An Intruder

Wells Estate / New York / 6:37 p.m. / August 12, 2033

The crunching of the gravel stopped abruptly. Kate pulled the handbrake on her Camaro SS and gawked out the open window. Just twenty minutes (or fifteen if you could drive fast enough) outside the city, Wells Estate stood proudly. Three stories tall, the dark stone and pillars gave it a slight gothic atmosphere. It was relatively new, built in 2028, but the owner had given it an older look. Maybe 1800’s, she guessed. Her recourse told her that Bradford Wells, the celebrity actor, would be gone for another few hours. Kate had always wondered about him. For being such a known name, there was hardly any news to report. A recluse, people called him. Only appearing for his film shoots or a red carpet event, which in years recent, he had skipped out on in more than one occasion. Kate crouched down to her knees, eye level with the door handle, pulled out a lock picking set and began to work.

Across town, Bradford Wells pulled out his iPhone. A blinking alert buzzed on the touchscreen. He swiped it away.

“Excuse me.”

The actor rose from his seat in Rockefeller Center and started out the door. Two minutes to get to the Aston Martin. Another twenty to get across town, and the ten more to home.

Kate closed the door behind her. Surprisingly simple lock for such a big place. Kate wandered forward, the grand staircase fifty feet across the way.

“And this is a big place…”

The fireplace hadn’t been used recently, no doubt to the hot weather. Kate moved closer. The brick was lighter than the outside, and smaller. They were laid wide for most of the frame, lined with slimmer bricks on the side. A pretty fireplace, she thought. The gold lights on either side glowed with an inviting and warm demeanor. Kate continued walking around the open living room. Two black leather chairs encircled the fireplace with dark wood tables on the outer sides of both. Across the way, another black leather furniture piece sat in front of the 34″ flatscreen. Kate sat on the couch and looked through Bradfords Star Tek, Wizard, Imagine FX and comic magazines.

“What a nerd.”

A bookshelf in an adjacent room caught her eye. Kate stood and walked to library, her sneakers surprisingly loud in the quiet of the manor. The girl pushed the door open fully and stepped in. The library. Full of books. A large globe over in the far corner, next to a wooden desk. Two more leather chairs, this time over stuffed and deep red sat in the room. The corner in front of her housed a small grand piano.


7:10 / August 12, 2033

Kate had moved upstairs. She had been through all rooms that looked interesting, and few that were worthless. So far, nothing of particular interest had revealed itself. She had found that the man was a true comic nerd, with a taste for being a little over dramatic (This much was evident as soon as she had pulled up). She had looked through his room and bathrooms. No drugs, no porn, nothing weird at all. Being a journalist, someone this clean and ‘perfect’ is hiding something. Is obviously hiding something. But what?

“I was in a meeting with Lorne Michaels. Why am I here?”

Kate jumped and spun around. Bradford Wells stood in the doorway. His grey suit open, and black tie looser than he usually kept it. Kate was suddenly aware how underdressed she was. Torn and faded blue jeans, an old Black Sabbath T-shirt and worn denim jacket didn’t suit her environment and host.

“Bradford Wells…. H-how did you….?”

Brad flashed his phone with the faintest smirk.

“There’s an app for that.”

“Clever,” Kate replied, regaining her composure. She may be an intruder in this man’s home, but this particular man was known for his kindness and generosity. One rumor had claimed that Bradford had given a younger man the keys to his Porche just because the man liked it, and the actor took a cab home that day. Kate shook herself. She realized she had gotten caught in his eyes somehow, so quickly. Like everything else in the house, they were ridiculously pretty. Somewhere between grey and green, she thought. But there was something else. A sad, lonesome look in there that even his fantastic charm couldn’t hide.

“Anyway, I’m Kate Simmer. I’m-“

“A journalist. Do you want an interview?”

“….How do you do that?” Kate was getting more confused and fascinated by the minute.

“How did I know you were a journalist?” Brad mused.


“You’re not dressed like a burglar and your car verifies that you have some money. You don’t look like a private detective. Too pretty. And I’m not involved with any crimes. You’re not a cop. I’ll play the ‘not involved’ card again and there’s ah… no real place to hide a warrant in your current clothes.” Brad leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms.

