’s why she looks so healthy. I looked in the fridge and found what mom knew I loved. Real food. I popped it in the microwave and waited in anticipation for the timer to expire.

Fried chicken from KFC. My favorite! So I will start that diet again tomorrow!

Mom did call. Andi talked to her first then handed me the phone. I knew she did this just so mom knew I didn’t leave. When I hung up Andi was already at the hall.

“I’m going out for a while. Ok?” I asked not knowing why.

“Please take a key if you’re coming back. I will set the alarm as well.” Andi replied. “You do remember the code? There is a charge if they come out for a false alarm.”

“I remember the code!” I snapped back again.

“Why do you dislike me so?” Andi asked.

She then continued down the hall without waiting for an answer. I stood thinking about what mom said earlier and how Andi never retaliated. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. Driving aimlessly around I found myself sitting outside the one place I shouldn’t be. Looking at the darkened windows the reality started to set in.

The headlights reflecting in the mirror startled me back to the present. Afraid I might be caught I drove off heading to no place in particular. Heading back to moms I drove by a bar that I hadn’t been to in years. I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t wearing my usual makeup, but decided one drink wouldn’t hurt.

Since it was a Saturday night the place was packed. I found an open seat at the bar and ordered a drink.


“Ernie it’s me Andi.” I said as he answered.

“What’s up sis?” He asked happily as always.

“She’s staying.”

“You ok? I could come over.” Ernie asked. “Bert is home I could bring him too.”

“No, that’s not necessary, I just need someone to talk to.” I replied.

“That bad already?” Ernie asked.

“She hates me and I don’t know why?” I complained.

“Andi she doesn’t hate you. She is just hurting right now.” Ernie replied.

“But she doesn’t need to be here! I am old enough to take care of myself.”

“Andi you know mom would never allow that!” Ernie insisted.

“Can’t I come stay with you or Bert?” I asked in desperation.

“We offered but mom thought it best if you stayed there. Besides you don’t handle infants so well.” Ernie reminded me.

“But I love kids!”

“I know you do baby.” Ernie consoled me.

“I’m not a baby!” I protested once again today.

“Sorry Andi, old habits die hard. So you going to be ok?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah, I just wish mom didn’t treat me like I am still a kid.” I whined.

“Tell you what, I’ll bring Bert with Alex and Angie and come visit tomorrow.” Ernie said. “Would you like that?”

“Promise?” I asked.

“Promise. I’ll call Bert right now.” Ernie offered. “Goodnight Andi, we all love you.”

“Goodnight Ernie. I love you too.”


It didn’t take long for an offer to buy me a drink. I guess even after two kids and more pounds than I want to admit I still have something to offer. He wasn’t my type, but hey, a free drink is a free drink.

“Ashlyn, isn’t it?” He asked. “It’s me John!”

It took a minute, but then through the fog of the last two drinks it came to me.

“John Bracken is that really you?” I asked.

“In the flesh.” He answered his breath needing a mint. John looked at the ring on my finger and then he looked around the bar. “You here alone?”

“Yeah, were separated right now.” I replied embarrassed. I just couldn’t bring myself to take the ring off.

We talked for a few minutes before he asked me to dance. I really wanted to just drink but it seemed rude to decline. I’m not much of a dancer and John was worse. Still we attempted not to look too stupid. Maybe it was the booze, or maybe it was the fact I hadn’t had sex with anyone but myself in over a month.

“You have someplace we can go?” I asked.

“Sure! I live just down the road.” John said a little too happily.

I didn’t remember any housing in this area. But it had been years since I had been here. Against my better judgement I hopped in his truck leaving my car in the lot. We only drove maybe a half a mile before he pulled into the back of a self-storage lot. Tucked in the corner was an old camper. He didn’t even open the door to help me out.

“Would you like a beer?” John asked as we entered his palace on wheels.

“Sure.” I answered hoping I could find one place clean enough to sit down.

I looked around, the place looked bigger outside but it did have a nice sized bedroom in the back. The kitchen was decent sized, the one wall had a kick out with a large couch. The place could use a good airing out. I knew the quicker we got this over with the sooner I could get back to moms.

John was no better with women now than he was in high school. I made the first move again. I walked back to the bedroom and sat on the mattress.

“You really want to do this?” The dumb ass asked.

“You want me to go?” I asked almost wishing now he did.

“No!” He shot back quickly. “I just want to make sure …”

“John no more talking.” I said rudely.

He seemed to finally understand that this might actually happen. I started to undress and he peeled off his shirt and pants. I knew the booze must be really in control now as his belly hung over his briefs. I saw my reflection in the mirror on the bathroom door and knew he was getting no prize either.

I slipped off my panties and laid back on the dishevel bed. John approached with his white briefs and black socks on.

“Eat me!” I demanded.

John obeyed my command falling to his knees to service me. Although we had never had sex before, I checked my mental notebook. I remembered he had a reputation as a lousy lay and quick on the draw. I was going to get mine before he got his.

If he was a lousy fuck he was worse at eating pussy, but in my present state that was enough. I closed my eyes and thought of Roger and how he wasn’t much better at first. It took some time to train him but once he had it down he could make me squirm in anticipation. God he was so eager to please me. I felt that familiar tingle between my legs.

I looked down in disappointment, John was just slobbering hoping he hit something important. I gripped his head and guided him back to the spot he was lucky enough to find just moments before. Even then he couldn’t just concentrate long enough to set me off.

With my frustration building I just fucked his face. Ah! There it is! The tingle turned into a greedy throbbing and then to that familiar sizzle of an orgasm. I screamed bloody murder as I rode his face. John seemed concerned someone would hear me as he pulled loose. My stomach clenched, my legs clamped shut, my fingers strummed just above my sensitive clit.

“Fuck me!” I growled.

John no longer worried about the earlier outburst as he pushed his briefs down. I moved to the center of the bed, his large belly brushed against mine. His cock searched for my entrance. I could smell myself on his face and turned away. John grabbed the top sheet and wiped his face just he entered me.

The sheets reeked of his sweat. The weight of his body pushed me deep in the cheap mattress. Between the aroma of my pussy and his bad breath I struggled to get fresh air. The only hope I had was he would finish soon. John grunted and moaned, he was sweating like he had run a marathon. I looked at the mirror and saw he was wearing the black socks with his briefs still around his thighs.

Then I looked at me. If I wasn’t so drunk I might have seen how far I had sunk. Instead it was a blur of hate and self-pity as John jumped my bones. I saw the reflection of my wedding ring just before the big lug pulled out and shot his wad all over my belly.

I looked down and saw the cum pooled near my bellybutton and now filled the small hole. The good news? He was done and hadn’t cum in me. The bad news, I was still here. John rolled off still entwined in his briefs and wearing those stupid black socks.

Without a word I headed to the bathroom to clean up. Once inside I wish I hadn’t. It looked like the worst gas station restroom I had ever been in. I ran some water and found a dirty towel. It was dry so I guessed he hadn’t taken a shower before he went out. I would have sat down on the toilet and cried but it was too disgusting to even contemplate that.

I didn’t think I was in there that long but I guess I was. When I came out John was sprawled on the bed snoring. I quietly dressed and looked back at him still wearing the black socks. I closed the door and started back to my car. I figured after walking a half mile I was sober enough to drive back to moms. I opened the door to the house and the alarm started to beep. Then I panicked.

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