Kate arched an eyebrow, “Impressive, Mr. Wells. And I’d love an inter-“


“Didn’t you just offer a moment ago?”

“No. I didn’t,” Brad stood and moved out of Kate’s way, “And it’s time for you to go.”

Kate walked up to him. She looked up, He was nearly a foot taller than her. She found herself not wanting to leave. But for nonprofessional reasons. ‘New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor… I’ll say…”

“Mr. Wells, people want to know more about you.”

“Good for them. I don’t much care.”

“You’re very strange, Mr. Wells,” Kate commented as she moved on, past him and out the door. Bradford followed her, close enough she could just feel his breath on her neck. It was warm. She felt goosebumps begin, and she forced down a shudder.

“I don’t really connect with people. You’re wondering why I’m never at any parties? I’m just not interested. I like a nice little group of friends. I’m not a big party person. It’s that simple.”

“I’ve been through your house. You’re cleaner a doctor’s office.”

“You always talk like this?”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re from an old TV show,” he laughed. They had made it to the staircase and begun their way down.

“Sometimes, I guess,” Kate smiled. There was something… something about him that made her want to jump in his arms and love him.

“Hmm. You really want to learn something about me?”

“Yes please sir!” Her eyes opened, and she looked at him.

“C’mon.” Bradford led her to the library. He walked up to the grandfather clock just behind the desk she had seen before.

“Promise you won’t tell?”


Brad pulled a book halfway out and stood back as bookcase swung open. Kate’s eyes grew even wider than before as her lips parted. She moved inside this new, wide room. Two wooden cabinets stood on both walls left and right. The wall immediately adjacent to her, had a long dresser with candles and boxes on it. She looked forward, and saw a beautiful, enormous bed, raised on a step from the ground level. A black fur blanket covered the red sheets and pillows. Bradford watch quietly as Kate walked up to the cabinet closest to her on the left. His green, grey eyes watched with intrigue. Kate flung open the cabinet doors and inhaled sharply. She felt her legs go weak. Inside was lined with riding crops and bonds. Sexy bastard…

“The next one is gags and cuffs and things. Do you like it?”

“Yeah… Yeah, um… I think I do…” Kate walked back to the dresser where Brad stood. She noticed a picture. Of a girl with brown, curly hair and big, big blue eyes. “Who’s this?”

“A friend,” Brad said, moving between them and looking into Kate’s eyes now.


“From time to time.” Kate narrowed her eyes. Who the hell are you?

“You’re a kinky guy aren’t you?”

“When the mood strikes.”

Kate moved closer, breasts just brushing his chest. She looked up again, smiling a bit.

“How’s your mood now?”

“My mood is just fine,” He laughed. Kate smiled now. She made to place her hand on his arm, but before she even moved, Bradford had thrown her across the room, and onto the bed. He didn’t even wait for her to land. Carrying a loop of rope, he swooped across the room and bound her hands, tightly, behind her back.

“Ah, shit… am i really that obvious?” asked Kate, her heart racing and her voice trembling.

“A little. I have a gift for reading girls like this,” He replied, observing his prisoner’s rear. Bigger than he had thought. Tight jeans.

“W-what’re you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I please. And call me ‘sir.'”

“Y-yes… sir…” Damn! Get control of your voice girl!

Brad leaned over and rested his hands on her ass. He squeezed it and pulled at the pockets. The actor’s hands slid slowly around her waist and down the front of her pants, to the button and zipper. Cold air sent an uncontrollable shudder down Kate’s body as her pants were suddenly gone. She hoped he liked the panties she had chosen to wear today. Bright green with yellow trim and a picture of a winking cat on the front. Brad’s hand moved onto her thighs. His hands firm on her legs, he slid them up slowly, back to her rear and squeezed. The slightest moan escaped the girl’s mouth before hand came down with a hard smack on her ass.

“Kate. You’ve broken into my house. You’ve neen and a very bad girl and mush be punished. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Bradford.”

His hand came down again. Harder this time.

“What did I say for you to call me?”

“Sir!” she squeaked, “Yes sir! I’ve been bad!”

Brad flipped the girl over, onto her back and dropped down, straddling her. He watched her breasts heave up and down as her eyes starred up at him, begging, scared. Brad reached out and ran his hands from her shoulders down to her breasts. He squeezed these too. Again, without any warning, his grabbed the collar of shirt, and tore it open, revealing her beautiful tits, braless.

“Sorry. I liked that shirt. I”ll buy you another.”

“It’s ok…” Kate breathed, still in shock of this sudden change of pace for her day.

Brad picked her up, and carried her over to the dresser and laid her down on the shag carpet. He opened a drawer and pulled out a leather collar, before heading over to the second cabinet, retrieving a bright red ball gag. He moved back over to his new toy and buckled the collar on her. It felt snug on her fair neck. Brad grabbed a chain and clipped it to the front of the collar. He stepped back and flung off his jacket. Kate watched as he unbuttoned his shirt. Waiting for his muscles to reveal themselves… slowly… Damnit! C’mon! Not fast enough! I want to see… I want to see your body…. And there he was. Naked. His slim build, still muscled and strong. Her eyes slid down his body…. Powerful chest…. impressive abs…. WOOF! This cock… oh fuck….

Her host walked back to her, grabbed the chain and pulled her to her knees, eye level with his stomach.

“You look hungry. Try this.”

Kate stared at cock for a moment, but just a moment. Her excitement got the best of her and her mouth leaped onto his hard shaft, deepthroating it all at once. She pulled back, her hot lips kissing the head before dropping back down to his base. Her head bobbed up and down faster and faster. Kate felt her spit drizzle from the corners of her mouth. She started to come off, to clean it off, but a sharp yank pulled her back down, onto his cock. Brad held her there, and she could feel him in the back of her throat, almost gagging.

“Hang on,” Brad warned, quietly.

All of a sudden, his cock was pounding her mouth, fucking her throat. Her face contorted as her eyes closed tight, and she did her best to keep him, and to not throw up. Jesus. He’s so rough. She could feel him deep in her throat. She could feel her spit running down her chin and she imagined it dripping off his balls. His hand was in her hair, pulling and playing with it while he fucked her mouth. At long last, he stopped and pulled out, his hot cock slapped her in the face. Bradford pulled back on Kate’s hair so she was looking at him. She gasped, her eyes wide.

“You’re good. Think you can keep it up?”

He’s got to be fucking kidding me….

“Uh… sure… sir. Yes sir…” she managed.

Again, his cock slammed into her mouth and fucked her. She sucked as best she could, but it was getting harder to breath… Fuck… this is no way to treat a girl…. Finally, Brad pulled her off. She sat there, panting for a moment. His hot cock had tasted good in her mouth. A little salty. Brad pulled at the chain and led her to the bed. He undid the bonds and bent her over the edge of the bed.

“I’ll bet you’re a slut. The way you took that cock… few girls can take it that well”

‘That well?’ I have tears streaming down my face!

Brad placed the gag around her head, and tightened it sharply, almost uncomfortable. He gestured to the ceiling.

“You see those?”

Kate looked up. Two hooks hung from the ceiling, several yards apart. Brad pulled a stool under them one at a time and connected a rope to each. Kate noticed a leather strap on each of them.

“The punishment is about to begin,” he said. Bradford tugged at the chain and led the whore under the hooks. He fastened the leather strap of each rope around her wrist. Her arms were stretched out now, above her head. Kate realized she must look something like that drawing by Da Vinci. Next, Kate watched with wide eyes as Bradford attached two large clamps to her nipples. She moaned and struggled as the closed on her. She saw the clamps were connected by a smaller chain, with a decent weight hanging in the center. Bradford gave it a slight tug and the slut writhed again.

Kate suddenly realized how wet she was. Her panties were soaked and a little bit trickled down her inner thigh. Holy shit. I should do this more often… Her thoughts were cut short by a sudden ‘wrrring’ sound. Her head snapped to her left and saw Brad standing, holding some blue vibrator. It was over twice as loud as her own, and infinitely more intimidating. Again, Bradford didn’t hesitate. He rushed the machine between her legs. Kate screamed. HOLY FUCK!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

“MMMMGGGGGAHHHH!!!!” she managed out from behind the tight gag, her face again contorted. Bradford smiled.

“You like that huh?”


“You like this?” He pressed the vibrator harder against her pussy. Kate screamed again, and struggled against her new bonds. FUCKKKK!

“GGMMM! HMM!!” Fuck this gag! She wanted to scream. Use her words and beg him for more. Bradford pulled down her panties with quick jerk and threw them across the room. He tugged on her clamps as he sank to his knees, his face now just inches away from her dripping pussy.

“Thats a nice cunt. I like that you keep it shaven. Shows it off.” Again, he pressed the vibrator into her pussy, his face under a foot away and his hand resting on the chain between the clamps, tugging. Her waist thrashed and flailed in front of him. Bradford slid the vibrator back, across her pussy to her ass. Kate jumped up in surprise and writhed again. Her host moved the vibrator in tiny circles between her legs. She clenched and squirmed.

“MMMMGGAH!” Kate was beginning to loose control. She was already getting close. She sobbed and screamed as Brad kept moving the vibrator across her pussy, pressing it against the clit.

“You’ve had enough of that I think.” Bradford pulled the machine away from her and turned off. Much like her own pussy, the vibrator was soaked. Brad tugged on Kate’s clamps.

“Remember,” He whispered, “You’re being punished for breaking into my house. For going through my things. Very naughty, Kate. Very naughty.” He tugged again on the clamps, and the prisoner whimpered. His hand grazed across her sweating breast, around her body and on her ass. He squeezed. Kate moaned. Then yelped behind the gag has Bradford spanked her again. Her ass continued to sting while Brad untied her and moved her to a table with even more bonds.

Bradford removed the nipple clamps and bent the girl over the table and tied her hands out in front of her. He pulled off the ball gag and tossed it on the floor before spreading her legs and binding them to the corners of the table. Kate glanced behind her as Brad retrieved yet another item from his sex chamber. A black paddle, lined with tiny metal studs.

“I’m glad I caught you. I’m very glad you’re such and obvious slut. You got wet so easily.” The paddle slammed into Kate’s round ass.

“AHH!” Kate moaned and took a deep breath, “I am a slut, sir. Please punish me? I’ve been so bad… please?”

“Of course, whore,” Brad swung the paddle again. The girl’s ass was beginning to get red. Again and again the paddle struck the prisoner’s ass. This is going to bruise… Kate let her head drop a little. She was exhausted from the punishments. Her head shot up and she gasped as Brad’s cock slipped inside her pussy.

“Damn. That was easy slut. You’re so wet…” Bradford pulled out almost immediately, “Here’s something for you though. Do your best to keep it in.”

Brad pulled out a string three, large beads and a hand loop on the end. Kate squirmed and protested as he forced them up in her ass. She gasped at the last one.


“Do you’re best Kate. But if they fall out before I finish with you, I’m sending you home.”

Kate nodded, and closed her eyes, focusing on keeping the beads in while Bradford slid his cock in her dripping pussy again. The girl lost focus for a moment and felt them slipping out. Brad gave her a warning spank and Kate concentrated.


Brad began thrusting up and down inside her. She moaned and writhed on his hard cock, stretching out her hot, soaking pussy. Pleasure began overwhelming her. She was there, and ready to cum.

“No,” Bradford warned, “You’re not gonna cum until I am satisfied.”

Oh fuck. This is insane… I don’t know if…. “FUCK!! Please sir! Please let me cum?”

“No.” Brad fucked her harder and pulled on Kate’s hair. She gasped again. I’m loosing it… “Not cumming yet, Kate. Not yet.” Brad’s cock slammed harder and faster inside Kate’s pussy. The table was soaked and slippery as were her thighs

“Ah! B-B-Brad! Pleasssssee!”

“Do you want to cum? Do you want to cum hard you slut?”

“YES! DAMNIT! YES SIR!” Brad’s cock slammed deeper in her pussy.

“Cum.” And she did.

“AHHHH!!!!! F-FUUUCKKK!!!!!!!” Waves, on waves of pleasure raced over her body. She writhed and moaned and the beads fell out of her ass and dropped to the ground. Bradford pulled his soaking cock out and slammed it inside the now empty ass. Kate squealed when she realized he had blown his load inside her ass. She could feel it in there suddenly.

Sweaty and gasping for breath, Kate finally relaxed, dropping her head.

“Was that good for you?” Bradford said with a faint smile.

“Uh huhhh……” Kate could barely whisper the words.

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